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I look up at Ashley again, and… oh, here we are! This time she’s looking back. She’s been gazing out the taxi’s window, and then at me, and then out the taxi’s window again, ever since she hailed the cab. It seems as if she’s wondering about something, or making a decision. She must still be shaken from the mugging. She’s finally loosen up, though. I smile at her, she still seems a bit occupied. I give her two thumbs up. Hmm… I’d better nod too….

Her tight lips loosen up to form a smile, which gets wider as soon as I start to nod. She lets out a giggle. I’m sitting in her loose fist which is resting on her lap. The sound of her laughter soon stops and her head goes up, looking straight forward in embarrassment.

She is looking at me again, her face is a bit red and her lips are tightly pressed together. She looks at me, then points to the driver who is in the front seat. Is she about to laugh again? Oh! The guy must think she’s a looney, laughing with herself in the back seat!

I point at her pocket, then hold my hand next to my ear, gesturing a phone. Her eyes widen, and she looks impressed! I told Julia and her I’m not below average! Wish I could point it out aloud.

Her left hand reaches for her pocket as her right hand fingers embrace me, she squeezes me gently in her hand. I think she’s giving me a hug. She pretends to be checking her text messages, as we both start to laugh and make gestures at eachother like idiots….




We’re in her room again, and I’m taking off my gnome clothes. The fresh evening air feels good on my bare chest, and if only I… can get this… umph… how did she tie such a tight knot? I don’t think I can untie this belt myself. I feel like a chick opening a jar…. Oh what the hell….

“Umm, Ash… a little help here please?” I ask her. She’s behind her closet door, and all I can see are her ankles. Those tender, slender ankles… mmmm….

“Just wait a second, Sam.” She calls out from behind the wooden closet door. A hand waves at me as she utters the words, then disappears again.

Okay, it’s hopeless, I have to wait for her to help me out. Oh yea the taxi! She held me tighter than usual in the car, which was nice given the raging boner it gave me the entire time. I very much would prefer a SWEET JESUS MOTHER OF GOD!! 

“Hey Sam!” Ashley says seductively, appearing in view. HOLY SHIT!  She’s wearing a pale blue nightgown that leaves little to imagination, her hair is open and touches her shoulders playfully, and her pink, full lips have formed a warm smile. She takes a step towards me, very, very slowly. Her soft, bare toes touch the floor, as the rest of her foot follow and land on the ground. Her white toes spread a little as her weight rest on her foot. I look up.

“How do I look?” she asks, keeping her voice low. Oh my god! She’s getting closer now, soon I have to tilt my head up to maintain eye contact. Her shadow is over me now, I… my mouth feels dry, and I muster up enough self-control to close it. She is fidgeting with one of her nightgown’s straps now, pulling at it, and staring at me in the meantime.

Should I say something? What should I say? A little help here guys, what should I say?

She takes off the strap, and the silk nightgown smoothly slides down her body on her left side, and stops just above her left breast. As the smooth silk glides down to her chest, her magical scent gets stronger, and engulfs my world. She is pulling at the narrow right strap now. There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted in my life so badly, than to see that little piece of cloth torn to pieces.

The other strap finally gives in, and the silk veil begins to floats down along her figure, unveiling more and more of the masterpiece it’s been hiding. Soft silk on soft skin, the encounter between the cold fabric on warm flesh ends swiftly and effortlessly, when the nightgown tumbles at her feet in submission, and her two hot bewbs hang above it, brazenly, with the winners’ pride.

What the fuck am I saying? She’s reaching down toward me now.

“Let me help you with that…” She says, untying the knot in one swift, violent motion. My big gnome pants fall down, as my waist is jerked forward by her force, and my erect penis is now visible.

“…and that….” Ash continues, as her index finger pushes me back. I fall down on my back on the wooden surface, honestly not giving a fuck about anything but Ash. She sits down at the desk, and bends down on me, her weight supported by elbows on either side. Her full lips are about to touch little Sam, and I close my eyes, waiting to wake up with a wet underwear, but instead I feel Ash’s rough, wet tongue.

