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Sandy proceeded from the shower towards her bedroom, eagerly awaiting her tiny son whom she had strapped to her dressing up chair. Time to show him some of my other assets, she thought to herself. Turning her head over her shoulder she looked down at her colossal, impressive rear and gave it a light tap. The motion caused her butt to wobble sending a hair-standing sense of power through her body. Satisfied, Sandy continued to walk towards her room. She entered and headed straight for her chair. Not even looking to see if her son was awake, she went ahead and dropped her humungous ass on top of the seat. The loud smack hit the chair forcefully, her bum spreading out over the tiny chair in comparison like jelly. Sandy was beginning to enjoy her role as a giantess. She even pondered that finding out about her son’s fetish had sparked her own. Sandy was by no means stupid, and sensed that her son’s inner sexual desires must have been passed down from her bloodline... or her fathers. After pondering on the thought, Sandy rose from her seat expecting to see  a tiny, broken figure lying unconscious on the chair below her. She way wrong. Utterly bemused, she paraded around the room in search of her diminutive son. He couldn’t have gone far, she thought to herself, he’s only 3 inches tall or so. Little did she know, Adam was hanging on for dear life from the fabric of her panties. Too high to jump, he clung on desperately and hoped his mother would lower her derrière sooner or later. While strapped to the chair, Adam decided that the only way to escape his mother’s clutches was by grabbing hold of her panties when she sat down and then hoping that as she rose, she would take him with her. It had worked, yet now he was suspended in the air, hanging from the panties of his mother’s plump rear.



“Adam darling, where are you?” Sandy bellowed, “Mummy’s not going to be happy if you have tried to run away from her.”


Sandy was beginning to feel frustrated by her son’s disappearance and out of her anger, she was starting to conjure up idea’s on how to punish him. Perhaps she would make him subject to her colossal feet and force him to scrub off all the dirt and clean them throughly. Or perhaps pound him into unconsciousness with her huge ass, then leaving him shoved in her butt crack for the rest of the day. Or even better, submerge him in her vast cleavage and going on a long jog, forcing him to drink her sweat which would be excreted from her monumental orbs of flesh. All of which was turning her on and distracting her from the process of regaining her son. Meanwhile, Adam was still  hanging on, and looking for an opportunity to let go and run for his life. He had to be patient however, the drop from his mother’s ass would surely kill him and he was yet to think through his plan for when he had escaped the clutches of his mother. Who could he turn to? Even if he escaped from the house, where would he go? Any one of his friends lived far away even at his normal height. He was good as dead without his mother, and he knew it. Yet he didn’t want to spend the rest of his days as his mother’s play thing. He had to find a way to reverse the process and return to normal height. Being shrunk wasn’t such a good idea after all he thought to himself. Adam knew all his work and equations were down at the bottom of the garden in the shed, stashed away, but he would need help in going over there and getting it all back, but help from who? He didn’t have time to think as his mother was lowering her ass to floor, in preparation to examine something she had spotted on the floor. Adam didn’t need anymore encouragement then that, and as Sandy’s ass lowered itself ever closer to the ground, he jumped. Landing on the soft carpet he regained his composure and stared up at his giant mother who was facing the other way, her head scouring the floor in search of her tiny son. Being careful not to get her attention, he slowly tip-toed underneath her bed. Adam needed to think through his plan of action on how to get downstairs. The steps themselves would take too long to jump each one at a time. Unless he did it at night? No that would never work he thought, how would he even get out of the bedroom when the door was shut? Pondering to himself quietly, he looked across the room and saw the dirty clothes bag, filled to the brim. The clothes would have to be taken downstairs at some stage to be put in the washing machine, and this is when his idea struck. Adam came to the conclusion that, during the night, he would climb into the bag and wait till morning when his mum would take it downstairs. But for now, he needed to conserve his energy; his mother’s ass had still given him a beating earlier on the chair and he had several bruises come up. He would move at midnight, now it was time for sleep.

Chapter End Notes:

Terribly sorry for not uploading sooner, but have been so busy with work. However, I'm trying to get back on track with this story. Feedback and criticism are all welcomed. Hope you're enjoying it so far. 

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