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The Amazing Adam Ant



It started out years ago. I was coming home from school like I did so many other days. I decided that I would be the good boyfriend so I stopped at my girlfriend Hillary’s house. Hillary was about 5’4” wavy blonde hair. We had been going out for a couple years and were happy most of time.

I am a senior this year, graduating and getting ready to see the world. I started dating Hillary when she was a freshman and I was a Junior, people thought that I was crazy for dating a lower classmen but I knew what I was doing. I started out thinking freshmen are easy and gullible so I could slide right in get some ass and move on but somewhere in between just getting some ass and lying I found that I actually liked the freshmen and things took off from there. Well we are just starting the 4th quarter and Hillary is a sophomore.

So anyway, like I was saying I had stopped by my girlfriends house when this whole thing started.

“The flashback starts NOW!!”

I knocked on Hillary’s (Hill) door and I was surprised when her sister opened the door. I sighed and told her I would just wait in Hillary’s room for a few and just check out if she didn’t come home. Her sister just told me whatever and shrugged me off.

Holly, Hill’s sisters was different then Hillary. Hill was more of a girlie girl while Holly was more into sports and that kind of thing. As I headed up stairs I couldn’t help but imagine what holly must look like nude. She has a very athletic firm body, Smallish 32B breasts, and short brown hair. I would never tell Hillary something like this because she always is so skeptical about how I feel about her.

I entered Hill’s room and sat down on her bed. I sighed as I waited. Her room was that of any normal girl’s room. She had a couple stuffed animals on her bed that remain from her childhood, she has some posters on the wall of Aaron Carter, Freddie Prince Jr., Pink, etc. Her closet door which is partially opened is one of those nice walk in closets, her walk in closet is probably bigger then most bathrooms and she needs the space in there. Shoes, clothes galore it likes a gap outlet store in there.

A few minutes passed and my stomach began to feel like it was compressing. I stood up and headed towards the bathroom. I figured if I was going to throw up I better do it there instead of in the bedroom. I had made it to about the middle of the room when everything around me began to grow. Clothes and all I shrunk smaller, and smaller. I didn’t stop till was as tall as an ant. If I would lie down parallel with an ant, the ant would be much longer then I, but the top of my head is level with that of an Ants head.

I didn’t know what to do, or say I was in shock. I had shrunk to a seemingly microscopic height on my girlfriend’s floor. I was relieved that she had hardwood floors in her room as opposed to carpeting but that didn’t give me much reassurance. The floor began to rumble and vibrate. It started out just a slight murmur then it grew steadily more and more. I could hardly stand and easily tumbled to the ground.

“Hey baby, Holly said you were here. Sorry I took so long getting, Adam? Adam?”

My sophomore girlfriend Hillary was no longer a person to be looked down upon. She was simply huge. As she entered the room the quakes created by her walking only got stronger. She stopped in front of me. I could hear a rustling noise above as I stared at her sandals. They were just a simple pair of flip flops with a strap over the toe end and a piece of the strap juts off from the main strap and slides between her big toe and her second biggest toe and connects the floor of the sandal.

I ran towards her sandal clad feet. I knew that if I could just get her attention somehow that she could help me get back to my normal size. As I neared her sandal I realized how daunting of a task this was going to be. The black rubber sole was only an inch but it may as well have been a side of a house. It was taller then I could ever hope to scale and then atop sat her toes. Her five painted toes resting above me in a superior tone. As I stared at her flip flops I knew I couldn’t ever get her attention and it was then the rustling stopped. I began to run as quickly as I could out of the way of her footfalls but her foot was already rising. I gasped as I saw its shadow for only a moment before she slammed her foot down into the ground. I went skidding across the hardwood floor from the wave of wind created by just her one step.

As I skidded across the floor it looked like the world was whizzing by at hundreds of miles an hour. Everything had a blur to it. It was just color and shapes no defined objects. I tried to put my hands out to slow my speed and then I rammed them into the hardwood floor hoping it would stop me but it didn’t even slow me one bit. I screamed as I helplessly skidded across the floor. I didn’t stop until I hit a soft furry wall. I looked up to see one of Hillary’s handbags. I breathed a sigh of relief as it was a soft handbag and not a wall that stopped me. However, now Hillary looked miles upon miles away. Usually if you get farther away you can see more of an object and this held true with Hillary I could now see her Knee’s.

“Hey Hill”

“Grace, hey I didn’t hear you come in”

“Yeah I’m sneaky, sneaky”

“I am surprised your man isn’t here”

“He was but he left before I made it home”

“I don’t see why you are with him. He just goes out for you to get a piece.”

“He does not!”