I open my eyes to see her big blue eyes, as I feel her mouth pulling and sucking my penis in and then rejecting it out, just to force it into her mouth again. My penis has as much a say in this as I do, and neither of us seem to care.

I reach out and touch her cheek, her soft, red skin feels hot, and her kind eyes stare at me directly the whole time. Thank god I shrank.

I can feel her wet tongue playing with the tip of my penis when it’s been sucked in, and occasionally she traps it between her lips, pressuring it. She begins to suck harder, and an eccentric sensation begins to spread in my body from my underbelly. Ash is sucking harder now, her eyes on me the entire time. I stare back, touching her face with both hands as my dick is being whacked in her mouth. She’s sucking even harder. Now, her face is going up and down slightly paralled to the sucking motion. The feeling is immense, my entire body begins to shakes as my penis gives in and love juice squirts out of it… and Ashley takes it all, she takes all there is, her blue eyes still staring at me. I feel the load being delivered, but she is still sucking at it, demanding more.

She doesn’t seem to care if I’m done; she isn’t, and neither should I. I close my eyes, trying to lose myself in the feeling again. The same sensation soon emerges in the back of my belly, and works its way to my waist as I feel my penis getting hard in Ashley’s mouth. Now my penis feels cold and sticky and what the fuck?

I open my eyes, Ash is not bent down on the desk any more. She’s sitting back. Oh come on Ash don’t leave me hanging here!

She reaches down and grabs me in her moist hand, then stands up.

“Ash, what….” I begin to say, my voice is hoarse.

“Shut up.” She says softly. I obey her as we begin to go towards the bed. She sits on it, putting her feet up. Then she begins to take off her pink and grey panties. I feel my heartbeat in my ears as she does so, and then she lowers her hand and me to her crotch. Her little pink pussy is in front of me now. Goodbye virginity!

Still in her fist, I suddenly feel myself getting closer to her.  Ash gets me closer to her pussy and opens her fingers. All I can do is stare at it. Thankfully, she’s in charge, and she knows what she’s doing.

My skin soon touches Ash’s vagina. It’s slightly bigger than me. Her palm is on my back, and my weight is still supported by her hand. I soon feel the pressure on my back, and she begins to rub me gently on her pussy. My erect penis penetrates it, then goes up, and then down, as my entire body is rubbed against her vagina gently. Ash begins to moan, and I sense her thigh muscles getting tense. The force multiplies.

My face, my chest, my dick, my entire body is being scrubbed against the rims of her soft pussy, she shoves my face into her clitoris, rubbing my head in it with the side of her thumb. I gasp for air at times, but the pleasure is simply too intense. If I suffocate here, I’ve died a good death.

I’ve already ejaculated, but Ash doesn’t give up. Her vagina is all wet, and her sweat is drenching me too. I hold on to the lips of her pussy for some control, as they loosen up and her fingers suddenly begin to push me in. My head slides into her pussy, I can feel Ash is holding my legs. I begin licking and kissing the soft walls, and suddenly I feel going even deeper. Her scent permeates.

The pressure on my ankles is still there, as Ash shoves me in and then pulls me out of her pussy fast. The scent is as strong as it’ll ever get, and my hard dick is beginning to feel sore. Like I care!

She finally pulls me out just in time before I suffocate. I’m going up, just to see her smiling face upside down. I realize that I’m hanging from her fingers, she gets me closer to her face and kisses me with her plump lips. Then suddenly, her mouth opens, and I’m inside!

I begin to panic, her sharp teeth are poking my stomach. I’m inside her mouth just as I was inside her pussy, she’s still holding onto my ankles, but it gives me little comfort. I stare ahead into darkness, to the direction where I assume her throat and the long way down must be. I have zero control. Soon I feel my body being jerked in and out, and her rough tongue begins to lick me as I’m being sucked by her, returning the favor I suppose.

My erect penis suddenly gets jabbed by a sharp tooth, just to be consoled by her warm tongue. I’m drenched in her saliva as well as her feminine juice, and gasp for air when she opens her mouth slightly as she pulls me back a bit. I fear she might decide to let go of my feet one of the times she’s pushing me in, then I can’t do anything but slide down her throat and into oblivion.

