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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my longest story to date, and my first multichapter one. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Again please avoid this if you're not into incest. Enjoy!
I pulled into the driveway of the house I grew up in somewhere around 10 AM. I was home from college visiting my dad, and was actually pretty excited to see him. I've only been 18 for a little while, but I'm already a sophomore, he's so proud of that. We've always been close, but since the divorce he's been pretty down. I can't blame him, he was crazy about mom and those last couple of years before she left him all she did was treat him like shit. He'll be better off without her, he just needs to get over her first.

I unlocked the door and walked in to him looking up from the news and smiling at me. For 46, he's a very handsome man. He has bright brown hair and bright blue eyes like my own, but with tanned skin and angular features, unlike the round face and paper white skin I got from my mother. He also takes good care of his body for a man in his forties; I seriously don't know why he doesn't date, he could probably land a girl my age if he was into that.

We had coffee and caught up for a bit. I told him about school, and this guy in one of my math classes that I was starting to like, and he spent a lot of the time either asking follow up questions or quietly listening. After a while though he did change the subject.

"You wanna see something cool, Stace?" He's the only person allowed to call me "Stace", everyone else calls me Stacy. And what he just said was his catchphrase for showing me something cool he brought home from work. My dad's a mechanical engineer at a big R&D firm in town, and my whole childhood he would bring home these little pet projects to show me. I remember being amazed at every little invention, it's the reason I'm in college now, I want to be an engineer like my childhood hero. It had been ages since he brought something home, and I told him that I'd very much like to see it.

We went to the basement workshop. That old smell of engine grease and ozone filled the air. My mom hated it, but for dad and I it was our own little hangout, away from all the world. In the middle of the room there was this big gun-looking thing on a tripod, and it caught my attention so well that I got a little over enthusiastic.

"What is that dad? A laser? Some kind of microwave emitter? Oooh, a deathray!" He had to gently pull me away as I prodded the device of unknown function.

"Here, I'll show you! Just put on these goggles, stand back, and watch the recliner over there." He pushed a few buttons on the machine, pointed it at his favorite recliner and with a bright flash of purple light it disappeared-no shrank! An entire armchair was now smaller than my foot! He grew it back and shrunk some other things around the basement. I slapped my palm against my forehead when he shrunk the mini fridge just to make a joke about it being a mini-mini fridge. I think my father may have invented the dad joke. I always found them funny though because he was completely sarcastic about it, you know? He knew his puns were awful, and the joke was more about him being willing to say something so ridiculous.

"Want to give it a go, sweetheart?" He asked me. Like he even had to ask, of course I wanted to! He showed me how to run it, and I was surprised at how easy it seemed! "What are you going to shrink, Stace?"

I thought about it. We always used to compete to find the most creative ways to use his inventions, and I was happy to play this game again. We'd already shrunk appliances, furniture, tools, I needed to be more creative. What about a person? I liked the idea of shrinking my father. A little pocket dad I can carry around and we can be there for each other no matter what. We could talk all night just like we used to when I was in high school and he'd sneak me a beer in the evening after mom went to sleep. When I turned 21 I could take him to bars and find him some foxy woman to spend the night with. I wonder at that size how they'd- I'm getting distracted. Yes, tiny dad it is.

"Can I...well...what about you, dad? That would be awesome! I could put you in my pocket and sneak you into my exams for help!" Distracted again! "Wait, does it work on people?"

"It does! But you have to be careful alright? And only for a few minutes." I nodded. He stopped himself to get a pair of old bluetooth headsets we used to use for walkie-talkies and gave me one. A good idea too, I didn't think about how squeaky his tiny voice must sound!

He found a clear spot on the floor and with a big, probably creepy smile on my face I fired the shrink ray at him. Just like that, he was a little speck on the floor! I pushed the goggles up on my face and went over to him, dropping down a knee on either side of him. He looked up slowly taking in my body. He stared at my knees for a second, and then followed up my thighs, quickly skipping my crotch which made me more than a little aware of how close it was to him. He looked at my stomach, then my boobs for a second. They aren't very big, but at that size they were several times larger than him, can't say I blame him for staring. His gaze finally rested on my face, the whole time I was just staring dumbfounded at him. I spoke first.

