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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the finale.

Thank you.

Tina has finally revealed her true colors… who am I kidding? “I” have finally opened my eyes to see them. We’ve come to a point of complete objectification; I am not a human to her anymore. She keeps me in a small drawer in her night stand, thankfully without binding me. I am free to stand up and walk around in this wooden room with only a tiny keyhole as its only window, the size of which is too small to be of any use. She has not uttered a single word to me since the fight which took place many, many hours ago. I have all but lost track of time because I don’t even see the light of the sun from here. Besides, I’ve been dozing off a lot. Guess it’s my way to cope, or perhaps the new round of shrinking’s side effect?

I did a lot of thinking, sitting in the corner with my back against the rough wall. The smell of wood permeates here with a tinge of Tina’s perfume. My sense of smell has become keen, guess it’s because all I see is darkness. I could be sitting in Ash’s warm lap and be looking up at the blue of her eyes, but no. I just had to run after Tina like some lap dog. I’m so pissed that I would like to punch myself. I clench my fist and hold it in front of my face. I can’t see it. I drop it so it lands on the coarse wooden surface. Isn’t it what I wanted? Didn’t I want all the humiliation and sexual pleasures that Tina was offering at the time? Is there any form of humiliation above being nothing but a toy to a high school girl?

One thing I still don’t understand though is why the sudden shift in behavior. If she wanted revenge for the way I treated her when we were together, she could have easily squished me when she discovered me back in that damned classroom. If she wanted to use me, she could easily do it. Why would she warm up to me again after so long and try to be nice? Guess the bitch had a hidden agenda, but what?

I lie down on the floor of the drawer. My pants fell off somewhere during the struggles, and my bare ass feels the cool surface. I have only my shirt on… wait a minute! I take it off… this belonged to Ash… well to her gnome, but anyway… fuck it! I’d better not think more about her. I make a ball by crumbling the shirt and create a pillow. I’d better try to sleep again; not much else to do, and you have been of no help up to this point. In fact, you’ve fucked up things by your decisions even mo… Shit who am I talking to? I think I’m going nuts….

Harsh sound of wood dragging on wood. Light comes in, so does Tina’s hand. I don’t fear it. I don’t like it. I don’t feel anything.

She picks me up, neither too firmly nor loosely. Just a normal grip as she lifts me up in the air and down on her bed. Her crimson colored nails still smell of fresh nail polish, and her short fingers feel larger than I remember. She places me on my stomach on the soft mattress and leaves me there. I look at her face. No emotions there, and she avoids my eyes.

Her pussy catches my eye. She has only a satin top on. The soft fabric waves in the dim light of the room. I can hear very low noises in the background, coming from downstairs. Her parents must be home. Maybe….

She spits on her finger tips and begins rubbing them on her pussy. AS her left hand is busy, her right hand comes towards me and I get picked up. She does all this without even looking at me. I take a deep breath and tense up my neck before getting shoved in. She rubs me on the outer lips and her clitoris. The smell of her spit coupled with her lady part is shoved into my nose as my body is rubbed against her flesh. Her skin here seems rougher than before. She then pushes me in hard, and pulls me out almost completely. The motion continues as I am jerked inside her for her pleasure. The feeling is tense in that she is doing it very harshly.

She is pulling me out again, but this time I am distanced from her vagina. I look at her, her lips are forming a circle, is she… she spits on me twice. The warm, foamy and thick saliva is enough to cover almost all of my body. I remain motionless, ready for the next round of pounding. My skin begins to feel sore, and I stretch my hands up my head like a diver before she shoves me back in to avoid them breaking in her canal. I know what she will do if that happens; there is only one fate for a badly hurt pet. That is if she perceives me as a living being at all… there’s… oh god she is not pulling me out… my lungs burn for air but… th….?

AAAAAAAAAGH... oh god… she almost…. I’m out…. She is looking at me? Tina… “Tina” I say in a low voice….

She takes her eyes off me as soon as I speak and she realizes I am not dead. I am on the bed now, between her thighs. Her right leg is stretched in front of her along the length of the bed, as her left leg is hanging from the edge. She is not tall enough for her left foot to fully touch the floor though. Her hand comes down. I am about to be put in the drawer again.

