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Author's Chapter Notes:

What is in store for a shrunken Rick and a normal-sized Magina?

Rick slowly walked away from Magina's hair, being careful to not make sudden movements. Rick was terrified. It was more than the heat emanating from Magina's body which was causing him to sweat. Patience wasn't his strong suit, but he knew it was best to think of a plan before undertaking any idiotic actions. His head was telling him this. His heart was telling him to lash out at Magina for doing something this outlandish to him. His dick was telling him to rub it on her soft skin. Oh yes... Rick couldn't hide it. The whole situation was arousing. It must have been the pheromones in the air.

Rick supposed it wouldn't hurt to take a couple moments to admire Magina and her body. Magina was sleeping on her side, so Rick could only see her backside from his line of vision. She obviously kept in shape. Her long slender body seemed to extend for hundreds of feet. Rick bravely walked parallel to the sleeping giantess. A couple more steps and he would have been able to touch her back. Rick couldn't even notice any stray hairs at his diminutive size. Chances are high that Magina's body was meticulously waxed or did she simply use magic to keep the hair off.

The tiny man noticed a small tattoo of a star on her lower back. Well, small to most people. The star tattoo was his height – one inch. Rick felt his erection grow again. He wondered what it would be like to be a tattoo permanently drawn on Magina's body. Would he even still be able to feel sexual pleasure in his immobile state or would he be forever aroused but unable to do anything to relieve the sexual frustration or would he have more leeway and be able to fuck her body when he pleased? Rick face-palmed himself. What the fuck was he doing? He was as small as a spider; his life was in grave danger, but all he could think about was sex. However, Magina wouldn't hurt him, right? Rick didn't know. He only met her last night.

Rick continued his trek down her body. He then saw two large fleshy moons which towered over him. This was no other than the butt cheeks of Magina. Rick gulped. He so badly wanted to touch them. He imagined that they felt so damn soft especially at his side. Rick knew that one wrong move could kill him. However, maybe this was how he was meant to die anyway. Rick was pathetic. No one would truly miss him anyway if he was killed by this woman. Perhaps, his purpose in life was to be like a bug to Magina. The question was: would she let him die or did she have other plans for him?

Rick slowly put his hand on one of her cheeks. He then rubbed his face into the cheek. It smelled so fresh. Magina was certainly not like any woman he had ever met. Magina didn't stir at all. She must have been in deep sleep. Rick couldn't take it anymore. He jumped right onto her motionless cheek and began to rub his penis all over it. This was perfection. Rick didn't care that he was a pervert. Magina wasn't exactly sweet and innocent herself. Rick felt like he was on ecstasy from the whole experience. The scent Magina emanated only made Rick hornier. He was about to finish. However, Rick's world was rocked.

Magina suddenly stood up. Shit, she was waking up. Rick held on for his life on to the ass cheek. The sense of fear was enough to subside his erection. Rick was thrust up hundreds of feet. This was certainly scarier than any roller coaster he had ever been on. Rick closed his eyes, squeezing himself to Magina's cheek with the expectation of death. She sat down on the bed. Magina sat down slowly, so it didn't feel like a free-fall drop. If anything, it was a smooth ride down. Rick just couldn't let go. He felt himself be squished under the soft and warm flesh. His body should have been flattened like a pancake by now. Rick laughed to himself. Luck was on his side. He was apparently more durable at this size.

It felt like an eternity had passed. Rick couldn't move at all, but he felt an odd sense of security. He desperately wanted to trust the goddess, but she may be saving his death for later. Silence. Utter silence. Suddenly, he heard a loud but adorable giggle from above.

"Hmmm, it appears that I am sitting on something. I wonder what that is. Maybe it will like it if I adjust my position."

Magina knew it was him, without a doubt. She was playing with Rick.
Suddenly, he felt his world tighten. Magina was pushing her butt downwards. Rick may have not been in danger of being crushed, but he certainly felt the feeling of claustrophobia. Rick had no way out. This must have been what being trapped in a coffin alive was like.

Magina continued her giggling and then said, "Whatever is under me feels real good. Ooh, it tickles."

Rick doubted at his height that he could actually make her feel good. He knew that she was referring to the power she had over him. Magina was simply a Courtney with magical powers. Why did he ever trust her? Rick was going to die or be a slave to this magic-wielding bitch. Rick wanted to cry out in pain but he couldn't show any weakness to Magina. If he could show strength, that might be enough to have some control over his situation. Rick could only listen to Magina's taunts.

"I love feeling tiny things on my body. Oooh, nothing beats the experience. I wonder what it would be like to feel little Ricky on my breasts or my sexy feet... or perhaps, he may even get to enjoy my pussy. Just the thought makes me so horny. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........."

The moaning continued. It wasn't one which indicated sexual arousal but mockery. Rick was just a tiny little play thing to Magina and nothing more. Rick did feel his erection returning. He did like the feeling of Magina's beautiful body on him. This was the plus of being such a small man. He wondered how Magina would react to him rubbing his penis on her ass cheek. Magina was obviously very comfortable with her sex appeal, so she wouldn't be surprised or made uncomfortable by any moves on his part. However, this sexual goddess could also kill him with ease.

"Am I feeling a tiny little bump on my butt? I don't know though. It is so small. I am probably just imagining it."

Rick quickly did the math in his head. He was an inch tall. He used to be six feet tall. His penis was now 5/72 of an inch or approximately 2 mms long. Rick shuddered. However, he had a feeling that sex would certainly not be out of his life with Magina.

"I think it is time to free the little thing from its prison. It must be so uncomfortable."

