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"How did you sleep", Rick asked Amy.

"I couldn't sleep much honestly", responded Amy, "I guess there is something I've been excited about."

"Couldn't imagine what that was", laughed Rick. Rick kissed Amy on the cheek.

"That felt nice", said Amy, "really nice. I wish it was that easy for me to kiss you."

Rick wanted this to last forever. Amy was now his goddess, even if she would never want to dominate him completely.

"It's funny how all of this happened", said Rick, "it's like destiny or Magic, in this case, put us together."

"Yea, it's funny. So, what do you want to do first? I did a little research on the giantess fantasy", said Amy, "one thing I won't do with you is put you in my mouth but everything else is fair game."

"Good enough with me. You're always doing fantastic research."

"I like to know what I'm getting myself into before committing."

"That's why you're the smartest person I know."

"You are soooo sweet. I wonder if you taste sweet", said Amy with a giggle.

"I bet I do. How are your feet doing?"

"Hmmmm", began Amy with a smile, "I suppose they could use a little attention. It's now often they interact with something smaller than them."

Rick theorized to himself about what attracted him so strongly to a giantess Amy. She was so petite and feminine. Everything about her seemed "small" except for her mind and her heart. As a tiny person, the petite female could dominate him in ways neither one would expect. Rick loved that aspect so much.

Amy took off the covers. She was still wearing Imperia's pajamas. They were far too large for Amy – it looked like that each article could slip off with ease.

Rick ran to Amy's feet: the gorgeous purple-painted toes were exactly as he remembered them. Rick placed a kiss on each of Amy's toes. Each kiss caused Amy to laugh. He could tell that Amy was straining from moving her toes – in fear that doing so might crush him.

"Watch out", said Amy, "remember that my feet are very sensitive."

"I may forget." Rick said, "so you be careful."

"Alright", said Amy with a wink, "now that we've got that out of the way."
Amy lifted her foot and pinned Rick down under it.

Rick was truly in Heaven. He had the soft bedspread under him and a gorgeous foot of a gorgeous woman over his body. He could then feel the foot move him back and forth gently. It was so gentle that Rick knew Amy was restraining herself somewhat even though she really wanted to feel his body under her foot. Rick planted kisses on her foot every few seconds. He heard Amy sigh happily from above. Rick was amazed by how much happiness he could bring to another person – such as Amy- this made him feel good about himself. Rick was incredibly turned on at this point. He wanted to make himself one with Amy. He wasn't ready to cum yet. This was something which Rick wished could last forever. Maybe, Rick could work something out where he is the pet of both Magina and Amy. This was all wishful thinking though and in the heat of the moment.

"I think it is time for my other foot to get some attention", said Amy. She lifted her foot off of Rick and put the other foot on him and repeated the same actions as she did previously. Rick's dick was rock hard at this point. Rick loved her beautiful feet. This foot was normally very dainty. However, it now dominated his world and reminded him of how small he was.

Amy noticed that Rick's dick was rock hard. She moved her foot back so that her big toe was parallel to Rick's shaft. Amy began to softly move her toe up and down the shaft. It was absolutely a mindblowing experience for Rick.

"I love that you love my feet so much", said Amy, "I like to be barefoot whenever I can. It's just one of those nice pleasures in life for me."

Thankfully, thought Rick, Amy's feet were very soft for someone who liked to go barefoot. He guessed though that the opportunities for the polite and socially anxious girl were actually not that plentiful.

Amy continued to toy with Rick's penis with her toe. From Rick's vantage point, he could see the bright purple nail polish on her toe. Wow. Rick was also impressed with how she was able to apply the right pressure. This was it. Rick was going to cum. And cum he did.

Amy smiled and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I am feeling like a Magic. This power is incredible."

"You're going to make me your slave now?"

"Lol! No. We already discussed this. You would only be a slave if you didn't want to be one. Besides, I think you're sexy when you're a foot taller than me."

"I think you're sexy when you're a foot shorter than me. So it works out."

After that, the two of them relaxed on the bed and discussed various topics. She seemed like the perfect girl in many ways. They were both avid readers who enjoyed hiking. Their tastes in music were completely different, but that was not a big deal. The most interesting topic was why Amy blamed herself for all of this.

"Remember when I said I think this is all my fault", said Amy while rubbing Rick's back with her pointer finger, "I say that because I said some things to Alicia, a.k.a Magina, to get her interested in you. I guess I was crushing on you for a couple months now. I told Alicia that I wished I had a chance with you romantically and I guess she went out and did it."

"I knew it", joked Rick, "I'm perfect already and didn't need any help. She used me to help you."

"Awww, I would kiss you", said Amy, "but you smell like my feet."

"So, I smell good?"

Amy smiled and shook her head.

They heard a knock on the door.

"How are you two doing?" It was Magina.

"Perfect", beamed Rick, "I want to stay tiny forever."

"No, he's not going to stay tiny forever, Magina", said Amy, "you can grow him back now."

Magina opened the door and cooed. Rick knew for sure that Magina wanted him with Amy this whole time. However, she certainly did the right thing.

"Little Ricky, I guess you had fun with Amy."

"A lot of fun, oh my gosh. Magina, did you train Amy to be this good?"

"Nope. She's a natural. It's now time to grow you back, but two important things. First of all, I'm still a proud New Yorker, meaning I'm still around. I'm always available. This isn't goodbye. Second of all, I would like to give you and Amy both the powers to change size. Nothing else besides that."

"Wow, thank you."

