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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is from Amy's POV.


Amy opened her eyes and sighed. It was a Monday morning.
She wasn't sure she could take another day in her job – especially if Rick was still MIA due to being Magina's pet. She had sent Rick a text asking if he was going to work tomorrow. Amy didn't get a response.

At least she could be off to a new job soon, the offer Amy got was still good for another three days. She knew she had a generous amount of time to decide whether she wanted to leave Reged and Viceara. Rick would have thought Amy was crazy for considering a job half of her current salary. The other job was offering enough money to keep her surviving.

Amy didn't want to get out of bed, but she forced herself into it. She groaned and moved her body upwards. Amy let her bare feet sink into the carpet and slowly wiggled her toes into the fibers. She was still in awe about how her dainty feet were able to dominate Rick. Amy wondered if she would ever see Rick again. She was embarrassed by how strong her feelings had become for Rick. When everyone else in the firm treated her like she was nothing, Rick treated her like gold. Amy doubted that Rick had the same feelings for her that she had for him. How could Rick?

Amy wished that there was something she could do for Rick, something really nice to make up for all of the good things he had done for her. Amy had also never realized how much pain Rick held inside of him. He seemed so together, but he felt miserable – perhaps he would be happiest being Magina's pet forever. Amy wondered if she could do anything to help Rick or was she too useless in that regard.

Amy looked at her phone and noticed that it was already 9 AM. Shit, she was going to be late. Whatever, thought Amy, if one of her higher-ups got all pissed off and/or Rick wasn't there, Amy would sign the offer letter she received and give R&V two weeks' notice.

Amy arrived at her office building at 9:45. She was fortunate to live only two blocks away from the office, the only co-worker who lived even closer was Rick. Amy wondered how her co-workers would react if Rick didn't show up again today. He got shoveled a lot of crap onto him, but Amy knew that everyone looked up to Rick and envied him. Did he even realize how much people appreciated him here? Amy didn't get anything like that from anyone – well, except Rick... and he probably just felt sorry for her because he noticed that she was being pushed around.

Amy passed two of the partners on the way to her desk and overheard a little bit of the conversation. Rick was the topic.

"Oh my god, oh my god", said Mickey nervously, "I told you that we should have given Rick the promotion. Now, we're fucking screwed..."

"The firm has limited money", said Chad, "it's unfortunate and Rick was a genius but we have adequate resources to replace him. This shows that Rick had zero loyalty anyway. Why don't we give Lena more responsibility?"

"Lena Morena", responded Mickey, "she can't handle this oil case...I mean... she will fight with James tooth and nail on everything – you need someone who is willing to keep their cool."

"You really think we're going to lose Grinder Oil because Rick bailed?"

"He brought the client in, so I don't know."

"Mick", said Chad, "you just have to work a little harder then. I think you've been slacking far too long because of..."

Amy must have stayed around too long, since she noticed Chad give her a look.

Amy was about to run off but then Chad spoke.

"No, it's okay", said Chad, "I know you and Rick were close."

Amy couldn't speak – words wouldn't come out of her mouth. She simply nodded.

"Go talk with Lena", said Chad, "and see if you can help her with anything. She is now in charge of the Grinder Oil case."

"I will", said Amy softly and quickly.

Amy should have told Chad right then and there that she was going to quit. She would definitely want to after spending the day with Lena.

Amy approached Lena's desk. Lena had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. What was she doing? Amy thought that perhaps she shouldn't disturb Lena and come back later. Amy turned around and then she heard a loud, "AMY WONG!! I AM SOOOOOOO GLAD TO SEE YOU!!!!"

The loudness caused Amy to be startled, but she turned around and saw that Lena was chipper.

"Sooo, I guess you want to help me get through this case", said Lena, "I totally think you can do it. Hell.. Mickey gave me the case file and you put in this complicated math thing that makes my head spin. Rick wrote in there that you thought of it yourself, but I know the truth... cuz he like totally did that for me all the time when we were working together. Did you know that?"

"Ummm, no I didn't."

"You better get used for working with me. I actually spoke with Rick last night. He told me like that he found his calling and was going to quit, but it's totally because they didn't promote him – isn't that funny? I mean I feel bad for the guy, he had bust his ass off year after year and shit like that – but they said he was too young. Must suck to be a freak of a brainiac, huh? Not that you or I would know that."

Wait, Lena and Rick? Did Rick go to her normal-sized or as a tiny man?

Amy was mad at Lena. She wanted to slap her hard in the face for all the obnoxious things she was saying. But.. what if Rick was in love with Lena? What if that was Magina's final lesson for Rick?

"You're so cute, Amy", said Lena, "especially when you're this quiet. Hey, I was thinking that the two of us should get lunch today. Maybe discuss the case and other things, you know."

"Ummm... okay."

"Good", said Lena, "now, I need you to look over all of these files for me. K?"

Amy took the large pile of files and brought it back to her own desk. She began to focus on her work. Amy hoped that Lena would forget about lunch and leave her alone.

Amy felt oddly at peace working on the case in front of her. Rick had told her about every facet of the case. She knew a lot more than she ever thought she did. Amy felt a boost of confidence rush through her. Sure, she was working with Lena now but Amy probably knew more about the case than Lena did. Amy felt a flick on the back of her head.. ow... it was Lena Morena.

Amy frowned and massaged the back of her head with her fingertips.

"Come on, Amy", said Lena, "let's grab a bite to eat. You must be hungry."

"Ummm", said Amy, "not really." However, Amy's stomach disagreed. She could feel it growl from inside.