"Dad, holy crap! You're so tiny!"

"And you're a skyscraper!" Came a scream through the walkie-talkie. I flinched from it and then heard "Sorry!" In a quieter voice.

"It's alright. This is so cool! Can I pick you up?" He said yes and I put my hand down and let him climb on. I picked him up and held him close to my chest, secretly comparing my boobs to him and wondering how little he got.

"We should measure how tall you are, I'm guessing it can't be more than an inch!" I said as I began walking toward the workbench to find a ruler. On the way I tripped over something. I stumbled and struggled to keep my balance and closed my hand around my dad to keep him safe. I caught myself just as I heard the crash. The shrink ray was on one side, smashed into several pieces. My foot had caught the power cable.

Did I just doom my dad to being tiny? Was he going to get fired for breaking one of the projects he had brought home? My eyes were starting to water. "D-Dad..."

"Don't worry about it sweetheart!" I heard over the headset. "The lab was aware that it might break and will understand. We'll just have to go in on Monday and zap me back with the other working prototype. I'll probably get scolded, but it won't be a big deal, okay? You'll just get to spend your weekend finding out what having a pocket-sized dad is like!" That was a huge relief, I smiled and used my other hand to wipe a tear away.

"Alright dad, if you say so. I guess that changes some plans though, huh?"

"I don't see why it has to, I definitely want to check things out at this size! Let's do it anyway!" He eventually talked me into it.

I made a sandwich for lunch, and he ate little chunks of it. It was so adorable watching him eat. Eventually we had to leave for a movie. I was dressed in leggings and a bright green t-shirt, and didn't have pockets in either so I put on a hoodie and smuggled my little father in the pouch. After we got in I put him in the hood on my right shoulder and gave him a piece of popcorn to munch on. He looked so cute. I slapped my forehead again when he made a freaking IMAX joke about our regular-sized theater, but I secretly enjoyed it. It was really nice spending time with him.

We came home and after dinner and hanging out a bit we went to bed. I put him on the pillow next to me with the smallest napkin I could find as a blanket. I fell asleep facing him. I woke up once in the middle of the night, almost believing it wasn't real. Then I looked over and saw him sprawled out beneath his blanket, looking exhausted and sleeping peacefully. I smiled and fell back asleep.

He was still fast asleep when I woke up, so I got up gently and took a shower, changing to my clothes for the day. I leaned over him in the bed, enclosing him in the cave made by my hair and face as he sleepily woke up. "Morning dad!"

I made some toaster waffles for breakfast, and we were eating and talking about our day when we both looked at each other and yelled "Shit!". We were supposed to go to the water park today with a few of my friends and he was taking us!

"Well we clearly can't go! I'll call Sasha and cancel, she'll tell the others."

"Actually no, you can go Stace, the tickets are already bought anyway."

"But what am I supposed to tell them?"

"Just say I couldn't make it, I'll stay here and wait for you."

"Oooh no, you aren't staying here all alone!"

"I'll be fine!"

"You come with me or we both stay." I said, pouting. He can't resist that.

"Alright, I'll ride in your duffel bag, rent a locker and I'll wait in there for you."

I put him in my duffel bag, and was picked up by Sasha, Brooke, and Claire. During the ride Sasha, my best friend from childhood who lived down the street asked where "our" dad was.

"Oh he was feeling kind of low today, wasn't really up to it." Sasha didn't understand my emphasis, but I like to imagine that he heard that from within the bag, and was beaming with pride in his little girl's ability to produce only the finest quality dad jokes. After peeking to see he was safe, I deposited the bag in a locker at the park and went out with my friends.

I swam along for a bit, rode a slide or two, but I kept thinking about my little dad just sitting in there, probably bored out of his mind as he waited through a day that was supposed to be quality time for both of us. It was bugging me, so I told the girls I was going to the bathroom and made my way to the lockers.

I checked that the locker room was empty, then opened the locker, unzipped the bag, and put on my headset.

"Hey dad. How are you holding up?"

"Pretty good, catching up on some sleep." How much fun could he have in a duffel bag, right? I had to change that.

