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I wake up in the middle of the night, sweating. The dark, unfamiliar room does little to slow down my fast beating heart. It takes me a minute or two to remember where we are. Oh, did I say we? I mean “I”.  Umm, there’s no “we.” It’s just me; you don’t exist. But, why am I explaining this to you if you don’t exist? Ah whatever. Just shut up and listen.

So, I’m in Tina’s room, and she’s sleeping somewhere up there on her bed. She rolled one of her socks over the other to form, and I’m quoting her, “a comfy sleeping bag for my tiny lover.” Well, the lover part was kinda sweet, I guess, but to have a sock as your sleeping bag… I dunno. It’s exactly the pair she’d been wearing in her UGG boots, I’m sure of it. I originally thought they were plain white, but now I see that they are, in fact, light grey. You tend to notice such subtleties when you are forced to spend 8 hours in a teenage girl's sock. They smelled a little at first, but I don’t notice it anymore. I admit it is more comfortable than the tissue bed that Ash made me, but still….

The Sun must shine anytime now. I don’t have a watch, but I can see the sky through the window. It is in its lightest shade of grey and navy, just before the first rays penetrate it and change it into its daytime light blue.

I don’t think I can sleep anymore. I put my hands on the bare floor of her room, and pull myself out of the two layered sleeping bag.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. I stretch my body, and hear several satisfying cracks. Guess I’d better exercise a little. Wouldn’t want to get out of shape, my survival might depend on my "physical" capabalities in the upcoming days, heh….

So I start jogging along Tina's bed, from one leg to the other. I’m wearing my gnome jacket, but my pants are somewhere on the other side of the room. My bare feet hit the ceramic floor faster as I accelerate, and my dick swings left and right harmoniously.  I run even faster, and the other leg of the bed is getting closer rapidly. Wind starts blowing in my ears, and I close my eyes and picture a hoop, instead of the bed leg, in front of me.

“Go Sam, go!” the chicks cheer as I snatch the ball from my opponent and make a run for it. Cheerleaders are jumping enthusiastically, and their boobs jump up and down just as the ball does in my hands.

I open my eyes and make a sharp left turn a few steps before I hit the wooden pillar and turn around. I’m now running towards the other side of Tina’s room, and there’s the length of two football fields in front of me. I close my eyes again, and accelerate. I’m beginning to sweat.

Chicks are shouting my name all over the stadium, and a reporter is describing every mad move I make. I get past the last defender, and face the hoop. The hot blond girls who are wearing my team’s clothes are encouraging me.

“Go Sam. Go Sam. Go Sam. Where the fuck are you going Sam. Where the fuck are you…” Oh WTF?

I open my eyes and begin slowing down. I’m panting, and sweat has left a wet line along my spine.

“I said where the fuck are you going?” Tina this time shouts fromthe other side of teh room.

“Wow, easy!” I shout back, as I begin to jog towards the two white feet that have landed on the ground. Their short, chubby toes are spread, and the toe nails are painted red. “I was just exercising.” I continue.

“Oh… okay…” she mutters before standing up. “Let’s brush our teeth.”

“Okay.” I agree. I haven’t brushed my teeth since I shrank because I had no toothbrush my size. Wait a minute!

“I have no toothbrush.” I tell Tina as she bends down to grab me. She picks me up a bit harder than I’m used to, and lifts me up to her waist, where her hand freezes. Then she begins to walk.

“It’s okay, you can use mine.” She says. Ewww.

So we walk out the room, and she turns left, walking down the corridor. There’s a bathroom at the end of the corridor. I know because I’ve taken a piss there before. In fact I’ve taken a piss anywhere I’ve ever been.  I blame coffee.

I look down, there’s like a hundred feet between me and the floor. I can see her feet coming forward and then disappearing under her belly. Her bare soles make a soft thump as they hit the ceramic surface. I look up, we’re facing a closed wooden door. Her other hand comes forward, and turns the handle. Funny, it looks like I’m in a first person video game from here, except she’s holding me instead of an M4. I’m even more bad-ass than an assault rifle though, because I have THIS BABY!! (I just pointed to little Sam, in case you were wondering.)

So I can see myself in the mirror now. She grabs her toothbrush from the plastic cup.

“Good thing you were my girlfriend.” I tell her with a grin, before she puts me on the side of the sink next to the bottle of soap.

“You’re in a good mood.” Tina says as she begins to squeeze tooth paste on her yellow toothbrush. She then proceeds to brush her teeth, and blue foam soon covers her lips. I look around at the tiles. She’s right, I’m feeling happy for no reason today. Perhaps it's the feeling you get when you think you are going to die, but instead you have sex with one of the hottest girls in school.

She finishes brushing her teeth sooner that she should have. Remember kids, always brush your teeth firmly for at least 5 minutes. Oh, her hand is coming my way….

