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Author's Chapter Notes:

Looks like Sam's little secret is no longer really a secret. Let's see how things go with Ashley.


 “Sam?” A soft voice calls. I open my eyes to a vague abstract painting. Blue is the dominant color. It always is.

“Sam? Can you hear me?” the soft voice asks again. The colors begin retracting into distinguishable shapes. I notice Ashley’s large eyes first, and then the warm and soft surface I’m lying on. I stare at Ash’s eyes, still motionless. I… I’m not sure about her feelings…

“Sam?” she asks again. Her eyes are getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger… my world is blue now. I can see my face’s reflection in her dark pupil. I nod.

“Oh thank God!” she says. The blue orbs are getting smaller now. I’d better sit up.

“Easy there.” I feel something soft on my back, helping me up. It hurts, and I try to look behind. Is that Ash’s finger?

“I… I’m okay, Ashley.” I manage to say hoarsely. I’m covered in something white.

“Oh, okay.” Ash says, still looking down towards me. I want to look back, but I feel embarrassed. I’d better take a look around instead. She’s covered me with a thick white tissue, I think. It’s good, I prefer not to be both small AND naked in front of her right now. I think I’m sitting on a towel.  Good thinking Ash, my back must be covered in bruises. It sure as hell hurts a lot. My entire body does.

“I… I thought it’d be best if I covered you with something.” She says from above. I look back at her this time. My neck hurts.

“Thank.” I reply. She notices anything I do from up there. I’m feeling so uncomfortable right now.

“So… how have you been?” I ask her, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

“Oh.” Ashley says. Now she’s struggling with herself. Now she’s giggling. Why is she giggling? “I…I’m fine Sam thank you very much. How are you?” she continues, still chuckling.

“I’m good.” I answer. Oh stupid me. Why would you ask how she’s been? But what else was I supposed to say?

“Sam, what the hell has happened to you? Why are you so small?” she says. She looks serious now, maybe even worried?

“I don’t know, Ash.” I reply. I can feel my cheeks burning. “I was in chemistry class when my compound exploded. Next thing I know is that I’ve shrunk to… to this size.”

“You SHRUNK? How is that even possible?” Ashley asks. Movement to the right again. My reflex kicks in without any thought, and I quickly bend my back and raise my right arm to cover my face.

“OH, SORRY!” Ash screams hastily from above. I look over my still raised forearm to see what that was. Ashley’s giant hand is on the desk to my right, her index finger is pointing alongside me.

“I just wanted to see how small you are…” She continues. I look up. She looks ashamed, and so do I. Who’d react to a girl’s finger like that? Damn it.

“It’s okay Ash. It was just an impulse…” I tell her. Her head is a hundred feet above me. I can see up her nostrils from here!

“I’m so sorry Sam, about what I did to you. I was so freaked out when I woke up and saw you from that close!” She says hastily, before I get a chance to react.

“What do you mean THAT CLOSE? I thought you freaked out because I was so small!” What, me being close to her is the highlight of our day together, but not me being 3 inches tall? What the fuck did I ever do to her?

“Yes, that too, and…well I didn’t expect to see you in my room! I mean, I didn’t notice you were so small. You were so close to me!” she says apologetically. At least she has the decency to try to fix it. But I didn’t expect that kind of reaction, to tell the truth.

“I was so worried that I’d accidentally killed you! You were out for a good ten minutes.” She continues. Her tone is remorseful, and I think she’s about to cry. I notice my stomach rumbling again. Oh, food!

“Ash… have you got anything to eat?” I ask her, clenching my stomach. It hurts so badly.

“SURE! SURE!” she shouts suddenly, standing up. She looks so tall from here, now that she’s on her feet. “Just hang in there, I’ll be back.” She continues before running out of the room. Her bare feet sound so loud thumping on the wooden floor. She is out of my sight now. I have nothing else to do but stare at her empty room. It looks as big as a stadium to me now… strange.