Rick felt his world move slightly upwards. An enormous hand with red fingernail polish had approached his line of vision. The hand then turned so the palm faced outwards. Rick was strangely excited about exploring more of Magina.

"Come on", giggled Magina, "get on my hand. Don't worry. I won't hurt you." Rick jumped off her ass and got onto her hand. He landed in the center of her palm. Rick admired the small valleys which made up her palm. He could see her long yet delicate fingers from the distance. Rick was slowly brought up to Magina's face. This was the first time he had seen her face since being shrunken. It admittedly made him feel smaller than anything else had up to this point. Magina's blue eyes and bright smile with pearly white teeth seemed to welcome his presence.

"Hey there, little guy", said Magina softly, "are you ready to have some fun with me?"

"How did all of this happen? How did I get so goddamn small?"

"Let's say that I have some special skills."

"Special is an understatement. This is...unheard of."

"Oh, you're not the first person I've shrunk. They know about it but..."

"What? They die?"

"I have never killed a shrunken person in my life. It is against the code of the Northern Magic blood. Punishable by death."

Could this get any weirder, thought Rick.

"Northern Magic blood?"

"You ever read the "Harry Potter" books?"

"Yea, who hasn't?"

"Best way to explain it is that I have magical powers and am a Magic. We Magics are born with the ability to perform many kinds of spells – including shrinking others and mind reading."

"I can tell you read my mind."

"You do promise to keep this a Secret, right?"

"Of course."

"That is the exception to "killing a shrunken person" rule by the way."

"I take it that you have certain assets which have kept those from telling."

"Some say I have a way with men. We learn mind control, but I have never had to control a man's mind before. Women, on the other hand... let's say I shrunk a woman or two and I still have control over their minds completely after 20-30 years."

"How old are you?"

"I'm still a young woman, only 56."

"So I fucked an old lady, hahahahaha.. what a story to tell."

"That is 28 in Magic years."

"I was only kidding, you know that, right?"

"You better be", said Magina, licking her lips. She then added, "you know, if I can prove that I didn't intentionally kill a shrunken person – I'm okay. You're so tiny. Who knows where you could end up?"

"You're a young and beautiful woman. No worries there."

"Good, enough chit chat. Why don't we have some fun?" Magina moved Rick away from her face and all the way down to her bare feet.

Rick looked in awe at her feet. They were truly breathtaking. They looked as beautiful as they did last night. She most likely wore a size 8, so her feet were now about 58 feet long to him. Magina's toes slowly and seductively wiggled and seemed to be waiting for his touch.

Rick began to reach a hand out, but Magina's big toe moved forwards and lightly pinned his hand and arm down.
It didn't hurt, but he was clearly stuck.

"What are you going to do about it", asked Magina playfully.

Rick moved his head upwards to the big toe and gave it a kiss.

"Awwww", cooed Magina, "you are the cutest thing. My toe likes you a lot too."

Magina let her foot go, but then she moved her foot forwards and began to bring it down onto Rick. He could only watch in amazement as the peach-colored sky had begun to fall down on him. However, she aimed well. Rick ended up under her high arch. It was still a tight fit, but it wasn't crushing him.

"Oh my gosh", gasped Magina, "you feel so good under my foot. Be careful – my soles are very sensitive".

Rick felt the foot flesh surround his body. It actually smelled nice too. Magina took good care of her feet and her entire body. He could only smell body lotion – it seemed that Magina was a fan of lavender – just like Courtney. Damn, Magina must have been reading his mind for some time – she was probably reading his mind right now.

"Don't overthink it", said Magina from above, "enjoy my feet. I know you like them."
Rick gave the foot a kiss. He then brought his hands upwards and found a wrinkle. He dug his pointer finger into the wrinkle and began to move his finger away from him.

He heard laughter from above.

"Wow.. Ricky.. oh my gosh.. you really know the sweet spot. Be careful down there. I'm being as careful as I can."

Rick smiled at hearing this from Magina and said, "Don't worry, I am being careful."

He didn't say it loudly – but he reckoned there was a good chance that magic girl could hear it.

Rick spent some time rubbing her arch meticulously. He could hear her toes wiggling in the distance. This definitely meant he was doing a good job.

Magina purred, "I think my other foot needs some attention."
She quickly took off her right foot of Rick and put the left foot onto him. The same sort of exercise occurred.


"Hey Ricky", said Magina, "you are a real natural at this – I always love shrinking down the foot fetishists. Almost every girl I know appreciates a good foot massage."

"Glad I can be of service."

"I think it's about time we conclude the foot session with a rewarding climax."

Rick laughed nervously. He hoped it was what he thought it meant.

Magina took her foot off of Rick and said softly, "Keep lying down and think of me."

Such thoughts were definitely making him hard. He watched as his dick went full mast into the air. He hoped this was going to be as good as anticipated.

Suddenly, Magina brought down the big toe on her right foot and slowly stroked his dick up and down with it. Holy shit, thought Rick, this was a toejob. Rick began pushing his dick into her toe as she rubbed it up and down. He wanted this to last, so he decided to do his best to hold in.

"Awww, you are such a strong little guy. I know what you're trying to do. Let me help you release."

Rick was trying to hold it. He wanted the toejob to last forever. The precum must have started coming out three minutes ago. Rick wanted to burst.

"You're so adorable. How would you like to stay with me forever? We can do stuff like this whenever we want."

"That would be great", said Rick now panting.

Magina then moved her toe downwards, at the bottom of the shaft. She lightly pushed it. That was the ending point. Rick came and came all over Magina's toe. It felt like gallons of cum. Fucking incredible!

"So, what's next", asked Rick, "after a short break to recharge, of course."

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! A lot more to come for sure.

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