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Rick wasn't sure whether he was in heaven or in hell. He was held firmly down by Amy's foot as she walked back home. Given the hot summer day, her foot did sweat somewhat. However, it could have been a much worse experience. Magina had also cleaned Amy's feet during the pedicure, so her feet overall felt soft and fresh. Rick knew he would survive. If Amy inadvertently put Rick in any danger, Magina would rescue him. What lesson was Magina trying to teach Rick through this?

Rick strained his head and could make out Amy's big and second toe in his line of vision. They were truly beautiful and all powerful – seeming to extend to eternity. Rick wondered if Amy would notice him or not. Her feet were not as intimidating-looking as that of Courtney or even Magina since Amy had noticeably smaller feet, but they were still larger than Rick's body and could crush him. It would be tough, especially if she was working. Amy was able to keep a very deep focus on anything she worked on and wouldn't be paying attention to a tiny being trying to get her attention.

Rick sighed heavily. The movements of Amy's walking became nauseating to poor Rick. Unlike his experience in Courtney's mouth, Rick did all he could to avoid throwing up. He tried to focus on anything but his nausea. The one thing that seemed to work brought Rick into complete sexual ecstasy. Rick was under the foot of a beautiful yet unaware goddess who was also his kind-hearted co-worker. Rick was confident that Amy would never deliberately harm him, but she had the capability to do so. Surrendering himself to Magina seemed much less crazy in comparison. Even at normal size, Rick would have likely bended to Magina's will. However, this was a girl who would never force her will on anyone. Rick wanted so badly to embrace Amy's foot and explode all over it. However, he felt far too much guilt in doing so. Courtney deserved anything he wanted to do with her. Magina was wonderful in so many ways, but innocence was not one of her character traits – she also willingly wanted and encouraged Rick to worship her in a sexual manner. Rick groaned. The guilt won over. He was going to do his best to restrain himself.

Amy's foot continued to keep Rick in place. Despite the fact that she was wearing open-toed sandals, Rick never felt like he was going to fall off. If Rick fell off Amy's foot, Magina would be forced to transport him back to her. However, Rick remembered the conversation he overheard between Magina and Amy. Rick couldn't leave Amy behind completely, especially if she liked him in some sort of way. Yes, he couldn't. Rick would tell Amy of his situation, quit his law firm, and live out the rest of his days with Magina.

Rick couldn't see much of the outside world, but he gathered that Amy had approached a door. This must be her apartment building, thought Rick. This was going to be his chance to get Amy to notice him. Rick wish he could know exactly what Amy was thinking at that moment. He could only guess what it was. Hopefully, it was something pleasant such as the soft pebble between her toes rather than all the work she probably had to do. Rick wanted to be done with work. He realized how much he hated his job – if he truly loved it, he would have wanted to stay despite being passed up for the promotion.

Rick could hear a soft sigh from above. Amy definitely had a lot to do. Rick held on tightly to Amy's big toe as she continued to walk. That's all he could do as Amy walked towards her desk and kicked off her shoes. Rick quickly latched on to the sandal strap as the sandal left her foot. Rick noticed that the ground beneath his shoe was soft-looking carpet. Rick saw that Amy placed both of her feet firmly on the ground. She sighed happily this time. The toes wiggled slowly yet seductively. Amy was probably busy doing her work.

How was Rick going to get Amy's attention? He was small and never truly was in this situation. Magina had told Courtney about the "small surprise". She didn't do such a thing for Amy. Why was that? Rick was convinced that it was all to make his decision to stay with Magina more definite. He would be stuck alone for 24 hours as Amy went on with life about him. He would probably be stuck watching Jenny fuck a guy or two – since she was a total slut..or maybe she got married or something at this point, Rick didn't have a fucking clue. No.. Rick was going to get Amy to notice him. He had to think things through.

Amy had begun rubbing her feet onto the carpet. It must have been relaxing to her. Her toes with purple nail polish were only cuter as they pushed themselves onto the carpet. Rick imagined himself being toyed around under Amy's feet in a similar way. Rick was in a disgustingly voyeuristic mood. He wished that there was a pencil or a similar object under Amy's desk so he could watch her play with it with her toes. She seemed like the kind of woman who had very sensitive feet – the kind who would enjoy having her feet pampered and worshipped by a tiny man like him. Rick's erection was at full mast. It wasn't going to help him get Amy's attention positively. He could always cum on her foot and she might feel that, but that would probably be a disgusting bug she wouldn't mind killing.

Rick shuddered and wondered.. this seemed awfully counterintuitive, but since Amy was typically kind towards bugs – why didn't he just crawl onto her body like a bug? Amy might notice and then she would see that it was a tiny Rick Lennox.

