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Rick couldn't believe what just happened. Amy had kissed him so eagerly and spontaneously. In his twenty nine years alive, Rick had never met a woman like that.
Rick grinned as he saw the Asian girl turn a bright red after she kissed him.
He sighed, Rick needed to protect Amy at all costs.
Lena had only one plan for Amy and that was death.

"Thank you", said Rick, "I really needed that."

"You did, huh", said Amy sheepishly.

"I think so", said Rick, "it's been a long time that I've been kissed like that by a woman of my own size – but.. why didn't you run when I told you to do so?"

"I couldn't let anything happen to you. I just couldn't."

"Yea, but I... umm... well.. let's say that Lena isn't keeping us under her sweaty foot for our benefit."

"Oh no", squeaked Amy, "my clothes didn't shrink with me."

"That's fine with me", responded Rick with a chuckle.

Rick could feel Lena's toes aggressively wiggle under his feet. He noticed that the toes were trying to grab Amy's body. Rick dashed towards Amy and pushed her out of the toes' grip. Amy landed right at the very tip of Lena's high heel – where the toes wouldn't be able to reach Amy.

Rick sighed with relief and asked, "you okay?"

"Yea", said Amy, "I think I am."

"Good." Rick had a problem of his own though. He was growing an erection. He wasn't sure if it was because of the naked Amy in front of him or Lena's giant naked foot. Rick had no clue. Perhaps, it was both.

He felt the toes begin to wiggle again. Rick got caught in between Lena's big and second toe. He could hear Amy yelp with fear. Rick planned to stay strong though. The toes began to scrunch on Rick's body and seemed to have felt Rick's hard-on. He felt awful letting this happen – not like this, not in front of Amy. Rick closed his eyes and tried to think of very unsexy things to keep him from getting too aroused. The toes continued to grip his body. Rick finally settled on the thought of Courtney pooping on him and that seemed to do good.

"I'm so sorry that I have ever imposed my feet on you whether wittingly or unwittingly, I see how much such giant objects can hurt", Rick heard Amy softly say.

"Your feet have never hurt me, Amy", said Rick with a comforting smile, "they have only shown me love."

Amy blushed and looked down at her feet, she then said, "wow, thank you. That's so sweet of you to say, Rick."

Damn it.. the erection had returned.

"I fear that something is going to happen soon that you won't like", said Rick.

Amy must have known what Rick was talking about because she kicked Lena's foot and shouted angrily, "stop raping Rick, you fucking bitch!"

Rick laughed. He didn't think Amy was capable of profanity.

Rick and Amy could hear a loud, "Ohhhh, did Klutzy Wong hit my poor little foot", from above.
"I think I am ready to take my shoes off and have some fun."

Lena's foot had begun to leave the shoe. Rick was being pushed upwards along with the foot – leaving Lena's pump. Amy was still at the toe of the pump.

"Wow, somebody is feeling quite nice on my foot", said Lena, "you are a much better tiny than Amy, I must say."

"Don't you dare hurt Amy", growled Rick while holding his grip onto Lena's foot.

"I thought you liked it when giantesses imposed their will on tiny beings", said Lena seductively.

"I like it when giantesses impose their will on me", said Rick angrily, "not when they hurt the people I care about."

"Oh, I forgot", said Lena innocently, "you care about Amy. That is so sweet. She is not destined for greatness like me or you, but you still care about her."

"You have no clue what you're talking about", said Rick, "Amy is the best co-worker I ever had."

"Even better than me? Tiny Amy, tell me. Have you and Rick ever made out in the janitor's closet at the firm?"

Amy didn't respond.

"I thought so." Lena spread her toes and let Rick fall to the ground. He landed on soft carpet and instinctively ran towards Amy. He was going to protect Amy at all costs.

"Amy, why don't I educate you on Rick's past? You two haven't known each other long at all."

"Please don't", said Rick, "please don't."

Rick could hear Amy say, "it's okay, Rick. Whatever Lena has to say won't change anything."

"Shut up, pipsqueak", shouted Lena giving the shoe a kick causing it fly in the air and land on the ground. The shoe was upside down.

Rick ran to the shoe and could see that Amy was out. She was rubbing her head and groaned.

Rick gave Amy a soft hug and whispered, "I am so sorry."

"I am okay", said Amy, "it was just a little fall. We have to get through this."

