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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm back already!  B-)




“Sam managed to somehow shrink himself in Ms. Wundt’s class.” Ashley tells Julia while still holding me in her hand. "We don't know how."

“Hey, is that my fault now?” I object. This is so unfair!

“What, did someone else did it to you?” Ash asks, now looking at me in her hand.

“Umm… no.” I reply hesitantly. I think she might have a point there.

“So, try to take responsibility for your action.” She continues calmly but grimly, like a mom teaching her child. Her hand tightens around me and she squeezes me to assert herself as she says it. If I didn’t know her so well, I’d probably get worried because of her sheer power over me. But she’d never hurt me, at least not intentionally….

“He might be right, Ash.” Julia says, crossing the room towards us. “I don’t think a chemical compound with an effect like that can be made by a below average student in a school lab.”

At last! Someone who understa… wait, did she say below average?

“I’m not below average, I’m average.” I declare, tensing my muscles in preparation for another squeeze.

“Hmm, you’re right.” Ashley says, completely ignoring my remark. “To be honest, I didn’t know that such a thing was even possible.”

“And you’re the top student!” Julia replies, stressing on ‘top.’

She then sits down on the bed, besides Ashley. I notice her stare, and I look up. Her hazel eyes are curiously studying me. I feel embarrassed to tell the truth, it’s not like Ashley’s stare. I sense pure curiosity, nothing more.

“Can I hold him?” Julia asks, now looking at Ash.

I suddenly feel the urge to interfere. I’m sick of others thinking of me as a thing, like I’m Ashley’s property.

“Umm, I’m still a person, you know!” I tell her loudly to get her attention, but… what teh fuck? She’s just smiling at me. Bitch!

“He’s right, Julie. You need to ask him, not me.” Ashley replies. I’m so glad she was the one who walked into the classroom that day. God knows how I would have been treated by one of these savages.

Julia is not saying a word now. She’s just staring at me, and you know what, I’m gonna stare right back until she asks me nicely.

“Sam, can I hold you in my hand a little?” She asks, still smiling as if talking to a baby.

“I’ll think about it.” I reply, smiling back before my perfect smile is squeezed out of me. Ouch!

“Come on Sam, don’t be an ass. She asked nicely!” Ashley objects. I can feel her stretching her hand and me in it towards Julia’s upward palm. I thought we agreed I was a person….

“Hey, hold on a minu…” I’m about to say before being dropped onto Julia’s palm. I hit the soft, slightly moist flesh on my side. Before I get the chance to collect myself, Julia’s fingers close on me and loosely engulf me. I’m trying to ignore my beating heart and the instinct to struggle against her fingers. I don’t want to give her any ideas by showing my involuntary fear.

“Wow!” I hear her say on the other side of the wall of flesh that has surrounded me. “He really is small!” She continues as she opens her fingers.

I’m right in front of her face now, and from here I can see her features in great details. Her hazel eyes are smaller than Ashley’s, and her lips are wider. Julia’s skin tone is whiter though, I’d say just a bit darker than Suzanne’s. She usually leaves her auburn hair down to cover her brow, but now she’s tied it in a pony tail.

She is still staring at me, and her disgusting smile is still there. Great. I’d better look around casually so she knows I’m not worried or anything.

“And he’s so light!” Julia suddenly says. I’m being held so close to her mouth that her warm breath hits me right in the face. I’m trying to keep myself from clenching my face, she might think it… WHOA… she’s… WHOAAA….

“Stop it, Julie!” I hear Ashley midair. I land on Julia’s palm again.

“Relax, I just want to see how much he weights!” Julia assures her.

“What if you drop him to the floor? You need to be extra careful around him.” Ash continues. Her tone is not as harsh this time.

“Since when do you care so much about him?” Julia asks Ash. I guess she’s forgotten again that there’s a third person in the room. I’d better remind her.

“I hid in her backpack.” I say loudly. She shifts her look to me, at least her smile’s gone.

“Oh!” She nods slowly. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Ash?” She continues interestedly.

“He didn’t show himself to me until later that night. He just hid there through lunch and the afternoon class.” Ashley replies apologetically.

“Through lunch, you say?” Julia says, frowning. She suddenly falls silent and looks down at me again. Yep, she’s still looking at me, thinking. At least that’s how it looks. Yeaaah. Okay… getting awkward now. Why is she looking at me like that?