Rick approached Amy's feet with anxiety. However, this needed to be done. Her toes were wiggling into the carpet. How was he going to even get on her foot. Rick figured that the best thing might be to climb towards the side of the foot. He ran over to the side and jumped right on to it. He slowly climbed up to the top of Amy's foot. Rick began to crawl up towards her leg, but suddenly Rick could see the sole of Amy's other foot descend upon him. God damn it, Amy must have just thought it was an itch on her foot. The sole landed on Rick for only a split second. She then took it off and pushed her chair backwards. Was this it? Was he finally going to be noticed?

Rick could see Amy's hand descend towards the foot and grab him softly. She then brought Rick up to her face – probably to examine what was on her foot.

Rick saw Amy's gorgeous yet timid looking face. She brought Rick closer to her eyes to truly examine him. Amy gasped softly.

"Oh...my goodness", whispered Amy, "Rick, is that you?"

Rick nodded.

"It all makes sense now", said Amy.

"What makes sense", asked Rick trying to speak as loudly as he could.

"Why you haven't been anywhere in two days.. oh, the Grinder Oil case.. honestly, you're the only one who understands what is going on."

"If those fucktards promoted me, none of this would have ever happened – serves them fucking right." Rick was surprised by his own tiny outburst there.

"I'm sorry", said Amy, "I really should learn to think before I speak."

Rick laughed and said, "You, no? That's my problem. I shouldn't have said what I said."

"No. I get it. I am just happy that you are alive. You must be doing awful after that encounter with my feet."

Rick felt embarrassed by his growing erection. He was naked, even the self-conscious Amy would know soon enough that he was turned on by her feet.

"No, it was alright. That lady at the salon did a nice job with your feet."

"She's good. I am surprised that she insists on having me as one of her customers. There are so many beautiful women out there she can help instead."

"Do you tip her well?"

"I guess I give her a nice tip, she's great at her job."

"I think you're beautiful, Amy. I am sure the salon lady sees that too."

Rick made Amy blush a bright pink as she said, "you... really think I'm beautiful?"

Rick felt kind of bad for Amy. Why was someone like her so lacking in self-confidence? She had no reason.

"I do", said Rick, "you are also warm, kind, and caring. I am grateful that you have found me."

"I am grateful that I found you as well", said Amy with a smile, "so, any idea on how we can grow you back to normal size?"

"Ummm... well.. you see...I kinda..."

Amy simply stared at him, patiently waiting for Rick to say what he wanted to say.

"It's kind of hard to talk about", said Rick, "but yes, I know how to grow back to normal size."

"This is fascinating, to be honest", said Amy, "I would have never guessed it would be possible for a person to shrink."

"Well, it happened."

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me more, but I hope you're okay."

"It's a long story. I don't know if I should even be allowed to tell you."

"I'm not going to force it out of you."

"That's nice to hear since you could crush me like a grape with your hands alone."

"Oh no", gasped Amy, "I would never let anything like that happen to you."

"You still have the capacity to do so. You could make me your pet and", as Rick was talking, he noticed that his erection was growing. He grew embarrassed but didn't have anything to hide it.

Amy finally noticed his erection and then said, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry for turning me on – dang, I kind of wish I had some clothes to hide this."

"Ummm... I hope you're not going to be mad at me for what I'm about to say..."

"Go for it. It's not like I can do anything to you at my size."

Amy gulped. He noticed beads of sweat forming on her face. Rick grew nervous. What the hell was Amy going to say? Was she going to destroy him for being an idiot pervert who ran away from work over an unfortunate disappointment?

"I kind of liked having you..under my foot, it felt nice."

Rick feigned shock and outrage over this and said, "Putting me in a life or death situation feels nice!?!?"

Rick could see tears form in Amy's eyes and she whispered, "I'm a horrible person, aren't I?"

Rick sighed and said, "I was kidding. This will seem even weirder, but it felt nice being under your foot."

Rick was relieved to see that Amy was no longer in tears.

"How could it", asked Amy.

"There are some things about me. I'm the strange one, not you."

"No", said Amy confidently, "there is nothing wrong with what you like. You mentioned the lady at the salon before I did. Were you there?"

"I was", said Rick, "it's a long story, but why don't we have some fun first?"


"You're a giantess to me. You can do whatever you want with me."

Amy looked nervous and then said, "Ummm.. I couldn't.. well, I... okay, what I want is what you want."

"I could worship your feet."

Amy genuinely smiled and said, "Good idea, I love getting my feet pampered, it always feels amazing."

Rick didn't know if he could turn Amy into a confident giantess but it seemed like a worthy challenge.

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