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Author's Chapter Notes:
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"By all accounts after the fact, Nestor Ramos Aguilar had been tradin' the enslaved Injuns for arms and ammunition. His hope bein' to eventually get enough of both that he could overthrow Presidente' Tejada; and rule Mexico, himself, in the name of the pagan goddesses he worshipped!* If so, he must've been a-cursin' under his breath when he had to sic Cesar on another would-be escapee. Thereby deprivin' himself of one potentially valuable rifle."

"That's when Becky made her presence known. And, I only wish I could've seen the looks on those Otomi faces when she demanded the release of all those chained-up Yaquis and Huichols!"

" 'Release 'em, now!' she reiterated: 'Or, face the wrath of Bisabuela Crecimienta!' "

"Aguilar must've been used to seein' giant topless women. Because, from what I was told later, he sneered at Becky! Downright defiantly, too."

" 'I obey only Las Hijas de Ixchel, puta!! Begone with you, before I have Cesar peck your eyes out.' "

" 'I give you one more chance, pendejo!' she yelled back: "Release your captives, or else...' "

"She pointed to her mouth, as she brought her upper and lower jaws together. Makin' her teeth sound like castanets!"

"Aguilar's only response was to scream like an eagle, until he got Cesar's attention. Then, he screamed again; pointin' up at Becky. And, the dad-blamed bird took off in the indicated direction! It didn't get far, though. Because, half way towards Becky's head, there was the scream of a .44-40 bullet. And, Cesar the harpy eagle..."

"...fell back to Earth."

"The shot had come from Dooley's Winchester '73. With Dooley perched atop Becky's head...and concealed within the outer edge of her red curls. He then fired a second shot. Aimed directly at Aguilar's head. Because, that s******d had already dived off his horse, while orderin' his men to return fire!"

"Which they did. Firin' bolt-action Vetterlis made in Italy (and smuggled to Mexico by Corsican expatriates from Puerto Rico). Of course, most of the bullets only managed to hit her as high up as her--ahem!--mammary glands. Causin' no more discomfort to her than a mosquito might if she were just as stark naked at normal size."

"There were some bullets, though, that ricocheted off her forehead. Promptin' Dooley to return fire. And, with his bullets findin' their targets a lot more often than t'other way 'round!"

"Seein' that for himself, what Aguilar did next was the only thing he could do. He ordered his men to scatter! Promptin' Becky to go into action, now."

* * * * *


Red Bear was about to hurl another insult, when it happened. The crazy white woman who had totally undressed herself--in front of him and the whole encampment--suddenly grew to a height of one hundred feet tall!

And she smiled in undisguised pleasure at his slack-jawed amazement.

"If you think I'm tall, you should see my older sister. She who single-handedly chased the Santee Sioux out of Minnesota, ten years ago! We have the power to keep in touch with each other, through our minds. She can see whatever I think to her, and vice-versa! So..."

"...will you release your white she-captive, now? Or, do you wish for me to send for my sister with the power of my thoughts?"

Chapter End Notes:
*Tejada, Lerdo de: President of Mexico in between Benito Juarez and Porfirio Diaz.
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