"That's good I guess, but I've been thinking. You should come with me! Have some fun in the sun, hit the pool!"

"Stacy, people can't see me like this."

"I know, but they won't have to! I've got a plan." I didn't.

"And how do you suggest that we keep me hidden, then?" Foiled! The only way to keep my dad hidden was to have him on my person, and all I was wearing was my white one piece. I guess I could keep him in my suit-no! That's weird, right? He's my dad! But I love him very much and we've always been close, we should be close enough for that to be okay, right? The thought of him all smooshed up between my boobs made me giggle, and he was so cute at this size...I went for it.

"You can ride in my suit! If you're between my boobs I should be able to hold you safely without anyone seeing!"

"You what?!"

"I'm okay with it if you are." I smiled at him. Don't make it weird Stacy, don't make it weird...

"Stacy I don't know-"

"Oh come on! It's only weird if you make it weird and I promise to take good care of you." He said yes. "Great! But I can't go walking around with this headset, we'll have to have a signal. Just give me a nibble if you need anything and I'll take us right back here okay?"

I picked him up and pushed him down between my boobs, out of sight from the world. "Alright dad, give me a little bite so we know it works. Ow! Alright, definitely works! Let's maybe save that for and emergency though!" It did sting, but what he didn't see was my nipples getting hard on either side of him. This was way better than just a pocket dad.

I floated around in the wave pool a bit while I talked to my friends. I felt so sneaky. We were all here and they all knew my dad, but only I knew that he was in my swimsuit, tucked right between my boobs! I should probably be a spy if the whole engineer thing doesn't work out.

My friends eventually tired of the wave pool though, and wanted to try the bigger rides, I got a little away so I could whisper to my dad. "Dad, we're about to go on one of the big waterslides. Lots of loops and turns, but I think I can keep you safe. Should be fun, just hang on okay?"

As I ascended the stairs I could feel him slide deeper into my cleavage as my breasts jiggled around him. When I sat down on the slide he was almost at the bottom. Should still be secure. Worst case scenario he slides down my suit to my...oh my...That's a thought I probably shouldn't entertain. Still, I wonder what it would feel like having a little man slip-sliding down my belly towards my-Ah! Distracted! I began sliding down the slide.

Dad was definitely secure through the most of the ride, right up until we got to that toilet bowl thing at the bottom. Sliding upward turned out to be the problem. It released my breasts' grip on him, and as I slid down he was pinned against the bottom of them. I slid upward again, and found out exactly what it feels like to have a little man slip-sliding down my belly towards my crotch. I watched as his tiny form traveled beneath the fabric of my suit. I was reaching for him when I fell through the hole in the toilet bowl thing to the pool underneath. My legs came apart as I fell, and he fell right between them. My dad was touching my pussy! I didn't know what the hell to think. I felt my lips tingle as his tiny form shifted between them, right below my entrance. I didn't have time to do much more than let out a squeak and then remember to close my mouth and eyes before I hit the water, the force of the impact sending him straight up my pussy.

I didn't swim up right away. Only moments after entering me I felt my dad savagely crawling further into me. Looking for air, maybe? It didn't matter though as my eyes popped open and my mouth released a bubble of air at the sensation. Shit did that chlorine burn! As I swam up he eventually stopped crawling, maybe halfway up my pussy. Still though, every little shift of his body had me clamping down on him. What was that tickle, his hair? I got to the shallow end and walked out of the pool in kind of a daze. Sasha, Brooke, and Claire were all waiting for me, they had gone first. I had to get my dad out of there!

"I'm going to go to the bathroom girls, I'll be right back."

"Stacy you just went!" Sasha exclaimed, "We're going to go on the Tsunami next, I was just telling the girls about how awesome it is, let's go!" And she pulled me away. I could still feel my dad moving in there, he had to be okay, right?

