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Author's Chapter Notes:
Same events, this time from Dad's point of view, have fun!
It was 8 AM on Saturday, and I was severely hung over. I wish I'd been able to sleep longer, but no matter how drunk I've gotten lately, the only sleep I can get has been fitful and strewn with these horrible dreams. I got divorced and lost my wife to an inferior man, at work I lost yet another promotion to yet another inferior man, I'm closer to my 50th birthday than I am to my 40th, and now I've got a drinking problem. Shit, maybe I'm an inferior man.

The only light I have in all this life is my daughter, Stacy. She's freshly 18 and already a sophomore at an instate university; a mechanical engineering major like her old man. She'll be coming over in a couple of hours, and we're going to be spending one last weekend together. I'm so proud of her, and we've always been close, but she doesn't need her dad anymore. Dealing with me in the state I'm in right now would only hold her back, and I don't want that for my girl.

I checked the magazine again; it was still loaded, just like the last four times. Did I mention Stacy was unaware this was our last weekend together? Oh, she won't know what I did, I've booked a month's worth of vacation starting Monday and I'll be driving somewhere in the wilderness far North before I do it; she'll just think her dad went far away and never came back. Better than the truth.

I figured since this was our last weekend together we should do something fun. I've been stealing plans and materials from work, and over the last several months I've been assembling the device. It doesn't look nearly as good as the prototype at work, but my tests have shown it works. It'll at least give Stacy something to remember me by.

I stood up and tucked the gun back away in its hiding spot. I need to find some greasy food and aspirin to cure this headache before Stacy gets here.

Stacy used her key to come in as I was drinking my coffee and watching the news. As I turned to greet her I was again made proud of just how well her mother and I had done. She was tall, more like me than her mother. She had my bright blue eyes and her mother's round face and extremely pale skin. Her light brown hair (which she also got from me) hung around her head just lower than her jaw. We hugged and kissed and she helped herself to some coffee while we watched the news and made small talk to catch up on things. School was going well, she was having no problem making friends, had a bit of a crush on one of the guys in her math class. Around 11 I decided "What the hell?", now would be as good a time as any.

"You wanna see something cool, Stace?" I turned to her with a grin. I frequently brought projects home from work to tinker on, and this was the phrase I'd been using since she was little to invite her to check them out.

Her face lit up. "Yeah! Wow, it's been years since you brought something home!" That's because of my setbacks at work, but I didn't tell her that.

We went downstairs to the basement where my little workshop was set up. It was a mess, but right in the middle there was what the boys in the lab called the matter compressor (a fucking shrink ray, let's not kid ourselves), jumbled together and as polished as I could make it.

"What is that dad? A laser? Some kind microwave emitter? Oooh, a deathray!" I had to slow her down as she poked at and investigated the device.

"Here, I'll show you! Just put on these goggles, stand back, and watch the recliner over there." I flicked on the machine, aimed it at the chair, and watched Stacy's jaw drop as a bright purple beam of light turned one of the comfiest pieces of furniture in my man cave bite-sized. I grew it back to normal, and we shrunk a few other things around the basement; Stacy facepalmed at my mini-minifridge joke.

"Want to give it a go, sweetheart?" I asked. Perhaps not the wisest move, but what the hell, at least her last memories of me would be good.

"Sure! How does it work?" I showed her the various switches and settings she'd have to tweak before she fired.

"What are you going to shrink, Stace?"

"Can I...well...what about you, dad? That would be awesome! I could put you in my pocket and sneak you into my exams for help!" She said with a big smile. "Wait, does it work on people?"

I didn't know for sure, but it's not like my self preservation instinct was terribly strong at this point. "It does! But you have to be careful, alright? And only for a few minutes." She nodded.

I started toward a clear area on the floor and halted suddenly. "Wait wait wait" I said. I went to the junk drawer and grabbed a couple of small bluetooth headsets I'd retrofitted into walkie-talkies during some downtime. "It's probably going to be hard to hear me at that size, let's use these." Stacy agreed at we fitted and tested the sets.

I stood on my own, watching my daughter beam as she locked the machine on me and hit the fire button. I cringed as purple light surrounded me, and nearly lost my already dubious grip on my breakfast as the world around me seemed to stretch and balloon out. I felt several small earthquakes as my vision cleared, and two larger ones as I finally looked up. Just in front of me on either side was a legging-clad knee about the size of a semi. I followed those up full, toned thighs to a tightly wrapped crotch which I quickly looked up from, to a torso the size of a field covered by a lime green t-shirt a size too big that left little definition to Stacy's modest, but now enormous, breasts. The goggles were hastily thrown up and resting on her forehead, throwing her hair into disarray. One of her hands, with its nails painted a bright yellow (she loves her neons), was covering the full lips of her agape mouth while her eyes, wide with shock and resting above her pointed nose, struggled to comprehend what she was seeing. My own eyes struggled back. She spoke first.