Luckily, she takes me out of her mouth after a couple of seconds, I notice her left hand on her breast in the upside down world, and soon her pussy comes into my view again, also upside down!

She begins rubbing me again, this time my feet are up and my head is down, and my face is brushing and licking the length of her vagina. Ash’s fingers soon begin to press me firmly into the slippery flesh as I begin to involuntarily slide the length of her pussy up and down faster, and faster, and faster without even getting the chance to inhale anything but her scent and the moisture. She suddenly begins to gasp loudly as her hand freezes and every muscle around where I am tenses up. She’s pressing my head into her flesh so hard I might pop any second. My world gets dark as her thighs close up, and I shielded by her hand kiss her clitoris involuntarily as I lsiten to her sweet moans. she suddenly lets go, and I fall down on the soft mattress.

“Oh… oh…” She says, gasping. I can’t move, I press my head on the soft white surface, also gasping for air. The shadow of her thighs is soon lifted.

“That… that was amazing….” She says under her breath. I feel her soft fingers fumbling down, and she picks me up once again. I look at her cute face, she’s smiling, and her eyes are shining with life.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Sam!” she says. What does she mean?

Her palm and me on it begin to go down, and she puts me on my back on the ground, just next to the bed. She then puts her feet on either side of me, looking down. Her hair hangs down, and surrounds her gorgeous face and smile as she bends down, still sitting on the bed.

She raises her right foot, its heel still on the ground besides me. The pink sole covers my view of her face, and comes down. I manage to catch a glimpse of her face from between her toes just before her big toe lands right on my crotch. Its soreness is suddenly forgotten.

“Put your hands up.” My goddess commands, and I do as she says. That’s all my life is about. She puts her left big toe on my hands, pinning me down. Then her right big toe begins to rub my body, rather violently, as I lose my self in the smell of lotion mixed with a touch of sweat between her toes and beneath her feet, where I belong, as I let go of the load in my dick for the third time this evening.

She picks up my tired body from the ground, planting a kiss on my face. “Well, you look like shit!” she says playfully.

“You look like a goddess….” I manage to say loud enough for her to hear. She giggles heartily.

“Wanna take a bath?” She asks.

“I really prefer to just go to bed.” I tell her.

“I agree.” She says as she stands up to turn off the lights, leaving me on the mattress. I roll over so I can see her. She disappears in darkness as soon as she flips the switch, and then I hear and feel a massive figure moving around in darkness.

“I got you, don’t worry.” She says, as a giant hand appears to pick me up. It’s good to see that the kind and caring Ash is back. She is moving somewhere down there, holding me up in her fist. Then she lowers me and puts me down on the mattress, her breath washes over me.

“Sam, what did you call me just before?” She asks sweetly, resting her thumb on my stomach just the way i like it. My eyes have adjusted, and I can see that she is on her side, her face towards me.

“My goddess.” I reply, putting my hand on her finger nail.

“I liked that.” She says, as she strokes my face with her thumb, just the way I like it. Soon her breathing falls into a rhythmic pattern, and as I stare at her partially torn poster, I suddenly notice that if I listen very carefully, between each breath she takes, I can hear her heart beat in the dark.





I grab the paper towel Ash has put next to the cup/bathtub I’ve been in. Ash is surfing the net on her laptop.

“Any news from Wundt?” I ask her, drying off my hair. Our day started late today, half an hour ago to be precise. I woke up as soon as I noticed Ash getting up; it is hard not to notice someone her size getting up when you’re sleeping in the same bed. It’s like sleeping on a mountain and not noticing it when it starts to move. Aside from that, I slept like a baby. I always enjoy the morning after sex, you know, it’s….

“OH MY GOD, you’re doing it again!” Ashley’s annoyed voice interrupts me out of the blue. What is she talking about?

“What?” I ask her. Even her fat gnomes look surprised.

“If I didn’t know you any better, I’d think you have some sort of a mental problem or something.”

Is she on her period? Wouldn’t I notice when we…..

“GOSH! You’re unbelievable!”

“What are you talking about, Ash?”

