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Author's Chapter Notes:

The battle of the sisters!

It all made sense now to Rick. Magina and "Imperia" were sisters. It still seemed so weird that Rick's coworker, Lena, was related to Magina. The two of them couldn't possibly be more different – except for the Magic thing.

Rick stayed close by Amy. Poor Amy was in a ton of pain with the broken arm. Rick hoped everything would be okay for her. Rick couldn't give a damn about what was going to happen to him. He could be killed. He could be forced to live a life of torture, but Rick would demand that Amy live a normal life after all of this was over – regardless of who won the Magic fight.

Magina noticed the tiny Rick and Amy on the ground and whispered, "I'm sorry for getting here so late." Magina must have noticed that Amy's arm was broken because she stared intently at Amy with concern. Rick noticed that Magina blinked her right eye five times. Amy gave a sigh of relief and tried to move her arm – success!

"Thank you, Magina", said Rick, "thank you for helping Amy. Also, I would like to apologize for doing something so stupid."

"All is forgiven", said Magina, "my sister, Imperia, is always up to no good. This should be an easy fight though."

They could hear Imperia groan as she said, "you always thought you were sooooo much better at magic than me. That's what Mom and Dad always thought too."

"Imperia, we have talked about this before. I am sorry for anything I have done to hurt you."

"Oh, please", said Imperia with a cold laugh, "you may have been born with the stronger Magic abilities. That is something I will admit. However, I was born with other talents myself. Talents which will put you in your place."

"Imperia, I don't want to fight you – please stop this madness."

"Do you want to save your tiny little friends?"

Magina growled at Imperia and then let out a beam of light come out of her hands. This beam headed straight for Imperia which caused her to scream with agony.

Imperia then used her magic to turn Magina into a basketball. Imperia ran around the room dribbling Magina around on the hardwood floor. This went on for a couple of minutes.

As Rick was watching this, he heard Amy say, "oh no, I wonder how much that hurts. How can someone do that to her own sister?"

Rick whispered back, "I would be more worried about Imperia's safety. Magina always has a plan in mind."

Rick then heard Imperia say, "what's the matter, Magina? Are you ready to give up? After all of these years, I am finally the more powerful Magic of the two of us. Don't worry. I won't kill you, Magina. I will make you a tiny slave just like Rick. That's what you two will be good at for me. Wait till Mom hears about this. I have finally gained dominance over my sister."

Imperia kept dribbling Magina around as she continued on with her monologue.

"I guess the most important question is going to be what to do with Amy. She's utterly useless to me. I could grow her back and erase her memories. That would be the nice thing to do. However, I just can't help myself. I should probably just eat her alive. Amy must not even contain a calorie, the perfect snack to help me keep my figure. I know Rick over there wouldn't want to see me get fat. We are going to have way too much fun together, right?" Imperia then went into a long burst of giggles as she dribbled Magina.

Rick and Amy looked at one another with anxiety. What was going on? Magina was a basketball for a very long time.

However, Amy noticed something. She whispered to Rick, "listen to the ball."

Rick couldn't hear anything beyond Imperia's loud laughter. He shook his head, indicating that.

"Rick, Magina is counting how many times she's been dribbled. She is at 940 already."

"940? How much time has actually passed?"

"Does it matter at this point?"

"I suppose you're right, Amy", Rick kissed Amy on the forehead.

Amy smiled at Rick and said, "everything will be okay."

Rick was tempted to say that he didn't know. However, he didn't want Amy to go into a state of worry. All of a sudden, the ball began to glow a bright purple.

Imperia noticed this and stopped dribbling. The ball then lifted itself up into the air and began to fly towards Imperia. Imperia began to run away. However, the ball hit Imperia on the back and planted itself there. Imperia tried to get her sister off. But the ball was stuck to her like super-glue. A flash of light emanated over Imperia and Magina. Imperia kept trying to get Magina off of her.

Rick thought that Imperia must have realized her mistake now. Magina would never have given up so easily, no matter how powerful of a Magic anyone had become.

Imperia began to scream loudly. Her screams weren't of pain, but of anger. She looked like she was in a state to kill her sister. However, Imperia's arms became paralyzed and the ball "exploded".

In a split second, Magina was back at normal size. With Magina was Imperia at one inch tall. Imperia began to sob heavily.

Magina looked down at Imperia and then asked, "are you ready to apologize for what you have done to Rick and Amy?"

Imperia still continued to cry and then said, "it's not fair. It simply isn't fair. Growing up, you were always the better Magic. You never had to work at it. You were simply born with unbelievable Magic abilities. I didn't possess that. The teachers always said my Magic powers were great, but never as great as yours. Mom and Dad always praised you and they always ignored me. I've worked so hard year after year to make my Magic stronger. Since Dad died, it was even worse. He actually acted like I existed... Mom is always about you."

Rick couldn't tell whether Imperia was truly upset about that or was simply trying to elicit sympathy from Magina. Rick was willing to bet the latter.

"Imperia", said Magina, "we have had this conversation many times over the years. It is all in your head. Dad loved you and Mom loves you."

"It's just..", began Imperia with a sniffle.

"It's just that I could do things very few Magics could accomplish. Now, are you willing to apologize to my friends?"

"No", snarled Imperia, "I'm not going to let them have that satisfaction. Rick is like you, but with brainpower rather than Magic power. And come on, look at Amy, whether she is shrunken or normal-sized, she is possibly one of the weakest human beings I have ever met in my life."