"Dad, holy crap!" I heard through the headset and all around me. "You're so tiny!" I guess enough surprise can get even the brightest minds to state the obvious.

"And you're a skyscraper!" I responded as she winced from the headset. I suppose I really didn't have to shout, but the urge was inescapable. "Sorry!" I said, more quietly this time.

"It's alright. This is so cool! Can I pick you up?" I agreed, and she rested one of her hands flat, palm up, as I climbed into it.

"We should measure how tall you are, I'm guessing it can't be more than an inch!" She said as she stood and carried me, holding me close to her chest. As she walked to my workbench to fetch a ruler she tripped over something and stumbled. Her hand closed around me through the sickening jostling, and I heard a loud crash. When the hand again opened enough for me to peek out of it I looked and saw the matter compressor lying on one side, its tripod toppled and the device itself split into about four large pieces while its power cable hung slack around it from where Stacy had tripped.

I looked up at Stacy's face; she was staring at the wreck of the machine with tears welling in the corners of her eyes. "D-Dad..."

I was screwed, of course. It had taken me months to assemble it, and the parts were stolen duds of custom jobs that I'd repaired, most of them containing rare earths I was able to snag as part of "experimental loss". Where the hell was I going to find palladium, much less an atomic oscillator? I certainly couldn't go in and use the prototype at the lab, it was under tight guard and full-sized me was the only person I could trust who had clearance; asking anyone at the lab for help would expose that I had stolen the plans. No no, I was shrunk for the rest of my life, but maybe that wasn't all bad. I could still have some fun with Stacy this weekend, and when she had to go back to school I'd simply disappear. It would work, and the plan didn't really have to change. I spoke as the first tear began running down her cheek.

"Don't worry about it sweetheart! The lab was aware that it might break and will understand. We'll just have to go in on Monday and zap me back with the other working prototype. I'll probably get scolded, but it won't be a big deal, okay? You'll just get to spend your weekend finding out what having a pocket-sized dad is like!" A lot of lies in there, but she certainly didn't need the truth.

A smile cracked on her face as she sniffled. "Alright dad, if you say so." She croaked with a light chuckle. "I guess it changes some plans though, huh?"

"I don't see why it has to, I definitely want to check things out at this size! Let's do it anyway!" It did take her some convincing past that, but eventually she agreed.

We had lunch, just a sandwich for her and the crumbs for me, and went to the movie just as we had planned. Stacy's outfit didn't have any pockets, and she refused to carry a purse, so she put on a hoodie and I was tucked into the pouch while she smuggled me into the theater. She then lifted me out of the pouch and placed me into the hood on her right shoulder with my very own kernel of popcorn while we watched the big thriller I'd wanted to see. I want to say that I was completely enraptured by my super IMAX experience (another joke that elicited another facepalm), but the truth is my attention was constantly drawn to Stacy. My eyes scanned up her slender neck, watched her long fingers as she grabbed popcorn and brought it to her mouth, her jawline as she chewed, the way her eyes followed the action. She was absolutely beautiful. I also shamefully admit that more than once I caught a view down her t-shirt, just barely able to make out the tops of her breasts somewhere in that dark abyss.

After the movie we came home and had dinner, watched TV and talked, and finally went to bed. We had a hard time working out the sleeping arrangement, but eventually settled on me sleeping on the pillow next to her with a little (enormous) napkin as my blanket. I woke once in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. I looked over at my daughter's sleeping face, and then walked over to it. My body was gently tugged and pushed as she inhaled and exhaled, her breath warm and sweet. Something about being so close to someone so giant was intoxicating, and as I slid off the pillow underneath the covers I all but forgot she was my daughter.

I wanted to get a closer look at her gigantic body. When she came out in her tank top and short pajama shorts, ready for bed, I couldn't take my eyes off her, especially her legs. It's been a long time since I was with a woman, and though I know its wrong it was practically impossible to ignore a woman as beautiful as she is huge. It was so dark though that I couldn't get a good look without traveling far beneath the sheets into the darkness made humid by her own heat, so I climbed back up the pillow and to my own bed and masturbated furiously. It's certain now, I'm an inferior man.

I woke in the morning to her huge blue eyes, each about the size of me, scrunched into a smile and staring right at me. She had apparently had a shower, as ropes of her wet hair were draped all around me on the bed. "Morning dad!"