Tsunami was the biggest slide in the park. You travel almost straight down at high speeds and then the slide curves out for you to hit the pool below like a speedboat. I felt the little tickles of my father's body as I walked up the stairs to the next ride, hoping he would forgive me for this. I sat down and slid down the nearly vertical slope. I instinctively gripped him tighter, I guess I thought it would keep him safe. Near the bottom of the slide I suddenly remembered why Sasha was so keen on riding it. At some point we had discovered that if a girl were to adjust her legs just so as she left the slide and entered the pool at the bottom it would send a jet of water straight up her pussy. It was probably the best design flaw in the world, and we'd taken advantage of it so many times that doing it became almost like muscle memory. As I cleared the final yards of the slide I realized to my horror that I had adjusted my legs just so. Sure enough, the anticipated jet of water went flying right up inside me, and I felt something tiny fly with it and smack into the back of my pussy.

I got back out of the water as quickly as possible, and joined the girls. Brooke and Claire were talking about how they absolutely had to go again. I had to get to the walkie-talkie and check on my dad.

"Hey girls, I'm going to the lockers real quick, I'll be right back okay?"

"Oh, alright!" Sasha said, looking a little puzzled as I unevenly walked off.

I could feel him inside me, but wherever he was it was hard to pinpoint. Just a general, strangely good feeling coming from deep within me. That changed suddenly when he decided to use our signal, biting down on a spot so far inside me that I wasn't even sure he was still in my vagina. I clamped down on him, and squeezed my legs together as I let off a low moan. This got a couple of stares from a nearby family, and I walked away as quickly as my shaking knees would take me.

I fumbled with the locker and the bag, and finally got the earpiece on and activated it.

"Dad?! Dad are you okay??" My voice was shaking.

"Stacy! Can you hear me? I-I don't know what happened exactly, but I'm um, uh-"

"Inside me, I know." I unconsciously squeezed him again as I said that. Something about hearing myself say it made it feel especially real. That, and the squeeze helped me figure out that he was pinned against my cervix. "Ah! And really far, too. Dad I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it sweetheart, it was an accident; I can breathe and I'm not hurt. Just uh, let's get me out, okay?"

"Yes, alright. Here let me find a stall and uh-" Someone had entered the locker room.

"Stacy!" It was Sasha.

"What?" Her timing was so terrible!

"Who are you talking to?" She said, walking closer.

"My dad, why?" I asked, perhaps a little too defensively. She was next to me now.

"Oh! Let me talk to him!" She said, grabbing the bluetooth off my head.

"No no, wait!" This can't be happening. My dad is right here, lost in my body, and Sasha is going to chat him up?

"Hello? Hellooo? Hi dad! Are you feeling better? All Stacy would tell us is that you weren't up to coming out today, something about feeling a little low?" My dad twitched inside my vagina, and my vagina twitched right back onto him. If I had to guess he just facepalmed, guess my dad joke finally paid off...

"I guess I get that, hope you feel better though! Stacy and I are going to ride a few more rides and then we'll bring her home, you should see how pink she's getting from all this sun!" The absurdity of this whole situation was getting to me. My dad was managing to have a business-as-usual conversation with Sasha without giving anything away. She basically had a phone line straight into my vagina and she had no idea. What if she knew my dad was in there? I bit my finger and alternated between looking at Sasha and looking down at my waist. I felt a panic attack coming on.

"Sure thing, ooh and make lasagna when you do! See you later dad!" Did he just invite Sasha over for dinner from inside my pussy? And she have to call him dad at this very moment? She put the headset in one of my hands and grabbed the other to start pulling me along.

"You should have told me you were calling him, you little daddy's girl. We can keep your phone in my purse so you don't have to worry about missing him okay?" She mocked me in a baby voice. I had to play it cool, find some way to make sure my dad would be alright. Nobody could see him like this after all, the arrangement was almost...ideal. Nope, shouldn't say that. Get a grip Stacy.

"H-hey dad, Sasha is dragging me back into the park, I guess we're going to leave the phone in her purse if you need to call back. Are um, are you in a good place right now? Do you need me to come home?"

"I'm fine sweetheart, I think I'll be safe in here. Have a good time and I'll see you at home."

"Y-yeah, I'll see you at home dad. Bye!" I hung up.

