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Rick opened his eyes and could only feel soft cloth. Where was he? Oh right.. Rick was still in the jewelry box. He hoped that Courtney would keep him inside for the rest of the twenty four hours. However, Rick sincerely doubted that. Perhaps, the worst part of the torture was having no clue what time it was. Rick didn't know how long he slept. It could be the middle of the night. It could be early afternoon. Rick didn't have a clue. He figured that it was best to enjoy the peace while it lasted.

Time no longer existed for Rick. All he knew was darkness and torture. He was kept captive by what was intended to house a small article of jewelry, such a captor offered no path for escape.

Rick felt his world jostle. The tiny man went from corner to corner. He gripped his hands onto one of the corners. It was no use. Rick was thrown around like a popcorn kernel in the microwave. He felt his world go up and down – the numerous freefalls. He realized what was going on. Courtney was playing with the jewelry box. She was throwing it up in the air and catching it. Any more of this and Rick would bump his head onto the box and go into a coma. Being in a coma was preferable to being Courtney's slave actually, so let it be.

It wasn't bad enough to put Rick in the coma. The box opened and Rick saw Courtney's evil face look down on him.

"Ooh, look at you", cooed Courtney, "I hope little old me didn't hurt you."

Rick snarled at the giantess above him.

"At least we both got a good night's sleep, it is soooo late – already 11 AM."

11 AM? There was a silver lining. He only had three more hours with this awful monster who used to be his girlfriend. Rick must have slept through ten hours of it. Courtney had no idea that he would disappear and return to Magina at 2 PM. If Courtney did, she would have woken him up a lot sooner.

Rick continued his silence.

"I propose that we have lunch – do you still eat at your size?"

Rick was feeling hungry. The only things he had consumed since being in Courtney's possession were things created by Courtney's body – usually unintentionally. He knew that Courtney wasn't going to make things easy for him – but he nodded.

"How about we get some Mexican food? I guess a bean will be enough for your tiny body."

It would be the first time that Courtney ate more at a meal than Rick. She was obsessed with her looks and was the kind of girl who could live on salads. The fact that Courtney suggested Mexican food did actually make Rick feel a little suspicious. What sort of torture was planned?

Rick decided to speak.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"You're so paranoid, little man. We're only going out for lunch. How about Chipotle? There is one a block away from my apartment."

Rick looked at Courtney warily. He knew something was up. Would he be part of her lunch? Yes, that seemed likely.

"You know", said Rick meekly, "I'm not so hungry actually. I saw an ant or two crawling around – maybe I can eat one of those for lunch."

"Ewwwww", said Courtney in that familiar bitchy tone, "you want to eat bugs... you're a human being – not a fucking animal."

You sure haven't been treating me like a human being, thought Rick.

"How did you get so tiny anyway", asked Courtney, "I can't believe you were with my idiot hairdresser..ugh... she can't do anything right. I didn't know why she insisted on doing my hair since I hate her. But she gave me you. Where the hell did Alicia find you anyway?"

Rick didn't answer. Giving Courtney any information would be a bad idea.

"Giving me the silent treatment again, huh? You're such a coward. When you slept with that braindead slut, you gave me the silent treatment then too. Remember that? I had to find out from my fucking brother that you slept with Jenny. My brother. You are a disgusting piece of shit and deserve to be at my mercy."

Rick couldn't take it anymore – the blind hypocrisy of it all. However, it would all be over soon. Perhaps, he could play a little nice with her.

"Look. I'm sorry. I was young and stupid then. You knew I had a drinking problem."

"One that persisted because you wouldn't listen to me. I told you not to drink so much and you disobeyed me."

"Like I said, young and stupid. My alcoholism began at the age of 16 – when I was a freshman at Duke. I loved the drink for thirteen years now."

It was alcohol that caused Rick to meet Courtney. He was a senior at Duke and a member of one of the fraternities. His frat was hosting an Orientation Week party which mostly freshmen attended. That was where he met Courtney: a spoiled, bitchy, yet brilliant freshman girl whose father owned one of the largest and most successful hedge fund firms in the country. Rick was only a year older than Courtney, but he was three grades ahead. Their relationship bloomed after Rick stayed at Duke for law school. It was the worst decision he had ever made. He was also accepted at Harvard and Columbia, but chose to stay at Duke to keep Courtney happy. She ran his life for many years. Rick was admittedly happy though to have a girlfriend who was so beautiful on the outside – he didn't think he would ever have that chance again. The past two years had shown Rick that he was probably right about that.

"We do have quite the history together", said Courtney with a giggle, "I hate that you did what you did."

"Maybe this is a sign that we can start things up again", Rick responded, "sure, I'm an inch tall, but I have made you happy these past twenty-one and a half hours, right?"

"I do like you better this way", responded Courtney with a smile, "let's have some fun together."

Courtney put Rick into her purse. It was dark inside but Rick could feel a lipstick case, which held lipstick large enough to color him fully whatever it was intended to color lips. Courtney had lips that Rick didn't want to touch anytime soon, whether it was to kiss them or to enter her digestive system. Some time had passed and Rick saw his world open up.

