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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sam's back, and he hasn't even started yet!

I get back in the pocket of Ashley's backpack. I’m trying to control my shivering, but I’m too distressed to do that. The school’s hallway now looks more like it's from some parallel universe, with huge monsters and shit! It’s unbelievable. I’d slap myself again to check if I’m dreaming, but that proved useless before. I guess all I can do is sit tight in this dark, swinging cave until Ashley reaches her next class, or wherever she’s going. It smells like strawberry in here…

I’ve been sitting here for some time now, can’t say for sure how long it’s been ‘cause I don’t have my watch. Ashley’s still walking. Sometimes, she moves her backpack so fast to the sides that I get knocked down. I think it happens when she turns around a corner too fast. It creeps the hell outta any dude to realize that his ex has so much power over him. Imagine that your little ex can get you knocked off your ass without even knowing that she’s knocking you off your ass! And I think I’m gonna puke if she does that again. Oh great, now I’m being thrown up and down in here. I think she’s going down the stairs, I think I’m about to puke, I….OUGH....

Oh God, I finally barfed. My stomach feels so light now. Its smell is getting mixed with the smell of strawberry, thank God I’ve got nothing left in my stomach, so it’s safe if I barf again. I’d better see what’s going on outside, I try to stand up but… hold on a minute, she’s not moving anymore! I think she’s finally stopped.

I raise the top flap to sneak a peek. Let’s see, there are giant students sitting all around, but we’re not in a classroom. It’s… of course! We’re in the cafeteria for lunch time! I really prefer not to get back inside, so I’d better keep looking through this small space I’ve made by raising the cover flap. I look down, and the first good thing in this entire shitty day finally happens to me: I see Ashley’s butt.

Well, it’s more like her belt and the back of her jeans. But I think I caught a glimpse of her pantie through the small opening right against her but crack, So it still counts. Apparently, she’s still wearing the backpack, and I have a pretty good view of the cafeteria. Let’s see, David’s sitting in his corner with some dude whose back is against me. That must me Hank, they’ve been hanging around lately... is... is he eying Nadia the nerd? Weird.... So, who else is there? Some freshmen, the cute blond in the junior year, and... Damn it! Tina and Suzanne have just walked into my view. If Tina is here, then Kyle must be within twenty feet. Let me see if I can find him.

So I’m still scanning for Kyle, but there’s no sign of him. The world suddenly moves, and I get knocked down into the pocket again, with my last night’s dinner waiting to give me a hug. In the face. I can feel in my guts that I’m going down, she must be taking her backpack off. My fall suddenly comes to a stop as her bag hits the floor, and the dinner hits me in the face. FUCK! It’s so disgusting….

I clean my face with the inside of her backpack. The polyester isn’t the best absorbent, but it’s all I’ve got. Oh I wish I was in a hot shower at the gym right now…

I raise the top flap again to see where I’m at. Now all I can see is the floor and a lot of shoes. I look up, and see the bottom of a table. So she’s put her backpack under the table to have lunch? Well at least I’m out of view. I look at the shoes, thanks to my super slight foot fetish (it’s just for fun, really.) I recognize all of them. The black pair of converse shoes belongs to Ashley. I know all her shoes. These are her favorites. Even if I couldn’t recognize the shoes, I’d recognize those thighs anywhere, heh. I look at her legs some more, I never thought I’d get such a nice view from here, wow.

Okay, I’d better look around some more. I can see one more foot right next to Ashley’s feet. It’s wearing sandals, my favorite kind, to be precise. You know, the ones that look like Greek sandals? That’s the kind I love most, and Julia shares my love for them as well. So the white foot wearing the Greek sandal must be Julia’s, NICE. My view is limited here, and I can’t see her left foot. I think there’s other people sitting at the table with Ashley. I could get out to see what’s going on… maybe I’ll even manage to get Kyle’s attention? He must be around here.

I put my leg on the edge of the pocket and pull myself up, there’s a short drop to the floor, and I jump out. The cold, solid floor beneath my feet feels good. I take a step away from the backpack and get closer to Ashley’s shoes. They look so freaking huge. She must be a thousand feet tall by my standard! Each of her feet is the size of a trailer compared to me, I wonder how big ALL her body parts must look at this size… I’d better get closer.

I’m standing between her shoes now, looking up, and brother, I now believe that I’ve been a pessimist this entire morning. I mean, I see the full half of the glass now, just as soon as I see Ashley’s full, ginormous tits. Coincidence? I think not. They just have that kind of effect on me, like they make all my troubles suddenly go away.

