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Author's Chapter Notes:


This chapter is setting up the background, just to help you know some of the main characters before the shrinking begins.


I promise the GTS stuff will start in Chapter 2, so stay tuned :)

Richard Lennox was a busy young man. He felt like he hadn't left his computer screen in ages. He was the lead associate on the Grinder Oil Corp case. There was a lawsuit against the company for groundwater contamination. The EPA was demanding $1 billion for the cleanup of the water supply in the New York City metro area.  

It was his job to find loopholes that could prevent Grinder from having to pay too much to help with the cleanup. Could it even be proven that Grinder was responsible for enough to pay out a billion dollars? Grinder was a big oil company- but it wasn't an Exxon Mobil or even a Hess.

With that said, Rick was reminded of how unethused he was about his job. He wasn't one to get excited about helping rich corporations avoid doing what should be their public duty- that was probably why people, such as him, were paid so well. The pay was about the only good thing about his job. It was long hours and a cold-hearted environment without a soul.

It would all be worth it though. Rick was counting on being promoted to partner very soon. He was the best associate in the firm - and also the one who had been there the longest of the associates: six long years. The rest of his starting class had moved on to other jobs. In the past year, Rick had devoted his life to the job - going above and beyond to be the firm's best asset. He was set to have a draft of the case plan to the junior partner, Mickey Weinberg, by midnight.

The anxiety was rising up in Rick though. This was around the time that people were notified of promotions - the beginning of June. He heard nothing yet.

He heard a soft and sweet, "Hey, Rick."

Rick looked up from his laptop and saw that it was Amy Wong, one of the first-year associates. Amy always managed to brighten his day. She was smart, hard-working, and polite. It also didn't hurt that she was gorgeous - a petite Asian girl who always dressed smartly.

"Hey Amy. What's up?"

"I was doing research on that case back in 2010 like you asked and I..um...you're probably going to tell me that I wasted a lot of time."

"Have faith in yourself. Tell me what you discovered."

"Okay", said Amy with a gulp, "well.. I noticed that the scope of the damage was pretty close to the case we're working on now - but Citgo only had to pay $300 million - I did some calculations and adjusted it for inflation and to allow more time to pass for the oil to sit and umm....Grinder should only have to dish out $500 million at most."

Rick was impressed.

"Wow, this definitely seems promising. I'll take a look at your numbers - and if it makes sense- it's going in the report. Mickey's kind of a meathead, but I'll walk him through it."

"Thank you, Rick", said Amy with a soft smile. 

"It's getting late. You should probably head home."

"Oh no. I couldn't. Are you leaving the office now?"

Rick laughed out loud. Of course not.

Amy laughed softly and said, "I also got some report writing to finish up for Jack. It's for ToysRUs."

It was scary to think how time flew so fast. Rick remembered when Jack started at the firm as a first-year and now he was making the lives of first-years miserable. Rick was easy on them in comparison. He tended to do much of the grunt work on his own.

"I'll have to kick his ass later", joked Rick, "good luck."

"Thanks. Can I channel some of your brilliance into me?"

"Nah. You'll be dumber if you try that. You're the smartest person I know."

"Tee hee. You are such a flatterer."

"I guess it's time for us to get back to work before we lose our jobs."

"Oh, right... see you later, Rick."

Rick smiled as Amy headed back to her cubicle. If his ex-girlfriend was half as sweet as Amy, they would still be together.


Mickey had already gone home for the night, probably to do more work while spending "quality time" with his wife and toddler son. Rick left the draft of the case report on Mickey's desk.

Amy had really helped him with that calculation. Rick made sure to leave a post-it note on the sheet saying, "Amy worked on this." He figured that she deserved some recognition for her good work. She was bright and conscientious but meek and unassuming. Amy didnt have the fiery ambition and assertive personality that Rick used to ensure he was recognized during his first year. He wanted to help her as much as he could.

