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Story Notes:

I was unable to carry on with Leverage as truth be told I couldn't see a future for it whereby I could enjoy writing it. Hence this is my latest project I am keen to undertake and stick by. Tags will be added as the story develops. 



Author's Chapter Notes:

I will try to update as often as I can, but here it is, my new story.

Adam had grown up in the suburban town of Westerville, Ohio, for the past 17 years. Even though Westerville was not deemed to be incredibly dull or boring, Adam longed for sense of adventure. Everyday was beginning to turn monotonous. School, eat, sleep, repeat, was Adam’s daily routine, and he longed to leave and head off for university to study bio-chemics. Adam was reasonably good looking. Standing at around 5’10, with blonde hair and brown eyes, it would’ve been easily believable to think he was a ladies man. However, this was not the case. While Adam had been progressing through his teenage years, he’d only ever been out with a couple of girls who had now moved on to different towns and cities. By no means was Adam a down and out loser, he was popular at school and had his fair share of action, but he had yet to meet someone who he really lusted for.. Adam was a macrophiliac, and longed to dominated by a woman considerably taller than him, or even being shrunk down to a couple of inches and made subject to a woman’s desires. This is perhaps why he was so interested in science. Over the years, Adam had been developing a concoction, which once injected, could shrink an animate object down to a few inches. So far his attempts had been foiled, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Adam seemed to lack the ambition to create such a solution. He was yet to find any girl he would want to be able to use it for. And secondly, his garden shed provided no real work area designed to undertake such a project. Things were about to change.

In 2053, shrinking devices weren’t unheard of, but they came at a substantial price. With Adam’s family already strapped for cash, and with the hope of sending him to university, there was no way Adam could get the money together while also keeping his secret fantasy hidden from his mom. Yet in the summer of 2053, something great happened. School at finished for another year and Adam had until September to relax in the sun and party everyday. Life was going pretty sweet and he couldn't envisage it getting better anytime soon. One day, Adam was returning home from his friends house, Kieran, to see to his surprise, a removal truck loaded with furniture, pulled up outside his next door neighbour’s house, with removal men lifting items inside the house. Adam, while interested, thought nothing of it, until he saw a blonde girl appear in the doorway. She looked around his age, with bright blue eyes and a full chest, easily reaching D’s, dressed in a white tank top and denim shorts, she didn’t seem to notice Adam momentarily stop in awe like a statue, so she headed back inside the house. Adam was set in stone, she was beautiful. He carried on indoors where his mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“Hey mom, since when did we have new neighbours?” Adam asked.

Adam’s mom was a salt. Blessed with good genes and having been Miss Ohio back in 2035, a year before Adam was born, she was a milf to say the least. With the age gap only being 17 years between the two, instead of her being a motherly figure, she was more like a best friend. Slightly shorter than Adam at 5’8, she sported a full, curvaceous figure, with little if no signs of going through 2 pregnancies. Sandy Martin was the real deal. Adam had a younger brother, around 15 years old, but rarely saw him as he had decided to live with his dad down south. Therefore it was just Sandy and Adam.

“Um they arrived earlier today while you were at Kieran’s,” Sandy said, “the family’s real nice, got a young girl named Abby, around your age or something.”

“Ah nice one, what’s for dinner?”

“Mac and cheese, sorry I know it’s boring but it’s not that bad.” Sandy laughed.

“Haha no your mac and cheese it’s the best, I’ll speak later mom just going to my room.”

“Sure thing, I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Adam bounced up the stairs and headed to his bedroom. He scampered through previous files on his computer regarding shrink solutions and the compounds needed. After gathering what he needed he snuck out of the house and headed to the shed. As he sat down at his desk, infront of him was months, coming on years, of research into potential solutions. The problem for Adam was not the ingredients, but the quantities used. It had been a few months since he had last looked at his research, but with Abby next door, his determination was increased. Adam worked consistently for a few hours before having dinner then returning to continue his endeavors. Adam worked through the night slaving away, testing his solution on rats, slowly drifting off into a deep sleep...

Sunlight shown through the window of the shed, waking Adam from his deep slumber. He looked around and realised he had slept through the night in the shed. He was yet to check upon his test patients, the rats, which he had used last night. He had tested three rats, each with different solutions, which he had kept copies of. The one thing Adam was yet to consider, was an antidote. Stretching and rising from his desk, he trudged over to the rats and checked the cages. Rat 001, Solution: +1.342%. Adam opened the cage, and looked inside. The rat was dead, with large mutations having formed on the sides of his head. Various limbs were at disproportionate sizes and at distorted angles. Result: epic fail. Adam then proceeded to the second cage. Rat 002, Solution: +1.486%. Inside the cage was nothing. Adam searched and searched and searched but couldn’t find the rat anywhere. He lifted the cage onto his work station and removed all the stuffing and things inside of the cage. He then got out a magnifying glass and scoured the cage. In the top left had corner he could make out the body of a tiny rat! It had worked! Or so it seemed. The rat was lying dead in a small pool of blood. Adam’s question at this point was had he killed the rat or was it the solution which had resulted in that. He quickly checked the third cage which had similar results to that of Rat 001. Rat 002 solution was his only hope. Adam took the remaining solution and poured it into 3 syringes, taking everything back to his room. Adam sat in his chair and deliberated long and hard for the rest of the day. His dreams were about to become reality.

Chapter End Notes:

What do you think? Please let me know, any criticism is welcome. 

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