"I want us to get through this, but there is nothing in nature that indicates that we should get through it."

"Have faith, Rick. Please have a little faith."

"Awwwwwww", cooed Lena, "that is soooooo sweet. The roles have been reversed. The skittish klutz offering encouragement to the pervy brain trust. Dawwwwwwwww. Faith is only going to get you so far, little ones. Now, Amy.. I was a lot like you when I started out. Well.. not much.. I wasn't a scaredy-cat crybaby, but I was a first-year associate. The first person I worked with was Rick Lennox. He had some bitchy spoiled brat of a girlfriend, but he was crazy about me. Rick adored me. He let me do whatever I want while he did all of my work himself. He did it for a price. He wanted us to have sex every day and we did it. We fucked everywhere and every place. Rick is going to fuck you and leave you. What broke Rick and Courtney up wasn't me, it was my idiot roommate – Jenny. Can't you believe that? Rick is nothing more than a horndog. Keep that in mind, Ms. Amy Wong. That's where your fucking life will end with him."

"Well", said Amy, "I guess I got the advantage since I'm a scaredy-cat crybaby."

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, you're going to get it now." Lena took off her panties and plopped herself on the floor – sitting right on Amy.

"My god", moaned Lena, "you feel so good in my buttcrack. Oh my god.. I can see why Rick loves you soooo much. Hey Rick, if you're good, I'll let you go inside my buttcrack too."

"I'll do it if you take Amy out."

"You will, huh?"

"Yes, yes!!! Please just don't put Amy through this. She doesn't deserve any of it. I do. I'm the one you want to destroy, not Amy."

"Why would I ever want to destroy you, Ricky? You're so much more useful to me alive than dead."

"I know", said Rick, "we had this fucking conversation before. I know what you're trying to do to me. Just please.. I'll do anything. Get Amy out of there now."

"Ugh, fine", groaned Lena, "jeez, you know how to ruin the fun."

Lena got up and pulled Amy out of her buttcrack. Amy was crying. Rick wanted to kill Lena.

"Okay then, pervy Rick. You'll get what you want."

Rick didn't move. He watched as Lena's butt slowly went down onto his body. Rick was thrust up into Lena's buttcrack. It was surprisingly clean with only a slight smell. However, it was very tight.

Rick could hear Lena say, "Wow, Amy. I think we both know now that pebbles between our toes feel so good."

What the fuck was Lena doing?

"Amy, how do you like my new pedicure? It's almost as pretty as yours, I guess. Right? Wow. I am the luckiest girl in the world. A tiny man squirming in my asshole and a tiny woman in between my toes. This is the life. Maybe I should keep you two in your places forever."

Rick sighed. Perhaps, he was better off inside Lena than outside of her.

"But I think it's time to teach Amy a real lesson", said Lena confidently, "I'm just gonna take Rick out of my cute little bootie."

Rick could see two enormous fingers with red nail polish grab him by the legs and pull him out of his prison. The fucking pain – snarled Rick – the fucking pain.

Rick could see that Amy's head was sticking out in between Lena's toes. Rick had to hide his erection. He had to. Lena had very pretty feet. They were high-arched with long and feminine toes. Surprisingly for a Magic though, Lena's feet had some small calluses on the top. Heh, maybe Lena should go to Magina for foot care. It certainly helped Amy considerably.

"I bet you wish it was you under my foot instead of Amy, huh", said Lena, "and I bet it is for reasons besides Amy's safety. Ohhhhh, my soles are soooooooo sensitive. I can feel Amy's tiny and puny body so nicely. I wonder if I can crush it."

"No... please don't", said Rick, "please. I'll do anything you want. Just don't torture Amy like this anymore."


"Yea", said Rick hesitantly.

"No, not that", shouted Rick, "anything but that."

"Okay, but you know what. I'm not ready for Amy to die yet. I think we should speed things up between you two. Little adorable wallflower Amy, you're going to have sex with Rick right now. I command it."

"I don't think this is appropriate", said Rick.

"Shut up", shouted Lena, "Amy, I am going to give you the confidence you never had. Go ahead. You two make love with another. I'll watch." Lena lifted her foot off of Amy.

Rick eyed Amy awkwardly. Amy whispered, "it's okay. I think we should do what Lena says."

"You really want to do this, in this situation?"

"It's not ideal, but we should do it."

