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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay, been busy :(


Ash’s back soon disappears from my view as I hit the bottom of her trash bin with a bang. Luckily, there’s enough tissue- and thankfully nothing else- to cushion my fall. It takes me a couple of seconds to get my head straight, and my aching back isn’t helping either.

I look around inside the grey cylinder to see how I can get out. I’m still sitting on Ash’s tissues, and I think I can feel a cool moisture on my bare skin. Guilt creeps its way into my mind again. No use feeling guilty though, I have to act. I have to show her, I have to make her know….

I stand up to see how high the top of the bin is from where I am standing. Okay, it must be like ten feet from here…. Can I reach it? Umph… nope. Not even close. Damn it, I should’ve thought of it before the jump. What was I thinking?

Ok, on the second thought I must say I did the right thing. I can’t risk losing Ash. Not because of my peculiar situation, no, although that is also a factor… but now that I know how she really felt about us… hey, what if I stack all the tissue against the wall? It should make a little hill for me to climb on…

Okay, bad idea. The tissues collapsed under my weight despite me being so little. What was I saying? Oh, right. I always thought she’d been the one who ended it. But now I realize that it was me who ruined it for the both of us. And to think that I expected her to somehow figure out what was going on in my mind, and how much I really cared… I was such an idiot.

Now might be the last chance I’ll ever get to prove my love to her, and indeed, I shall not rest until I’ve fulfilled ‘tis sacred quest! I feel like a knight from the old romances, you know, the ones who would embark on a journey to save their princess and prove their love? The difference is that their challenges included killing dragons and trolls and stuff, while mine includes getting out of a freaking trash can. Damn!

I kick the stupid cylinder I’m trapped in, and the darn thing shakes a little. My toes hurt, and I…wait a minute! The vibration has subsided now, but the ENTIRE metal bin shook for a second. What if I topple it?

I take some steps back towards where I think is the side of the bin that is against the wall. The tissues muffle my footsteps, and insulate my bare soles from the cold metal floor. My back is against the cold metal wall now, and I’m staring at the opposite metal surface like a mad bull eyeballing the matador. I put my right foot back and shift my weight on my left foot, crouching a little to achieve the ideal position for running. The trash bin isn’t that big, and I’ll have maybe 7-8 paces before I reach the other side. I focused all my strength in my right foot and push as hard as I can against the floor and run as fast as I can towards the other side. The tissues slow down my acceleration as they slip between my feet and the smooth metal floor, should’ve thought of it before, but now it’s too late to stop.

Just before I reach the metal wall in front of me I jump as high as I can, guarding my body with my right arm. I hit the cold metal wall hard and stay there for a fracture of a second. The world shifts, the wall becomes the floor, and the floor becomes the new wall, and I feel like I’m falling. It’s a familiar feeling now.

The trash bin hits the wooden floor with a low thump. It’s not as loud as I thought it’d be. Probably cushioned by Ashley’s socks or tissues or something. She’s not the tidiest of people…

I crawl out of the bin. The first thing I notice is the cold. I look up to see if Ashley’s been woken up by the sound, but I don’t see her face peering from above. Good, the last thing I need is to further upset her before I get the chance to show her my affections.

I look around the giant room. What now?

Damn it Sam. Why couldn’t you have your enlightenment when you were a normal guy? What the hell am I supposed to do at this size to show her how much I love her? The door is closed shut as always, and all there is in the room is Ash’s stuff. What if I just tell her how I feel? Nah. She won’t believe me. I must show her how I feel. Words alone were never enough.

I’d better grab a tissue from the bin. There’s REALLLY nothing I can do if I freeze to death here. At least Ash may shed a tear or two for me when she finds my frozen body on her floor, that is if she realizes what I had intended to do!

I grab a tissue and walk out of the bin again. Her room is always so co…ld… THE WINDOW!

The curtain above Ashley’s bed is blown every now and then, and it was its movement that caught my eye. Yes, the window must be open at least a little. I try to picture the position of Ash’s room in the house. Her window must be on the same side as their entrance…so… it must open directly towards their front yard! YES!

I waste no time. I run towards the bed and jump for the bed sheet, where it is hanging lowest. I climb it up like a rope just like the last time, and…and…umph…almost… okay. Now I’m on the bed. Looks like Ash’s back is still towards me. The large teddy bear holding a heart in its paws is the first thing that I see. What?

This requires closer examination, hmm, yes. Closer…closer… an even closer examination is required in my professional opinion. Can’t miss the opportunity to solve the giant teddy bear’s mystery. The science depends on it, I tell you!

At a closer look, about an inch away by my standards I’d say, I can safely conclude that the enigmatic teddy bear is indeed the design of  Ash’s panties, and what is in front of me is Ash’s butt, HAHA! I just love science.