 I look at the things on her desk. There’s just a cup full of pens and pencils to my left. Each pen is like a pillar to me, how comforting! I look right, a couple of text books and notebooks are stacked on the far side of the desk. There’s a couple of small figures of gnomes standing in a line next to the stack of books. I’m not even going to think about comparing size with them. Let’s see what else is here, some nail polish bottles next to the figures, these are closer to me. Some earrings, an almost entirely rubbed off eraser, and me staring back. I stare at my reflection in the mirror, boy do I look like a mess! My hair is unkempt, and it looks oily. Must be because of the sweat and vomit. I don’t even want to think about the day I’ve had so far.

I hear footsteps, and soon after, Ashley comes into the room. She’s holding something in her hand.

“Here.” She says, putting five giant biscuits next to me on top of each other. I can smell the strong scent of vanilla from here. I can’t control myself anymore, I’d better get up, but slowly. I don’t intend to piss away my last shred of manhood by falling in front of her! I look pathetic as it is, and it’s even worse when you’ve lived your entire life as a badass. People expect certain things from you, and not being able to stand up on your feet while you’re smaller than a pencil is not one of them. I got a rep to protect here!

I slowly stand up, my legs are trembling but I think I can make it to the biscuits. Ash is slowly raising her hand. I think she’s being so slow so she won’t alarm me again. Her hand is coming my way now. “I got this, Ash.”

“Oh, okay.” She says, putting her hand on her lap quickly. She is sitting at the desk now, and is staring at me relentlessly. No wonder I feel so uncomfortable. I hold onto the tissue, covering myself with it like a robe. I feel exposed as it is, and showing off little Sam will not help it. Not that I’m ashamed of it, it’s huge, or at least it used to be huge. I bet it’d still be bigger than yours if you were 3 inches tall! Anyway, moving on from my manhood.

I step toward the stack of the golden biscuits, it’s as high as my waist, and the smell is getting stronger with each step I take. I finally reach it, and put my hand on the top to help support my weight. I’m still very tired. I’d better break off a corner of the top biscuit, there’s no way I can lift an entire one like this. I pull the top biscuit toward myself with my right hand, my left hand is still holding the tissue tightly around me. I can feel Ash’s gaze. I put my elbow on the biscuit and get ready to break it. Okay, 1, 2, 3…. UMPH… damn it, why is it so thick? UMPH… almost…. ALMOST… damn it!  I can’t break it off…

Ash’s giant hand comes down slowly, I step away from the stack of biscuits, with the tissue still around me. It somehow feels good around my naked body.

“Let me help you, Sam.” Ashley says in a flat voice. Her voice is too flat, as if she is trying to devoid it of any emotions. Is she talking like this so I won’t feel humiliated?

She holds a corner of the top biscuit between her index and her thumb, and easily breaks it off. I’m suddenly getting the urge to look away, but the smell makes me keep looking at the biscuit in her hand. Now she is bending her wrist towards me very slowly. You don’t have to be in slow motion for the rest of the day, Ash! It’s not like I’m afraid of your hands or something. You just jumped me! But I’d better not tell her that. Okay, now she is holding the small piece of biscuit in front of me, it’s still between her fingers. 

Honestly, I’m too hungry to give a damn about how humiliating it must look. You know, her feeding me by the hand. I snatch the biscuit from between her fingers and sit down to eat it. I’m still covered with the tissue.

Ashley is laying her forearm down on the table now. She’s still in the slow motion mode. I take a bite at the thick piece of biscuit in my hand. Sweet lord! Mmmm, it tastes soooo good. I can’t see Ashley’s face, let me look up… she’s still staring at me, creepy! I’d better ignore her. I look back at the piece of biscuit and take another bite. It tastes so sweet in my mouth. Oh, what food of gods is this? Never thought a biscuit could taste this good.

Oh great! Now Ashley’s resting her chin on her forearm on the desk, and she’s STILL STARING AT ME! Dude, creepy! The tip of her nose is at the same level as my head now. I look at her, her blue eyes are still looking down towards me. She smiles with her big, pink lips. Oh… okay… I smile back. I couldn’t possible feel more uncomfortable right now. I’m just going to keep staring at the piece of biscuit…

“So, how did you end up in my room?” I hear her say. Her damp breath washes over me, but I like how it feels. It’s warm. I have to look back at her now, otherwise she’d think me weak.