"Can you dorks stop doubting yourselves", groaned Lena, "I want the inevitable to happen now!!!"

Rick walked over to Amy. He knew that Amy wouldn't like hearing that she smelled like Lena's feet, so he didn't bother. Rick kissed Amy on the lips. Amy kissed Rick back. The two began to French kiss and grind their bodies together. Rick softly pushed Amy to the ground and began to pump his dick inside of her. Amy moaned softly and said, "Oh, Rick. That feels so nice. Keep doing what you're doing."

Rick continued to fuck Amy. She was definitely receptive to Rick's actions. Her body moved into synch with Rick's body. The two of them were like one person. It was like Lena wasn't even there. Rick looked up and noticed that Lena was fingering herself. This was likely going to prove to be problematic.

Rick wouldn't focus on that. It was all about Amy. She was so cute, she was so petite, she was so innocent. Rick never thought he would be fucking someone as adorable as Amy, especially someone who seemed so eager to let him fuck her. Rick was ready to cum. He clenched his face and his penis let out burst after burst of cum inside Amy's womanhood. Amy then let out an aroused moan. She appeared to have orgasmed as well. Rick pushed his body upwards and away from Amy.

"Wow, that was amazing", whispered Amy, "I think I like you the same size as me best."

"I'm about 3.5 millimeters taller than you."

"Oh, shut up", responded Amy with a laugh, "you're such a dork".

They heard Lena laugh evilly from above as she said, "good, good. You two must be ready for marriage now. I am the one who brought you two together. Now, it's time for me to have some pleasure of my own."

Lena picked up Amy by her fingers. Amy didn't even bother screaming or reacting. She must have known by now that it would do nothing to stop things. Lena tied Amy onto a six-inch purple dildo and began pushing the dildo in and out of her pussy.

"Can't you please stop this", groaned Rick, "look, I can get Magina's magic to you. I'll find a way... I'll..."

"Oooohhhhhhhh, what was that? I'm sorry... I think I have a bug going in and out of my vay jay and it feels so good. I wonder if I can get the buggy on my clit."

"You're going to kill her", shouted Rick, "you're going to fucking kill her. What did Amy ever do to you?"

"I guess nothing, but if she wasn't such a weak little loser, she would have been just as cruel of a giantess as me."

"You're wrong. You don't even know how fucking wrong you are."

"I think you're just jealous that you're not playing with my body right now – let me change that."

Lena brought her foot down over Rick's body. He could see her tan sole hover over his body. Rick could smell the pheromones coming from Lena's sole. Rick was surprised that he felt his dick become hard again since he just came gallons of jizz into Amy a couple minutes ago. Rick supposed that he was meant to be a plaything for giant women – that was most likely his destiny. Lena's sole landed on Rick's body. Rick could hear Lena moan from above. He wanted to protect Amy. Rick wanted to save her from the pain and torture that was meant for him. However, Rick couldn't get the giantess' foot off of him. It was impossible.

The only thing Rick could do was cry. With a giant foot covering his eyes, the tears couldn't exactly flow out of his eyes but the emotions of regret and humiliation were dominating him. Amy was going to be killed. Magina probably was so mad that Rick even thought of betraying her that she decided to let Rick be tortured. Rick's law firm didn't even notice or care about the good job he did. Rick was a loser. That was the symbolism of all of this. He needed to save Amy. That was the only way things were going to be okay.

Rick could hear a loud and feminine scream.. Amy!?!?! He felt her land on the ground. Rick bit Lena's foot. He heard Lena fake cry, "Owwww", as she lifted up her foot.

Rick ran over to Amy. Her eyes were still open. Rick noticed that Amy's right arm was in an awkward position. It was probably broken from the fall.

"Rick, I'm so glad you're okay", said Amy.

"But you.. it looks like you broke your arm."

"I know", responded Amy, "I feel better knowing you're alright though."

"Lena wants to kill you. I want to protect you."
"I think help will be on its way."

"Help on its way", boomed Lena, "you think I'm going to waste my time helping you heal a little boo-boo."

"You broke her fucking arm", snarled Rick, "I'll kill you!!!"

Rick was ready to attack, however....

Suddenly, Rick heard a door open quickly.

"You think you can destroy people, Imperia, but I am not going to let that happen!!"

Magina? Rick didn't think Magina would even bother to find him.

"Magina, sure. You can have them back. You just need to beat me first, sister."

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