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Kayla Fox was hiding her relationship with her girlfriend from her extremely religious family. Then, her boss turns her world upside-down. Now she must rely on the ones that love her to save her. The question on her mind is; who truly loves her?

I wrote this story on my original account, Shywry, but I can't remember the password. So I made this account to continue with it.

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Published: September 24 2013 Updated: October 03 2013
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Suggestions appreciated.


1. Her Daily Route to Work by shywri [Reviews - 1] (3022 words)

No giantess action in this chapter, though there is some romantic action.


Link to original chapter:


2. A Day at Work by shywri [Reviews - 1] (2985 words)

Again, no giantess action. This chapter is pure plot.

I wrote this over several days, over several moods. So the writing style might be a bit segmented. Tell me what you think!