It was settled then. I was at the water park and my dad was hanging out in my pussy for the duration. No big deal. No reason to melt down and have a panic attack in front of everyone. And certainly not an appropriate reason to be getting wet, Stacy! Shit! He was probably soaked in there and not from the pool. Get a grip Stacy, take a deep breath. Your father's not up your pussy, your father's not up your pussy, your fa-fuuuck he just moved! Your father's up your pussy Stacy, waaay up it. You probably can't even reach him with your fingers right now. He might be jammed up there until the end of time. You'll have to see a doctor and be like "Hey, I need you to get my shrunken dad out of my vagina, please." and doc will be like "How the hell did that happen?" and I'll say "Oh he wound up halfway in there on accident" and then doc will ask "And you didn't get him out then?" and I'll have to explain "No, instead I rode another ride that guaranteed that he was shot into me as deep as possible because subconsciously I'm an incestuous little freak who couldn't wait to take advantage of her dad" and...

As I rambled through my thoughts, it turned out the girls and I had ridden another three or four rides, with me not noticing and giving the thousand-yard stare the whole time. I finally snapped back to it about a minute into Sasha waving at my blank face and repeating my name.

"Stacy...Staaacy! Hey! We're riding Splashdown then we're going home, alright?"

"Y-yeah, sounds great!" Not real convincing, Stacy.

"Jeez Stacy, stop worrying about your dad. He's a big man, he'll be fine." She stared as I chuckled madly at that.

Splashdown was a roller coaster where you went up, then splashed down. Real simple. We boarded the cart and as it was climbing the chain to reach the top of its slope each successive click of the chain shifted my father against my cervix. He'd been stimulating it for almost an hour now, and as the ride reached its crescendo so did I, every nerve in my body exploding as I had a full body orgasm. Thankfully my screaming mixed in with everybody else as we flew toward the big splashdown.

We loaded into the car and went home after that. I was still extremely sensitive in there, and every little shift on my part moved him around and took me on my own personal little roller coaster for the ride home. Somewhere during the drive I noticed that I hadn't felt him move since we left the park, and I began to worry. When we got home I rushed inside, barely saying goodbye, and closed and locked the door, fumbling to reach my headset.

"Dad, dad are you alright?"


"What? Can you breathe? Is everything okay?"

"Grfelmelmrfm...Chips..." He responded. I knew this nonsense, it happened every Saturday morning my entire childhood. He was fast asleep, and definitely okay if he had snacks on his mind.

"Alright dad, sleep tight, I'll see you later." I said, smiling to myself.

"Kay..." He responded, definitely not consciously.

I took the headset off and stared down at my waist. He was in there, fast asleep, and now I what? Just go about my day like that? Knowing I could get him out right now but letting him sleep because he's comfy all snuggled up in my vagina? Congratulations Stacy, you're definitely incestuous. Way to go. Your mother would be so proud.

I stripped off my swimsuit and climbed into the shower. I washed out my hair, got all soapy, and then I might have teased myself back into another orgasm with my sleeping dad inside me. I did. I absolutely did that. I'm ashamed, okay!? Not really. It was great. I'm pretty sure I left the shower dirtier than when I went in. It turned me on knowing every little bit of cum that leaked out of me had probably touched him on his way, soaking him. ANYWAY, I got dressed and decided to ring him up again.

"Hey dad, can you hear me?"


"Hey, do you want out now? We're home."


"Still asleep, then?"

"hrmehrrNo, wings, onadiet..."

I giggled. "Alright daddy, have fun in there." I called him "daddy". Now I'm a stereotype. Wonderful.

I changed into my pajamas and decided to make dinner for us, I figured he'd enjoy that. He has a recipe for lasagna that he's famous for, and taught it to me after he and mom split up. I got everything together and certainly did not (did) have another orgasm all over him as I was placing it into the oven. I then sat on the couch and brought my knees up to my chest, hugging them while I watched TV, idly squeezing my dad. Ten minutes before the lasagna was ready I tried calling him up again.

"Dad, hey..." I was surprised to get a coherent response from him.

"Hey sweetie, are we home?"

"Yeah it's...well it's 7 PM right now." I rested my head on my knees, looking down at my crotch as I talked to its stowaway.

