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Rick was terrified. He certainly didn't want to show it to her though. He saw Courtney's enormous face look down at him. It was the equivalent of having a billboard on a highway look down at you with a devilish grin. On the surface, she looked cute and innocent. However, Rick knew better.

"Long time, no see", said Courtney, "I never thought we would cross paths again – especially like this."

Rick said nothing. He figured the best he could do was keep stoic as his ex-girlfriend was attempting to make him squirm. He stood calmly in Courtney's palm – like a soldier preparing for battle.

"You don't want to say hello to me", cooed Courtney, "that's too bad. But trust me. We are going to have so much fun together." Courtney extended her tongue outwards and let it land on Rick's hair.

The tongue felt damp and Rick instinctively jumped back.

"Woah, careful", said Courtney, "I wouldn't want you to fall. Also, treat me nicely. You didn't taste bad at all."

"I'm too many calories. You wouldn't want to eat me."

"But you're a bite-sized source of protein. Mmmmmmmmm", said Courtney while licking her lips.

Magina wouldn't let this bitch eat him alive, right? Rick wasn't sure. This was the "can I trust Magina" test.

"What should I do with you first? Well, I gotta drive home so I think I'll hide you somewhere nice. How about in my cleavage, tee hee."

Rick didn't even bother resisting. He was carelessly and unceremoniously dropped onto Courtney's left breast. Rick landed right on Courtney's nipple which caused Courtney to giggle.

"This is going to be a fun ride home. Hold on tight." Rick could feel the nipple hardening under him. Courtney did have beautiful breasts – that was something he couldn't deny. He was surprised though that Courtney didn't spend money to make the breasts a cup size larger.

"Ooh, somebody is a little pervert – isn't he? That's okay", Rick heard Courtney say.

Rick held on to the top of her breast with hopes that it was going to be a long car drive. The longer it was, the closer he would be to the 24 hour mark when it was over.

Rick wished that he still had his phone with him- so he could know what time it was, but where the hell was he going to put it. Rick was butt naked. He blushed a little when he realized that he hadn't worn clothes at all since he shrunk. It was a hot summer day, but still the lack of clothes was a symbol of a lack of freedom to Rick. Rick was pretty sure he was going to see Courtney without her clothes soon enough anyway.

The drive wasn't too bad. Courtney drove as fast as she could in Manhattan traffic – but it wasn't bad nevertheless. Rick felt the car stop. He knew that this was going to be the beginning of torture. He felt a rush upwards from Courtney getting out of her car. He tried not to think too much about his immediate future. The thought of what she could do to him sickened yet aroused him at the same time. Courtney was as gorgeous as ever and her body was certainly a temptation – despite being an evil one.

Rick felt a sudden movement upwards and was flung into the air. Courtney was taking her clothes off. He landed on the soft bed. Thankfully, there was no pain despite her carelessness. Rick saw the naked Courtney in full. She was a tall, skinny fake-blonde goddess with many delightful assets.

Rick nervously looked at her from head to toe. Rick shuddered. Courtney knew that he had a foot fetish. She had large feet- size 10- with proportionately long toes.. the kind of toes that could squeeze his dick and bring almighty pleasure. Rick could seee those French pedicured toes wiggling on the soft carpet. Courtney's feet were ready to conquer him. He couldn't hide his erection - Rick pathetically tried to cover it with his hands, but it didn't do any good.

"Ah", said Courtney, "I see you still like my feet."

Courtney then flicked Rick off of the bed and watched him land on the carpet. She then said, "Let's see if my feet still like you."

Rick saw her massive and pale sole hover over him. She really did take too good care of her feet - while there were a couple of small blemishes on the sole, she was probably much better than average.. just not quite like Magina. Rick wanted to embrace the sole but he couldn't give himself up to Courtney.. she would probably try to kill him soon. Courtney didn't bring it up - but she took the breakup and the events leading to that breakup not well at all.. this was very likely the beginning of Courtney's revenge against Rick.

Rick decided to run.

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry for the ludicrously short chapter.
I am on vacation with my family right now. Don't have much time, but wanted to give you all a sneak peek.. you can consider this Part 1 of Courtney's fun with Rick.

Probably can get the full chapter up by December 26 :)

By then, I can really continue on with this story.. have a lot of ideas planned.

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