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Author's Chapter Notes:

Things are about to change for the worse..

Rick must have fallen asleep. He felt his belly being pushed down and a whisper with a presence, "Wake up, sleepyhead."

Rick opened his eyes and saw Magina's giant face looking down at him. He noticed that Magina was now wearing clothes. He could see her purple tank top which didn't do much to hide her breasts.

"I gotta go to work and need to keep you somewhere safe", said Magina softly.

"Define safe."

"Somewhere you won't get hurt, silly. Tee hee. Sometimes, you're such a ditz."

"I know", responded Rick with a smile, "hey, if you don't mind me asking – where do you work?"

"Oh me? I work at a salon. Taking care of the needs of my fellow ladies."

"Most ladies need a lot more than a salon to look like you."

"Tee hee. You're such a flatterer. I don't know how I'll survive without you."

"I thought I could stay shrunk with you forever. By the time, you get all old-looking, I'll be dead."

"Enough comments like that and you might be dead before you get old-looking", said Magina with a sly smile.

"Studies show that the most common cause of erectile dysfunction in older men is their old wives."

"Studies show that you're a meanie."

"Okay, okay.. I think I know my place."

"Good! So, can I trust you to spend the day with my breasts?"

"Trust me? Is that even a question? Of course, you can."

"You're always right. I know that shouldn't have even been a question."

Magina took off her tank top, revealing her gargantuan breasts snugly fitting inside the bra.
As Rick noted last night, they were big when he was normal size – now they were mansion-sized.

"It's time for me to let you in", said Magina with a giggle.

Rick still couldn't believe that Magina was able to coexist with other human beings – but he supposed that he was going to be the odd one out at the salon. So many gorgeous ladies were probably there. All of them were giantesses. However, none of them would be quite like Magina.

Magina picked up Rick by two of her fingers and dropped him into her bra. He landed on the bottom of the bra – far away from the nipple, but right under the underside of her right breast. Rick wondered how hard Magina's nipples could get and whether he would be able to notice the subtle changes easily.

First, Rick needed to get onto Magina's breast. Thankfully, it was such a tight fit. In order to avoid touching Magina's breast, Rick needed to lie down while pushing his body as low to the 'ground' as possible. Rick grabbed his arms and legs onto the breast's underside. He had to be very careful. Magina was aware of his presence, but accidents happen. Rick began to move his arms and legs forward – being very careful to not fall off. Her breast was beginning to sweat a little bit, so it became a suitable adhesive. Thinking about it sounded gross, but the reward was there.

It was a long climb given the size of her breast, but it was worth it. Rick was never the most athletic guy – he lacked coordination all throughout his life. However, he made up for that weakness through stamina. He was the one who didn't tire out and the one who could outwit his peers just by not giving up. One wrong move and Rick was back at point zero in this case. He craned his neck upwards and he saw the underside of her nipple. It was glorious. Rick cursed himself for being too big. He wondered what it would be like to be smaller than the nipple and to relax on it – causing Magina to have interesting reactions. Rick was tempted to continue his climb, but suddenly the breast swayed slightly to the left. The sudden movement caused Rick to lose his balance and fall back to the bottom. Rick felt a cramp in his left arm. He wanted to go back to climbing, but his body was telling him to take a breather. At least, he got to see some of the nipple.

Rick simply listened to the sounds outside of the bra. He could hear a lot of female voices talking amongst one another.

He heard an old lady say, "Thank you, Alicia, for fixing up my nails so nicely.

Rick was glad he missed that. She sounded like she was probably old enough to be his grandmother. Also, Alicia? Did Magina have to take care of old ladies too? Ugh, forget sending an application in to the local nail salon.

Rick felt himself be taken off the bra.
He saw Magina's grinning face – it was even prettier than her breast.

"I have to ask. You also go by Alicia?"

"Yep", said Magina chipperly, "look at my nametag."

"You don't think Magina would work well as a nail salon employee?"

"Nail salon? We do more than nails, Ricky. We do everything."

"Eating out women too."

"Oh, shut up", responded Magina, "I bet you would like doing that, huh."

"Hey, just from looking around. You definitely have some attractive customers here."

"Funny enough", whispered Magina, "three of my regular customers are women who are a part of your life in one way or another."

Rick wondered now. How much of this was premediated? Was Magina stalking him prior to them meeting at the bar? Everything seemed so goddamn coincidental. So many questions. For now, Rick considered it best to not ask too many questions, especially since one of those women was definitely Courtney. Courtney was someone Rick didn't want to have an encounter with while shrunk. Courtney would be gorgeous, of course, but all the things she could do to him... she wasn't particularly kind or caring when they were dating.

"Why is that information relevant to me", asked Rick, "just fun facts."

"Well..umm..", This was the first time Rick saw Magina look nervous. He wasn't going to like the answer.

"I already know you're going to tell me something crappy – so spit it out", said Rick.

"Okay", said Magina, "do you know all the reasons why I shrank you?"

"You think I'm incredibly sexy – what else is there."