“I hid in your backpack.” I say as seriously as I can. Okay, I shouldn’t have said it so seriously now that I think about it. My seriousness just made it funnier. Oh great, Ash’s smile just got wider. I can see her white, giant teeth now.

“How the hell did you do that?” she says, still smiling. How the hell do you think, Ash?

“I got into your side pocket back in chemistry class.” I say, this time trying to keep a normal tone. She appears to be thinking now.

“Oh! Right!” she finally says, her eyes suddenly look worried. “You… you mean you were inside my backpack the ENTIRE afternoon? Why didn’t you show yourself to me sooner?”

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I was afraid you’d swat me mid-air like a fly? Or maybe I wasn’t too eager to show myself to my ex, who presumably hates me and that’s why she broke up with me? Oh shit, she’s waiting for an answer.

“I…I didn’t get the chance. You were always in company.” I reply as innocently as I can.

 “Yeah, right…” she replies. Her eyes suddenly got wide, did she remember something?

“Julia said something was on her foot, during lunch time. It wasn’t you by any chance, was it?” she asks. Her smile is back again. She’s enjoying this, isn’t she?

“Nope.” I say, shaking my head from left to right. “I never left your backpack.”

“You sure Sam?” she says. She’s not resting her head on her forearm anymore. Instead, she’s getting closer to me! Okay, too close now Ash. Too close… ok, the tip of her nose is now practically in my face. She’s grinning.

“You didn’t let your foot fetish get the best of you, you naughty boy?” she says. Her breath feels almost hot now that she’s so close.  I must take a stand now, before this broad thinks she has any dominance over me.

“First of all.” I say, standing up, still clutching at the tissue around me. I feel stronger now. “I have a very mild foot fetish, and that’s just for fun!”

“OH, COME ON!” she yells heartily, leaning back all of a sudden. I have to look up now to look at her face. I think I liked it better when we were at the same level.

“You’d kiss and rub my feet any chance you’d get. I don’t think it’s as mild as you think it is.” She says. She has an evil grin on her face.  I must confess, she looks hot.

“No I didn’t.” I shout back. What? I really didn’t! “You’re flattering yourself, Ashley.”

“Yeaaaaah, right!” she says mockingly. She is looking naughty now. HAWT!

“Would you like to see how my pretty feet look at this size?” Oh, really, Ash? You know one weakness in a man and you use that against him? She’s still looking at me, grinning. The thought would be much more tempting if I hadn’t humped Julia’s big toe just a couple of hours ago, and that other thing that happened when you were away. HAHA, no luck here, Ash.

I look at her, as brazenly as I can, and I reply: “NOPE!”

Her grin has disappeared, and she now looks surprised. Haha! Got you!

“Are you sure? I just used my peach lotion on them… and they must look so big to you…”

I try to look interested for a moment. Her grin is reappearing. Now we go for the blow.

“Nah, I think I’m good.” I reply. Her grin dies for the second time. Heh. “I’d rather have some more of that biscuit though!”

“Really?” she says. Why is she smiling again? “Well, get it yourself!”

Damn it, didn’t expect this one. I’d rather die before begging her though. So I stand up, holding the tissue around me with my right hand now, and walk to the stack of biscuits again. I can feel that I’m still tired, but at least my legs don’t tremble under my weight anymore. I pull the top biscuit towards me, so the corner of it is not resting on the lower biscuits in the stack. I hold on to the corner with my left hand, and raise my right hand up. I intend to break it off with a strong karate move. I raise my right hand up as much as possible, my muscles should be able to handle this with ease. I use all the strength in my shoulder and my right arm. “Hiiiiiiiiya!” I shout madly as my hand comes down towards the golden biscuit like thunder and…. OUCH! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! It hurts so baaaaad… OOPS!

I suddenly feel cold. I look at my body. The tissue has fallen down and it’s now crumbled at my feet. I stare at little Sam dangling down there for a moment, then I look up only to come face to face with Ashley, whose nose is suddenly in my face again. We stare at each other for a moment, without either of us even flinching, then her cheeks inflate. Her eyes’ expression turn from amazement to joy, and then she explodes.