“You stop responding all of a sudden! It’s like, sometimes you’re not even here.  ” She says, looking down at me. “I told you twice that there’s been no email from Wundt, but you just didn’t seem to have heard me.”

Ooooooh! I casually step closer to her laptop to dry off the rest of my naked body in the hot air that comes from the whizzing fan. I can feel her gaze on me, I look up again.

“I heard you!” I say plainly.

She bends down, studying me with worried eyes.

“Do you still have imaginary friends, honey?” She mocks in a melancholy tone, her sad eyes barely hiding her mischievous humor.

“Careful woman, I’m known to be a wife beater.”

“WHAT?” she shrieks, laughing, as bends even lower to the point that her chin touches the wooden desk.

Grinning, I approach her left hand that is resting on the desk, all along looking at her daringly. “You don’t want to go to school all beaten up tomorrow, do you?”

“Pleaaaaaaase!” she says playfully, rolling her eyes. She looks at me again, noticing that I’m getting ready to attack her hand.

“Oh, are we doing this again, Sam?” she asks, grinning.

“Oh, we’re totally doing this!” I declare, pretending to warm up my muscles.

“You sure you want to do this, little man?”

I don’t let her continue her mockery. Quickly, I jump forward and bite the skin next to her knuckle.

“OUCH! You little….” She snaps, but her surprise has bought me time. I roll over and start running towards her stuff on the desk. If I can get there like the last time, I might WHOA….

I suddenly feel I’m in the air, her grip is around me again. How did she snatch me so fast? Oh, now her smug grin is right in my face. I can’t help but remember last night when I was in that mouth…. Hold on, I’d better pay attention to what she’s about to say.

“Well, well, well! What have I got here? A nosy little man has dared to enter my kingdom!”

I look around her relatively small room with raised eyebrows. “’Tis what you call a kingdom, madam?” I ask contemptuously.

“Silence, puny one! It must be like a continent compared to your little ass!”

Wow, never thought I’d see her talk like that! Nice!

“I assure you, madam, I am but a simple traveler, seeking my fortune….”

“But you BIT ME!” she says, suddenly remembering.

“Umm, nay, I merely mistook thy hand for…” I say, looking as her facial expressions change from playfulness to devilish naughtiness. Looks like the role playing is over, God help me!

“Oh, you dare disrespect ME? You will pay for it!” She says, before standing up. The sudden acceleration makes my head hurt. Oh, and now she’s moving to the center of the room.

“Let me see if I can throw you into my trash bin from here!” she says, grinning.

Tough luck, everybody knows girls can’t throw for shit. Besides, it’s not like she’s really gonna….

“Ready?” she asks rhetorically, as she prepares her right hand and me in it for the throw. I’m next to her right ear now, even her posture is all wrong! But it’s really high, and the bed and the bin next to it seem like a long way from here… umm… I’d better not take any chances.

“Hey Ash, enough with this. Let’s go back to the desk.” I say as I begin to struggle… but… shit… she’s tighten her grip….

“Ash… ASH!” I shout towards her ear as I squirm in her palm. The floor is miles away from me, and I start to feel dizzy up here in her hand. I can’t see her face since she’s looking straight forward, but I bet her grin is wider than ever, and her white teeth are shining devilishly.

“Prepare for launch!” she says, clearly struggling to contain her laughter. Nah, she’s not gonna do it.

“3.” She starts the count down.

She’s bluffing.

“2.” Uh… I don’t like this. She always takes care of me….

“1.” Oh shit she’s gonna do it, oh shit, SHIT!!


“NOOOOOO” I shout involuntarily, closing my eyes. The feeling of flying starts in my belly, and… and… oh….

I hear her hysterical laughter, and open my eyes to the easily imaginable scene. Ash is laughing so hard her eyes are full of tears, she’s bend down, clutching her belly with her left hand, and me hanging in her right hand somewhere between her knee and waist.

“Oh my god! You totally freaked out!” she says, gasping for air.

“I really thought you were going to throw me!” I say, laughing. I admit, she had me there for a sec…..

“Well.” She says, standing straight. “You were right.”

