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Shrink: Lilliputian (6 in. to 3 in.)
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Published: July 24 2014 Updated: July 24 2014
Story Notes:

I was a member of this website since June 22, 2012 and haven't had a single problem.  Almost 10 years!  I made friends and had 30 members who favored me.  My friends are no longer active.  Probably these kids who haven't been members long were immediately made administrators. What happened to Jacksmith, Emma gear, and Asukafan2000? Things were fine when they were in charge.

The new administrators brought up a sensitive subject on Discord that offended me.  When I spoke my mind while being offended, the moderators called me a "dick" and threatened to kick me off the server.  Offending members and then directly insulting them are two offenses that would get anyone kicked out.  So it appears that new management can offend members, call them dicks for being offended, and not get kicked off the server because they are the moderators. They can break their own rules but freedom of speech is not allowed once they insult you.  So high school!

It's a shame.  Since the Delete Story function doesn't work, I had to do it manually.  To my friends and followers, I am sorry but I am leaving.  If my leaving upsets you, then the new administrators owe you an apology.  If my leaving goes unnoticed, then I'm taking my stories and going home quietly.

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