"What? How long have we been home?" Oh dad, did you have to ask that question?

"Since about five I think. I tried waking you up, a couple times, but you just made a bunch of mumbling noises so I let you sleep. I guess you were tired!" I also haven't been fucking your unconscious body since we left the water park, no sir! I left you in there because I'm a good daughter and I value your sleep and not because you put every sex toy I've ever used to complete shame! That would be ridiculous! What kind of daughter would I be to use my dad that way? Eehhhh....

"I guess I was! Can you get me out now?"

You know what? Forget the question about how long I left him in me without retrieving him, this one was worse. For nearly six hours I hadn't put any thought into this. How was I going to look him in the eye again after having him where he was and enjoying it? How will I ever look at him outside of me without thinking of the alternative? Get it together Stacy, you're zoning out again.

"Yeah, hang on a sec." I got up and went to the bathroom.

I dropped my shorts and slid a couple of fingers into myself. I felt nothing and slid them in up to my knuckles, brushing my cervix but not quite reaching my dad. Finally I got my arm at a weird angle and was able to brush him out of his little groove and between my digits, and I pulled him out, though a lot slower than I could have. I brought him up to my face and didn't know what the hell to do or say. I tried to smile.

"Hey dad"

"Hey sweetheart" Good start. Let's keep going like this until we never bring up the part where I enjoy fucking my dad, alright? Think fast, Stacy.

"I made your famous lasagna, are you hungry?" Smooth. Flawless segue. He'll never know.

"Yeah, that sounds great, let's eat." Swish.

I brought him downstairs and placed him on the kitchen table. He could see me from that vantage point, and I might have bent over just a bit more than I needed to when retrieving the lasagna. We ate in silence, with no talk about how daddy's girl likes him way more than she ought to or how she's secretly fantasizing about filling the void mother left in his life. And then dad spoke. Shit.



"Look, about what happened today-"

"I liked it. I liked it a lot. Every second. It was weird at first but after I found out you were okay I had to have more. It's the reason I didn't try harder to get you out in the park, the reason I let you sleep after I got home. I've never felt anything like that and it was amazing having you so close to me. Ever since mom left I've watched you become more and more depressed and you don't deserve that and I know I can take that pain away if you just let me. Look, I know this is fucked up, and I know how I sound right now but I have to say it. I want it again dad, before you get big again I want your little body back inside me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry and this is really fucked up but I had to tell you." Holy shit did I just say that out loud?! I looked down at my dad's face. Fuck! I did! Oh shit oh shit. Dad, please say something...wait, don't. Or do. Dammit...

"I enjoyed it too Stacy. If that's really what you want then yes, I will go back inside you."

Well that's it, I'm going to have to move away and change my name. "Hey girl don't you have a family?" "I used to, but one day I accidentally found out I love fucking my dad and now I'm a fucking lumberjack in fucking Montana with-"...Did he just agree?! Did my shameful, filthy fantasies just come true? I hadn't planned for this, what do I even do? Speak probably. I should do that.

"I, wow, I expected you to yell at me, dad. Alright, yeah, let's do it." I let him board my hand and I got up.

I was about to slip my tiny dad back into my pussy, and that was already messed up, but for some reason I'm even more messed up than that. I didn't take him to my old room, where we slept last night and where I still had a bed with perfectly good sheets on it. No, I took him to his room. To the bed that he and mom used to share. My dad was the greatest man I'd ever met, and she broke his heart. I was going to fuck him right where she used to fuck him. Replace her like she replaced him. I laid down on the cool sheets of that king-sized bed and placed him on my stomach.

I smiled at him, and he smiled back. Then he turned and headed for my waistband. I reached underneath both, shorts and panties, and pulled them up. I watched him walk into my shorts all the way down to my slit, and as he approached I let my waistbands back down, leaving him to his own devices and watching the small shape shifting around in my pajamas eagerly. He got to my opening and began rubbing it attempting to get in. I brought my feet closer to my ass and spread my legs, leaving my knees in the air and pulling him tighter against me. I then lowered my hand into my shorts and, with fingers on either side of him, spread my lips, feeling him fall into me with a splat. I laughed at that and then spent the next couple of minutes biting my lip and holding back as he walked into me. Once I was sure he was good and deep I released my lips and let him go about his business. He moved all the way to the end of my pussy and brushed against my cervix.