“Okay, your turn.” She says as she lifts me up so I’m in front of her chest. I look at myself in the mirror; her nipples are visible through her t-shirt on my either side. Then a yellow toothbrush with a lot of green foam on it is shoved into the view, and my face.

“UMMBBBBBDIIIIIMAAAA!” I try to speak but the green foam has filled my mouth.

“Relax.” She says as she begins to move the toothbrush left and right. I'm trapped between her index and thumb as a fifth of the bristles, those longer ones at the tip, are in my mouth. But the rest brush my face with every stroke. I close my eyes before I go blind. She didn’t even put new paste on it….

“See, it’s all done.” Tina says, smiling, as she opens the water tap a little and gets me close to the thin stream of water. She then holds me vertically, and keeps my face and head under the water. I again close my eyes, but I soon feel flesh being shoved into my mouth in an attempt to clean it of the toothpaste, apparently. I manage to see that Tina is using her little finger to wash my face and mouth. She rubs my face for a good half a minute, before closing the tap. I shake my head left and right to get water out of my hair.

“You could’ve washed it first!” I protest. She begins grinning.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby!” she says, as she gives me a wet, minty kiss. I still can’t understand why she’s being so… friendly… to me. We hardly talked before I shrank.

She turns around and takes a step towards the toilet. She puts me down on the black mat in front of the toilet, and as I stand there with my mouth open, she unties her pajamas and sits her white, naked butt on it.

So I’m standing here staring at her crumbled, colorful pajamas and her white toes and red toenails, when her left foot’s toes and arch goes up, making her pink sole visible. Her heel is still on the mat, in front of the toilet though.

I look up at her, confused.

“It’s gonna take a while. You might as well enjoy yourself a little.” She says. “Unless, you prefer to watch me poop.” She continues with an evil grin.

Seems pretty obvious a choice to me. Without uttering a word, I walk towards her partially raised foot. I make sure I won’t run, or take a step too fast. But then she begins to slowly lowering her arch, and the space between the mat covered floor and her sole begins to get smaller.

Fuck it, I run the last couple of steps, and slide beneath her foot. She then rests her foot on me like last time, except this time my face is beneath her sole, and her toes land on my feet.

There is little air here; I should’ve placed my head towards the toes, damn it. But the pressure here is more intense…it’s like her… the weight of her entire leg is on my face… I start kissing the bare bottom of her soft foot. It smells, more than before, and I start taking more of her odor in me as I breathe faster. I hear the sound of water pouring into water from up there. She’s urinating.

Soon, she begins pressing her foot down, firmly, and I feel my face and ribs being crushed under her left foot. I hear a BLOOP, as if the sound of something solid hitting water. I guess you know what it was.

Again the pressure of her foot increases, this time more than before. I can feel my eyeballs hurt as she practically pushes her foot into the mat, with me in between. I almost shout for her attention, but the sound of water being flushed soon resonates in the bathroom again, and the pressure subsides.

“Sorry Sam, it was a big one.” She says, as I feel cold air reaching me under her foot. “Let me take off my pajamas all the way.”

She lifts her foot off me completely, taking her pajamas off. The colorful fabric lands on me a second, before she gathers it. She then throws her pajamas in a corner of the bathroom, and lands her left toes behind me, acouple of inches away. Her white heel is directly above me. It looks like a circle, well almost a circle, and her calf is also visible from where I am. Then her heel starts descending.

“YOU’LL CRUSH ME, TINA!” I shout out as loud as I can.

“Don’t worry, I got this.” She says as I lie down submissively and her heel lands on my dick. She then raises her heel, her toes still on the ground, and then she lands it on my penis again. She repeats the motion again and again, as if she’s is nervous or impatient. Her surprisingly soft heel hits my dick in the head again and again, making the tingling sensation more intense. Then her heel lands on it again, and this time pressure it so hard I feel pain in my waist and belly, and I ejaculate all over it. All my muscles are tensed up as all my force is focused in my crotch, shooting the white juice beneath her soles desperately.

“You came, didn’t you?” Tina asks. I can picture the grin on her face.

“Didn’t you?” she asks again. She starts pressing her heel on my sore dick harder.

“YES, YES I DID!” I shout.

“Good, I’m done too.” She says. The huge foot goes up and lands on my left, as I watch Tina stand up. It really scares the shit out of me to see just HOW MUCH bigger she is. You have no idea how underpowered you’d feel unless you’re where I am, laying on the ground as a giantess is standing right above you, her gigantic feet on either side.

I stand up, my legs slightly trembling from the early morning excitement. Funny how much more action I'm getting at this size than when I was normal. I take a couple of steps on the floor mat so Tina can see me on the ground. Then I turn back and look up to meet her panties and a flat face.