As soon as I heard the voice, I knew I was in trouble as Grace walked in. As she started bad mouthing me I made it too Graces white Nikes. I grabbed one of her shoe laces and began to climb. I was a man possessed. As I reached the top of her shoe I ran across her shoe towards her leg but I cursed as she was wearing jeans. I used the folds and ridges in her jeans to begin climbing up her leg as she sat down on Hillary’s bed.

Grace and I never got along. She thought that Hillary should be dating someone like her brother who for reasons unknown is a better person then I. Every chance she got alone with Hillary she would bad mouth me and I wasn’t going to stand for it. Not at any height. I leapt from ridge to ridge when I could and climbed at other times. I was speedily making my way up her denim covered legs and she was making head way on Hillary. I could hear Hill starting to waver and Grace was on her like a cheetah on a wounded gazelle. I had just made it over Grace’s kneecap and began running across her lap when I stopped. Grace had on a halter top. Not that I haven’t seen one before but not like this. It was thousands upon thousands of feet up her trim frame. It was beautiful but I quickly shook off the enticing calls of the devil and started walking towards her stomach, I was going to bite into that perfect flesh and teach her a lesson.

I had made it half way and I was spent but I kept running towards Grace I would get my revenge and that is when I heard “ugh a crumb”. Her hand came down like a wall onto her lap. She swept it towards me at a dizzying speed. I felt her hand hit me and send me flying once again across the room. I couldn’t believe that I was brushed off her lap like a cookie crumb.

I landed roughly on the floor. I looked up at the two titans’ one being my girlfriend and the other being her friend and wondered just how I would ever get back to normal.

“I just can’t leave Adam. He has always treated me right Grace.”

“Alright, alright but promise me you will watch yourself?”


Grace stood up and walked straight out of the room. I cringed at the thought of what may have happened if she didn’t see me and brushed me off. I could have been going home with Grace. I winced again at the mere thought of being in her clutches.

A familiar pounding vibrated the floorboards in Hillary’s room. I turned around in time to see a gigantic Holly walking towards me. I could only stare at her bare legs as I went weak in the knees. It was a thing of beauty. However, I was so busy staring at her I didn’t react quickly enough. I watched in absolute horror as her black stocking clad foot appeared over me. I tried to run but it was futile and it came down on top of me. Her big toe pressed me into the floorboard. My nose felt like it was going to break as it was pressed so hard against the underside of her foot. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t crushed to death by what is now thousands upon thousands of pounds bearing down on my miniscule body that should be breaking, but I only lie here under her toes.

Her damp black sock is already starting to drive me insane. I struggle to peel my face away from her foot but I feel relieved as she begins to pull her foot up and off the floor. It is only then I realize that I am stuck to her damp sock. Her sweat is acting like super glue and I am much too puny to break out of the hold of her sweat. I cry out as she steps back down on the floor and my body is pressed back into damp sock I can feel the underside of her foot through the dark damp sock. The hard cold floor at my back, my mouth stuck wide open because I was in mid scream when her foot came down on me and my lips are new glued to her foot. Tears run down my face as her sweat drips into my mouth. I continue to struggle or at the very least close my mouth but I haven’t ever felt strength like this before.

“What do you want? You stink Holly”

“Well excuse me, I had a long soccer practice, I just came to tell you that mom and dad aren’t going to be home tonight so we have to make our own dinner.”

“Okay whatever”

As Holly spun around on her foot I prayed that I would get snagged off of her foot but I had no such luck. My back is now crying out in pain from being beaten constantly against the floor. My mouth is covered in her sweat. Its all I can taste inside of my mouth is her sweat. There is a film of her sweat covering my teeth, on my tongue, down my throat. My stomach feels sick, my lips, my poor lips ache from being drenched in her salty, stinky sweat and are starting to chap.

I welcome the softness of the carpeted floor as Holly walks across it. It is much easier on my body as she walks about the house. Hours, or minutes pass I am not sure but I finally feel relief as she pulls the sock off of her foot. I am forced to watch in complete revulsion as the dark sock peels off of her foot. I can hear it being ripped from her sweaty foot. Once she reaches the toe end she has to give it a couple of tugs for it come up. A smile crosses my face as the last tug breaks me loose. I expect to tumble to the floor but I only fall a short distance because the sock is now inside out so I am now on the inside of the sock. I start to think might work to my advantage because once she turns her sock right side out I will be on the outside of the sock and unlike last time I wont be stuck in place.