“HAHAHAHAHAH” she laughs hard, quickly leaning back on her chair. Her belly and breasts are going up and down fast, and she is laughing hysterically. Her head is tilted back on the chair. I bend down to grab the damned tissue. My entire face is burning.

“OH MY GOD!” she finally says, gasping for air. “Sam…” she struggles to say something, but she bursts into laughter again as soon as she sees my face. She is practically crying now… K

She finally stops, and is now looking at me. “Oh, I’m so sorry Sam.” She says, still smiling. Yeah, I bet you are, Ash…. Her hand is reaching for the biscuits now.  She breaks off another piece and holds it in front of me. At least she’s got out of the slow-mo. I take it from her, and grab a bite.

“It’s just so weird, Sam.” She says, her voice is hoarse from all the laughter. “When I saw you lying on my carpet, I thought I was still asleep and dreaming. Does anybody else knows you’ve got this small?”

“No.” I say, regretting the thought instantly. What the fuck, Sam? You just said that she can do anything to you without anyone ever knowing, STUPID!

“I see.” She says, thinking. “So, why me?”

“Excuse me?” I reply. What does she mean?

“Why did you hide in MY backpack, why not someone else’s? I thought you and Kyle were very close. We haven’t really talked much since…”

I don’t even want to hear about the beak up. I’d better interrupt her before she mentions it:

“I don’t know, Ash...” actually I do know. “...It felt like the right thing to do, you know...” Nope, yours was the only backpack in the classroom. “...And I somehow KNEW you are the kind of person who’d take care of me....” Actually, I was scared shitless of you just half an hour ago. What? Chicks love to hear deep emotional bullshit like that.

“Oh, Sam.” She replies softly. There, didn’t I tell you? “I’m glad you think of me like that. But, what should we do now?”

Okay, this is something I haven’t thought about. I need to plan ahead from now on. First, I need to regain my strength.

“A bath would be nice.” I tell her.

“A bath?” she repeats, puzzled. Come on, Ash. You were smarter than this. “Oh, okay... should I bring some hot water here?”

“That’d be nice.” I reply. She walks out of the room again. All this filth is getting on my nerves. I’ve been feeling itchy since I woke up, and I can’t wait to wash myself. I hear foot step again, Ash is back with a bowl in hand. The bowl is brown, and on it says ‘onion soup’. Hmm.

“Here.” She says, putting the bowl on the desk, next to me and the stack of biscuits. I can see steam coming from it. I walk to the bowl, just to realize that it’s as high as my shoulders. I doubt I can climb that high now, given my exhaustion and bruised body. I look at Ash.

“Do you want some help?” she says. She’s not being funny this time.

“Yes.” I reply plainly. I’ve been humiliated enough for one day, and I don’t intend to give her any more excuses to laugh at me. The curious look I’ve been getting the entire evening is enough for now.

She opens her hand and puts it on the desk right next to me, her palm is facing up. I climb up on her soft hand, still holding the tissue tightly. Then, I open my feet shoulder length to keep my balance as she raises her hand up. I can see that she’s being extremely careful, but still, standing on the soft, uneven palm of her hand isn’t easy. I’m finally at the same level as the bowl. There’s about a normal inch of warm water in it. The rising steam is welcoming, and I jump inside the bowl with the tissue still covering me.

The warm water surrounds me up to my waist. The tissue is now floating on the water. Oh, it feels so good… and warm! I feel a gaze on me, and I look up. Ashley is still over me, watching.

“Ehem. Can I have a little privacy here, Ash?” I ask her.

“Oh, sorry!” she says, disappearing instantly from my view. I’m only now realizing how much my back hurts. The water seems to ease the pain, but it can’t do any miracles. I let go of the tissue, and watch as it sinks into water. I’d better wash my face and hair now. I sit down, and take a deep breath, and now I’m dipping my head under the warm water.

I’ve been sitting here like I’m in a hot tub for a couple of minutes, and the water is now lukewarm. I think I’d better get out but I have nothing to cover my body with, and the bowl is still an obstacle for me. I wonder if Ash is still here.

