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Rick opened his eyes. He noticed that he was surrounded by flesh. Where the hell was he? It was dark inside. Rick put his hand on the flesh. He noticed that the skin was soft and the shape was oddly familiar.
Rick's whole world was shaking around him.
Rick laughed. He realized where he was. He was inside the bra of Amy. He didn't know how it happened, but he enjoyed being able to see Amy's "small" breast from above. It was probably a B cup, but it certainly overpowered him. He wondered what would happen if he took the risk of touching Amy's nipple. It wasn't that far up – compared to that of Magina or Courtney.

Rick smiled to himself and was ready to make his move, but then he heard a frantic, "Oh no, Rick!! Where are you?" Only if Amy knew where Rick was. Only if.

He heard Amy say, "Rick, I hope you can hear me. If you can, I want to say I'm sorry for losing you. I don't know what happened. I guess I fell asleep... ohmigosh." Rick wondered if Amy would think of looking inside her bra. She was a sweet girl – very innocent. Would Amy even think of the possibility? Rick supposed that he had to find a way to get Amy to notice him. It was time to play with Amy's nipple.

Rick jumped up off the bottom of Amy's bra and tapped the nipple with his hand. No reaction. Rick was too damn small and Amy was probably too rattled to get aroused easily.. easily was the word. Sometimes, good things take a lot of hard work. Rick continued jumping up and down and screamed on the top of his lungs, "AMY, I AM IN YOUR BRA!!! FIND ME!!!"

He felt the giantess begin to open up her cleavage. It was before Rick could harden Amy's nipple, but Rick supposed that was the best – for Amy's sake.
Amy took Rick out of her bra. Rick could see the look of relief on Amy's face. She smiled shyly at Rick and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Better than okay", said Rick, "that was fucking amazing. I don't know how it happened – but damn.." Rick stopped in his tracks. He didn't see Amy look any more comfortable or happy from his talk. Magina would have loved it, but Amy was different.

"I am a terrible giantess", said Amy, "you must be so excited to get back to Magina."

"No, you're not", said Rick, "I don't know how I got in your bra. Obviously, you don't either. Accidents happen. Please don't worry about this."

"I will try not to", said Amy, "I don't want anything bad to happen to you... but I'm such a klutz."

A memory suddenly hit Rick in the head.

Rick remembered working furiously at work one day. It was close to the holidays. None of the associates got as much work as Rick. He saw an email pop up from a recruiter. Rick would look at it later, but he had to get this work done. Rick was going to be partner in six months – he had to be made a goddamn partner. No one else was better than him. Everyone else was gallivanting and not being trusted with tough cases due to the "bottom line" or some other bullshit like that. Many of the partners were douchebags who never grew up and got enough power to stay satisfied, but those douchebags knew one way or another that Rick was the boy genius. Rick would stay at the firm just to get the promotion and see the look on every asshole's face when he got it. He could get any job he wanted in the city with his credentials anyway.

A second later, Rick could hear a loud "Oh my god, you're such a klutz! You can't even get my coffee to me – you idiot." Ugh, it was Lena giving some new person a hard time. Why was Lena always such a bully? It was the same bullshit all the time. Rick blamed Lena for at least three promising first-year associates switching firms.

He heard a soft, "I'm sorry, it was an accident."

"It's always an accident with you fucking klutzes. What the hell can I have you do for me?"

"Umm.. I'll clean up the coffee I spilled."

"Yea, you better. I'm going to go do some real work now. Don't bother bothering me for work."

"I'm sorry."


That was awful to listen to, Lena liked picking on the meek personalities who had a chance of upstaging her at the job. It didn't seem to work on the guys who were likely turned on by her bitchy behavior, but Lena caused many promising young women to jump ship.

Rick decided to help the new girl clean up the mess. He grabbed some napkins from his desk and walked over. Rick was definitely too absorbed in his work. He saw a list of new hires, but he hadn't talked to a single one since they started a month ago. Rick was too far up the food chain at this point to work with new hires.

