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A love story between a boy and a girl of different proportions in a multi-sized world.

Rated: G
Categories: Gentle, New World Order Characters: None
Growth: Giga (1 mi. to 100 mi.), Giant (31 ft. to 50 ft.), Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.), Mini GTS (16-30ft)
Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: None
Warnings: The Following story is appropriate for all audiences, This story is for entertainment purposes only.
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Series: Sizes and Countries
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Word count: 33108 Read: 124969
Published: March 04 2013 Updated: July 31 2013

1. Prologue by Wholia [Reviews - 16] starstarstarstarstar (648 words)

2. How it all started by Wholia [Reviews - 1] (2628 words)

OK, first chapter. I know this one might be just a little slow at first, since I'm introducing the characters. However, it'll move a little faster as you read, and the next chapters will hopefully not be slow at all. Again, comments are welcome. Have fun!

3. An unexpected visit by Wholia [Reviews - 3] (2317 words)

Thanks a lot for the comments. They really help a lot. Anyway, I hope you like this chapter. Have fun and thanks again.

4. Cat vs Mouse (Part 1) by Wholia [Reviews - 2] (2753 words)

I wasn't going to split this chapter in two, but it ended up being longer than I thought, so I decided to upload it in two parts. This is what I have already, and it seems long enough for a chapter, so I hope you enjoy it so far and I'll try to hurry with the second part. As always, have fun, I hope you like it, and comments are welcome.

5. Cat vs Mouse (Part 2) by Wholia [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (4320 words)

Sorry for taking so long. I didn't have much time to write lately, and this chapter ended up being longer than I thought. I hope you like it, though, and as always, thanks for reading.

6. City Tour (Part 1) by Wholia [Reviews - 1] (2866 words)

I'm really sorry it took so long to add a new chapter. I didn't have much time to write, lately. Plus, this one is divided in two, like the previous one. But this time I didn't want to post it incomplete, so it took even longer. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it, and as always, comments are welcome. Thanks for reading and have fun!

7. City Tour (Part 2) by Wholia [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (2498 words)

8. Three Stories by Wholia [Reviews - 1] (1969 words)

I'm really sorry about taking so long to post the next chapter. I had a lot of things going on in my life and couldn't get this done. Anyway, if you haven't lost interest in the story yet, I'd really appreciate if you could comment, as usual. Thanks again for reading and hopefully you'll have fun!

9. High School Bully (Part 1) by Wholia [Reviews - 0] (2601 words)

Hi again. This is the first story of the three introduced last chapter. This one follows our main characters: Lena and Daniel. I honestly hope you like it, and as always, I really appreciate comments and suggestions. Have fun!

10. High School Bully (Part 2) by Wholia [Reviews - 0] (1684 words)

11. She-cat vs she-mouse by Wholia [Reviews - 0] (2851 words)

Hallo again. I know it's been a while, and I'm really sorry. I honestly didn't have the chance to write before. I hope this won't happen anymore, though. Anyway, here's the new chapter. I hope you like it, and as always, comments are more than welcome. Thanks again for reading, and have fun!

12. Babysitting (Part 1) by Wholia [Reviews - 1] (2831 words)

I'm really sorry about taking so long. I swear I'm trying, but life gets in the way. I hope you still take a few minutes to read it. I usually don't post only one part of a chapter, but since I took so long, I thought it was better than nothing. Don't worry, the second half won't take long. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like it. Have fun!

13. Babysitting (Part 2) by Wholia [Reviews - 1] (3142 words)

I know it's been a really long while, and I'm very sorry. I've had a lot going on with my life lately. Still, I understand if you already let this story go. I'm posting this new chapter here, and hopefully one or two would read it and comment it. Thanks again for understanding. Have fun and I really hope you like it.