Magina laughed and then said, "That is true, but there is another reason. As a Magic, I can read people's minds and I can sense emotions – including happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and loneliness... from these things, I gain an understanding of what is causing the negative emotions and I take it upon myself to make them more positive."

"Being with you has made me happier than I have been in a long time."

"Yes, but.. when I'm gone, you'll not be happy anymore. You need to reconcile whatever feelings you have for three women in your life. I have figured out scenarios which will lead to the desired result. Each one will interact with you in your shrunken state in one way or another."

"Okay.. look, I am sorry for getting a little too aggressive on your breast. It's just.."

"No, it's okay. I wouldn't have put you there if I didn't want you playing with it."

"I think I know who one of those girls is."

"Yes, I'm sorry, but.. it will only be for twenty four hours, I promise."

"Goddamn it, Magina", Rick snarled, "why are you doing this to me? I spent the whole morning thinking that there was no fucking catch, boy was I wrong!"

"I'm doing this to help you. You may not see it yet, but you will soon enough. Courtney has an appointment with me in an hour and you'll be going home with her."
"Err..how am I going to get back alive? Also, my phone. It is still at your house."

"Don't worry, Ricky. I will be channeling you on a real-time basis. If I think you're in danger of being killed by her, I will transport you back to my place immediately. Also, I shall transport you when twenty-four hours pass after Courtney's departure from the salon."

"I will be nicer to you, I promise.."

"I don't think that is possible. Honestly, you're one of the sweetest people I have ever shrunk. I shrunk some meanies and scary creeps in the past – people who simply made the experience unenjoyable for both of us. You're different, you actually respect me."

Rick smiled at Magina. It was hard to believe that there was more than meets the eye with this woman, but Rick had more pressing concerns. He was about to go through the worst 24 hours in his life. He hoped Magina's intentions were as good as she presented them.

Rick looked into Magina's eyes. He felt that he could trust her, but even Magics can make mistakes.

"How about we take a lunch break", suggested Magina.
Magina blew a kiss at Rick.


One hour later, Magina and Rick arrived back at the salon.

"Please trust me", whispered Magina to Rick.

"I don't have a choice", chuckled Rick.

"Hide inside my shirt pocket, I think I see her."

Rick could see Courtney too. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair with C sized breasts. She had a slim figure and a prominent backside. Rick knew Courtney liked highlighting her hair blonde. It was actually a rarity to see her hair in its natural color.

"Yep", whispered Magina, "she's here for highlights."

Magina put Rick inside her shirt pocket. He could hear the conversation between Magina and Courtney.

"Hi Courtney, how are you?"

"Oh, fantastic. My daddy is letting me and his friends take his largest yacht out on the Fourth of July. All the cool people are going to be with me."

"That sounds like fun."

"Yah, the yacht is probably worth more than your net worth."

Oh goodness, she was still a bitch, thought Rick.

"I suppose you're right."

"I want my hair to be a subtle blonde, but not too subtle and for it to have a perky look.. but not too perky. You gotta make me look like a surfer girl, but not like one of those dumbos you see on Baywatch.. ugh.."

"So essentially, you want the medium effect?"

"If that's what can wrap your brain around my request, then yes."

Rick cringed. He wanted to see Magina torture the living daylights out of Courtney.

"Okay then, let's begin", said Magina.

Magina pulled Rick out of the shirt pocket and mouthed "It won't be long."

Magina noticed Courtney's hair was in a scrunchie. She took the scrunchie out and placed it on her workdesk, putting Rick inside of it.

It took about an hour for Magina to finish, especially with Courtney's contradictory objections and confusing demands. All of that crap just to make Magina's life more difficult.

Rick knew it was time when he saw his world rise up. He was brought towards Courtney's hair. The smell of the highlights was near nauseating. Rick remembered Magina's promise though and didn't resist. He was sandwiched between the scrunchie and her hair. Rick did have to admit that Courtney's hair was very clean. He remembered the days when he would play with her perfect hair and she would bask in the attention it was receiving.

"There's a little surprise for you by the way", whispered Magina to Courtney, "look inside your scrunchie. Wait till you leave the salon though."

"Okay", said Courtney curtly.

This was it. Courtney was leaving. Rick was going with her.

Rick couldn't see a damn thing. That alone made him more nervous than he had been when shrunken. He already more than appreciated Magina.

He heard a car door open. The scrunchie immediately was taken off carefully. He knew that Courtney didn't want to lose the surprise. The symbolism was that the beginning of the torture was being delayed...only adding to the anticipation. Rick kind of hoped that he would fall off and miss Courtney. He could bum around her car until time was up or something like that. But that wasn't meant to be.

He saw Courtney's green eyes stare at him. He noticed her cute freckles dotting her face and her plush lips. She stared at him for a couple seconds and then her eyes opened wider at the shock.

He could see Courtney maliciously smile at Rick, "that bimbo who does my hair was right, there is a little surprise. I have so much I want to do with you, little Ricky."

Chapter End Notes:

What is Courtney going to do with Rick? Find out.

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