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"It is such a hot day today", Magina casually commented to Rick, "I think I am overdressed."

Rick noticed that Magina was wearing a tanktop, short shorts, and flip flops on her feet.

"I would agree with that", commented Rick.

"How about I get more comfortable", said Magina with a giggle.

Rick nodded.

Magina kicked off her flip flops and took off the rest of her clothes. She was completely naked. Magina wasn't as tall as Courtney. Magina wasn't as skinny as Courtney either, but was toned – she had a spunky and athletic look to her.

Magina stood above Rick and leaned forward. This caused Magina's vagina to hover over Rick: a monstrous body part which seemed to move on its own volition. It was also beautiful.

"Be careful around my pussy", said Magina with a seductive whisper, "it has a big appetite."

Rick mockingly curled downwards – showing his fear of the vagina.

"Mind if I take some pictures of it with my phone, wherever it is", asked Rick.

"Go ahead", chirped Magina, "it now even has a full battery. I took good care of it while you were gone – tee hee."

Magina gently picked up Rick's iPhone between her two fingers and gave it to him. Rick turned on his phone and kneeled downwards. There was Magina's vagina in all of its glory. The lips looked moist. Rick could tell the whole experience was turning Magina on as much as it was turning on Rick. He snapped a picture of the vagina and then put his hand on one of the lips.

Rick could hear Magina moan from above.

"Be careful, little man. I don't know if you are aware but I am very sensitive down there."

"I had no idea", responded Rick with playful sarcasm, "got a pretty picture though."

"What does it look like?"

"The most beautiful flower in the world."

"You know how to treat a woman well."

Rick saw that Magina had her legs stretched out on her bed. They were long and firm – seeming to extend for miles.. well, not literally miles, but it felt like it. Magina's pretty and playful feet were at the end of those legs.

Rick took a picture of Magina's legs from his start point at her vagina. Breathtaking. Who knew that the female body could incite such awe and wonder?

Rick placed his hands on Magina's soft legs. She giggled softly from above. Rick made his way down towards her feet. He missed them a lot.

Rick missed her long toes, high arch, yet overall 'dainty' feet. He went right up to her toes. Her toenails were painted black.

"I don't know if you noticed but I got a fresh pedicure while you were gone", said Magina.

"Ah, I do notice. Very sexy", said Rick.

Rick snapped a picture. He reached out to touch her big toe.

"My feet are very sensitive as well, be careful", said Magina.

"What part of you isn't sensitive?"

"I would assume everything is sensitive, just to be careful. Tee hee."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Hold on a second. I'm going to show you the stairway to heaven."

Rick saw Magina adjust her position so that she was lying down on her stomach. Magina had her soles faced upward.

"There you go, stairway to heaven."

Rick already had a strong erection, but seeing her soles like that drove him wild. Rick wanted to fuck Magina's feet right there, but his brain told him to wait – there was more fun in store.

Rick wanted the best pictures possible. The first picture Rick took was from the bottom. He got a nice picture of Magina's sole from the bottom of her toes. He noticed the smell of lavender. Delicious. Rick was grateful that Courtney no longer had that smell to her. That was fortunate. It would have spoiled things otherwise.

"Magina, I'm ready to begin my ascent upwards", said Rick happily.

"Exciting", said Magina seductively.

Rick gripped his hands and feet on Magina's big toe and reached for one of the wrinkles on Magina's sole. Rick continued his climb upwards. Magina's foot was now his world. Rick had to stop his erection from ruining things though. The heaviness of his hard-on was actually making the climb more difficult physically and psychologically.

"I feel your big cock on my sole", teased Magina.

As the foot became less steep, it became less of a climb and more of a walk. Rick stopped at Magina's instep and lied down. Rick then took a couple of pictures. He got a view of Magina's bedroom from her foot. Rick took a close-up of Magina's instep. Rick took a couple more pictures of her foot. This was fucking incredible. Rick had a full-blown erection.

"I know.. I know... my feet are sexy, but don't blow your load yet", said Magina.

"It's too hard – I'm not strong enough."

"Hold on, tiny man."

Magina lifted her leg upwards causing her foot to also move upwards.

As Magina's foot swung lightly, Rick got an aerial view of Magina's body. She was lying on her stomach but Rick could see her breasts at the bottom. Rick took another picture.

"Like the view?"

"Like is an understatement."

"Jump on my cute little booty", said Magina.

"Hmmmm.. looks like a big booty to me."

"Jump, my brave little man."

Rick could see Magina's butt from below. He wondered what was in store if he got right in between the cheeks. Plenty of good pictures to be had. However, Rick reconsidered being too risky. Jumping right into her asshole was likely going to have more dangers than benefits. He figured it would be best to aim for one of the cheeks.

Rick decided to first tease Magina by rubbing his dick onto her sole for a couple of seconds.

"You horny pervert, I felt that", said Magina.

"I wasn't hiding it."

Rick then jumped off of Magina's foot and landed on her left cheek.

There were fewer footholds on Magina's ass. Rick found that he needed to consistently grip his fingers and toes onto her cheek if he wanted to stay on. This would make it harder to take a picture. He had to hold his phone with his teeth.

"Tee hee", said Magina, "I wanna see if my little boy genius can figure out how to take a picture of my itty bitty hiney."

Rick needed a minute to think about it, making sure not to fall. However, inspiration hit Rick. He needed to get to the very top. He would be able to get a picture from Magina's back pelvic area. The ground underneath him was a little wet and oily. Rick's persistence paid off though and he made it to the top. Rick happily ungripped his phone from his teeth and let it fall into his hands.

