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Ash jumps off the bed and walks towards her desk in long strides. The motion sends a wave through her mattress, and sends me slightly up in the air as a result. I manage to catch a glimpse of the entire laptop screen.

“Who’s it from?” I manage to ask before I fall. I hit the mattress on my butt. Ash’s at her desk now.

“Ash, who’s it from?” I repeat, shouting so she can hear me.

“Jeez, hold on Sam.” She replies, working with the mouse. Click… click…click…

“It’s from Ms. Wundt!” Ash says excitingly. Wow, finally! She took her sweet time, that’s for sure! We’ve been trying to contact her for….

“SAM!” she shouts. I look at her. “Are you talking to your imaginary friends again?”


“Never mind, she says she’ll be at school tomorrow at around 12, and we can see her.” Ashley reads on, “She says that she has to leave early, so we’d better be on time.”

“Okay, guess I finally have to go back to school!” I say. Having to go to school is always sad, even when it’ll give you the chance to go back to normal. Damn it!

Ash’s phone beeps. Another text message. I fidget around for a while, not sure if I should even bother to ask…. Fuck it, it’s not like I don’t already know the answer.

“Ash…” I ask, looking at her as she raises her head and lowers her cell. “Has… has my dad been asking about me?” I feel a void starting to form in my stomach as I utter the words. I… I’d better shrug my shoulders so she knows it’s no big deal… I shrug….

“Sam…” she replies, smiling faintly. “My friends haven’t heard anything…” she pauses for a second. “But, it doesn’t mean… I mean maybe the principle has kept it quiet so the students won’t know anything….”

“Oh, okay.” I nod. I know she’s lying. Anything that happens in the triple H spreads among students like wildfire. My dad probably hasn’t even noticed me going missing. What about Tina? Too busy spending money I suppose. I hope she chokes on her peanut butter sandwiches.

I turn back and look at her torn poster, thinking. I shouldn’t have asked what I already knew. Two soft lips touch my back and I hear a loud smooch as I feel myself getting sucked into something for a second. I turn back and face Ashley’s lips. I plant a kiss on them, and stroke her cheek, next to her nose. She puts her right hand behind me and pushes me towards her cheek, and presses me against it.

“Don’t worry, Sam. We’ll get you back to normal tomorrow, and then…then you can go back to your normal life.” She finishes her sentence hastily as she rubs the palm of her hand on my back as I’m pressed against her soft skin. “I’m sure you miss playing basketball!” she adds quickly.

“I don’t want my normal life if you’re not in it.” I whisper, kissing her warm cheek. She presses me harder for a second, before whispering back. “I already knew. I just wanted to make sure.”

“Why didn’t you just ask directly?” I ask, puzzled as she sits straight on her knees, beside the bed.

“If we hadn’t… ‘done it’ just a couple of minutes ago, I’d think you knew nothing about us girls, Sam.” She says naughtily, before standing up.

What? I don’t know anything about girls? Who the hell just… oh! I look up at her; she’s tying her hair in the usual pony tail, smiling down at me. Oooooooooooh! I start grinning impulsively.

Ash giggles. “Stop grinning like an idiot!” she says heartily, before laughing again.

“So, you DID like it…” I proclaim!

“Shut up! You don’t have to repeat what I just said!” she says, grinning. “You smug jerk!”

Wow, this girl’s gone wild tonight!





I wake up at the sound of Ash’s alarm, and so does she. I yawn.

“’Morning, Sam.” She says, looking at me. We’ve figured out a way to sleep in the same bed. I sleep next to her pillow, on the flat mattress. This way, I won’t get crushed by her body. Her hair falls on me at times, and wakes me up. It’s really freaky, especially in the dark, but I think I can get used to it.

“Sam, wanna come back to the world of real people?” Ash’s hoarse voice comes from above.

“I’m here, babe. Good morning to you too!” I tell her. I like my voice in the morning. It’s deep and sexy!

“Yeah I can see that. Get up or we’ll be late for school.” She says, as she sits up and stretches her arms. I look at her petite figure. Her small back is towards me, covered by nothing but a bra strap. Her hair is loose on her shoulders and back, like a dark waterfall, lit by rays of sunshine that pierce the room through the curtains. The pony tail must have loosened up. Her smell is prevalent in the bed, and I’ll soon have breakfast while sitting on her lap, and she’ll occasionally stroke my cheek, just the way I like it, out of the blue. The only thing that can ruin such a beautiful morning, of course, is FUCKING SCHOOL. GOD DAMN IT!!





Ok, we’re on the bus now, and on our way to the triple H. The good news is that I can talk to you guys all I want now. The bad news is that I’m back in Ash’s side pocket! It’s the one next to the last one. I insisted on that, and Ash was surprised why I was so picky. She doesn’t know I’ve puked and jacked off all over that one, lol.

It’s more comfortable now that Ash has laid some paper towels in it. She even put a piece of biscuit for me! She’s so sweet. I drank a lot of OJ with my breakfast, so I shouldn’t need anything until the end of the first class. Oh, by the way, Ash’s sister finally got home from a work related trip last night. I heard Ash and her talking, and then Ash gave her a hug. I didn’t see her though; I was sitting down the entire time. It’s easier this way.