As Holly walks into her room it’s a complete mess. She just tosses both socks without a care in the world. The other sock lands on her bed however I land on the back of her chair. As the sock hits the chair half of it goes over to the backside of the chair while the other half remains on the front. I can’t believe my luck I think to myself as I pound against the wall of the sock. I am trapped in Holly’s sock like a prisoner. I pound and kick against the damp prison walls of her sock but it’s no use. Holly doesn’t even hear me and the sock doesn’t even budge. She vanishes into the bathroom and I continue pounding and kicking. It’s not until about an hour later when she walks out of her personal bathroom wearing her baby blue flannel pajama top and bottom, and a white cotton bathrobe that I stop pounding as she walks across her room and flicks off the lights and shuts the door to her room as she leaves. I slide my back down the wall of her sock and plop down on the floor and sulk in the damp, sweaty prison of Holly’s sock.

I slept horribly that night falling in and out of sleep all night. The smell didn’t fade and neither did the dampness. I heard Holly come in at some point but I didn’t even try to contact her it was useless from in here and by the looks of her room I could be in this sock for a long time. Who knows often she does laundry; I will probably starve and die in this sock.

I don’t know how it happened, but when I awoke I saw the face of Holly staring at me in the sock. She had a look of shock and curiosity on her face. I was just glad that I was going to get some help finally. She lifted the sock with ease off the chair walked over to her bed. She lay back down on her bed but her feet were at the top of the bed and kicked up in the air as she lay on her stomach dumping me out of the sock at the foot of her bed. I started to shout something at her so she could hear my voice when she dangled the sock above me and dropped it on top of me.


I struggled to move and free myself below the pounds upon pounds of damp cotton on top of me. Holly smirked at my plight for a good five minutes before she pulled her sock off of me and set it down in a pile next to me. I did a crab walk backwards trying to get away but it was all fruitless as she could easily move her hand seemingly incredible distances.

“Well squirt, I got to go to school and you’re coming with me.”

I hated how she called me squirt even though I use to be taller then her. Holly didn’t even bother to pick me up or anything as she went into the bathroom. Sometime later she walked out clothed and wearing make up. She walked back towards me and just scooped me up without even slowing down. She dropped me into a small tube and put a top on it and with a smile she shoved me into her pocket.

The tube fell into the dark recesses of her pocket. The small tube seemingly fell ceaselessly. As it finally hit bottom I hoped the top would jar loose but it merely came to a happy rest at the pit of her pocket. The denim pressed tightly against the bottle. I could distinctly hear Hillary’s voice but she couldn’t hear mine. It was only but a memory as Holly left and went about her day. I could hear the voices of the outside world but I was not allowed to participate.

It wasn’t until seemingly weeks but only a few hours had gone by when her hand reached down into her pocket. She pulled the top off of the small vile and was walking towards Hillary who was getting lunch. I never did understand how she could eat that stuff everyday.

Holly was practically on top of Hillary however her back was turned to us as she was talking to someone. Hill had on her cheerleading garb today which meant there was a game. I hoped that I could get her to skip but when she saw the situation I am sure she will. I couldn’t believe Holly was being so nice. I felt the vile tip and I slid out. I careened out of the bottle and into the open air. I looked for Holly but she was already gone.

I landed onto a greasy brownish thing that was a cylinder shape. It only took me a moment to figure out that it was a hot dog. I leapt up and down trying to get Hillary’s attention but she was gabbing away with someone who I couldn’t see. My view of Hillary was replaced by a metallic nozzle above me, I was now screaming at the top of my lungs but the red ketchup flowed out of the nozzle like water over a cliff. I ran as quickly as I could across the hotdog but she was too quick and the ketchup ran across me.

I kicked and flailed my arms in the sea of ketchup but I was like a fly in a glass of water I could kick and flail all I wanted but I wasn’t going to get out. I could only watch as she repeated the process on the opposite side of the hot dog and the nozzle vanished but was replaced by a new one. This time I was trapped as a stream of mustard came down on top of me and the hot dog. I grimaced as the mustard got into my mouth. I tried to spit it out but I was up to my nose in mustard. I had to tilt my head back just so I could get air into my lungs. When I tilted my head back like this I could also get a view of Hillary. I couldn’t believe this was happening as sauerkraut plopped down on top smothering me completely. I hated the smell; I hated the taste of the stuff. I wanted to throw up as Hillary walked into the lunch room with me unknowingly trapped in her hot dog.