Rick was heading back to his desk when he could hear a conversation from Chad Millburn's office. Chad was one of the three managing partners. Rick couldn't help but walk a little slower to see if he could hear anything. 

Rick  heard, "promote you to junior partner." So, promotions were happening.

He then heard another voice, "Thank you Chad for this opportunity."

Jack Lombardi? That guy was getting promoted to partner?? Rick had to admit that Jack wasn't a bad lawyer - but Rick once supervised over this guy when he was a first-year. Now, Jack was going to become a partner and nothing for Rick yet.. yet... maybe the promotion was coming, thought Rick optimistically.. maybe...

Rick headed back to his desk and waited to see when Jack finished. Rick would have to talk to Chad tonight.


Rick certainly wasn't a shy guy when it came to pursuing what he wanted.

After some small talk with Chad, Rick went straight for the jugular - "Am I being promoted to partner?"

 "Sorry kid", said Chad with a pitiful smile, "you are simply too young."

"29 isn't young at all. Back in colonial times, people fucking died at that age on a regular basis."

"Different era. We do appreciate your hard work and everyone likes working with you."

 I brought in three of your clients, thought Rick.

"I know", Rick grumbled.

"How old were you when you started working for Reged and Viceara?"


"You're a fucking prodigy, I know that.. but, our youngest partner is 31. Wait a year or two and you'll get it."

That youngest partner was Jack. Rick couldn't believe how screwed over he was because of age.

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me", responded Rick politely.

"You're welcome. Now, let's make sure we can help Grinder Oil pay as little as possible. Their profits only increased by 2%, which is only a little above the expectation of a 1.5% increase by the analysts. Grinder's success is our success."

"Definitely, sir."


It was 1 AM and Rick didn't give a fuck about anything. The firm had admitted a new partner, but it wasn't him. Rick went to O'Malley's, a popular bar in the Financial District.

Rick didn't get what he felt he deserved. Too young.. my ass.. they liked Jack better, not because he was actually a better attorney - but rather, Jack was a good-old kissasser. The new partner should have been him, thought Rick angrily.

What if the partners could see what everyone else saw? Rick was pathetic.

His last girlfriend, Courtney Rosenberg, had cheated on him with some slick city bartender. Courtney was a control freak and a bitch with a touch of paranoia. Courtney had cheated on Rick because she thought he was fucking some bimbo named Jenny who they met at a mutual friend's wedding. However, Courtney was hot and from an extremely wealthy family - her dad was a hedge fund manager who lived in Greenwich, Connecticut - that was probably a reason why Courtney was such a spoiled brat. Ever since they broke up two years ago, Rick was alone.

Well, not entirely alone... Rick's parents still lived on Long Island. He had an older brother who lived in Houston. However, the kind of alone Rick meant (without romance) was certainly true.

 Rick downed a shot of Jameson. He quickly downed another three shots. Yes, life was only worth living if he could do it just to drown himself in drunkenness. Some stupid ass pop song was playing.. about all the sex and booties. Rick needed that.

"What is a handsome, young man like you doing drinking by himself?"

Rick saw that a tall, voluptous blonde woman sat next to him. He noticed the six-inch high-heeled sandals on her feet. Rick was 6'0". The woman was probably taller than him in heels.

"I do what I want when I want", responded Rick.

"Then why do you look so glum?"

"You're calling my face ugly", joked Rick. He was one for wisecracks.

"Definitely not, sweetheart. What's wrong?"

"I just want to drink, that's all."

"You're lying to me. I can tell."

"Let me guess. Women's intuition?"

"Sort of", she responded with an oddly girlish giggle.

"While you're here, we might as well chat.. it might make me feel better."

"I was hoping you would say that", the woman cheered, "let's go to one of those couches on the upper level. My feet are killing me."

"Dancing too much at the nightclub across the street, huh?"

"You know me like the back of your hand."