I asked ash to take off her backpack this time, so I’ve got enough space here. What else? Hmm… Aha, the first class is Literature, taught by good old Mr. Brooks. The class after that is history, taught by Mrs. Erikson. She’s not that bad. So long as you pretend that you’re listening, and don’t talk to anyone, she’ll leave you alone. Unlike Mrs. Wundt, who feels the need to randomly ask questions despite the fact that you’ve been staring and occasionally nodding at her the entire time. I mean, what else do you want me to do, woman?

Oh, okay, the bus has stopped. I prepare myself, holding on to the polyester walls. Waiting… still waiting… yep, Ash picks up her backpack and wears it, and… now we’re moving again. I’ve got really good at this, haven’t I?




Hey, so ash is sitting at her desk, and she’s put the backpack on the ground, leaning on a desk leg. I raised the flap and peaked, the class is half empty. I always told Ash that she was too early for everything, but she never.... sshhhhhh, listen!

“Hey,  Ash!” It was Julia’s voice! Oh, I totally forgot! She has the same classes as Ash, mostly. Damn! Can’t say I’m happy to see her….let me take a look… yep, it’s that troll all right. 

“Hey, Sam” I hear her voice aga…. WHAT THE FUCK? The backpack suddenly shakes as if… did she kick me? I raise the flap. Yeah, that bitchy grin confirms it. She’s looking directly at me. Ash must’ve told her. Wonder why she didn’t object to her; she must’ve kicked me when she wasn’t looking.

I get back inside. I can hear more footsteps around us. Ash and Julia are talking about random stuff, completely ignoring me. I think they don’t want to risk giving me away. All I can do now is sit here, listening to the chit-chat of students around me. I’d better eat some biscuit.




Right, so the class is about to finish, I think. I have no way to tell the time, but it must’ve been a day or two, more or less, since Brook started yapping. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. Now…. Yeah okay, he is assigning homework…. No way! An entire paper on… who the hell is Richard? Anyway. Sucks to be you guys, I was absent, so I don’t have to do it! Haha…Oh… I’m suspended….

Who cares? Now we’re going up… waiting for the bumpy part… yep, now we’re on the move. The shakes disturb my full bladder. I’d better take a piss the first chance I…. Wait, I think I can hear Kyle….

“Hey, Ashley!” He says. His voice is… I think he’s caught a cold….

“Hi, Kyle. How are you?” Ash replies.

“Caught a cold, I think. Any news about Sam?” He asks. Does he know too?

“Not really. I haven’t seen him since the chemistry class last week.” She replies.

“Me neither, but you know I never really noticed him. Recently, more than ever!” Julia says. She’s intentionally doing this! What’s wrong with her?

“What?” Kyle asks, confused. Dumbass! He doesn't know about me. He’s not good at pretending; Not by a long shot.


“Sorry,  Ash. How about you Kyle? How are things between you and Tina?” Julia continues. She must be out of topics for gossip.

“Oh, well. We’re good…. I mean, she’s been busy… but we’ve been going out more or less… so….”

Dude, just shut up! Why do you always have to explain yourself so much to everybody, it’s pathetic! Oh…Hmm….

“Hey guys, any news about Sam?” a new voice asks the day’s favorite question. Who’s this one?

“Hey David.” 3 voices answer at the same time.

“No, I was asking the same thing. I saw James talking to the principle the other day.” Kyle continues.

“Who’s James?” David asks.

“Their driver.” Ash replies.

Well, at least James gives a shit about me; that’s some relief.

“You guys heard what they say? They say he’s run away.” David says. Only a pussy like you runs away, David. Not me. I wish I could point it out loud.

“It’s possible!” Julia remarks. Okay, she’s about to beat Tina and become the queen bitch at triple H if she keeps it up. The backpack moves to the right slightly, I think Ashley’s looking at Julia, probably suprised as I am. That’s why she’s turned left. Boy, I’m getting good at this!

“No, it’s not like Sam. I’d say he’s gone on a naked streak through school. Now that’s more like him!” Kyle’s muffled voice says. “But, nobody’s has seen him anywhere.”

“I heard he’s suspended now.”

“Yeah, me too.” Julia confirms David’s remark.

“Let’s walk to the next class, guys. Old Brook finished late today.” Kyle says. “Oh, see you guys there.” He adds hastily before I hear his footsteps.

“Tina’s boyfriends turn into lap dogs.” Julia points out loud enough that even I hear. “Oh, sorry David.”

“It’s okay.” David says with a sigh. We’re moving again, and he must be walking alongside us.

They talk about school stuff the rest of the way. If James was asking about me, it means that they know I’m not at home. If I can come up with some sort of excuse when I’m normal again, they might let me finish high school. Hmm… I can say I was kidnapped! How about that…? Nah, too cliché, as some might say….

I’m going down again, Ash must be sitting at her desk. I can already hear Mrs. Erikson’s voice. She looks just like an old crow, and her voice is no better.

