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Erica set me down on a massive bed where she left the room leaving me alone in there. "Can you hear me in there?" Came her voice from a speaker in the corner of the room. I nodded a yes, assuming that she could see me as well. "We're going to show you certain pictures and we will see your reactions to them. There is no need to be embarrassed if we send you a picture that could give you an erection or make you think about something sexual."

I started to wonder what kind of experiment I'd gotten myself into. At first I thought that it was just an average social test, but now it looks a bit different. A screen appeared above my head showing me a picture of my sister. It must have been taken while she was with Erica as she was wearing the same clothes she was when we entered the place. On the screen that displayed my thoughts Erica could see my hatred for my sister and how I wished to get away from her as quick as possible.

The next picture was a credit card lined up against a ruler. It measured 3.5 inches. That was super random! How stupid is Erica I thought. Oops. I just remembered that Erica could see my thought so she mustn't have been happy with that. The next one was a collage of pics about a young girl in the underwear. It didn't show her face but it did show her ruby lips formed in the shape of a kiss. A pair of feet without one dead cell. They were sexy but not one that I'd fall heavenly over heels for. I hate people with these weird foot fetishes. Freaks!

One picture had a set of fairly flat B shaped breast. Then I looked over the final picture lying in the bottom right hand corner. OMG! What a sexy ass. Despite all her ok features she had a magnificent rear end that stuck out like a beauty. Hugged by the tiny strings of her thong that stopped about 10% of her huge ass from showing itself off to the world. I knew that all these thoughts were being displayed to the research team but I couldn't hold back my thoughts. Plus it was part of the info they needed so it wasn't embarrassing at all. I started to dream about being up close to her magnificent rear end.

"The test is now complete" came Erica's voice through the speaker. With that the screen disappeared preventing me staring and fantasising with something out of this world. "It is obvious that you were a bit excited about parts of this girl we have just showed you" she said sarcastically. We are now about to give you a chance to meet this girl face to face" she explained before cutting the communications. This was amazing. I sat up quickly waiting for this girl to appear before my eyes.

Suddenly the walls divided in 2 and the girl walked in with her cute underwear on. Unfortunately I couldn't see her face but as she turned around I was mesmorised by how large her butt was. From about 20 meters away I could see it reaching out to me like it wanted me to touch every part of it. I definitely wanted to do that. Still with her back to wards me she slowly walked closer to me. My dangling legs were shaking with utter excitement.

Time slowed down making me even more sadder to get a between glimpse of this girls rounded ass. Now she was just a few meters away from me. I had my mouth wide open in shock. It was not because of how close I was to this georgous woman, but of how much taller she was. She absolutely towered over me with her blonde hair dangling like ropes tied to the top of her massive face. She turned around revealing a devilish grin on her face. Then her massive ass lowered down on me where could do no more than scream in terror until the massive object consumed me under one of her cheeks.

With massives of pressure on me, being smothered all over my a massive squishy butt cheek and being scared out of my mind, I could comprehend that the girl I was fantasising about her ass was in fact my sister Tilly.

She wriggled on top of me trying to get comfortable, which put heaps of pressure pushing down on my tiny body. I felt immense pain but I was not crushed. I gasped for fresh air after she lifted herself off me and walked away. Once I'd gotten my breath back and rose to my feet I figured that I should get out and find help. But as soon as I turned around I saw the smile of Erica who'd appeared out of nowhere. "Enjoying the experiment so far" she laughed whist intimidating my tiny figure.

I screamed up to her that I demanded to know what happened to me. She then explained how the experiment was only set up to benefit my sister and that because of the picture test I would be shrunken to the size of a credit card which was 3.5 inches and used by my sister. She did that whist keeping the same smile she always kept since I first saw her but for the first time it looked more menacing and cruel that kind and polite.

She scooped me up in one hand and carried me out the room where Tilly was waiting for me dressed in her normal clothes. Erica handed me to her with a piece of paper and a small jar of a strange liquid. She led Tilly out the door and told her to have fun before leaving me and her alone on the streets. A very evil grin slid across her face suggesting to me that I was not going to enjoy my experience. "This is going to be fun" she giggled to me. She then unzipped her handbag and placed me inside.

I bounced around inside as she walked. I was flung into her bar of lipstick, phone, keys, gum. Then I hit a load of used tampons which then fell down on top of me pinning me to the bottom of her handbag. I was stuck there for the 30 minutes it took for her to get back home where our 'fun' would begin.
Chapter End Notes:
Hey guys! Sorry about posting this chapter much later after I started it ages ago. My most recent story The life after death didn't really feel like it was going anywhere, so I deleted it. Family time is a bit of a bust at the moment. Also the wrong people to annoy is just a range of short stories so I will still be posting those from time to time. I hope you enjoy this and let me know how you felt about this chapter in the reviews.
Thanks again.

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