“Ashley?” I shout from inside the bowl. A pretty face soon appears.

“Yes?” she says, looking down. I use the sunk wet tissue to cover my crotch, and then look up.

“Can you please get me another tissue so I can dry off?” I ask her.

“Sure, hold on.” She gets out of my sight again. I stand up, still trying to cover my crotch with the wet tissue. I doubt it’d hold up for much longer though. Now that I’m standing, I can see the room. Ash soon shows up, holding another tissue.

“Here you go, Sam.” She says, holding the tissue above my head, and within my reach. But I don’t want to get this one wet too.

“You know what?” I say, looking up at her. “Get me out of the bowl first. I don’t want to get it wet.”

“Oh, okay.” She says, putting the tissue on the desk. She cups her hand and lowers it into the bowl. I let go of the wet tissue and climb up. She raises her hand up to her eye level, and notices that I’m naked.

“Oh!” she yells. She looks startled. Little Sam must still look pretty impressive!

“What? It’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before.” I tell her, staring. I don’t know why I felt so exposed before, like some vulnerable damsel. It’s like what I always say: to prove you’re tough, show the stuff. Kyle never found that funny though, the fat ass sissy.

“Yeah, but we’re not in a relationship anymore…” she says while putting her cupped hand on the desk, with me still on it, holding to her middle finger for support. I climb down and go towards the dry, crumbled tissue. My body hurts with every step I take.

“Well, in case you have failed to notice, my clothes didn’t shrink down with me.” I tell her. I reach the tissue and turn my back towards her to bend down. She’s seen my ass too.

“Oh my God, Sam! Your back!” her worried voice comes from behind. I turn back a little too fast, and my back suddenly hurts. “Ouch” I say impulsively.

“Oh my God, Sam! There are so many bruises on your back! Did… did I do that? Oh my God, I’m so sorry Sam.” she says. I think her voice is trembling. I carefully turn back, this time using my legs instead of my waist. Just as soon as I can look towards where Ashley was sitting, I see two huge lips coming my way. The soft lips touch my face and chest, and do a small sucking motion. They disappear just as soon as they’d appeared. Ashley’s face is now in front of me. The blue of her eyes is now deeper… it only happens when she cries…

“Just… wait a moment, Sam.” She says. She then opens a drawer of her desk, and takes out a white and orange tube.

“Sam, why don’t you lie on your stomach on that tissue? Let me take care of your back for you.” She says softly. There’s still tears in her eyes. I feel like I should say something.

“It’s not really your fault, Ash.” I say uneasily. I’m not good at this sort of conversation.

“Just, lie down. Please?” she says again, almost begging this time. Okay, I don’t see why not. I let go of the tissue and lie down on it, my head is towards the mirror. I can see Ashley’s hands in the mirror. She’s opening the cap of the tube, and soon the sharp smell of ointment fills my nostrils. Ashley is now squeezing the tube on her index finger. A small glob of white ointment come out and lands on her fingertip. She then puts the tube away. Her finger is now hovering above me with the blob of ointment still sticking to its tip. She has rested her face on her forearm on the desk again, and her blue eyes are now visible to me. Her index finger is getting closer to my bare back, and it’ll touch me any moment now. She notices me looking at her in the mirror, and she smiles at me. The kind of happy, comforting smile that makes you feel like everything will be alright. She used to have at the beginning of our relationship, but it soon faded. God, how much I’ve missed this smile. I've been searching for it eversince, I never found it after Ashley though. The cold ointment comes in contact with my skin, and she begins to rub it with her tender index finger ever so softly on my back. The ointment heats up my skin, and soothes my pain. The heat and the harmonious feeling of Ash’s finger going up and down along my back, massaging it makes me drowsy. I’m still looking at Ash in the mirror. She’s now looking at my back, but she still has her old, familiar smile, and it is the last thing I remember.


Chapter End Notes:

And so ends Sam's first day as a shrunken man. hanks for reading, and let me know what you rhink through your 'preferably' kind comments ;)

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