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Adam woke the next day to the smell of bacon emulating from downstairs. Getting out of bed he trudged down to find his mom cooking a fry up.

“Morning mom,”

“Heya morning Adam, how did you sleep?”

“Not too bad thanks, what you cooking?”

“Just a bit of breakfast, want a bit?”

“Yeah sure thing.”

His mom turned back around and continued cooking, Adam prepared himself some OJ and sat down and read the mornings paper. He looked over to his mom who was cooking, and saw a small pen like object in her back pocket of her jeans. Thinking nothing of it he continued reading.

“Here you are!” Sandy said, placing the meal infront of him, “Would you like any coffee or anything?”

“I’ll have a cup of coffee please mom,” Adam said as he took a bite of his breakfast and continued reading the paper. Little did he know that his mom had been watching him for the last two days when he’d been undertaking his project and had found all of his research and his hidden fantasy. She wanted to fulfill that fantasy with him. Taking the syringe from her back pocket she had found in his room late last night when he was sleeping, she emptied it’s solution into his cup of coffee. God, this is going to be so much fun, she thought to herself. She bought the coffee over to Adam and waited in eager anticipation for him to drink it.

“Here you are sweetie, enjoy.”

“Thanks mom,” he repiled.

Adam lifted the cup of coffee up to his mouth and without hesitation began to take a few sips. Sandy couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. Adam immediately began to feel paranoid.

“Mom what’s so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing honey, honestly,” as she tried to fight back the laughs, “just eat up.”

With that his mom left the room and headed upstairs, Sandy couldn’t contain her excitement. Adam was perplexed at his mom’s behavior but came to the conclusion she was simply in a good mood. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to act in such a joyful manner. Finishing up his breakfast and coffee, Adam stood up and was about to head upstairs when a sudden rush came over him, causing him to loose his balance and fall to the floor. He tried to shout to Sandy but the words were not reaching his vocal cords. As he scrambled along the floor, the dizziness increased and he began to feel more and more sluggish. Reaching the kitchen door which precedes onto the hallway and stairs, Adam saw his mom at the top of the stairs slowly walking down, she hadn’t seen him yet. Adam, in one last vain attempt, tried to get his mom’s attention but slowly he began to loose focus and started to black out.


Sandy arrived at the bottom of the stairs at her delight, to see a pile of clothes lying on the floor. She rummaged through them to find her son in the middle of them all and plucked him out. Standing at no more than 6 inches in height, Sandy loomed over Adam with a domineering atmosphere surround her thoughts. Imagine what I could do to him. She stared in awe at how tiny he was then proceeded to take him upstairs to her bedroom. Lying him down on the middle of her bed, she left her son and would return to him later after work. This was going to be a fun filled adventure.


Adam woke completely disorientated. He began to sit up only to fall straight back down as his vision was wobbly and everything seemed, so large. Gathering his thoughts, Adam realised where he was, on the middle of his mom’s bed. Taking it all in he looked across the vast, white plains of duvet and realised he was tiny. How? He had no idea. Adam was not an idiot and quickly came to the conclusion that somehow his mom had done this, though he was sure it wasn’t through his shrink solution he’d been developing. Standing up Adam ran towards the end of the bed and looked down, the drop was formidable. There was no way he would survive, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to stay captive of his mom. As he deliberated over his next move, he heard the front door open and the sound of high heels clicking along the hall way:

“Honey, I’m home, did you miss me?” bellowed Sandy’s voice.

Adam was dumfounded and trapped in state of shock. There was no where to run. He quickly weighed up the positives and negatives of trying to escape as his mom slowly headed up the stairs and decided he would plan his escape at a later date, for now he had to accept what was about to happen. Sandy reached the top of the stairwell and sauntered along towards her bedroom. Wearing a tight fitted white tank top, which barely contained her ample breasts, and a pair of tight, accentuating jeans, it was fair to say Sandy had planned her outfit pretty well. Her heart rate began to increase as she turned the corner and entered her bedroom, only to see her tiny, little son, lying down asleep on top of the duvet, just how she’d left him.

“Hey little guy,” her voice boomed from above.

Charles, looked up only to the giant, towering form of his mother, who previously he had looked down upon.

“I hear you’re into tall women,” she purred, “really tall women...’

With that she clambered onto the bed, her boobs suspended directly above Adam’s head, showing off her incredible cleavage.

“I think it’s time you did a few little chores for mommy, then maybe,” she lowered her chest so it was within touching distance of Adam, “you can have a play with these.” She then dropped all of her heavy weight on top of Adam crushing him with her ginormous cleavage. This is going to be fun, Sandy thought to herself.

Chapter End Notes:

Just trying to pick up the pace with this story, I know myself as much as anyone enjoys a fast paced, action-packed, tale so that is exactly what I'll try to provide. Hope you're enjoying it, comments and critiques are welcome as always. 

Busy next couple of days but hopefully another chapter will be out by Saturday 23:00pm GMT

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