"Careful. I was tempted to scratch you off at least twice", said Magina.

"Living on the edge", responded Rick with a smile.

Rick sat on Magina's body and took a couple pictures of Magina's cheeks.

"I call this "The Flesh Moon", dang.. I can sell these pictures for millions", said Rick.

"You must not", said Magina seriously, "the outside world cannot know about this."

"What about Courtney? She knows."

"Her memories are in the process of being erased of the whole experience. I don't think you want to lose these memories."

"Absolutely not. So basically, there's no way I can become rich from this."

"Is money truly what you care about most?"

"Money is important if you're not a magic."

"Is it making you happy?"

"I should show you the house I want to buy."

"I can read your thoughts. What will you do with a 10,000 square foot mansion overlooking the Long Island Sound anyway? Live there by yourself?"

"Sure. It shows I have made it. I can finally be proud of myself. Additionally, my future children can live the privileged lifestyle Courtney grew up with."

"You really want your future children to turn out like Courtney?"

"No, but I will raise them well."

"You're a sweet guy, Ricky. Make sure you marry the right woman."

"So, not Courtney, right? She is a trust fund girl and would have helped me live in my dream house."

"I think we're down to the real reason you stayed with her so damn long. Do you think money truly buys happiness?"

"Yes, I do - for me, at least. Maybe not for other people, but for me – it would."

"What if your true love doesn't want to live in a giant mansion?"

"Then she isn't my true love."

"What if your true love wants to live in a giant mansion but takes laxatives just for the pleasure of shitting all over you?"

"I see your point. Enough chit chat. Let's take pictures."

"Don't sell them or anything. I'm trusting you."

"I won't. I promise. In fact, let's upload them on your computer when this is all over and I'll delete them from my phone."

"Tee hee. I'm already doing that with my magic."

Rick took a couple more pictures of her buttcheeks. He noticed the tiny, involuntary movements of her cheeks. It was amazing all the intricate details Rick could notice at his size. His erection was at full mast and he could barely take it anymore.

"I give you permission to fuck my butt", said Magina.

Without a moment's hesitation, Rick moved towards the top of the opening of Magina's cheeks. With a passioned intensity, Rick dragged his cock up and down the opening. He couldn't believe it. These two monuments of flesh could kill him easily but they were now his. He was going to sow his seed inside.

Rick could hear Magina moan from above saying, "that feels amazing."

Only two minutes at most had passed. Rick orgasmed onto Magina's ass. He went limp and felt himself fall onto the bed. He noticed that his phone had safely landed on the bed as well.

"That was a lot of fun", said Magina, "you are definitely one of my favorite tiny people ever."

"I'm sure you had a lot too", said Rick, "you're approaching old age."

"I'm a hot 56 year old. I only look 28."

"I am admittedly getting sleepy. Sorry for cutting things short."

"Awww", cooed Magina, "it's all good. You really made me feel like a goddess tonight. Let's say that is my own little fetish."

"I understand", said Rick with a grin, "how much longer until you give me to Amy?"

"My appointment with her is tomorrow at 1:30. So, we still have some time."

"Same rules as Courtney, right?"

"Same exact rules. I don't think you're going to have to worry about Amy throwing you in a toilet so she can shit on you."

"I dunno, I could unlock some kinky sadistic side in her", said Rick jokingly.

"Maybe kinky, but certainly not sadistic", said Magina with a smile.

"I'm going to trust you that everything is going to be okay."

"I promise. Have fun."

"It's going to be hard though. Nobody is more fun than you."

"True", said Magina, "you always speak the truth. That's what I like about you."

"Where am I sleeping tonight?"

"Good question. How about I wear socks to bed tonight?"

"Ooh, I get what you mean."

"I'll get ready for bed now."

Magina went into her bedroom.

Rick got a text message on his phone. He wasn't sure he could still get those at his size.

It was from an unknown number.

"Hello, Rick. I am a shrunken person just like you. Help me contain the magic powers and I promise you will have a bright future."

"Who is this?"

"A friend who sees your potential. Life hasn't always been easy for you, but I promise that will change if you help me. You will become richer than you could even imagine."

Rick decided not to respond. The one person he could trust was Magina. However, the thought of riches did tempt him terribly. Perhaps, Rick should sleep on it before talking more with this mysterious shrunken person. Perhaps, Rick would wait to see if the person tried to text him again.  Who else would have shrunk? Did Magina shrink someone else recently? Or was the person lying about being shrunken? Too many what-ifs at the moment.

Magina returned holding two socks in her hand. She was still naked. Sleeping with no clothes except socks seemed like a Magina thing to do.

"Get in", said Magina with a smile. Rick crawled into the toe of the sock and then watched with amazement as Magina's foot entered the sock. He could feel the foot flesh cover his body like a blanket. The pressure was minimal. Rick could see that he was in between her big and second toe. As Magina adjusted her position – Rick found himself on the top of Magina's sock – right above her feet. This would be a good and comfortable place to sleep. Rick could feel Magina's toes softly wiggle below him. He was in love. Perhaps, he would have some fun with Magina's feet when he woke up the next day. Rick closed his eyes and let himself sleep. He knew he wasn't in danger since Magina was a kind magic. She would ensure the whole experience was exciting but not deadly.

Chapter End Notes:

This was a fun chapter for me to write.
I hope you had as much fun reading it, :D

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