“At least tell me why.” I say loud as I can as her wet fingers surround me. They smell of… her. She picks me up.

“Tina please.” I beg as she finally looks at me in her hand. My head is poking out between her thumb and the index finger. My legs are nowhere near her small finger. How much have I shrunk?

“Why didn’t you just kill me if you want to hurt me this bad?” The words flow almost spontaneously.

“That can be done even now.” The bitch says ignorantly. She is cold as the sweat that just trickled down my spine; my first emotion in a long time. Looks like I still want to live.


“I know you think of me as a cold and cruel person. But guess what.” She says as she lifts me up and holds in front of her face. Her hazel eyes fixed on me this time, her nostrils wide.

“You are just as big a fucking asshole as I am. It’s just that you are at my mercy now, just as I was at yours when we were together.”

“But… I….”

“We were 15 back then, Sam. 15!” she says as wrinkles form around her eyes and her eyebrows form a frown.

“Do you know how many nights I cried myself to sleep when you bragged about how I’d sucked your dick to your basketball friends?? Everybody still calls me a bitch behind my back.”

I am speechless.

“But no! you just had to show off your manliness by shitting all over me. And to think you even dare to play the victim here! You, the biggest fucking douchbag the school has ever seen! You didn’t even care about Ashley.”

My mind is numb, and I… I have nothing to reply to that.

“I’ve been wishing all this time to fuck your life up. You and your fucking ego, just so you can prove how manly you are to have 15-year-old girls suck your cock, I lost everyone but Suzanne. And now I have lost her too, and again, it’s because of you.”

She holds me close, very close, to her face and her warm breath washes over me as she utters every word. Her eyes seem moist. I can feel the hatred. I can feel the anger whipping my face with every word.

“Since you love treating everyone like shit… like… and object…”

I look into the black center of her left eye and feel her soul connecting to mine for the first time, like we understand each other finally.

“You too will be my object… my plaything…. Let’s see how your ego handles that. You don’t deserve a quick death”

She throws me in the opened drawer and I notice a hair brush and some scraps of paper as I hit the wooden ground and roll over. She closes the drawer fast and leaves me alone in the dark.

I wish I could go to sleep so soon.




I wish I could say something in my defense. I wish I could tell you that she is wrong here, or that didn’t go like that. But she is correct. Who the fuck am I kidding? There is no one here; no shame. I’ve been used as a sex toy, an insole, a plaything. I was threatened to be flushed with her shit down the toilet. Fuck my pride. I don’t get to be like that anymore.

I never thought I fucked up her life so bad back then; I honestly never did; I won’t lie to you. But I was wrong, just as I was wrong in many other things. She was not bullshitting. I saw it in her eye, man.

 I always considered Tina a shitty person. Now I must say, she is no saint either. She is bossy and sometimes rude. She is spoiled and selfish. Most of all, she is arrogant. But I am all of these things multiplied by a hundred. Who the fuck am I to call her a bitch. Wel, at least now I know why she was so kind to me. She didn’t want to kill me; she wanted to own me.

And that part about me not caring about Ash… even Ash she said. I hate myself so much. Looking back, in my entire life only two people really gave a shit about me: James and Ashley. Of these two people, Ash tried the most, and she was hurt the most. An image of her wet eyes behind the window pane comes to my mind. I bend my head down, and hit the back of my head as hard as I can against the wooden wall. Bang. Bang. Bang. Ba….

The drawer gets opened half way, and a hand comes in. I remain motionless for it to pick me… but no. Tina leaves a blue bottle cap full of water, some pieces of a blue plastic bag and some crumbles biscuit on the wooden floor. The drawer is closed shut again, and water splashes on my leg. I sit crossed legged in my corner, thinking of Ashley’s last image in my head. It is repeated again and again in my mind.

Sam I’m right here!  She says. I look at her, and I turn back.

SAM! She shouts this time. I run the opposite direction, and again she is in front of me, and again I turn back.

And then there’s my father, oblivious to my existence as always. And then there’s James. “Don’t turn into your father.”

“I need a ride, not a lecture James.” My voice says before talking about sports to change the topic.