“So, Julie. We need to contact Ms. Wundt to see if she can help us.” Ashley says. Thank god, Julia has finally stopped being awkward.

“What? Oh yeah, sure.” Julia says, stretching her hand and me towards Ashley. “Let me give you her email address.”

Ashley’s small, well at least small to a normal person, palm is waiting for me down there. I stand up and jump off onto her hand before Julia decides to drop me like the change after buying a soda. Soft landing!

“Email address?” Ash repeats. “Don’t you have her number?”

“What? No! She doesn’t give her phone number to anybody from the triple H.”

Julia walks towards her laptop and presses a button. A blue screen comes up. She begins clicking the mouse.

Ashley slowly lowers her hand and rests it on her lap. I look up. Her face is above me, and she smiles as soon as she sees me looking at her. I smile back, the warmest smile I can make. I jump on her soft lap. Wow, very soft! I mean, wow! I sit down and lean against her even softer belly. She raises her hand and puts it besides me on her lap, and rests her thumb on me. Are we… Oh my God, we’re cuddling! :3

So I’ve been sitting here for a couple of minutes now. Ashley’s warm body has got me sleepy, and the reassuring weight of her thumb on my lap has really made our cuddling cozy. I lean my head against her warm, soft belly that hugs my tired body from the ride earlier, and I rest my hand on her black-colored nail. I can hear her belly making small, deep noises. Her smell surrounds me….



“Still nothing?” I hear, my eyes closed. I half open an eye. I can see Julia sitting at her desk, in front of her laptop. I clear my throat. A giant thumb comes up into my blurry view and lightly strokes my face and chest. The soft, tender touch makes me close my eye again. A familiar, reassuring heaviness is back on my lap. I close my eye. I’m in no rush to leave this place right n….



 “No way!” the disturbing voice comes back poking again. I feel like I’m collapsing. I’d better pull myself up and sit straight. I open my eyes.

“You guys are back together? But he’s….” It’s Julia’s annoying voice. Figures.

“What’s going on?” I try to say, but it sounds like I’m mumbling. "I…I…yaaaaaaaaawn." I clear my throat.

“What’s going on, guys?” I say, this time louder. “Did Wundt answer?”

“No, Sam.” A voice from above says. “She’s not answering.”

“How long was I asleep?” I ask. My neck hurts. Wish I had some coffee.

“About half an hour.” Ashley says. Well, it was time well spent.

“What were you guys talking about?” I again ask.

“Ash said you guys are back together.” Julia says from across the room. “How’s that even possible?”

I feel a shadow falling over me, and sense Ashley’s gaze. Okay Sam, let’s not fuck this up.

“I apologized to her, and told her how much I love her.” I reply clearly, uttering each word carefully so as not to mess them up.

“But, you’re so small. How does that even work?” Julia persists.

I hear a sound coming from above, Ash want’s to say something. Quick Sam. This one’s your game.

“I still have feelings and I love her. The… the rest is not really important.”

“You sure this is Sam? He sounds more like Kyle when he’s around Tina.” Julia jokes. Wow wait, she meant it seriously?

“He’s nothing like before, Julia.” Ashley says, her thumb is back next to me. I kiss its tip. “he’s very nice to me.”

Julia is staring at me, then at Ash. Then she decides to let her ravaging voice loose again.

“You sure he really means it” She says, looking at Ash. "He may be tricking you."

“Excuse me?” Ashley says sharply.

“I mean, what if he’s pretending so….” She continues.

This is too much.

“If you’ve got something to say, say it to my face Julia.” I say loudly at her, standing up. I’m not letting her come between us, not after all I’ve been through. She’s taking a deep breath. I can feel my face heating up.

“Okay, Sam. What I mean is what if you’re abusing her feelings to make sure somebody will take care of you until you’re normal again?” She says with a straight face, looking right at me on Ashley’s lap.

“What?” I say. I feel dumb. I don’t feel the anger anymore, I… I’m speechless!

“It’s not like that, Julie.” Ash says slowly from above. Is she sad?

“I’m sorry, Ash. But I still remember how devastated you were when you guys were together and even after that.”

Silence. I don’t know what to say, and apparently, neither does Ash.

Julia comes towards us and sits next to Ashley, hugging her. All I can see are hands and thighs now. I look up, the chins that I’m seeing from here don’t give away much of an impression either....

Okay, they’ve stopped hugging now, and Julia’s face is visible to me. She looks down at me, and then back at Ash.