Courtney took Rick out of the purse and placed him next to a massive burrito. It was enough Chipotle to feed Rick for months.

"You gonna eat all of that", teased Rick.

"It's so little", cooed Courtney, "I think even I could eat all of that. Feel free to take some of it."

Rick was hungry. If Courtney was eating the burrito too, it probably wasn't poisonous in any way. Rick ripped his hands into the burrito and began to eat. It was steak and it tasted good. At least, Rick was above somebody in the food chain.

Courtney picked up the burrito and began to eat it. She couldn't finish the whole thing and only ate half of it.

"Wow", said Courtney, "you are right, this is a lot of food.. I'm so full. My stomach is feeling a little achy. Let's go home."

Courtney put Rick into her purse and headed home. Things didn't seem so bad – maybe these last one or two hours would be okay. Maybe the message was that he could start a relationship with Courtney again. She wanted Rick to feel bad for what he had done and then all would be well.

Rick felt his world open up for the third time today. Wait, why was he falling? While everything was happening so quickly, Rick noticed that he was heading straight for a toilet bowl.

Fuck fuck fuck... Rick was falling downwards and couldn't move his body away. He was freefalling and landed inside the toilet water.. gross.

Courtney looked down at the toilet water and gave Rick an evil grin.

"Tee hee", said Courtney, "you're going to get to know a part of me really well right now. I didn't tell you this before, but I took laxatives prior to lunch. This might actually hurt me more than it hurts you."

Rick couldn't believe what was going on. Was Courtney actually going to poop on him? The clean and image-obsessed Courtney was going to shit all over him. There seemed to be no way out.

"Oh my, all of that food certainly made me have to go to the bathroom. The little friends I took this morning seem to have helped. My biggest regret is that this is so unladylike of me. Oh well, even a lady needs to poop."

Courtney sat down on the toilet seat.

Rick was humiliated. He was in a toilet under Courtney's ass. She was about to take a massive dump. Would he be saved? He closed his eyes as he could hear some of the shit leave Courtney's asshole – an enormous turd was about to fall on him. Rick could also hear Courtney's moans of laughter. Rick opened his eyes and saw a massive brown piece of crap slide out of Courtney's body and head straight towards him. He couldn't move. He hated Courtney more than anyone else in the world.

Rick began to scream. Suddenly, he felt his body disappear and then... there was brief darkness.


Rick woke up to find himself in a palm. The palm was soft and comforting. He looked up and saw Magina's face. Her eyes were teary.

Magina began to cry and said, "I am so sorry. I didn't realize that things would be so bad for you."

"You didn't realize", shouted Rick, "I almost got fucking destroyed by shit... literally."

"I know", said Magina softly kissing Rick on his head, "it's only 12:59 PM. I got you out of there a little over an hour early. I couldn't risk it. I...I... was watching you the whole time – but that was the final straw for me. What did you learn from this?"

"I..uh...I...l..I learned that life is awful."

"Think harder", urged Magina, "do you think fecal matter is sexy?"

"I have a lot of fetishes apparently – but not that."

"With what do you now associate Courtney?"

"Oh my god, you're right."

"See. You have now lost your attraction for Courtney. Isn't that a good thing? Two years of pain and heartbreak all gone. You can begin to move on with your life."

"I've been through hell – as a Magic, you probably have seen most of it."

"I can see why you were so unsatisfied with Courtney though. She's a woman focused only on her own pleasure and not yours."

"Are you any different?"

"Of course I am. I'm amazed that you would even ask that. I am not like Courtney in those ways."

"I know..I know...but you let me go home with her."

"Magics aren't flawless beings", said Magina solemnly, "I knew Courtney was bad but I didn't think she was that bad."

"Okay..okay.. I forgive you. I know that you want to help me. I can't think of her now except for her wanting to poop on me. Not sure if I can eat Mexican food again either, I wonder if she has discovered that I disappeared yet."

"Too bad I can't find out for you. I was only able to watch Courtney with you around."

"I don't care. She will never be able to hurt me again, right?"

"As long as you're with me or..."

"Why the pause?"

"I hope you don't get mad about this, but umm... tomorrow, I will be giving you to another girl. But, she is one of my favorite customers. I have gotten to know her really well and I think you'll like her too – if you can get her attention. I know she'll like you."

"You seem to enjoy making my life difficult. You give me to Courtney with her fully aware and you're giving me to this other woman who doesn't even know I exist."

"It's all up to you. She hates killing bugs. She's the kind of girl, if she sees you, will examine you closely and carefully. Sweet, curious, and smart.. I guarantee that she'll notice you right away."

Rick thought of the women in his life. He remembered one day that there was a spider who got into his workplace. Some of his coworkers wanted to kill it, but Amy gently let the spider crawl onto her hand. She smiled at the spider and took it outside to be free and safe from harm. This girl Magina was talking about had to be Amy Wong.

"Amy", asked Rick.

"Yep, that's all for tomorrow though", said Magina with a smile, "how about we have some fun in the meantime?"

Rick nodded. For the first time in 24 hours, Rick was not ashamed by his growing erection.

Chapter End Notes:

What will happen to Rick next?

I hope you are all enjoying it!

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