So here I am, standing between two huge converse shoes, drooling. Her boobs look real huge, even though I’m looking at them from a distance, and only the bottom of them is visible. Oh, I can feel that little Sam is about to drool too.

I know it is risky, standing here like this, but I think the risk is worth it, and I KNOW you’d take the risk too. If you think you wouldn’t, you’re simply wrong. Or gay. Not that I have anything against them. Anyway, now I have to walk away from what could be the best view I’d ever see in my entire life, but I’ve got to find Kyle. I suddenly hate myself.

I turn to my left, only to see Julia’s pretty toes a couple of feet away. There’s chatter coming from above, and the two girls seem to be oblivious to my existence. They are talking about some lame vampire movie. I walk toward Julia’s sandals. The backpack is not blocking my view from here, and I can see the shoes of the third person sitting at the table now, but I don’t think I recognize the leather shoes. Judging by the socks, they must belong to a girl, but how come I don’t recognize them? Doesn’t matter, I keep walking toward Julia’s feet.

I’m now right next to her foot. There’s a faint smell of lotion on them, sweet. I step closer. Her toes are painted pink, and she wiggles them slightly from time to time. I can feel my penis trying to explode in protest. I bend down on Julia’s big toe, and I kiss her pink toenail.

I pause for a second, waiting. I think she hasn’t noticed anything. Sweet! I bend down again to kiss her toenail once more, I can see my distorted reflection in the nail polish as my lips touch the smooth surface. I think I’m having the biggest erection of my life, and I’ve had some big ones too!

I’ve got to use this chance, there’s no way Julia actually bothers to check under the desk. Besides, my kisses must be so insignificant to somebody her size, that I doubt she’d feel anything at all. Yeah, no way she’d notice a thing. I’ve got to do it. I bend down again, kissing the tip of her big toe this time. The warm flesh tastes great on my lips. Her toes have such fine details… I don’t think I can control myself for much longer.

I get on my knees in front of Julia’s toes and kiss each one of them repeatedly. I kiss the tip of her big toe again. I kiss the toe next to that. I’m kissing her toenails, the tips of her toes, the sides, anywhere I can think of. The warm, slightly salty flesh tastes great in my mouth and my mind is all fuzzy. I keep kissing her toes one by one, moving on my knees, and then I get back to her big toe. My penis is raging. It’s going to explode anytime now. I look at her big toe, it’s soft pink flesh, its wrinkles and patterns, its smell…. I stand up and put both my hands on her pink toenail, and I stick my dick into her big toe so hard I’m afraid it might break. My dick explodes in her warm toe flesh at the first touch. I’m feeling rapid jerks in my waist. My love juice is squirting out on her toes like a fountain. Oh gods of love… the feeling I’m having right now. Euphoria!

Aaaah, my cum keeps coming for an eternity. My entire naked body is shaking; I’m using my hands to support my weight now. This must be the biggest…. BAM!

Suddenly the toes disappear, what the fuck? Why am I flying? Everything around me is fuzzy, did I die? Can you die if you cum that hard? Wait a minute, something is coming my way. I think it’s the floor!

I hit the cold floor hard. I think my head is about to split, and I’m feeling exposed. I quickly sit up to look around. Everything is spinning, and the first thing I manage to see is the black and grey backpack. I crawl towards it as fast as I can.

I’m in the shelter of Ashley’s backpack now. The chatter coming from above seems different. I look toward Julia’s leg to see if a head is peeking under the table. I must admit I’m afraid shitless.

Nobody is there, well, nobody’s head is there. She’s scratching her right toes with the tip of her left sandal. I try to understand what they are talking about right now.

“I don’t know, I think something spilled on my toes.” I hear Julia saying.

“Eww, maybe it was a bug or something.” A voice from across the table says. Is that Nadia the nerd? So that’s why I didn’t recognize her shoes….

“Yeah. You’d better take a look, Julie.” This was Ashley’s soft voice. I can recognize that anywhere, even when recorded. It’s the most… wait a minute, did she say take a look? Oh shit.

I jump up for the side pocket of the backpack and slide inside. The disgusting smell is back. I quickly stand up on the soft surface. I think I’d better check to see if Julia has seen me. Let me open the top flap, slowly… slowly… I can see her right foot. She is holding it up toward her, I think. Good, she didn’t bother to actually bend down, this was a close one for me. I need to be more careful.

“What’s up, guys?” I suddenly hear the voice from above. It’s Kyle’s!

“Hey Kyle, how are you doing?” Ashley replies.

“Not bad, have you seen Sam today?” So Kyle is looking for me too, huh? I knew if there’s one person in the entire triple H I could trust, it’s my bro…

“There you are, Kyle!” this one is a female voice, but not that of Ashley and her friends, this one is….

