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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sex-heavy Chapter, story moves after this one.

"It's just such a relief to... just have someone to speak to." Nihad said, and flopped down on the pillows, an action that nearly upended Maria but ended up just sliding the pillow she was on some as she brought her nearly twenty tons of weight down on the pillows - obviously magicked to take that sort of sudden weight without bursting, there was not even any rumble on the ground as Maria sometimes felt when Nihad walked.

 "I can imagine. Companionship is a wonderful thing, after so long I'd imagine." Said Maria as she wiped her hands and moved to go closer. "Room for one more?"

"I think I can squeeze you in."  Nihad turned her head to the side to track Maria's movements. "Later on, now that I have the proper ingredients, I can make the growth and reduction potions. If my estimates are correct, this will make it so that you stand about navel tall to me."
Nihad reached over and gently lifted Maria up onto her stomach, letting her down there. "You have done so much for me so far, Maria... I would ask you if there were any boon I could grant for you in return."

"I dunno hun, I'm rather liking this so far." Maria said, stretching out on the stomach as she added contentedly. "I feel like a big, friendly cat."

She smiled down at her, and began stroking over her body slowly. "You're much more talkative than any cat I've ever heard of."  Nihad replied.
"You have no questions of me, no curiosities that need fulfilling? Indeed, it makes me feel like I'm gaining more from this than you"

She shuddered with pleasure from the stroking, before asking seriously. "Umm... Am I...Desirable? To you?" Maria craned her head to look at her before asking. "Its a small thing. But then again, compared to you...So am I."

"Mm... yes. It is why I wanted to get the potions made so soon. So that I could express that in more traditional ways. At our current size difference, I'd imagine a large portion of what I could do to express my attraction to you might be downright frightening to you instead."
She gave Maria a little squeeze during that speech, from side to hip, with one hand. Maria was truly doll-sized to her, but it didn't matter to Nihad.

 "...And if I said I was curious as to what it'd be like at this size, what then?" Maria asked, hugging the hand that surrounded her.

"Well, I had been thinking over various ideas..." She said earnestly. "Some of which involve you trusting me quite a lot. At your size, if I tried pleasuring  you with my mouth...." She blushed unable to continue. She wanted to, but mer mouth just moved without words issuing for a moment.
"Well, I'd imagine it might be rather frightening for you." She concluded.

She was silent. Contemplating this before slowly, her hands began to play around her belt as she slowly, began to remove it. Like a striptease, drawing it out for her sight. "...I trust you."

Nihad smiled. "Then when you are ready, journey up  to my face."  She rearranged the pillows so that she was at an angle slightly, gazing down at the woman undressing for her pleasure.

 "I've always been a little curious." Maria said, breathing heavily as she hesitated. And then finally, stripped bare of her bottoms, turning around to reveal legs toned and muscular from her lifestyle, as well as scars, her hand covering her mound before finally revealing. "It's... Not as good a body as others."

"It's wonderful, Maria. And do  you know why? Because you decided to show it to me. Besides, my own body is not as good as others too, and you seem to like me well enough. I think we can agree to find each other very attractive."
She was actually licking her lips, imagining what she'd do with - and to - Maria now. The desire in her eyes was unmistakable.

She shuddered, pressing her thighs together in a burst of pleasure as she began to move her hand downwards to rub gently, in wanton view, gaining a thrill from doing so before her. Just before she paused before her, around her breasts as she spoke coyly, her confidence returning. "How do you want me?"

She reached for Maria and brought her to her own face. First she gave the usual kiss, covering her entire face, then kissed again, lower, this time those lips parted some and with a gentle but firm pressure, Maria felt both of her breasts pressed between Nihad's lips. The giantess drew in air lightly, causing a breeze and a bit of suction on Maria's chest.

Then, a slow, deliberate lick, from Maria's hips up to her shoulder. Several of them.
"I'd like to try taking one of your limbs into my mouth. I will be so gentle my dear." She promised, large eyes full of adoration and more than a little lust.