Then there is Ash again, scanning the room through the window for me with her mesmerizing, worried eyes. And then there’s me again, turning my back on her.

Sam I’m right here!

It finally hits me.

I’ve been masking myself. I am not a secretly kind-hearted, gentle person like Ash and James might think. I am not a cool, outgoing and charming guy like what I think either. I’m a straw man, scared shitless of turning into who and what he hates the most, because I know deep down I am that person. I am an idiot who has been playing a role not fit for him his entire life. My eyes begin to burn as I doubt every second of my existence. I….

“I wish you would kill me.” I whisper at the dark wall. My eyes are not burning anymore… I feel the tears falling down. I begin crying. “I wish you would kill me….”



Time passes, one moment after another. I don’t know how long it has been, but if I assume Tina uses me every day or two, then it must be at least 2 or 3 days. How much have I shrunk in this time? Fuck if I know. But my shirt seems to be too big. I’m too scared to wear it again.

Tina has given me food twice. No baths though, I am not worthy of that. I am also not worthy of any communication besides being her dildo. However, I have failed to please her the last time and she hasn’t come back for me yet. Guess she realizes I am getting too small for her.

My left arm got sprained very badly too when my tired muscles let go and it got stuck between my body and the flesh of her pussy. She jerked me in just then, and I shout so loud even she heard it and pulled me out. And then I saw, just for a moment, a hint of fear in her eyes before it was replaced with the usual obliviousness. She does not want my blood on her hands; not yet. That might be another reason why she didn’t kill me in the first place.

No sudden realizations and self-discoveries have occurred to me since the last time I spoke to you. It is clear what kind of a person I have been. I am not saying I am so different now. I still get my reasoning for being the way I was, and it was fun for me at least. But somehow my new position and stature, and having nothing else to think about in here have helped me realize things a lot. I know more now. I understand what others have been saying now. But even if I were released this instant and was my normal size again, I doubt I would change myself much. I doubt I could. At least I am honest withmyself now I guess.

I haven’t planned any escape attempts either. A couple of days ago I began weaving the golden hair strands of the hairbrush. They are Tina’s, no doubt. There was enough for me to make at least 8 or 9 times my height. But… I don’t see why I even bothered. I will die in here soon as Tina gets bored with me or I shrink to nothingness. My pillow has surely been getting bigger and bigger.

Wait, it’s Tina. She has come to her room again. She probably just ignores me … the drawer! She is opening it. I look up.

“Come here you fuck!” she snaps at me as her hand fumbles around the half dim drwaer. Next second I am in the air and… it’s night time apparently. I tense up my muscles in anticipation for the pounding and it sends a sharp pain in my arm, but something is different today is… is she drunk? Oh… I can smell the beer on her… good… yes… maybe tonight is when this farce will be over with.

She gets naked in a flash and begins fucking herself with my body. I just wait for it to end… it’s faster and harder than ever but I think I slide in much easier. She suddenly pulls me out. “Fucking useless piece of shit.” She lets me know before throwing me in the drawer with force. I roll around into the brush as the drawer is slammed shut with such a force that everything in it hits the back wall and then is thrown forward again. I bang my head against something in the dark. It hurts like hell, so does my sprained or broken arm. I don’t care.

Hold on… is that… oh now I get it… the drawer was pushed in so hard it got open a bit… I can see light….

I hesitate. Is it worth it? I look at my bruised, naked and smelly body as I stand in the light. My back hurts, and my left arm has no strength in it. Perhaps more sleep…. My mind works up a picture of Ashley again. One more time? I know it can’t possibly go that way… but isn’t it worth it? One last time… yes… yes it is… indeed…. Where’s the makeshift rope?

It seems to be of questionable strength, but I’m so small that I must barely weigh more than a few grams… well fuck it… I made the rope by having several hairs of Tina weaved in each other into pieces, and then I tied those pieces together as tightly as I could. It took a lot of time to do it in the dark, but one thing I was never short of was time. Besides, I once climbed a poster to get flowers for her! I am no stranger to such acrobatics… seems like ages ago.