"And as always, keep it a secret. Don't tell anyone else."

"I won't. Besides, you or your sister would kill me if I let it out."

Magina winked. This caused Rick to grow back to normal size.

Magina gave him the clothes he was wearing the night he was shrunk and his iPhone.

"I'm going to miss you both so much", said Magina as she gave Rick and Amy a big hug.

"I'm going to miss you too."


It had been a long time since Rick was normal sized. Given his sexual fantasies, Rick was probably one of the few people in the world who actually missed being shrunken. However, Amy was now his girlfriend and she would keep him happy even if he wasn't an inch tall.

It was an early Monday morning. Rick and Amy had both decided on leaving Reged and Viceara. Amy already accepted a job offer with NYU as an entry-level in-house attorney. Rick knew it felt natural for Amy since NYU was her undergrad and where she went to law school. While Amy was very smart and hardworking, she didn't like the competitive dog-eat-dog environment of R&V.

Rick had an offer as well, but he didn't quite accept it yet. It was a good offer – but becoming a partner would be even better.

"I'm so nervous", said Amy, "what if the partners yell at me for.. you know..."

"Quitting. They will miss you a lot, yes. However, you need to do what is best for you. I'm ready to do what is best for me."

"If you want my opinion, I don't think you should quit, Rick."

"I got a job offer with Grinder Oil. They want me to retain me in-house and to fire our firm. Apparently, they don't like dealing with Mick and Chad much."

"You're going to be so bored working in-house. I know you. Besides, I think you would make a great junior partner at R&V."

"Well, they haven't done it yet, so why the hell should I stay?"

"Be patient. I found that has worked for me in a lot of cases."

Rick and Amy walked into the building hand in hand. They could see a coworker or two give them weird and knowing glances. Rick knew that Amy was very nervous about what she was going to do. Rick held Amy's hand tighter – trying to reassure her that everything would be okay.

They went to Chad's office. The door was closed. Rick knocked on it.

"Come on right in", Rick heard Chad say.

Amy looked down at the ground self-consciously and whispered, "maybe you can speak for both of us?"

"Come on. It's no big deal. If you're leaving, they're going to find out one way or another."

"I guess this stuff just isn't as easy for me as it is for you."

"I'll be here."

Rick opened the door.

"Good morning, Rick and Katie!"

"Good morning, Mr. Millburn", said Amy politely.

"Chad, for the record, her name is Amy", said Rick.

"Oh, oops. Sorry, Amy. There was a girl named Katie here a couple years ago who reminds me of you. What can I do for you two?"

Katie was a petite brunette who bolted out after her first year – the comparison would probably prove to be uncanny for Chad after this.

"Ladies first", whispered Rick to Amy. She gave Rick an angry yet adorable look.

"Umm.. Mr. Millburn, I.. am s-s-s-sorry to bring this up. But I... am here because I wanted to l-l-let you know that I umm..."

Chad probably already knew what was up.

"I don't bite", joked Chad.

"Okay, I accepted a job offer with New York University and will be starting in a week. I'm sorry."

"I understand", said Chad, "a lot of people leave this firm after the first two to three years. You have been a valuable asset to R&V and I am sure you'll make fantastic contributions at your new job."

Rick didn't want to tell Amy, but he was pretty sure that Chad knew little to nothing about what Amy contributed to the firm. He would say that to anyone who didn't get fired.

"Thank you, Mr. Millburn. I'll finish all of my work."

"Good. Don't leave too much for Ricky."

"I know", said Amy, "he works so hard as it is. See you later, Rick."

Amy left the office.

"I had a feeling that she was going to go", said Chad, "we hire these straight A students all the time who just can't handle our environment."

"She is really bright and has actually helped me a lot."

"Did you just come here to help Amy muster the courage to tell me she is leaving or is there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Well, there is actually."

"You're not leaving R&V. I'm not letting you."

"How did you..."

"Wait, you are. I was only joking."

"I got a job offer with Grinder Oil. He wants me to work in-house."

"Those bastards", mumbled Chad, "you're not going to go to Grinder. I won't let you."

"Why not?"

"Last week, the partners had a meeting and we decided that there is room for one more partner in our firm – we're all overworked these days and can afford to add one more and that extra partner is going to be you."

Rick couldn't believe it. His salary increase would definitely be more by staying than going to Grinder.

"Wow", said Rick, "thank you, I..um..don't know what else to say."

"Thank you is all I need. You do deserve it. You're young, but our clients respect you."

"I guess I am staying."

"Attaboy, you will be getting your own office – it will be ready for you to move in next week."

"Yet again, thank you", said Rick shaking Chad's hand.

With Amy in his life and this big promotion, things were finally looking up for Rick in the normal-sized world.

It was another Monday morning. Lena was ready for another week of work. She sat at her desk and watched as Rick moved into the office across from her cubicle.

Lena smiled at Rick and cheered, "congrats on your promotion, you totally deserved it!"

"Thanks", said Rick. He then shut the door in his office.

Lena laughed to herself. Everything was going according to plan.
She simply set herself up for an even bigger win. Everyone would learn to fear the power of Imperia.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and the story as a whole. :D

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, a sequel is in the works.

Based on the very ending, I think you get an idea of what a main plot point of the sequel is going to be.. but if anyone has any suggestions/ideas of what I should do in the sequel, please let me know.

Things are getting pretty busy at work for me - so Chapter 1 will probably not be up until next weekend.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story!
I've really grown to enjoy writing about the main characters: Rick, Magina, Lena/Imperia, and Amy.

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