He saw a petite Asian girl solemnly cleaning the spilt coffee.

"Need some help", asked Rick.

The girl looked up at Rick and said, "no, thank you. I got it handled."

"I'm sure you do, but cleaning up spilt drinks isn't exactly enjoyable. Let me help you."

"Thanks", said the girl, "I am honored that you would actually help me."

"Honored? Don't be silly."

"I've heard a lot about you. People have said you brought in clients for us."

"It was no big deal", said Rick, "are you talking about the person you think I am? What's my name?"

"Richard Lennox. You're the one lead associate I haven't met yet."

"What's your name?"

"Amy.. Amy Wong."

"Hi Amy, it's nice to meet you. I overheard Lena going ballistic at you."

"Don't be afraid to admit I'm a stupid klutz."

"Wait.. what!?!? No. I was going to say that Lena is kind of a bitch."

"She's very busy and doesn't have time for my stupid questions.. I guess.."

"She's very busy, huh? Well, I am super busy and..."

"Oh no, I'm sorry for distracting you."

"how would you like to help me instead?"

"I'm only going to make your life more difficult. Lena says that you re-write assistants' drafts from scratch and you'll think I'm an utter moron if I worked with you even once."

"Lena, huh? You've been working with her a lot."

"Yea", said Amy, "I guess, the partners thought it was a good idea to pair us up because we're both women."

"How about this", said Rick, "how would you like to work with me instead?"

"You can do that?"

"Yea", said Rick, "Max left last week anyway – so I could use a new teammate."

"Were you going to ask for one?"

"Not until I met you."

Rick saw the timid girl genuinely light up.

Rick decided from then on that he would help Amy get through the firm. As the months went by, Rick began to see a very smart, diligent, and kind-hearted young lawyer. Rick didn't know how he felt about Amy. He got some pleasure from watching her become a more confident lawyer. At least, she was more confident about bringing up ideas and interesting solutions to problems. Amy was brilliant. She wasn't a freak of a prodigy like Rick was, but Amy was bright and incredibly adept at research – she helped Rick a lot. Rick simply hoped that he had helped Amy in one way or another.

Out of the memory, Rick could see the tears in Amy's eyes. She really let some of this crap get to her.

"Some people are mean", said Rick, "but hey.. don't let that get you down."

"What if they are right?"

"They aren't", said Rick, "you can trust me. If I'm wrong, you can crush me like a bug."

"I could, huh", said Amy with a smile.

"Pretend I am Lena Morena. Be a klutz with her."

"Oh... I could never do that", said Amy, "even if it umm..."

"Umm.. what?"

"I'm sorry", said Amy, "oh, I know I shouldn't say it but.."

Rick did have an erection – damn his nakedness. Rick then said, "I hope this isn't going to change things between us but I was wondering if you wanted me to play with your pussy."

"Play with my pussy? Rick..I..uh.. can't.. believe it..."

"Yes", said Rick with confidence, "I want to play with your pussy. I want you to feel so good about yourself."

"You could die from this", said Amy, "oh no.. I feel like all I've been doing is taking from you. You have given me so much; you have helped me so much and now you want a situation where my sexual arousal could kill you? I can't.. I..."

"Come on", said Rick, "I know what I'm doing. You'll be feeling great and I'll be fine."

"Okay, then little bug", said Amy in a playful tone, "make me orgasm."

Amy took off her clothes and lied down on her bed. Rick ran over to her vagina. It was terrifying to think that it could be the pussy of the sweetest person he ever met could kill him. The thought brought Rick to full arousal. Unlike Courtney's pussy, Amy's pussy did not emanate a fragrance of arousal. Amy was likely too nervous about the whole thing to become horny. Rick began to softly rub Amy's labia. After a minute or two, Amy began to moan softly. She was getting into it.

Rick then began to rub his entire body onto Amy's vagina, suddenly her lips opened up and Rick fell inside. Wow.. he was actually inside of Amy. It was dark and wet. Rick could feel a long finger rub him onto the vagina.