"This is why our parents were often mad with you. They would hear that you would be bullying anyone 'weak' at Magic School. The idea of "Imperia simply can't surpass her big sister" never entered the equation", said Magina angrily, "I would see it all the time."

"Don't underestimate the benefits of power", said Imperia sweetly, "seeking it has gotten me far in life. It will only get me farther. I needed it to make up for other deficiencies."

Rick knew it. Imperia was simply trying to manipulate Magina. He hoped Magina would wise up to it. Rick could see that Amy looked sympathetic towards Imperia. How could Amy even think like that? Imperia showed even more cruelty than Amy than she showed to him. Rick needed to be alive for Imperia's master plan. Amy needed to be dead or irrelevant to Rick's life.

Magina picked up Imperia in her hands and then said, "Imperia, I know what you're trying to do to me. I have fallen for this act in the past, but I see no reason to fall for it now. Especially, after all the horrible things you have done to my friends. I don't care what you think about them. They are my friends and I am ashamed of you for your actions. In fact, you were trying to steal my Magic? Watch what I can do now you're an inch tall."

Rick could hear a scream from Imperia above.

"Now, are you willing to promise to not hurt my friends ever again? Are you willing to end this pursuit of stealing my Magic?"

There was a moment of silence. Rick and Amy looked at one another from the floor. Amy looked nervous. Rick ran over to Amy and kissed her on the lips. Amy smiled.

"Now, Imperia", began Magina, "it pains me to have to do this but you need to be punished."

"I don't know if that is a good idea", whispered Amy to Rick.

"I think it's the best idea", whispered Rick back, "Imperia deserves everything she gets."

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

"Well, I don't think whatever punishment Magina gives to Imperia is wrong. She would have killed you. You know that."

"Lena is simply insecure. Lack of confidence.. sometimes, I have trouble believing in myself too."

"You're actually falling for that shtick of hers. Magina is a very kind-hearted woman, wanting to believe the best of others. Lena knows this and is simply trying to get Magina to do her bidding."


"Imperia", boomed Magina, "I will temporarily paralyze you – don't worry, this won't hurt. I want Rick and Amy to decide the appropriate punishment for you. I will consult with them."

Rick saw Magina's hand come down from above and lie down palm up. Rick and Amy got onto the palm and were slowly lifted up to Magina's face. Magina smiled at them and asked, "are you okay?"

"Thanks to you", responded Rick.

Amy nodded.

"Good", said Magina, "now, I know my sister has done some awful things to the both of you. I have taken her Magic away for now. Once she repents, I will return the Magic to her."

So many different ideas had come to Rick. He simply accessed his own sexual fantasies and experiences. An experience Rick would find arousing would probably bet torturous to Magina's sister.

"How about Amy grows back and takes Imperia as her tiny slave", asked Rick.

Amy shook her head furiously and said, "I can't. I don't want to do that to another human being. It won't be as fun with her as it is with you anyway."

"Okay then", said Rick, "I figured I would be able to join in as well."

Amy giggled nervously. Rick felt awkward and was ready to apologize for suggesting the idea. However, another idea came to Rick, it was perfect – absolutely fucking perfect.

If this wouldn't get Imperia to see the error of her ways, nothing would.

"Magina, I have an idea! So, I remember that Courtney mentioned that she and some friends would be going out on their father's yacht. Why don't we have Imperia join them on the trip?"

"Tee hee", responded Magina, "that is quite harsh though, isn't it?"

"Yea, but isn't that the point?"

"Yea..but.. I was um thinking of something not quite as traumatizing."

"This will be perfect. What woman out there is more cruel and sadistic than your sister?"

"Okay", responded Magina, "I will do the same thing with Imperia that I did with you. 24 hours and allowance to return if she is in danger of dying."

"Those conditions will be more than enough to administer the punishment."

Amy looked down at the ground and sighed.

"You should be the most eager to have Imperia be punished. She was much more cruel to you than she was to me", said Rick.

"I just don't like being responsible for putting others in harm's way", responded Amy, "even if the person wasn't very nice to me."

"I understand", said Magina, "I won't let my sister be killed. I love her dearly, even if she doesn't love me back."

"Let's bring Imperia here, so we can tell her what we decided", said Rick.

Magina picked up Imperia and brought her over.

"So, Rick and I have decided on your punishment."

"Hahaha", laughed Imperia, "you are a gumptionless weakling, aren't you, Amy? Can't even help decide on my little old punishment."

"Shut up", growled Rick, "you don't have your Magic anymore. I can kill you right here and right now."

"Yea, right", responded Imperia, "you're a dork who likes to talk tough."

"Your punishment shall be twenty four hours on a yacht with Courtney Rosenberg and her friends in your shrunken state", said Rick.

Rick noticed some sweat form on Imperia's face. She was actually getting scared – this would be perfect.

Despite Imperia's look of fear, she said, "that's it? I can handle that so easily. I will whip those spoiled rich brats into submission."

"Good luck doing it at an inch tall and without magic", said Rick, "you're like me."

"There is one thing none of you have taken away and that is my desire for power. Don't underestimate it. Within 24 hours, I will make them my obedient slaves."

Rick laughed at the comment.

"Very well", said Magina, "I will transport you there now. Courtney and her five friends – two females and three males – are already on the yacht."

Rick watched as Imperia/Lena disappeared into thin air. He hoped this would work; it was certainly their best chance.

Chapter End Notes:

Next chapter will be at the POV of the shrunken Lena/Imperia.

What will happen to her on the yacht? Find out!

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