As she sat at the far end of the lunch room with the other cheerleaders at the popular table I could hear the mind numbingly boring conversation they were carrying on about. I finally felt the moment I had been expecting. She lifted the hot dog up and bit into it. The sound was deafening as her teeth seared through the meat and bread with the ease of a diamond through glass. As she set the hot dog back down I could hear her chewing and maiming the food in her mouth. This happened again and again and each time I wondered if it would be my time. My turn to be devoured by my girlfriend, As she lifted the hot dog up this time I just knew somehow. A shadow was cast onto the hot dog as I passed by her teeth. I cringed at the thought of her teeth ripping through my body. It was like a crack of thunder, the sound of teeth on teeth contact. Her tongue shoved me and the hotdog under her molars. I could see them rise to the peak and then clamp down. As they crushed the hot dog I squirted out from the hotdog and landed in the middle of her tongue just in time for Hillary to push a ball of chewed up hotdog on me. I punched at it still hoping I could somehow escape but as I punched it my fists sank into the gooey chewed up bread.

Her tongue pushed the bread ball up and created just enough leverage for me to push it off. I started running up her tongue as fast as I could. I remembered as she chewed her lips would open for just a fraction of a second. I ran and saw my opportunity, I just had to wait for the next go around and time it just right, I looked back to see her starting to swallow everything. Her tongue started to rise to the top of her mouth and I leapt off the tongue and through the small opening. It was just like a movie scene with the lips closing just behind me.

I only fell for a few seconds as I landed back on the hotdog she was raising to put in her mouth. I screamed as she shoved the last piece of hotdog into her mouth. I was rammed against the backside of Hillary’s teeth and dropped onto her tongue. I held onto her tongue for dear life as she tilted her tongue back. A wash of saliva came rushing past me sending the hot dog into Hillary’s stomach. I continued to hold on and that is when gallons upon gallons of milk washed over me. I spit up as much as I could but I ended up swallowing much. I finally lost my grip as the last bit of milk jarred me loose. I screamed as I headed towards the back of Hillary’s throat. Her tongue vanished as I headed towards down her throat. I grabbed onto a small ridge I found on her throat. This caused Hillary to begin to cough as I irritated her throat muscles. Mucus came running down over me sticking me to her throat so as she coughed the mucus and my grip held me in place. It wasn’t until a wash of Soda came down that I was jarred loose falling within the soda towards her stomach. I land in the pit of her stomach with a splash. Her acids splash up into the air like water and then painfully beat down on me and begin to break me down immediately.

I scream as I sit up in my dark damp prison of Holly’s sock. It was just a dream I think to myself. I am still alive. It felt so real; I was breathing roughly and covered in sweat. I took a few deep breaths and sat up in the sock and looked around. Holly was still in bed sleeping away. I wasn’t sure if I should go back to sleep after the nightmare but what else is there to do in here. As I was lying in the sock trying to fall asleep my stomach began to get the same queasy feeling it had gotten before. In matter of moments I found myself once again shrinking. I looked in all directions looking for anyway to stop this but there is none. I continued to dwindle smaller and smaller the sock becoming bigger and bigger along with everything else. I didn’t stop till I was the size of a single grain of salt. I felt myself begin to slip between the tiny holes that make up any sock. I grabbed onto the damp fibers to keep from falling. Ironic I think to myself. I am now struggling to stay into the very prison I was trying to get out of. As I hang there my arms become tired and waver in strength. The damp fibers get greaser and greaser. I finally slip and fall to the chair below. It is a hard landing but I am still alive. I look around now as the chair seems to expand infinitely in all directions. It is then I see the now gargantuan frame of Holly standing over me.

My eyes lock onto her nude ass in front of me. It’s not fat or big, it’s tight and small but I have often wondered what it would be like to see it. I can’t keep my eyes off her backside as she pulls a blue thong up her legs. It’s not seductive or anything just dressing normally but it’s grand. As her ass walked out of view I sighed not expecting to see it for quite sometime and I still needed a way down. A few moments later Holly came back into view holding a pair of jeans. Her ass began to lower all to fast. I ran but at my new size it looked like I was hardly moving. The blue thong strap pressed down on me as her ass cheeks came down on either side of me. Her ass crack created a small valley in which there was air and a small cavern on either side of me though were her ass cheeks burrowing into the chair. I was completely trapped underneath millions upon millions of pounds of ass. The floor of the chair was replaced by denim and I began to panic. I was inside her pants. I remembered how she always wore those tight pants that hung a little low so you could see that she had on a thongs I saw only two choices. I could either grab onto the thong and live or tumble out of pants and fall to my death. I picked the obvious choice and grabbed onto the blue thong. It was a small piece of fabric that ran down her ass crack. I grabbed onto it as best I could and as she stood up I realized my error as the very piece of fabric I was on is being engulfed by her ass. The strap and I are sucked into her ass. On both side of me is Holly’s ass and behind me pressing tightly against her ass are her jeans sealing me in. I couldn’t get out now if I wanted too, her jeans are pressing too tightly against her ass. Trapped like a rat I think to myself.