“Quite down, everybody. We have a lot to cover this session, and little time to do it.” She says her ceremonial opening statements. This is going to be one long class, and my full bladder won’t help either. *sigh*




As any dude has guessed by now, I’m about to explode. I’ve been thinking about pissing right here on the table cloth, but the picture of Ash taking it out with discuss isn’t the sexiest thing coming to mind. Besides, it’s difficult to untie this stupid rope-belt I have on in the relative darkness in here.

“You sure Mrs. Wundt will be at school today?” I hear Ash whispering to Julia. I mean, it must be Julia.

“Yeah. She told me the same thing. She has no classes today, but…”

I can’t focus, the pressure is too much. I’m going to get out, take a piss, and then slide inside. I’ve done this before, it’s easy enough. And rest assured, my bros, I know what you’re thinking. ‘What if somebody sees you, dude?’ Or ‘What if Suzanne or Tina or someone snatches you, Sam.’ Right? Well. I’m NOT gonna get out unless I’m positive that I have good cover. I’ve played enough CoD to know at least that.

Quietly, I raise the cover of my hideout. It goes up smoothly, like a shadow in a forest. Eyes like hawk, scanning the perimeter, tagging every cover there is. Ash’s black converses to the south… uh…that is, if we say the whiteboard is the north. Her backpack covers our east. I can see Julia’s Greek sandals and white feet to the west, directly in front of me. I bend forward and look around…. The desks are well apart in this class. Even Julia is a good 4 feet away. Although I can see that she’s bending towards Ash. The guys sitting behind Ash will probably be the major threat, but I don’t… holy shit! ASH IS SITTING AT THE BACK ROW? DUDE NO WAY!

Well, that’s new! And even better for me. I slip out of the backpack and on the cold floor. I wish the fat gnomes had shoes too.

“But… but where are we supposed to find her if she doesn’t have any classes today? “

I stand in front of a desk leg, struggling with this stupid rope thing. I should tie it myself next time. I have half  a mind to piss on Julia's foot, but... nah....

“I don’t know, maybe the teacher’s lounge. Or maybe the principal’s office.” Julia replies.

Okay, I pull little Sam out, and… there it goes… aaaaah…the heavenly feeling every dude experienced… aaaaaaaaah…it’s better than sex…. I know because I've had some! Heheeh....

“She said she was in a hurry!” Ash says. I notice her right foot going up and down fervently on its arch.

Aaah… my bladder is shrinking…It’s better than basketball….

“Don’t worry, she knows we want to see her. She’ll wait…”

…better than pizza…

“YOU TWO! Get your stuff and come to the front of the class…”

…better than… wait…what….?

“You just won’t stop talking, huh? Ashley, I was expecting more of you…”

Ash’s hand comes down and grabs her backpack. I turn towards it, still pissing. Wow… Ash…wait… wai…

She stands up, and walks AWAY! I… I can’t believe it! She just… she must think I’m in the pocket… shit… SHIT!

“You, sit over there in front of my desk.” I can’t distinguish ash’s feet moving in the forest of legs between us. “Julia, sit next to Nadia.” Mrs. Erikson continues.

My worst fear has come true. I’m left alone in a sea of giants and giantesses, far away from the only person I can trust….

But I can’t lose myself now, I’m not David! My best bet… my best bet is to draw her attention again, or slip in her backpack…. She’ll probably leave the class, as soon as it finishes, to look for Wundt. Okay… okay… she may or may not check to see if I’m okay, but she’ll probably do it just before seeing Wundt… damn it… let me see if I can somehow get to her under the cover of desks….




It’s no use. At first I was glad that the desks were so far apart in this class, but now the same advantage has turned against me. I seriously doubt I can make it to the next row without being spotted. There’s too much open space. Even David isn’t stupid enough to risk it, let alone me.

What should I do? It must be the most hilarious death ever, if I’ve got myself killed. Death for a piss! and I had so many better opportunities to die last night. I should’ve dived into Ash’s lady part, or into her throat. At least then, I would’ve died a good death….

Class is finished, and there’s not much I can do. There’s stomping giant people around me, and the last row goes out last. I… I just caught a glimpse of Ash, wearing her backpack. I can’t do anything but watch her helplessly, as she exits the door, followed by Julia.  

That’s it. I’m fucked for life. I need to plan my next move carefully, if I want to unfuck my situation… let’s see…hmm… I can either dash out of the class, looking for either Ash, or Julia, or even Mrs. Wundt… or I can hide here, waiting for one of them to come back to the class….

If I walk out of the class, I might be able to go to the teacher’s lounge unnoticed. It’s lunch time, and the corridors must be empty. There’s a line of lockers almost the entire way to the teacher’s lounge, which is thankfully on the same floor as this class. Then again, I might be noticed or crushed on my way there, or there might be nobody in the lounge.

I could wait here, hiding. Ash will notice my absence sooner or later, and she and Julia will definitely start looking for me immediately. But… what if someone else comes to class before her? I know there’s a class after lunch break here. What if she doesn’t find me by then? What if it doesn't occur to her to look here?? Best case scenario, we could lose our chance and Mrs. Wundt won’t meet us until the end of the week…. Damn it, my head is aching…




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