It was like being caressed in a tongue bath. One that felt, very, very- Maria shuddered, slightly dazed at the sensations. And the answer she gave was to deliberately, raise her leg, spreading and revealing herself as her foot pressed gently against her lip.

Nihad supported Maria's back with her hand, and with an actual moan of pleasure, let the woman's leg slide in past her lips, until it was fully inside, Nihad's lip pressed against that small mound of Maria's on one side, as her other lip slipped around her buttocks.
She then began a very gentle suckling, that leg resting softly on the hot tongue, inside of her mouth. Nihad moaned softly, the sound vibrating Maria all over and to the core.

"Oh gods". Maria whispered, moaning in turn, her mouth watering in need now to return the favor as she breathed out, spreading wider for more of that tongue. "That feels so good..."

Nihad  opened her mouth a bit wider then, slowly, and carefully, took all of Maria into her mouth until her rear end rested on Nihad's lip, which she'd curled in to cover her teeth so that Maria wouldn't be resting against something so hard.

The tongue, writhed and moved around, first, Maria's legs were atop that hot, moist muscle, and then underneath it. The suckling continued. Because of the size difference, the tongue felt somewhat rough, but not like a cat tongue, more like a smooth, yet very bumpy leather.

Nihad held onto Maria firmly at her middle with thumb and forefinger so that she would not be drawn further in - not that an effectively nine inch tall item could be swallowed, but if she was brought in too far it would cause the gag reflex and she feared her teeth would cause damage if she had to suddenly gag like that.

"Oooooooh!" Maria's voice trailed off, her body shaking and not from the seat she was on. This was the most unusual and erotic situation she found herself in, and she shuddered. Her voice plantive and pleading in a way she never knew she was capable of. "More... Please- I can't-Oh!" Her toes curled at the pressure.

Nihad carefully encircled Maria's stomach with two fingers, so she could manipulate her tongue more strongly and lap at her new herald. The bumps of that tongue being a stimulus like nothing else Maria would ever feel outside of this situation.
She moaned again, causing that vibration throughout Maria's body, as she very lightly swallowed, because of the saliva buildup of having something in her mouth, and lapped more firmly at the crux of the woman's legs. She couldn't do more than the equivalent of rubbing a large towel across Maria's crotch, but she hoped that the suction and vibration from her moans would make up for the lack of ability to pay attention to detail.

Maria came...And was very vocal about it. Her voice shaky as her body trembled and she panted, her legs twitching in time inside her mouth as she said wistfully. "...I want to do something for you now."

After one very long suction on Maria, Nihad drew her friend out of her mouth and laid her back on her stomach. "Mm, well, I enjoyed that as well, so in a way you have... but, I do admit that I am quite aroused at the moment and would very much like you to."
Nihad wriggled her way out of her clothes, managing to keep Maria balanced on her stomach until this was complete.

"So you want to do something for me too, little lover?" She brought Maria back to her lips for one more kiss before maneuvering around, her own legs spread wide. Even bent at the knee, Nihad's legs towered nearly ten feet from the floor as the giantess set Maria on the pillow that Nihad sat on. The neatly trimmed hair of the Adite's crotch was already glistening with the moisture caused by her mouth play with her new lover.
"There is my temple, for you to worship at however you choose, Maria my love."

"I feel like a child at a sweet shop." Maria breathed out, the heady musk filling the air and making her head spin as she approached and gently, gauging her sensitivity slid her hand along the soft, slick sides as she began to moan low as her arousal piqued again just by touching it.

Nihad shuddered some, a gasp coming from her at that slight touch. "Such a light touch..." She whispered. "You can use more pressure, that's almost ticklish at this point."
Still, Nihad's toes curled in pleasure at this attention, and her hands went to her own breasts, massaging them gently.