I tie my rope to the handle of the hair brush and slip its other end through the key hole. I am too small to climb out of the drawer though… hmm….

Okay I dragged the brush closer and put several pieces of paper on it. Then I stacked one of my 3 bottle caps on it… okay steady… steady… beautiful! I’m… on top of it… OUCH my arm, shit!

Okay… okay… Tina has collapsed on the bed while I was making preparations… I already realized that from her deep snoring… she is still naked… and the floor… is a loooooooong way down… I think my rope is too short… let me see… I hang from it with my right arm… but… it’s not that difficult for me now… I don’t feel my weight pulling me down much … let me go down….

Right, there is a rather wide space between me and Tina’s floor… but one of her crumbled socks is next to her bed… it is not directly under me but… where is the other one? IF I could… SHIT MY ROPE!

I heard a snap and I start falling down, my rope still in my fist… I wish I could aim for that… AAAA FUCK!

I hit the floor hard, feet first… I feel dizzy but the impact is less than… oh there’s Tina’s other sock! Under the bed! Shit… pain… excruciating pain in my right ankle… God….

Well shit… free at last I guess… I turn my back on Tina’s sleeping figure and limp towards her door. It seems farther away now than the last time I took a jog here…. Here we are. Tina always locks her door. As I had noticed, there is a good gap here that lets me pass through very easily. I don’t even have to crawl!

Okay, now I am in the corridor. stairs, bedrooms and a bathroom. I used to come here a lot back then. I think I can hear her parents in their bedroom talking… yes that’s Martha’s voice… hmm… I wish she would look after Tina more. She is one of those moms who aren’t really a mom… you know what I mean. Well to the stairs then.

Okay, okay. I think… I think if I simply jump off… due to my tiny stature I won’t hurt much… I think… it worked before let me… but I msut not land on my ankle… it hurts worse than my arm… okay fuck it, here we go!

Ouch… ouch it hurts… fuck… but nothing is broken… let me go again.

OH MY GOD… FUUUUUUUUUCK… my ankle… shit. I think I broke my right ankle this time… oh god it hurts so bad… let me… I got some time to kill. Let me go under their sofa in the living room….

Okay it is 1 in the morning. I know because I can see the huge clock on their wall… I had better rest… it’s true their house is just around the corner from the triple H but… I don’t know how far it will be at my size…. Let me take a nap.


It is 6. I couldn’t sleep even a bit. The pain in my arm and especially my ankle… I think I broke it. I’ve been thinking though while you were gone…. These past couple of days are just on repeat in my head… if only I can get to my school… if only I can get there in time for her…. I’d better get up! I can slip under their entrance door too… their house is not a new one. Many places for a… for a…. That’s me!

There is a large mirror attached to the left of their entrance… you know to take one last look before you step outside… same as the one I got in my room but this one comes all the way to the ground… and I am in it… God, my face has changed so much…. I look very thin and my hair is… all messy…. My beard is grown a bit too Wish I could take a bath, I’m literally grey from the dirt. Is… how tall am I? I was easily a bit taller than two inches (6~ centimeters) when we checked with Ash but now… let me see if there is anything… a cold breeze hits me from under the door… I look that direction… oh… I think I can get through the gap without even… bending down… how much have I shrunk? I don’t know let me… yes… I just got past the door and I barely had to bend my head! Their entrance doesn’t have that wide a space under it…. Oh, I must be half that size now… I must be a bit more than an inch (3~ centimeters) oh God… oh….



It is too late. I tear a piece of yesterday’s newspaper and hold it around me for warmth as I limp my way towards my school… the streets are almost empty aside from the occasional car… I can hear birds and an occasional meow of a cat but I don’t care… it is too late… too late for me now… wish you had killed me Tina… wish I had died sooner… I take another step….

You need to be nicer to Kyle, he is all alone.

You don’t get to talk to him like that, Julia!

I’m right here Sam!

I love you….

It’s her voice, getting stronger and stronger in my head… I limp along the curb on the wet streets from the last night’s drizzle… the air is cold… I always hated school… but not today. Its sight creates a familiar warmth in my belly; it reminds me of her. I can see some students around it, moving inside with their bent heads… how long was I on the way? If only they knew how lucky they are to see her every day.