"Oh, Rick. You feel so good down there", he heard Amy say from above. She was taken over by sexual arousal and Rick loved it.

He felt his body be rubbed onto the vaginal walls – then he was brought towards Amy's clitoris which looked engorged. Rick was going to do it. He began to rub his penis onto Amy's clit which only excited her more. Amy moaned and she quickly orgasmed - before Rick could orgasm himself. Rick was flooded out of Amy's vagina and landed right by one of Amy's feet.

Rick loved Amy's purple-painted toes. He ran right to her foot and began to hump it. Amy didn't say anything. She was trying to not look, probably out of courtesy for Rick, but he could see a smile of satisfaction on Amy's face. She loved it. Amy loved having Rick in her possession.

Rick came on Amy's toes and fell down on his back – he felt exhausted.

"Did you have fun, Rick", asked Amy.

"Wow", said Rick still panting with exhaustion, "I certainly did have fun."

"I can't believe that you are even wanting to do this with me – I kind of always thought that you thought I was weak."

"Definitely not", said Rick, "behind your sexy exterior lies a sharp mind and a good heart. I really like you."

Amy turned bright red and said, "I really appreciate your kind words. You always are so kind to me, Rick."

"You deserve it", said Rick giving Amy a kiss on her foot, "you are the second best woman I've ever met."

Rick realized instantly that he said the wrong thing. He shouldn't have said Amy was #2. She didn't say anything about it, but she was probably wondering who #1 was – but since Amy heard Rick's story, she knew who #1 was. A Magic.

"However", said Rick, "you are the best woman I've ever met who isn't a Magic."

"What if I'm secretly a Magic and just didn't tell you", Amy joked.

"I hope not", said Rick, "you could do awful things to me if I give you too much work."

"You are going back to work, right?"
"Ummm... I don't know. I need to talk with Magina first."

"I ask because... I ummm... kind of got a job offer."

"You did?"

"It's with a nonprofit. They want me on their legal team. I would be taking a cut in pay, but the people there are so nice but... I would likely stay if you stayed."

"Why's that?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"What is?"

Amy sighed and breathed deeply. She said softly, "I hope you're not mad at me but I kind of have feelings for you... it's just something about you... I'm so sorry for bringing that up."

"Amy", said Rick, "I do have feelings for you and they are all good ones. You have been the sun in my sky for the past six months."

"Really? Did I really do that much to help you at work?"

"Of course you did. On that last case we did, you saved my ass and don't worry.. I wrote a note in there saying it was your idea. I didn't take the credit for your genius."

"Wow", said Amy, "I can't believe you did that... you're too good for me."

"So, crush me like a bug. Go on and do it."

Amy giggled and said, "I don't like to kill good things."

Rick could feel his body levitate slightly in the air. He thought he knew what was happening.

"I'm sorry Amy", said Rick softly, "my twenty-four hours are up. I will disappear and go back to Magina any minute."

"I'll see you again, right", asked Amy.

"I think so", said Rick.

Amy suddenly brought her lips down onto Rick and gave him a soft, gentle, yet enormous kiss. She said quietly, "I love you."

Rick felt himself disappear from Amy's room and was back in Magina's room.

"Congratulations", said Magina, "you made it twenty-four hours straight with a woman other than me! Watching you two together was too cute. I can't decide if you or Amy was more adorable."

"Amy wins by a long shot", said Rick.

"What do you think of her?"

"I like her", said Rick softly and confidently, "I really like her, but..."

"But what?"

"I think I like you even better."

"Rick, keep in mind that we can never have a normal relationship. I'm a Magic and you are not. Even if we were both normal-sized, things will never be well... normal. You and Amy can have that."

"I don't know", said Rick with a groan, "I'm so goddamn confused."

"Aww", cooed Magina, "I really do have an effect on people – don't I?"

Magina brought her lips down onto Rick and gave him a soft and wet smooch on the body.
Rick figured the best thing to do was to see what Magina had in store.

Chapter End Notes:

So, what is next?

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