“Look, guys. I don’t want to break you up or anything, I just don’t want to see you hurt.” She looked directly at Ash when she said the last sentence.

“I know Julie. But Sam really is different now, trust me.” Ashley says. She looks down at me with her innocent, blue eyes, as if convincing herself. I hate myself.

“She’s right, and nothing is gonna change once I’m back to normal.” I reply. The blue screen attracts my attention again. “If I ever get back to normal.” I finish. An ominous silence is dominating the room now. Damn it.

“She must be busy at the moment. I’ll let you guys know as soon as she replies. You can email her from your own computer too.” Julia says, looking at us.

“Okay, thanks Julie. I guess we’d better go now?” Ashley says, looking down at me.

“Sure, let’s go.” 

Ashley’s hand grabs me, and I hold on to it as she lifts me off her lap, and then to her left where she puts me on Julia’s soft blanket. She then stands up to walk towards her shoes in the corner.

I didn’t get a good glimpse of her face, but she sounds sad. Julia has really messed... oh wait... Ash’s looking at me from across the room now. And now, she’s looking at her shoes? Oh.

“Just put me in your pocket.” I shout at her. Yeah, she is nodding. She’s sitting down next to her converses now.

I know Julia means well, for Ashley at least. And that’s probably why I’m not that mad at her. I just hope, oh. A shadow is over me again, I look up. It’s Julia. She’s bsitting down next tome, bending over… and now her face is just a couple of inches away from me. What now?

I look up helplessly.

“I know what you did to my foot in the cafeteria, Sam.” She says under her breath. I look at Ash's back as she ties her shoe.

I look up, trying to muster up whatever strength I have in me.

“What do you mean?” I tell her. It’s so damn difficult to look into her eyes.

“I mean you fucking humped my foot when nobody was looking. I thought it was a bug, but it was you, wasn’t it?”

Good, she has no proof. “It was the bug, Julia. There are better places for a guy to hump.”

“Yeah, unless the guy has a foot fetish, like you do.” She replies in her low voice. I feel cold. “And bugs don’t smell like semen.” She says, sitting up straight. I know I’m pale as a ghost right now, and I know she knows the truth. She is looking down at me and on me, with disgust. I turn my head to look at Ash. 

 She’s stood up.

“What are you guys talking about?” She asks innocently. Her large, blue eyes jumping between us curiously.

“Oh nothing. I was just telling Sam what will happen if he makes my best friend upset.” She says cheerfully, standing up. “And that girls tell each other everything, so he’d better behave himself!”

Ashley smiles too, I guess she thinks that Julia is joking. I don’t blame her, Julia’s too good at pretending.

“Haha, yeah. Seriously though, he’s been very nice. So quit teasing him!” She says smiling. “Okay, hop on mister. We’re going home.”

I jump onto her open hand, and use her now closed fists as support. I’m sticking out of her fist from chest up, and my hands are free. I wish I could avoid Julia, but she is approaching us. She’s giving Ash a hug. Now her giant index finger is coming my way, and I can’t avoid that any more than I can avoid her. Her giant finger taps me on my head twice, rather firmly, then she winks at me from up there.

“See you guys soon!”




The sun is about to set, and the streets are crowded. Ashley has put me in her pocket, and I’ve only thanked god 5 time’s that she didn’t decide to wear her tight jeans today.

The pocket isn’t that bad. Her linen pants loosely fit her, and except for the coming and going of her surprisingly strong thigh muscles, I’m mostly left in peace. There isn’t enough space for me to sit though, so I just stand up, holding on to the fabric for support. I’ve been like this for a couple of minutes now.

I’ve been thinking about what Julia said about me taking advantage of Ash, you know. I wish I could dismiss her just as I would if the shrinking accident hadn’t happened, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if she’s right. Is Ash nothing more than a shelter to me? I must admit we’d never have got close again if I hadn’t shrunk. Maybe that’s the reason?

Damn it, everything used to be so straight out and simple before. Now I keep thinking, and questioning myself and everything I do. It’s like it’s not just me that’s shrunk. The world has got much bigger too….

Ashley’s tender fingers fumble inside her pocket. It’s not that big, and they soon find me. She carefully cups her hand so I’m resting in it, then she proceeds to take her hand and me out of her pocket.

“Ash….” Oh Ash, what should I say to you?

“Sam, I just want you to know that I trust you, and I know that what Julia said isn’t true.” She says. The city lights are shining in her eyes.