“Wha…” I’m about to ask when suddenly I find myself in...WOOOOOOW... IN THE AIR? The world spins as the familiar sensation fills me as I fly towards the trash bin, and over it, and... SHIT... fall on the soft bed, with a thump... and a dizzy head. FUCK!

I... I quickly roll over so I’m on my back. She really did it! Wow. Ash’s footsteps coming from the side. I look there just in time to see her jump on the bed, I go down with the mattress. Her panties is about an inch away from me, and I can see her boobs hanging up there. Her soft fingers grab hold of my chest, and she pulls me up so she can see my face. She pauses there, looking down at me, smiling. I smile back, barely....

“And now, for the punishment!” She says, as she begins to poke…. No… to tickle me with her… hehehehehe……heh… with her index finger in my….. hehehe……

“Ash… stop it….” I manage to say. She stops.

“What should I do with you then?” she asks, still looking down. Then she looks toward her laptop, biting the left side of her lip, as if thinking. I look at the pimple that the gesture has created in her cheek.

“Kiss me!” I say impulsively.

“Kiss you?” She says, now looking at me again. “You mean like this?”

She snatches me up again at lightning speed like a cat, and before I know it her lips are all around my face. I kiss her too, hoping she’s noticed. The suction her lips make takes away my soul.

“Okay, there!” she says after the smooch. “Now, I should punish you!”

“Umm… what do you have in mind?”

“I want to sit on you!”

“Oh! I’d very much like that under other circumstances, you know, when there was less of a chance of me being crushed under your hot butt!” The words come out of my mouth like a river. Smooth man, smooth! B-)

“My hot butt! Oh you perv!” she says before putting me down on the bed again, and pulling herself up on her knees. I can see the bottom of her grey and pink panties, her fine thighs are now on either side of me as she moves on her knees closer to the head of the bed. I’m directly under her ass now. There’s couple of wrinkles on her panties, right where her vagina is, and a line goes from there to her… umm… butthole…. The soft ass looks encouraging, I must say… Oh look, it’s coming down now… perhaps it's not that bad dying under THAT! Oh….

She sits on me, or better to say, almost on me as the wrinkled part comes down and traps me underneath, with my head and neck barely sticking out as she slightly rests her vagina on me. The smell of chocolate lotion messes up my consciousness, and the pressure of her sweet, sweet body on mine and little Sam is mesmerizing. I think I heard a beep coming from somewhere….

Ashley’s head comes in sight, sticking out between her firm yet slightly hanging breasts. She’s giving me that smile I love. She begins to move her body, and her crotch brushes against me hard, as it slides up to my chin, and then covers my face. Her smell, darkness, the pressure, they dominate my mere existence. She then gently slides back to her former position, trapping just half of my body under her, I try to kiss her lady part as it slides down, but it’s not really in reach.

“Call me what you called me last night.” Ash whispers, as she dominates my existence once again.

“My goddess.” I say, as soon as her sweet body is off my face.

“Tell me who I am to you.” She says once more, as the pressure subsides. She bends down, getting on her elbows. The shadow falls over me, and now I’m directly beneath her pussy, she resumes pressing me with her body again, and this time, I can kiss her lady part all I want.

“You… you’re my goddess, Ashley….” I say, gasping for air both because of the pressure and the excitement. She presses me harder as she begins to rub her crotch on me faster, and all I can think about is the word ‘goddess.’

“My goddess, oh… you’re my goddess Ash… You’re my goddess…” I keep repeating the word, every time believing more and more in it, until it becomes a fact of life… “YOURE MY GODDESS ASHLEY.” I conclude loudly, as she moans in agreement, and as our voices synchronize in impeccable harmony.

The pressure gets off me, and Ash’s hand soon comes down from the sky to pick me up, as it always does. I hope the water in my cup/bathtub is still warm.

Another beep, Ash and I both look towards her desk, where her laptop is still open, and a mail icon is flashing with a red dot.




Chapter End Notes:

Okay, school is finally about to start, and exciting adventures in the triple H await! Also, I've been recently informed that the triple H is also the name of a hentai. I thought I was being original! ;/

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