I lean forward and kiss the giant red heart. I… let me kiss it again… It feels strangely good to be close to Ashley again, and feel her warmth. Even if it is her butt, and I’m not joking this time…

Right then. Now that I’ve successfully managed to kiss her ass, literally, I shall continue my quest to find a way to kiss her ass once more, this time in a more metaphorical, more romantic kind of way. Onward! Or more accurately, upward!

I walk down the bed along Ash’s well shaped legs. The warm wall of flesh to my right gets lower as I cover more distance on the uneven mattress, and a faint but welcome smell of peach is with me all the way. Finally I reach her ankles, where it’s low enough for me to climb over. I don’t really want to wake her up, or even worse, get kicked by her, so I guess I’d better jump over her ankles instead of climbing them. Luckily, her feet are separated and not on top of each other. The jump should be easy, she has tender feet.

Same as before, I take several steps back until I’m almost near the edge of the bed, I bend down and shift my weight on my left leg, and I dart towards Ashley’s left ankle as fast as I can. I have more ground here, and I can accelerate more. I’m almost by her foot now, 5 feet…3 feet… and… JUMP!

I land on the soft surface gracefully. Jumping is an essential skill in basketball after all, and as you know, I’m famously skillful at baske… ah forget it. I made the jump anyway, but now looking at Ash’s right foot, I think I have a problem! I don’t have enough space between her feet to make this jump. Let me see, nope. Her toes are hanging from the edge of the bed, and I have no way to walk around them. The only way is to jump, and… whoa!

The mattress beneath me shakes, and I notice movement from both sides. Ashley’s moving! I turn around.

Her left foot is going up the bed as she bends her left knee, pulling it towards her stomach. I can see her upper body is shifting…and now she’s lying on her left side, with her face towards the room now. She suddenly raises her head, I crouch down impulsively. I don’t think she can see me here between her feet. But I’m not going to take any chances…

She punches her pillow a couple of times and pulls herself up a little for a more comfortable position torest her head. She then lowers her head again with a moan and remains motionless. I think she’s fallen asleep again.

I turn back towards my goal. It’s lucky she didn’t hit me with her feet. I look at her right foot, and notice a narrow passage between her toes and the edge of the foot of the bed.

Wow! Just as I wished there was a way for me to cross her other leg she goes ahead and makes me one. That’s why I love her! I’d totally kiss your pretty toes if I wasn’t afraid you’d kick me to oblivion! Now is not a good time to let my foot fetish get a hold of me.

I take a couple of steps towards the foot of the bed and the newly created ledge, and then approach her right foot. She’s lying prone, and her sole is up towards the ceiling. I take a step on the ledge between the drop and the line of her pretty toes. There’s a very slight smell of foot odor, mixed with peach lotion. It’s not really that bad, and I like it. I keep walking between the toes and the edge, hoping she won’t decide to move again.

Okay, I’ve finally reached the opposite wall, where the window is visible from the gap between the wall and the hanging curtain. I can defiantly feel a cold breeze. Good, it must be partially open. But how can I get up there?

There is no space between the wall and the bed, meaning there is no furniture to climb. The curtain is hanging rather low, but it’s still too high for me to jump for it. There’s no way I can climb Ashley and then jump for the ledge from her, even if I wasn’t worried she’d move and accidentally kill me beneath her. And the head of the bed is too far away from the window, with nothing in between except for a poster of Ash’s beloved indie band pinned to the wall right next to her head. She listens to them so much that I think I’ve unintentionally memorized most of their songs! I look at their lead singer and his stupid beard. Wish I could grow a beard like that…

What if I used that to get to the window? I look up… yes, the poster goes well past the lower ledge of the window, and it seems thick enough to handle my weight. I look around again… I don’t see another way. Do you?

I assume you don’t. So here we go! I walk up the bed again, with Ash’s back still towards me. I feel a bit offended, as if she intentionally ignores me! Just wait till I show her how much she really means to me. I bet we’ll be lovers just like before, and maybe then we can figure out a way to get me back to normal…

I reach the lower end of the poster. It is pinned to the wall in all four corners, but there’s nothing attaching it to the wall in the middle. There’s enough space between the wall and the poster for me to climb up, I suppose. It’s a long way up though, I’m not sure if I’ll make it…

Screw it, even if I fall, I’ll fall on the mattress, or even better! I might fall on Ash’s breast if she’s turned in her sleep again by then! Here we go…

I’m about half way up now, but my shoulders and forearm muscles are killing me. I’m using my feet to help my ascent, but there isn’t any suitable footholds for me here. I grab onto the side of the poster with both hands, my face towards it, and then I pin the poster between my legs and pull myself up. It’s worked this far, but I feel more and more tired with every inch that I climb. I think my size change has made climbing much easier for me. I doubt I could’ve climbed a rope this high in my normal size…shit…

I hear a loud tear and lose the support of my legs before I know it. I hold on to the poster with my both hands, hanging from it. I look down to see what’s happened.