I let go of the newspaper. It makes my dirty body stand out from the pavement. I stand near the line of well-trimmed bushes that have served as my cover up to this point. I am close to the curb and the bus stop is a couple of meters away from me. There is more people around, but I cannot get trapped here. I need to keep standing up despite my pain… I can’t miss it now…. I can’t.

Time passes. Soon I see Julia standing in front of the school… cellphone in hand. My heart starts pounding in my chest and I feel fresh strength in my legs. I hold on to a branch to pull myself up to see if there’s a bus in sight. There is none. I think I’m fading… my head feels dizzy.

One comes in view.

It stops. It’s doors open. People come out and go towards all directions. Then comes the pair of black converses. Then comes Ash. Then comes Ash. I absorb her. I stare at her for as long as I can. Her gaze searches for… Julia and I think I was eye to eye with her for a second; I know it, my vision is fading slowly but a void was created behind my heart… as if my heart just fell down… It often does when she looks at me. A moment of clarity hits me.... No more confusion... no more wrong decisions in my life. My last decision will be a right one.

My mind must remember this moment just as it remembered so many others of her. I blink fast to clear my sight. She takes a step, and then another as her black converses make a soft thumping sound on the pavement. She waves at Julia, but no smile appears on her face. Her expression is thoughtful. She is going to walk past me on this sidewalk, her usual route. I will not miss her this time. I let go of the branch that’s been supporting my weight. I too take a step.




Do you desire some sort of closure? a proper, old-fashioned ending to the story? Are you sure you don’t want to have an open-ended one and leave the rest to your imagination? Guess not. Then I shall tell you what happened next.

His bare feet made the slightest sound of thumping as he took soft, trembling steps one after another on the wet pavement, walking naked away from the bushes. His head held high as he looked at the giant, lovely figure of Ash with such attention and passion that can be found only in art enthusiasts who discover a long-lost painting of their favorite artist. His right leg was dragging, and his arm was hanging from his body, the weight of both of which seemed to slow his progress. But that wasn’t it! It was the sheer awesomeness of what he was seeing. His heart was beating heavily in his chest, not because the prospect of what would happen next, but merely at the sight of those blue eyes, though they were looking away. And that face. And that gait. And anything related to Ashley.

He limped towards her, still staring, mesmerized. He knew he had shrunk too small. He knew it would be impossible for Ashley or anyone else to notice him on the sidewalk at that size. But why would he do that? I doubt he could answer this question himself either. He just wanted to be with her, however it was possible; whatever it meant.

So as he made the final steps, a wide passionate smile appeared on his face for he had sensed Ashley’s usual fragrance. He opened his arms wide to welcome it, blinking fast to prevent the tears from ruining the beautiful picture before him. Ashley took another step, still looking at her best friend without any sign of happiness. She took yet another, and with the third one her left foot were above Sam, the dark brown sole of her converse visible to him.

A moment of clarity ‘hit’ Sam, as he would have put it. The smile on his lips widened as his entire existence felt the serenity of not having to worry about his guilt and burden of wrong decisions. Ash landed her petite foot down and the sole of the converse simultaneously landed on Sam who was standing motionless under it, his head tilted back, his eyes wide open. The force knocked him down on his back, his right arm still stretched out to welcome her, the left one laying numb on his side.

Ashley then put her weight on her left foot and him, as she lifted her right foot to take the next step. Sam though, felt her. Felt every part, every gram, every molecule of that lovely being on himself, in his embrace as a muffled cracking sound came from somewhere beneath a small black converse with signs of wear everywhere.

What was his last thought? Hard to say. But he probably thought that the very moment when he was part of Ash for a millisecond and felt her with all his life, was perhaps the best damned moment of his entire life.

Even better than that one time he scored the winning 3 points in the last minute.


--- The End ---













Chapter End Notes:

There are many unexplained events and plotlines you may be wondering about. I will continue writing about the characters in this plotline once my previous story is finished as it is somewhat the precursor to this one.

Also, there was an interactive aspect to this story that I deleted because I believe I was forcing events to happen and the quality was diminishing, so I stuck with the one with more potential.


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