I flipped over to my belly, my favorite masturbation position, throwing him around inside me. "Sorry dad!" I gasped, though it wasn't entirely sincere, him tumbling around in there felt great. He scrambled onto my cervix and whatever he did to it worked, I felt an orgasm building like a wildfire. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" I flipped back over and shut my legs, trapping him inside me and viciously rubbing myself to the finish. I came harder than I ever have. Working him inside me was great but rubbing one out with both of us contributing was fantastic. Even biting into a pillow failed to adequately muffle my scream.

As I came down I felt him shift in there, still stuck to my cervix. I had just fucked my dad. Again. But he knew about it this time and fucked me back. It felt so amazing. Like something I didn't even know I wanted until I had it. Like maybe I could help him get his life back together. Like maybe I could be everything he's been missing. I felt so close to him right now, and suddenly so nervous. I had to make sure this wasn't weird for him. I didn't want him to regret this. I grabbed the headset and did my best to speak.



"I don't know what this means, or how things are going to change after you get big again, but I just want you to know that I'll love you no matter what. I hope being around me won't be weird after this."

"I love you no matter what happens Stacy, I promise nothing will be weird." Hearing him say those words melted me inside. I didn't have to do anything right away but if he meant it, then maybe, one day, we could talk about a relationship. Nothing public of course, but he was my best friend; people's partners should be their best friends, right? And yes I have completely given in to the dark side, thank you.

"You're not just saying that because I've got you trapped inside me and can do whatever I want with you, right?" Then I felt that sharp sting again, right on the cervix. He bit me! I'm so sensitive there, he's lucky I didn't fuck him again right on the spot. "All right all right, jeez. I believe you."

I laid there staring idly at the ceiling, my hand resting on my waist where, beneath my flesh, my father lay inside me. Everything felt so right, I could only smile as I began drifting to sleep.


"Mmmyeah?" I said, still drifting.

"Don't take me in to grow back."

"Huh??" I jolted awake. He wanted to stay like this? I mean, if he did we wouldn't have to worry about being found out, and for some reason I really enjoyed having his whole body crammed up in me but-

"I've been depressed for months now, and this weekend for the first time I've felt happy. I don't want this feeling to go." Too good to be true, had to argue.

"But what about the house? Your life?"

"My job wasn't good Stace, I should have left years ago. And if we tell people I'm missing you'll eventually be willed the house, we can sell it to pay off your student loans."

"Dad...this is crazy...but I have missed you. We could live together this way...if you wanted. I'd be so good to you. Are you sure you want this?"

"If it's not weird for you it's not weird for me." Alright alright, play it cool Stacy, don't agree right away.

"Alright. I think we should take more time to consider it but...I'm definitely considering it."

"Okay. Goodnight Stacy." Double swish.

"Goodnight, dad." We fell asleep like that, with him in me. I woke up and fell back asleep twice the next morning just to keep it that way before I got him out. I eventually agreed to his idea. Well, verbally, anyway. I mentally agreed to it before then. We've been happily together for almost a year now.

Things have been pretty great. Our life together has definitely been interesting. He's wrestled my tongue, been inside my pussy while I'm out in public (my favorite), and twice now I've talked him into going up my ass and wandering around in there with a pen light behind him as he spelunks. I almost lost him last time! My favorite moment though, he has no idea it happened. My mom was on campus one day and she picked me up after class for lunch. She was trying to be there for me more after dad "disappeared". I knew this lunch was coming and made sure to smuggle my dad along inside me that day for the occasion. We sat across each other in one of the little bistros on campus, neither of my parents knowing they were both in the same room. And as my mom talked on about her life and how things weren't going so well with the man she'd left my dad for the tiniest smirk appeared on my face. I sat there in front of her, listening intently and looking her right in the eye while I quietly fucked the man she should have never let get away. Life is great.
Chapter End Notes:
Stacy has something of a mean streak, right? You'll soon find out that dad is no saint, either.
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