As Holly walks about the room I am pressed against the walls of her ass. The voices of the outside world, as I moved about I could feel Holly fidget with my every movement. I screamed hoping somehow that I would be heard even though I knew I had no chance.

As she walked the small cloth string of the thong I was on was pushed out of her ass and I was pressed firmly against her denim shorts and then pulled back into her ass as she bounded down the stairs. My skin burned as it was pulled and pushed in and out of her ass like a dildo into pussy.

“Hillary, tell mom I am gonna be home late tonight”

“yeah whatever”

As Holly sat down I let go and slid down her ass cheeks. As her bottom crashed into the chair I found myself pressed down into the chair by Holly’s toned thigh. It was lifted up for a moment and I scurried out from under her thigh and down her pant leg as far as I could go before she let it fall back down. I could hear the process being repeated with her other leg and cluelessly wondered what was going on.

It wasn’t until she stood up and I hurled down her leg at insane speeds that I saw her bending to tie her shoe. I slammed into her shoe as Holly took a step and she kicked me forward.

Two gigantic bodies came into view as I sped forward through the air. I recognized them as Hillary and Grace. I fell at the foot of both girls. I knew that they were all getting ready to leave so I didn’t have a lot of time. I looked to my left and to my right. I saw Hillary’s sketchers so I knew that it had to be her. Luck was on my side today as I saw her left shoe untied. I ran as fast as my miniature body could carry me. A pair of hands were coming down towards the laces and I dove onto them not wanting to spend another day trying to gain there attention. I made it to the laces just before she grabbed a hold of them. I reached back to her hand but she lifted the lace and swung it around much to fast, before I knew what happened I found myself tied up in Hillary’s laces. I looked on either side of me to see two large loops on either side of me. I struggled trying to free myself but the laces were tied much too tight. The whole world went whizzing by as they walked. I could hardly see anything they were moving so fast now. I felt like I was on a horrible rollercoaster that just wouldn’t end.

It wasn’t until they were at school that I found something to be wrong. Hillary’s locker is up stairs and we were staying on the main floor. I craned my neck as far as I could upward so I could maybe see her face for visual confirmation but all I could see were blue jeans.

“Hey Grace, nice shoes”

“Thanks, they were Hills but she didn’t like them anymore”

“Cool, they look tight on you”

“Thanks, but hey lets get to class. If I’m late I get to spend quality time after school with Mr. Fettis”

I spent the rest of day tied to Graces shoe. The more I tried to get away the tighter the laces dug into me. It wasn’t until she got into her car that everything changed. I could hear and smell her spraying perfume on. As long as I had known the bitch she always put on a little too much for my liking. As the excess perfume fell to the floor, and onto me and her shoes I felt different. My insides felt like they were pushing against my skin and bones. I found myself expanding as Grace drove, By the time it was finished I looked around and realized that I had to be about an Inch or so. It was like I had grown 200 feet tall in comparison to how small I had been. It was incredible, however with a bigger size comes more weight. The moment I looked up I saw the face of grace looking down at me.

Her hand gripped me tightly as she lifted me up to her face. I was so happy to be found I didn’t even care it was by the devil herself. I could almost kiss her as she stared at me.

“Grace, your perfume, spray more onto me”

“This stuff is 45 dollars a bottle, I am not wasting it on you”

“No you don’t understand”

“Shut up”

With one hand she opened up the door to her glove box which looked to weigh a ton and she tossed me in. I hit the back wall as she closed the door sealing me in darkness as she drove home.

Her car shut off and she reached in easily grabbing me. The entire way up to her room she beamed down at me. I nervously looked up at her not knowing what to expect. As she dangled me upside down in front of her smiling face she waved goodbye and I felt her fingers release from my ankle and I fell head first into her jewelry box. I rolled over in pain looking up at Grace.

“You bitch, what are you doing?”

“It looks like you won’t be getting the girl after all. This is just too perfect.”

It was then she slammed the lid on her jewelry box closed and I laid there in complete darkness for days. I would only see Grace for a second or two when she would reach in and pull something out and then close and lock the jewelry box once again. Days went from weeks, to years. Every week or so Grace would drop in some stale bread crumbs and that is how I spent the remainder of my life. A prisoner of Grace.


I had lived in Graces Jewelry box for years now. She was now a junior in College. As she pulled me out of her box the light was so bright. I hadn’t seen natural light in years.

“Guess what, Hillary and my Brother are getting married so I don’t really need you anymore. So you are free to go.”

The End
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