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Rick listened to Magina tell him and Amy about what Imperia was going through. The moment Imperia was put into a condom was the moment that Magina decided that Imperia needed to come back.

Magina snapped her fingers. Imperia was back. She was still an inch tall and shivering.

"I am sorry, Magina", said Imperia, "I know what it is like to be a tiny person tortured by giant monsters now. I should have not done those horrible things to Rick or Amy."

"Apologize to them", commanded Magina, "I want you to say sorry to each of them face to face."

Rick knew this was going to be hard for Imperia. He actually felt kind of sorry for the Magic.

Imperia sighed. She walked over to Rick and said, "Rick, I am sorry for all I have done to hurt you. I manipulated you and showed no concern for your well-being."

"I know", responded Rick.

"Let me hug you, please. I feel so bad and I will do anything to make things up."

Rick still didn't fully trust Imperia/Lena. However, Rick let her hug him.

"So, you forgive me", asked Imperia pitifully.

"I'm not going to forgive you until you apologize to Amy."

Amy shyly smiled at Imperia. Imperia twitched. Rick had no clue why it was so hard for Imperia to treat Amy well. It seemed much easier for Imperia to extend an apology to him. Rick was confident that Imperia hadn't changed. She couldn't be humble to those she found weak. He hoped that Magina and Amy would wise up to this too. Imperia also likely thought that Rick could still be manipulated by her hotness or something like that.

"What are you waiting for", shouted Rick, "apologize to Amy, or I will never forgive you."

"It's okay", said Amy softly, "I guess a lot of this was my fault too."

"Out of all of us in the room, you have been the least at fault", said Rick, "I have been part of the trouble – these two Magics have been part of the trouble. You were just kind of dragged along."

"I know.. but... oh, Rick. I'll tell you later", said Amy.

Rick sighed. What was Amy talking about? He wondered about his own feelings about that moment. Were he and Imperia not so different after all? Did he view Amy in a similar light as Imperia, but instead felt the urge to protect her rather than to humiliate her?

"Amy", began Imperia, "I wanted to say.. um.. that I am really sorry for the way I have treated you. Not just when you were shrunken but over the past year. I never gave you a chance. I treated you like crap all the time at work, because I was um.. I.. umm..."

"Spit it out", snapped Rick, "what were you?"

Imperia winked at Rick. Holy crap. Rick wasn't just being overly cynical about Imperia's capacity for goodness. Imperia had a fucking plan and she expected him to be very much part of it.

"Amy, I was jealous of you", said Imperia, "you are so smart and good-natured. Your capacity to understand the law wowed me, to be honest. You kept asking me all of these ridiculously insightful questions I never thought to ask when I was a first-year associate. So.. I ummm.. was putting you down because I'm an insecure bitch. I got extra jealous when you started working with Rick and not with me too. I'm sorry."

"I understand", said Amy, "and I forgive you."

Amy extended her arms towards Imperia and gave her a sincere hug.
Imperia returned the hug and began to cry.

"So", said Magina from above, "are we all good now?"

"Most certainly", said Imperia happily.

'What do you think, Rick and Amy?"

"I think Imperia has learned her lesson", said Amy.

Rick couldn't get himself to say it. He knew Imperia was up to something.

"Rick, what about you", asked Magina.

Rick sighed and then lied, "I suppose being on that yacht did make Imperia see the error of her ways. I thought of a good idea."

"Fantastic", cheered Magina, "I'm so glad that we are all friends now!"

Magina picked up all three tinies in her hand.

"Sister Imperia", said Magina, "for realizing the error of your ways, I shall return your Magic back to you."

"Oh, thank you", gushed Imperia, "you are too kind. You've always been the sweet sister."

In a snap, Imperia regained her magic.

"Please put me down", said Imperia, "I would like to grow back."

"You sure you don't want to have some fun with me first", asked Magina with a giggle.

"No thanks", said Imperia, "I've had enough of giant women for a while after being with those bitches at the yacht."

Magina grew Imperia back to her normal size. Rick instinctively ducked in fear of whatever could go wrong.

"I am in the mood to play with little Ricky though, if he doesn't mind", cooed Imperia.

"Awwwww", cooed Magina back, "we'll show little Ricky how much fun it is to play with two Magics."

Rick felt his penis become erect. He remembered Amy though and said, "maybe, I shouldn't, because.."

"Why not", said Magina with a laugh.

"Amy won't like it."

"It's okay", said Amy, "I should take a nap anyway."

"Why don't you join us, Amy", chirped Imperia, "Rick would like it!"

Rick knew Imperia's suggestion made Amy feel uncomfortable, but he couldn't hide his growing erection from the suggestion.

"Hah", shouted Imperia, "I know Rick likes the idea."

"But if Amy doesn't want to join in, I understand", said Rick.

"Thank you, Rick", said Amy, "that means a lot to me. I think I would be a better giantess solo anyway. We'll have fun when you're done with these two."

"I'm looking forward to that", said Rick, "Magina, can you make it happen?"

"Of course", said Magina with a laugh, "at this rate, you're never going to grow back to normal size."

"That's going to happen soon?"

"At this point, I think so. You can go back to your job in peace. I erased your "disappearance" from their minds. Amy, as for you, we can grow you back now and you can take a nap in the other room."

"Rick, I'll see you soon, right", asked Amy softly.

"Without a doubt. Wouldn't miss spending time with you for the world", said Rick kissing Amy.

Magina grew Amy back to normal size. Rick watched as the Asian girl blushed with embarrassment as she was still naked.

"You can borrow some of my pajamas", said Imperia, "they may be a little big on you but I think they're suitable as pajamas."