Okay, apparently I put too weight on my legs this time, and they tore the poster for a good inch or too. I can’t help it, my arms are too tired… but I must go on…

I… finally reached… the ledge…it’s so cold here…let me catch my breath…just gonna lie down a bit…

I couldn't rest for long thanks to the cold. I’d better get moving. The window is open a little, and the cold breeze is coming inside from the small gap. I squeeze through it, and find myself looking at the front yard.

It takes my eyes some time to adjust to the darkness. Ash had left the lights on when she fell asleep, but there’s just a distant street light here. Okay, now to climb down…

Okay, it took me longer than I wanted but I think I’ve found a way down. As you can see, Ash’s room is on the ground floor unlike her sister’s, thank God! The drop to the lawn however, is too high for me. So what I’m planning is to use the bricks to climb down! It’d be like what them rock climbers do. Yeah, I measured the bricks too. I can reach the top of a brick if I jump a little, and there’s enough space between all bricks where they are joined with cement or whatever, and it’s enough for me to support my feet or my hands.

I tried it and climbed two bricks up, and it’s much easier than poster climbing! So, now I just need to go down…umph…yeah I think…I think I’ve got the hang of it. The trick is to hang from the top ledge of a brick, make sure your feet are steady, and then hold on to the side of the brick with your left hand while you’re hanging from the top with the right, then you simply let go of the top, using your left hand and the side of the brick to make sure you won’t deviate from the path and don’t fall off, then put your feet on the lower ledge, which is the top of the lower brick, before you slide down. This part is tricky though, so be careful. What? You never know if you’ll suddenly shrink tomorrow, I sure as hell didn’t know it, and then you’ll be thankful for my elaborate description of brick climbing. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it into a sport one day. You’re welcome!

My bare feet touch the cold, moist earth. I should make clothes out of something for myself. Running around naked is simply not as fun as I always thought it would be. I see what I was looking for, and I walk towards it. It is so beautiful, just like Ashley.

Okay, this is the final part of the quest. This is the duel with the evil witch! This is the final boss of the level! This is where I shall slay the dragon and rescue my lady! I hold on to it with both my hands, squeezing its neck in my fists. I use whatever strength there is left in me, and then I pull…I pull and pull…umph… shit it’s so…AAAAAAAAAA… YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEES! I’ve done it! The flower’s stem finally breaks from the middle, and I hold it up in the air triumphantly! The dragon is slain, my lady! And I’m coming back!

Okay, all jokes aside I’d seriously better get back. I think I saw a cat eyeing me from across the street. I snap a blade of grass and tie it across my torso to hold the flower in place on my back. Genius! It’s a wild flower, with white pedals and a yellow center. It has a nice smell, but it’s nothing like that of a rose’s, or a chrysanthemum’s unfortunately… well, time to climb the bricks again…

I’m on the wooden floor of Ashley’s room now. I came back pretty much the same as I got out of her room, except I simply let go of the poster half way through, where I’d torn it, and landed on the mattress. Ash is still sleeping. Only one more thing is left for me to do, I walk towards Ashley’s black and grey sling backpack, aka the rollercoaster of death and misery, to finish the job.

Alright, it’s all done. Now that I look at it, I must say I’m pleased. It might seem a bit childish, and it’s defiantly not my style…but… that was the problem, wasn’t it? My “style”? Anyway, I’m too tired to worry. I just hope it’s enough to get me the second chance I want. I look at Ashley again, her back is still towards me! I don’t mind, Ash… I’ll give you all the time, all the love, all my life from now on… it’s your choice whether to accept it or not… and I’ll accept your decision…

Just before I walk towards her backpack with a tissue from the trash bin in my hand, I look back at my last hope once again. There’s a note on a small piece of paper. I wrote on it with a pen I got from her backpack. The handwriting is messier than usual, which is a great achievement in itself, but the message… it reads: I love you Ash. Please give me a second chance. This is all I ask. Sam.

After I wrote the note, I put it on the floor where Ashley can see it easily. I put the flower right next to it. This is all I can do at this size, and I hope it works.

Anyway, I’m gonna go to sleep now. I’m so tired and cold, and I want to be as far away from that window as I can right now…


Chapter End Notes:

So, we didn't have much giantess action in this chapter, but it was essential for the plot. As an apology, I'll leave you with this reminder: Sam and Ash have the entire weekend ahead of them!

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