"Let's go", said Lena in an excited tone, "I know Rick and you would get sushi for lunch regularly – so, why don't we do that? Keep some of the same traditions, right?"

Amy wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of Lena's statement. There was nothing Lena could do to be even remotely like Rick. Amy wanted to say no to Lena's request, but she was too scared to say no. Amy felt the butterflies in her stomach. She just couldn't do it.

"Sure", said Amy. Amy got out of her chair and began to walk over to Lena.

"Don't forget your flats", said Lena quickly, "I don't think the restaurant allows you to go in barefoot."

Amy couldn't believe she forgot that she took her shoes off. She always seemed to do that while working even though she didn't always consciously do it.

"Oops, thanks Lena", said Amy.
Amy put on her flats and left the office with Lena.

Lena and Amy were sharing a sushi dish together at Hakami, a moderately expensive sushi restaurant less than a block away from the office.

Amy was hungrier than she wanted to admit. She also had a strange feeling – something that hit her like a freight train – Rick was somewhere nearby and he was in trouble. Amy began to anxiously open up the sushi rolls near her. Given that Rick was so small, he could have been anywhere.

Lena laughed and said, "You are so weird. What are you looking for? Free candy?"

Perhaps, Amy was being too paranoid. Maybe Rick wasn't with Lena.. no.. Amy knew it. Amy began to groan and then said, "I'm umm.. sorry. It's just ummm... why are you being so nice to me? You were never nice to me before."

"I was like jealous. You were Rick's fucking lap dog and I didn't have one of my own... anytime I tried to find one, that person would quit or change departments or some other shit like that.."

I wonder why, thought Amy.

"I'm sorry", said Amy, "I don't know.. I guess I need more confidence in myself."

"Yea, clearly", said Lena, "that's going to be something I'm going to drill into you. Rick thinks he's smarter than everyone else – so I don't expect him to be much a confidence builder.. but me.. I'll turn you into something powerful."

"What if I'm not interested in power?"

Lena laughed loudly and said, "Only the weak aren't interested in power – they are scared of it. This is why you will never move up far in the firm. You're not like me. You're not like Jack. You're not like Rick. Prove me wrong."

Amy was getting scared. She wanted to turn back and run away. However, she saw something move by a sushi roll right by Lena. Oh my god.. thought Amy...was Lena going to eat Rick alive in front of Amy? She wanted to cry. She wanted to hide.. but Amy had an idea.

"Hey", said Amy, "I'll prove you wrong. I am good at knowing what the yummiest sushi is and I think it's the one right in front of you."

Amy could see Lena burst into a fit of giggles. Jeez, did Lena think that Amy was going to unwittingly eat Rick alive?

Amy grabbed the roll with her chopsticks and then moved it towards her face.

Amy sighed with relief when she saw that Rick was trapped inside the roll. She picked the right one. Amy winked at the tiny Rick, trying to tell him that everything was going to be okay.

"Well, are you like going to eat it", asked Lena.

"You know", said Amy, "I changed my mind. I think I like this sushi roll instead."

"You're too funny", said Lena with a bitter tone, "I see why Rick liked you."

Amy ate the other roll and made sure that Rick was safe in the first one.

"I know that you know", said Lena, "Rick warned me about this. He was like, "Lena, this is a bad idea because Amy is going to spot me." He's so funny, I know he's like really attracted to giant women – you think you had fun with him, well.. we had even more fun together, I'm sure.."

"I.. um... have no idea what you're talking about", responded Amy nervously, "you're sounding kind of crazy..."

Amy could see Rick motioning her to run. But no, Amy wasn't going to leave Rick behind – no way.

"Come on", said Lena bluntly, "give up the act. I know all about what happened – you see, I am a Magic too."

Before Amy could even process what Lena said, she felt her body go through changes.
Amy opened her eyes. She was definitely in an unfamiliar yet oddly familiar location. The smell of sweat was awful. Amy moved her hands upward and could feel flesh – it felt like foot flesh. Amy remembered the last thing she heard Lena said and realized that she must have been shrunk. Amy was most likely trapped inside Lena's shoe. She couldn't get up. Amy realized that Lena's toes had pinned her down. Amy would likely die in the shoe. How could Rick have enjoyed this sensation? However, Amy tended to be gentle on her feet. She likely never exerted as much pressure as Lena was putting on now.

Amy could hear crying – male crying. There was someone else in this shoe too.

It was dark but Amy was able to know that her right hand could move upwards in between Lena's toes. She felt someone grab her hand softly. It must have been Rick.

"Amy.. I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I am a pathetic waste of space and now I have put your life in danger."

Amy couldn't let Rick be like this. She couldn't. Could Rick possibly imagine that his presence alone had brought happiness to Amy's day?

"This isn't your fault. I am sure Magina is trying to save us now."

"Why would Magina come back for me", asked Rick, "I fucking betrayed her by listening to goddamn Lena.. oh my gosh."

"C'mon, everybody makes mistakes", said Amy, "I know you like giantesses, but I'm glad we're the same size now."

"Why so?"

Amy wanted to do it. She had a moment of superhuman strength and was able to roll herself out of Lena's powerful toes.

"It's because I think I am in love with you", Amy kissed Rick on the lips.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you all enjoy it and I hope you don't mind that I have included a tiny woman in the mix too.. still plenty of GTS content.. plenty of it.


Rest of the story will most likely be from Rick's POV.. maybe even one from Magina's, I haven't decided yet.

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