"Like this?" Maria used both hands now, treating it as a sensual massage as she pressed harder, sliding down and up the soft, arousing cunt lips of Nihad before on impulse, leaning forward to run her mouth up one side as she sighed in mild frustration. All of a sudden, wishing she was taller as she looked at her lovers clit.

"Mmmm... much nicer... I... I've never had anyone touch me where you are, ever. You are my first, little lover... and my only ever, if I have anything to say about it."  Nihad fluffed up the pillow some, unsettling Maria for a moment, but giving her a better angle at Nihad's crotch now.

"Much better." Maria purred, using the opportunity to place her lips around the distended clit as she reached over...Sucking it like a cock, sliding her mouth up and down around it as her saliva coated and lubricated it as she sighed out in bliss...And in the process of doing so, shoved her arm to the elbow inside of her lover in abandon.

 "Oh!" Maria was nearly tossed clear as she reacted with a jerk to the sudden grab, and again at the intrusion inside her body. "Ohh heavens above... It won't be long at this rate until you'll have gotten very wet agaiinn.." The last word was drawn out and fell into being a moan of pleasure.
Nihad's hands now gripped pillows at her side, her crotch trembling and held as still as possible. She didn't want to jostle her little lover from her task, it was an ultimate tease for her, and one that would, as she said, quickly bring her to climax if Maria kept this treatment up for any length of time.

That was utterly adorable of Nihad, trying so hard to remain still. This close, inside her as she moved her arm at random and wildly alongside teasing that delicious clit, Maria felt so empowered, knowing she was doing this to her...That this giantess was about to cum because of her small efforts. Maria couldn't get enough of it, slathering her tongue all over that delicious clitoris. "Then what are you waiting for lover? Cum! Cum for me!"

Somehow, more than anything else, the words brought that about. Maria felt Nihad convulse around her arm, and hot, warm liquid was pumped out from inside several times.
The moan was incredibly loud, tearing out of her very soul.
Then, Nihad reached down. "Trust me." She said, then maneuvered Maria, placing her feet at her entrance then shoving inward, getting the woman as far in as her waist, the warm walls still convulsing around her.
She supported Maria's back with her hand, so that while she was hip deep inside Nihad, her top half was held gently in place.

"Oooh!" Maria said, surprised. Pushed inside the pulsating warmth that was Nihad's cunt, and experimentally, she began to kick her feet and wriggle her body as she moved her arms to wrap her hands around that clit, jacking it off and tugging and pulling with abandon as she laughed at her current position, thinking it incredible.

"Ohhh  Gods above." Nihad whispered. Her intent was to work the woman in and out of her, but now, she just held Maria in place while she did her thing, a living, kicking pleasure source.
Then, again, a deep moan shattered the air, and the convulsions began, almost painfully tight around Maria.
With a gasp, she slipped Maria gently out of her and laid her across the now very matted, wet patch of hair on her crotch. "I've never experienced anything so amazing..."

"You and me both." Maria said with a laugh, and a wide, broad smile as she crawled up to curl up and smile on Nihad's stomach. "Do you have something I could clean up in?"

"Yes... my wash basin."  She sat up, and picked Maria up. "But first..." She  went through a quick succession of sucking gently on each of Maria's arms and legs before standing with her and going across to the metal basin, which was empty right now.
"I'll get some warm water, love." She sat Maria down in the basin and went to get the waterskin she left hanging outside, warming for just such a purpose, washing up that is.

Maria giggled, the action both teasing and amusing to her as she sat down and waited. Sighing out in bliss. Spent, exhausted and a smile on her face.

Nihad came back in and kneeled near the the basin, uncorking the waterskin, then began slowly pouring water over her, putting her hand between the stream and Maria, so it spread out and sprinkled over her.
"I'll be right back, I have some oils I use for soaps."

Chapter End Notes:

Fixed the tense and who says what issues here. Please take a look at Hiding as well if you like this one, which is slower paced but going to be part of a very long work.

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