“I’d like a bath.” I tell her.

She looks down at me, then her pink lips open. “I’d like a bath, PLEASE.” She says.

“Okay, I’d like a bath please.” I tell her, rolling my eyes. What, it’s not like she can see them from up there.

“Okay, I could use a bath too.”

So I walk towards the cream bathtub which is next to the toilet. This bathroom is very small; they’ve got a bigger one downstairs. But Tina uses this one because it’s so close to her room. She’s a single child with a very fat dad and a very tall mom, yet she’s neither fat nor tall. Weird, right?

So I’ve reached the bathtub now. Tina took a big step over me and is now standing in the dry tub, taking off her T-shirt. Her skin is white, just a tone darker than Suzanne’s I suppose. Oh she’s taken off her t-shirt now… and she’s not wearing a bra… her breasts are small, smaller than Ash’s. I wish I knew their size system so I could provide you with a better picture… let me see… okay have you seen those small coconuts? Those… oh wait they’re hairy, ew…. Okay, umm… picture two blood oranges, yes, that’s about the right size, like bigger than a man’s fist, anyways, her milky skin is soft… yes very soft, with a couple of small, light brown marks on her chest, and one on her left tit. Her nipples are dark pink, a shade darker than Ash’s, and her breasts are smaller too. Ash’s tities are like… pomegranates…. Anyway feel free to jerk off to Tina’s white, hanging tits. But Ash is off limits you perverts. Her hair is natural blonde, yea I’ve checked, but it’s like a dark blonde. So you already know she usually ties it. She’s sitting down in the tub know. Her body is slimmer than Ashley’ but they must be the same height. The width of her body narrows down around her belly, giving her very, very hot curves. She’s studying the row of shampoo bottles and body lotions in the corner of the tub with her brown eyes. Okay, apparently she’s come to a decision, and her tender hand is going towards a white bottle with a picture of coconuts on it. Her hands are small, like freakishly small. Her fingers are short and slim, and very tender. At the end of each finger, a small, round nail is covered in red nail polish, her favorite. Now she’s reaching down for me with the very same cute hands… I feel the touch of her warm, soft skin.

So she’s holding me in front of her face. Funny, I’d never noticed the few light brown freckles on her nose. Suzanne’s freckles are usually the only things I notice as they are right in your face when you look at her, but not Tina’s…. Her pink lips open and give me a tour of her white, bright teeth. Her tongue is moving in her mouth as a breath of minty air hits me. Her brown eyes are wider now, and I can see the pupils have contracted in reaction to the well lit room. It’s funny how many details one can see at this size, it always amazes me. Now she’s opening and closing her lips even more often, and the minty air hits me with more force every time. Small wrinkles have formed around her eyes and on her brow, and her eyebrows are frowning….


“What?” I ask her in confusion.

“I’ve asked you twice already, do you want the coconut milk  body lotion or do you want another one?”

“Oh, no coconut is fine.” I tell her.

She puts me down on the dry tub between her… holy shit! I’m face to face with her vagina! Now that’s a sight I’ll never grow tired of seeing. The pink cavern is staring back, as if daring me to make a move. I take a step towards it. My dick is practically horizontal now, and is pointing me towards Tina’s pussy like a compass pointing north.

Suddenly a dense white liquid hits me in my head. My first thought is: FUCK it’s someone ejaculated up there, but the smell is that of coconut. It’s all sticky and it’s in my hair and my face. I try to open my eyes to get my bearings and see where the fuck her vagina is, but they hurt so much. Then I hear water hitting the surface of the tub, and soon the frightening sound of a sink resonates in the empty hollow of the bathroom.

“Tina, where are you?” I shout with my eyes still closed. I extend a hand to see if I can find her. I hear her giggle.

“I’m all around you, silly. Come here.”

I freeze so she can pluck me off the tub with ease. There’s warm water up to my ankles now. I feel her hand around me, her grip is still harder than Ashley’s, and I’m up in the air. Then a very hot stream of water hits me in my face with force… shit this is not good…

“TINA GET ME OUT….” I manage to shout before swallowing lots of hot water. I start coughing. The sound of water and the sink sucking it down into oblivion is terrifying. It’s like I’m in the middle of Niagara falls.

“You OK?” Tina’s voice asks from behind.

“Yeah, can you just get this foam off my face and head?” I ask her.

My eyes are still shut, but I feel that she’s leaning forward. Then warm water is poured down on me, with little force this time, thankfully. I start wiping my eyes, and open them. I look up, Tina’s looking down at me, and her cheeks are puffed up. She opens her mouth, and I close my eyes before water hits my face again.

“Wow, are you spiting water on me?” I ask her.

“Well, it’s better than the tap water.” She says, smirking.