"Thank you, Imperia", said Amy. Rick watched as Amy went to Imperia's closet and picked out a t-shirt, pair of panties, and pajama shorts and left the room – not before turning around and giving Rick an air kiss goodbye.

Rick noticed that Imperia scowled. Imperia was probably looking to humiliate Amy by showing Rick that she and her sister were the "more powerful giantesses" or something like that. He didn't trust Imperia at all.

"We haven't done this together with a tiny person in....", said Magina.

"I don't think we ever had", said Imperia, "we didn't actually play together much when we were growing up."

"I hope that changes", said Magina, "I really do."

"We'll see what happens", said Imperia, "I'm not going to force myself into a relationship that doesn't seem right."

"Enough chit-chat", shouted Rick, "dominate me."

"Be patient, tiny Ricky", giggled Magina.

"We should start", said Imperia. Imperia picked up Rick and then brought him down to the carpet right by the feet of the two giant sisters.

"You can start by worshipping our feet", commanded Imperia, "also tell us – who has the prettier feet."

Rick saw two giant pairs of bare feet in front of him. Both of them probably wore the same shoe size and had similar feet. About a size 8 and with proportionately long toes. Rick didn't realize how pretty Imperia's feet. His previous experience was pure torture though – now they seemed bizarrely identical to those of Magina. They both had their nails painted red. There were slight differences though. Magina's feet were paler but the nail polish was better-maintained and her feet had a pleasant smell of coconut. Lena's feet were tanner but they looked a little rougher than those of Magina. Lena's feet also smelled of coconut.

Rick ran to Magina's foot and began rubbing his body in between her big and second toe .
Magina giggled and said, "keep doing what you're doing."

Rick rubbed the skin in between Magina's toes in a circular motion with his hands. He then felt the toes begin to squeeze his body. She was playing with his erection.

"Recently, I've been feeling something rather rock hard by my feet on occasion, I think I know what will happen if I play with it", said Magina.

"It better not", said Imperia, "I need him to play with me too!"

"Dear sister", said Magina, "I will do my best – but oh, he feels so good down there."

Hearing Magina's sweet and sexy words only drove Rick into greater arousal. He was going to cum at Magina's feet any minute. But then..

"Magina", said Imperia, "I am channeling Rick. He's about to burst on your feet. Please stop. I want him now."

Killing the moment, thought Rick, especially since Magina would probably listen to her sister.

"Okay, I'll stop", said Magina, "I guess it's good for Rick to know you better anyway."

"Thank you sister", said Imperia as she picked up Rick from Magina's feet.

"Hmmmm", said Imperia while licking her lips, "I would put you in my mouth but you smell like my sister's feet and that, believe it or not, is gross to me. How about you get reacquainted with my bootie?"

Imperia put Rick on the ground and began to squat down. Rick's instinct was to run. However, who knew what Imperia would do with Rick if he disobeyed? Imperia's insecurities over her sister were very apparent.

Imperia positioned herself perfectly. Rick saw Imperia's ass loom closer and closer towards his body. He was pushed into Imperia's asshole. Rick was amazed by how clean it was inside. Imperia must have used her magic to make the experience more pleasant for him. Rick could feel Imperia squeeze her buttocks from time to time. The movements caused Rick to become aroused. His cock grew harder every second. He was trapped and couldn't do much except to let it happen. This was exactly how Imperia liked it.

Imperia's flesh surrounded Rick's body. He loved it. She was his goddess. As Rick became more and more aroused, he found himself thinking about life with Imperia and Magina. They were not only goddesses – they were skilled goddesses. Each with her own style, each one knew how to pleasure tiny beings such as himself.

As Imperia continued her work, Rick felt the semen accumulate inside his testicles. He was going to explode any minute. Rick had so little control over his body that he wouldn't be able to cum until Imperia wanted him to do so.

Rick closed his eyes and began to reminisce on the whole experience. Everything since he met Magina. Rick felt his life was so bad that he wanted to kill himself or, at the very least, run away from his life and start a new one. Now, Rick felt a burning desire to live. His sexual fantasies had become a reality. Rick owed so much to Magina for making him feel happy again. Imperia squeezed Rick harder than before.

Rick came. His nuts were drained completely by Imperia. Rick was in Heaven. He felt like he was in love with Imperia. Rick was pulled out by Imperia. She was sitting on the floor.

"I see you had a fun time", said Imperia with a giggle.

Rick noticed the wetness which oozed out of Imperia's pussy and he said, "I guess you had a fun time too."

"Imperia, you did good", said Magina, "I think we should do this more often."

"Oh yes definitely", gushed Imperia, "little Ricky here is my favorite tiny person ever."

"He's up there for me too."

"You must have had about a thousand tiny people in your lifetime", said Imperia, "I totally understand if he's not #1 for you."

Was it really a thousand, thought Rick. But then he remembered that Magics aged twice as slow as normal people, a thousand actually seemed reasonable.

"How about you spend some time with Amy", asked Magina.

"Really looking forward to it", said Rick. He was surprised to see that he was feeling horny again. Amy may have not been a Magic, but there was something about her which drove him wild. Rick may have been in love.

Magina tiptoed into the room where Amy was sleeping and left Rick by her.

Rick felt his erection come back as he saw the giant and peaceful Amy sleep. She looked so docile but her much larger size could kill him in an instant. Of course, she would never hurt Rick deliberately but accidents happen. Rick wondered if Amy would be ready to end her nap and play with him.

Rick tapped Amy's nose and whispered, "whenever you're ready, we can have some fun before I have to grow back."

Amy opened her eyes and said, "I'm ready".

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I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!
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