She’s so much better than me at this.

“I meant everything I’ve said to you so far. I do love you.” I tell her, my gaze jumps from one eye to the other, not sure which one is more beautiful. Wish I could focus on both of them, never missing a move they make.

She takes me closer, and then we kiss, and then we kiss again, and then I lose all doubt, and instead, I feel such feelings that I honestly don’t know how to describe to you.



So Ash has decided to take a taxi home, because sitting down with me in her pocket would be problematic. She wouldn’t be able to hold me in her hands either, because the buses are very crowded this time of evening. But in the back seat of a taxi, this wouldn’t be a problem.

We’re still in the back alley where she took me out to talk. The sky is dark now, and she’s making her way towards the main street where she can hail a cab.

“Sam,” She says, breaking the rhythm of her footsteps on asphalt, “Do you remember the chemicals that you used in class?”

“Not really, I wasn’t paying any attention to what Wundt was saying.” I reply. “And then she pressured me so much that I just mixed some stuff to get her off my ass.”

“Hahaha.” She laughs abruptly. What did I say?

“I guess now you understand why you should always pay attention to what your teacher says.” She says.

“Well, I thought the worst that could happen is a bad mark, not… this!”

Now we’re both laughing…. But, she stops all of a sudden. I shut my mouth and look up at her, worried.

“What’s wrong, Ash?” I curiously ask. She’s holding me at waist level, and my view of the dim alley is limited. Suddenly, I can distinguish a figure walking towards us.

“Did he see you?” Ash asks softly, she sounds worried.

“Nah, I don’t think so. He’s pretty far off.” I reply in a low voice, hoping that she’s heard me.  The figure is getting closer now, and… he just stepped into the light of one of the far apart lamps in the alley. A normal looking guy in jeans and t-shirt.

“Ash, keep to the right side wall of the alley, he won’t see me there.” I tell her. She’s holding me in her right hand, so the view of me will be blocked by her body. Besides, it’s not that well lit here.

Ashley keeps quite but sticks to the brick wall that forms the southern side of what appears to be an office building. There are old dumpsters here and there, and the ground is littered with all sorts of trash. I want to see if the other guy has noticed anything strange, but Ashley’s body is in my vi….

“Hey there.” A masculine voice says.

Ashley keeps walking, ignoring the man. Ok, smart move Ash. She is still keeping next to the wall, so I don’t see anything besides her hip. What the fuck does he want?

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” The voice insists, “What do you have in your hand?”

We stop, right next to two huge, ugly dumpsters that are in the dark narrow space between two buildings. Ashley quickly puts me on the metal surface of the first one, her motion is covered by her body. I run my way through the trash towards the end, where it’s shadowed by the skeleton of what apparently used to be a garbage chute.

“Nothing.” Ashley replies, showing her hand as proof. I finally get the chance to look at the guy. He’s… he’s not that older than me!

“Okay, ah… okay… then you must keep your money in your pockets, huh?” The guy asks. He looks nervous, he keeps looking left and right. I also look right, my view of the left side is blocked by the wall of the old office building. There’s no one there.

“What?” Ash asks, her voice is faltering.

“The money, damn it! Give me your money… or… or I’ll hurt you!”

I can feel my face heating up. This skinny pussy wants to rob us? He doesn’t even have a knife!

I can see Ash’s left hand going to the back of her pants. It’s… it’s shaking….

“O…Okay, just… let me…” Ash’s mumbling, I think she’s about to cry.

“Hurry up!” The asshole snaps at her, and I see Ash’s shaking hand fumbling for her money.

“Okay…” She begins to cry. I lose it.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT, MOTHERFUCKER?” I shout with all the anger, all the force that I have in me. I’m shaking and my body has heated up and I’m itching to throw a punch at the punk. My voice echoes in the empty narrow space and the alley, and a pale face appears from behind Ashley’s body.

He’s not even 18, THE MOTHERFUCKER! I kick the empty tin of sardines next to me as hard as I can. It jumps about half a foot forward and then falls down on the asphalt, in front of the dumpster, with a hollow bang. The guy’s eyes widen, and he begins to run.



“Oh my God…” Ash says with her trembling voice. “Sam…”

“Let’s get outta here, Ash.” I tell her, barely containing myself. She picks me up, and starts running towards the main street.


Chapter End Notes:

Them feels man :'(

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