“You could’ve lowered the pressure…”

“Shut up!” she says. Her voice booms in the bathroom as her right thumb comes up while the rest of her fingers are holding me in place in her right hand, and then it taps me in my face twice. It reminds me of how Ashley used to stroke me with her thumb. “I like it this way better.” She continues.

What the fuck is wrong with me? It’s like I’m constantly horney around Tina. Right now, just because she kinda hit me with her little thumb, I’m fully erected and am eyeing her boobs. I didn’t get stimulated so easily with Ash, with all her kindness.

She leans back and puts me on her belly. The water is almost up to her belly botton, and barely covers its surface. She closes the tap with her foot. I sit down next to her navel, looking at her boobs as they go up and down with every breath she takes. When she’s inhaling, her ribs emerge on either side. She still smells of mint, now mixed with coconut milk. She’s just looking at me. She’s not smiling or anything, just a poker face staring. I don’t feel the passionate look of Ash here, there’s just a sense in her gaze, as if she’s wondering what to do next. It’s weird.

I lie down on my back. Her warm smooth skin beneath me is comfy, and her routine breathing relaxes me. Her belly slowly goes down as she inhales, and warm water rushes forward to meet my body. Then as we go up it recedes, as Tina exhales long and slow.

“So how was your first day so far?” Her voice echoes in the bathroom.

“My second day. Yesterday was the first. It was good.” I tell her, dipping my hand in her water filled navel.

“You enjoy being under my foot, don’t you Sam?”

“I do.”

“How much, exactly?”

“A lot.” I say after a pause.

“You like it when I use you like that? Like my insole?” she asks.

Who am I kidding? Of course I love it. I love being nothing and everything to her at the same time. But I also feel ashamed… no, embarrassed, to admit it.

“You like it to live the rest of your life under my foot like a toy?” she asks. Her hand comes into my view, and she begins rubbing my sore dick between her index finger and her thumb. I sigh , both excitingly and from the pain.

“I… I do….” I utter the words impulsively as she begins pulling at my penis, still squeezing it gently between those lovely fingers.

“You enjoy being my little foot slave?” She asks again. Her squeezes get harder.


“Say it, say it completely.” She insists, as the tip of her thumb starts tapping on the tip of my penis.

“I… I love being your little foot slave.”

“It’s you dream, isn’t it?”



“It’s my dream to be nothing but a pathetic foot slave under your gorgeous feet for the rest of my life!” The stream of consciousness leaves my mouth, without me giving a fuck about it.

“I’ll have you as my little toy, so you’ll be my insole...” She’s stopped touching my penis. It is now standing erect, pointing to the ceiling, without her keeping it that way. She keeps speaking: “…so that you can spoil my feet and lick the sweat off them.” I feel my waist muscles tensing up. “…and you’ll worship me and my feet, and kiss my toes...” I clench my fists and bite my lower lip in anguish, no pleasure, no a mixture of both. “…and maybe I’ll suck you like a candy in my mouth from time to time…” it begins from the lower end of my spine, “… and keep you under my foot as a pathetic, insignificant bug turned insole…” it makes its way towards the root of my penis, “… and you’ll spend the rest of your days as nothing more but a little foot slave, living off  my feet…” I cum like I’ve never came before, and my load jumps up high, “…and you’ll love every second of it.” aaaaaa. "Forever." She finishes as my exhausted, sore body collapses on her soft skin again.

I feel embarrassed of admitting all that, but it’s true. I can’t deny my feelings. I… I feel I should say something to let her know we were playing… fore playing… or whatever….

“Boy… I feel exhausted….” I tell her in a normal tone. I turn my head to look at her eyes. I feel worried, what if she really starts treating me like… a toy… just as she said… I enjoy the sexual aspect, don’t get me wrong. But I want to remain a person!

I’m still looking at her, but she hasn’t uttered a word. She’s just looking at me with her poker face. Her hand is resting on her belly next to me. What if she stops talking to me, and I really become nothing but a foot slave to her? What if she simply grabs me and start… using me like a toy… and then trap me in her boot forever? Oh God, what the fuck have I done….

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” She finally says, smiling. “You’ve got a real animal down there.” She says, grinning. The impeccable lines of sharp white teeth shine for a second as she begins rubbing more lotion on her hand, and then rubbing my body with it. I clsoe my eyes. As my body is being rubbed between her hands, I wonder.

Whew, I’m still human to her. How can she evoke so much fear and pleasure at the same time in me? If, if I were to know he better… perhaps the fear would stop, and then there’d be only pure pleasure, I think.

I don’t know. I can’t shake the thought that Tina has a certain way of making me feel… that Ash….

“We’d better hurry. Suzanne’s coming over.”

“What about school?” I say abruptly.

“Screw it, we ain’t going. We’ve decided to stay home.”

With me….

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