Rick and the woman headed upstairs to the couches. There was something different about her. She was beautiful with double D breasts, but it was her vibe...it had attracted Rick, up to the point he could forget about his ex. Rick also couldnt help to notice that the woman was taller than him in heels - not much, she was 5'8" at most.

The two rested on the couch. Rick sat upright and the woman laid her body on the couch with her heels right by Rick's crotch.

"Damn, those heels are enormous. How do you walk in them?"

"It's magic."

Rick couldn't help to laugh. She was obviously joking, but she said it with such a straight face that the delivery was even better.

"I gotta know your name, magic girl."

"My parents had a perverted sense of humor - so they named me Magina."

"Magina? That is a beautiful name."

"Sure is. Ricky boy."

"Wait.. I don't think I ever told you my name."

"Women's intuition."

Something was definitely odd, but Rick was drawn to her long blond hair, her beautiful pearly white smile and, kind of embarrassingly, her well-pedicured feet by his crotch. Could this girl read minds or was Rick simply that easy to read?

"Would you mind giving my feet a massage, these heels arent exactly comfortable."

Rick nodded and unbuckled the straps off the heels and let them drop over by her long legs. Rick thought Magina had very pretty feet. Each foot was high-arched, small for her height but with long toes. The toes were polished bright red and she had a toe ring on the second toe of each foot.

Rick began kneading his fingers into the sole of Magina's right foot. She moaned softly and said, "My, you are a natural at this, Ricky." Rick then moved her foot to his face and began to kiss it. Rick was pleased that Magina was not disgusted by that.

His erection was bulging within his boxers at this point. Magina looked like she would be even better than Courtney at giving footjobs.

Rick then took Magina's foot and licked her big toe. Magina whispered, "that feels so nice." Rick then sucked on her toes - this woman was perfect. Fuck his job. It was awful. He wanted to work to bring pleasure to Magina instead.

Later, Rick and Magina went to Magina's apartment. Not surprisngly, she was gorgeous naked: double D breasts and a tight ass. Rick went behind Magina to give her a firm slap. Magina shivered and said, "I think my ass will like you as much as my feet do. Now, let's see if my pussy likes you too."

Rick found it so attractive that this very sexually comfortable woman was personalizing her body parts. He hoped he wouldn't ruin it for having a five-inch dick. But the two did fuck (with protection of course). Whether Magina was faking it or not, she definitely did seem pleased with Rick's thrusting. He loved her. He loved embracing himself into her soft skin. It was over far too soon. Rick came hard and he could feel the love juices seeping out of Magina. She must have loved it too.


"Wow, you were amazing" said Magina while panting, "would you like to stay for the night?"

"Why not? Just let me get my phone, I like to have it by my side."

"You're too cute. Okay, get some nice sleep."

"Good night, beautiful."

Rick opened his eyes. He could feel his iPhone by his chest, but it felt like he had sunk into the mattress. Wait a second, he couldn't get this blanket off of him. Hell.. he couldn't see a damn thing. Rick turned on his iPhone to get some light. He was definitely in an odd place. He had to figure it out. What the hell happened? Rick cursed himself for trusting Magina simply because of her sex appeal. What if she stole his stuff and dumped his body somewhere in an attempt to kill him? She could have been a total psycho.

Rick made his way out of his 'prison', but what he saw amazed him. He was on a golden landscape which felt oddly familiar and smelled like fresh coconut.

Rick then walked backwards and began to scream when he finally was able to figure out where he was. He was still on Magina's bed, but Magina was enormous. She was a true giantess and still asleep. Rick did some math in his head and figured he must have only been an inch tall. Magina must have shrunk him somehow.

Rick groaned. For a guy with a 160 IQ, he could make some pretty dumb decisions... this one might change his life forever and end it prematurely. At least if Magina did shrink him, she would be aware of his existence and Rick could figure out what the fuck was going on. Rick decided he would wait for Magina to wake up before making any moves.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you all are enjoying this story so far even though the GTS stuff won't really begin until the next chapter!

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