“Tina! How are you? I haven’t seen you since this morning!” Kyle says, mroe loudly than usual. I think he’s shouting, his voice isn’t muffled by the table anymore.

“Yeah. Actually, I’ve been looking for you! Why are you going from table to table?” Julia asks. Tell her it’s none of her damn business, bro. Tell her!

“Ah… nothing. I was just…umm… looking for an empty seat.” He says. What the fuck?

“Oh, okay. Suzanne is saving a place for me. Do you want to, like, join us, or do you want to have your lunch with that giraffe, Sam?” Julia says in the bitchiest tone humanly possible. She’d better pray I never get back to normal, cause then I’m gonna….

“Haha, no. I'm sure he'll show up eventually. Let’s go, Tina. Nice to see ya guys.” THAT SON OF A BITCH! I can hear footsteps disappearing into the background rumble of the cafeteria. That Judos! I bet he has his stupid nerdy smile on his stupid face right now, running after Tina like some lap dog, that mother f…

Wow, a hand is coming down from the sky. It’s Ashley’s. She must be leaving. I let go of the flap so it covers the side pocket again, and put my legs shoulder width apart. There’s no way I’m chewing on my last dinner again for the third time today. The world goes up, this time I’m holding on with my hands as well as my legs. It then stops, and we’re no longer going up. I ease up my muscles. My arms feel weak from the experience I had with Julia’s toes. Speaking of which, I honestly believe that must’ve been as big an ejaculation as a man can hope to get.

Suddenly everything shakes again, as if she is throwing her bag at somebody. My hands aren’t supporting me anymore, and I suddenly lose balance and fall down into my vomit again. Then I realize. She’s hung the backpack from her shoulder, stupid.

I roll back. I can feel the sticky vomit on my face again. Fuck both the full and the empty halves of the glass. I've had enough of this already.

I feel the movement again. It’s more subtle this time, I think I’ve got used to it. I don’t even bother to clean my face anymore. I’m exhausted, and tired of all this. How the hell can someone shrink himself by mixing some school grade chemicals?

Ashley pauses again, and I feel the backpack being lowered. This time, it doesn’t hit the floor that hard. I stand up to do the routine again. I raise the flap with one hand, holding on to the edge of the pocket with the other. Light rushes in, and I can see the back row chairs of the classroom as soon as my eyes adjust. There are students sitting here and there, but most of the chairs are empty. Ashley likes to come early to the class, so she can take her favorite front row seat. Technically, someone with an attitude like this should repulse me, but for some reason, Ashley always comes as an exception to my rules.

I can see David at the back, looking at Nadia the nerd who’s sitting three desks away from him. Come on dude, she doesn’t count! Two guys are sitting in the second row from the back of the class, and there’s Suzanne sitting in the third row, staring directly at me.

Oh God! I let go of the flap and collapse in the dark. That’s it, my little adventure is over. Suzanne will definitely tell Tina, the teachers, Ashley, the basketball team, Ms. Wundt, the janitors, and pedestrians in the sidewalk next to the triple H. Basically if Suzanne knows something, half the country will know that, and that’s only because the other half simply won’t care.

I’m just sitting here in the dark, waiting for the top flap to be opepend, and a giant hand comes in and take my naked, vomit covered body out so I can be ridiculed in a well lit room. Maybe If I threaten to smash my dad’s Shelby, and burn his stupid dandelions, he’d agree to let me study abroad after this? I’m gonna burn his dandelions anyway…

I’ve been sitting here for some time now, listening to Mr. Brooks’ coarse voice,  reading the Charge of the Light Brigade. Nothing special has happened, and the class is going on as normal. I think Suzanne’s eyes are astigmatic, or was that Nadia’s eyes? I don’t like redheads, so I don’t really know. Maybe she thought she saw a little person, but then realized how stupid it was, and how nobody would believe her, and she simply let go? Or maybe she was just day dreaming, and didn’t pay any attention to what was in front of her. Either way, it’s fine by me. I don’t think I could ever forget the humiliation that would follow my discovery like that!

I hear the ring, the class is finish. I don’t bother to stand up anymore. I go up, and the violent shake as Ashley wears the sling backpack happens again, knocking me over even though I’m sitting. I can feel the routine movements of Ashley’s steps again. She’s going home, and she’s taking me with her. Under different circumstances I’d welcome it, but now, I’m not so sure.


Chapter End Notes:

Remember to read the story through the eyes of a very immature teenager at this point. It may or may not progress beyond this in the future, though. Let me know what you think through your comments and rating. Thanks for reading.

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