We were eating breakfast (Stacy makes a mean toaster waffle) and talking about what we were going to do for the day when both our eyes went wide and we simultaneously exclaimed "Shit!". Stacy had plans with her old friends from high school to go to a local water park today, and I was supposed to be taking them.

"Well we clearly can't go! I'll call Sasha and cancel, she'll tell the others."

"Actually no, you can go Stace, the tickets are already bought anyway."

"But what am I supposed to tell them?"

"Just say I couldn't make it, I'll stay here and wait for you."

"Oooh no, you aren't staying here all alone!"

"I'll be fine!"

"You come with me or we both stay." She said, pouting. I could never resist that.

"Alright, I'll ride in your duffel bag, rent a locker and I'll wait in there for you."

Stacy lowered me into the bag and was picked up by her friends, Sasha, Brooke, and Claire. I was placed into the locker and decided to have myself a nap. I awoke what couldn't have been more than an hour later to the locker opening again and my pocket of the bag unzipping. There stood Stacy, hair once again soaked and hanging around her head in ropes, what little makeup was around her eyes now washed away save for small granules. Her body, now clad in a white once piece swimsuit with a red stripe traveling diagonally across it, was soaked to her body with water that reeked of chlorine. She pulled her headset out of her bag and put it on. We appeared to be alone in the locker room.

"Hey dad" She said with a smile. "How are you holding up?"

"Pretty good," I smiled back. "Catching up on some sleep."

"That's good I guess, but I've been thinking. You should come with me! Have some fun in the sun, hit the pool!"

"Stacy, people can't see me like this."

"I know, but they won't have to! I've got a plan."

"And how do you suggest that we keep me hidden, then?"

"You can ride in my suit! If you're between my boobs I should be able to hold you safely without anyone seeing!"

"You what?!"

"I'm okay with it if you are." She smiled.

"Stacy I don't know-"

"Oh come on! It's only weird if you make it weird and I promise to take good care of you." I was definitely tempted, but she was my daughter and-oh what the hell, I said yes.

"Great! But I can't go walking around with this headset, we'll have to have a signal. Just give me a nibble if you need anything and I'll take us right back here okay?"

She picked me up and pushed me between her breasts, down into her suit. This was the only place where my body wouldn't make an imprint pressed onto her form, and I was well hidden. I could hear her voice muffled through walls of flesh "Alright dad, give me a little bite so we know it works." I clamped my teeth down on the soft breast next to me. "Ow! Alright, definitely works! Let's maybe save that for an emergency though!" and we set off, Stacy's soft breasts jiggling around me with each step we took.

We spent some time in the wave pool, with me bobbing up and down between her breasts, getting seasick and wondering how much of the water around me was piss. I have to admit that being surrounded by soft, warm boob flesh was making it worth it though. She chatted with her friends, and I enjoyed the sound of her having fun. These were exactly the type of memories I was hoping to be there for, even if I was only a small part of them now. Small part, get it? Stacy would've loved that one. Eventually she got a little bit away from the group.

"Dad, we're about to go on one of the big waterslides. Lots of loops and turns, but I think I can keep you safe. Should be fun, just hang on okay?" I almost bit her but changed my mind. A boob roller coaster? I didn't even know it was on my bucket list until I had it.

As Stacy made the climb up the stairs the force of her lifting herself up jostled me around and each step slipped me just a little deeper into her cleavage. When she dropped down to take her seat at the beginning of the slide I actually felt my feet emerge from the bottom of her breasts. No big deal though, we'd just adjust after the ride was over and it would assure I wouldn't be falling out of her top. I was jiggled back and forth as the slide made its twists and turns, and then everything took this crazy quality as we entered what felt like one of those big toilet bowl things. The first time her body slid up rather than down I was released from her cleavage, only to be pressed against it as she swirled back down. The second time her body went up my lack of momentum or grip sent me tumbling down her swimsuit, over her ribcage, across her taut stomach, sliding over her surprisingly shaven pubic mound, to the apex of her legs. The next part happened suddenly. Her legs opened as she fell through the toilet bowl and I fell between them. I felt new flesh against my head, and had barely looked up to see the gaping hole of my daughter's sex when the force of her entering the water launched me into it.

At first I didn't register where I was. Stacy had sunk several feet beneath the water and I was surrounded by it on all sides with the wind knocked out of me. I clawed desperately upward, searching madly for air. I eventually broke the surface of the water into a pocket of air, and as I gasped pheromone-filled air I felt my cock unconsciously begin to press into the walls that were squeezing me tight. It was impossibly dark, and the only result turning my head to get a look around produced was a reflexive squeeze from my hair tickling her insides. While my brain was processing the last couple of minutes I could feel the walls around me shift almost weightlessly as Stacy swam to the surface, and then a gentle sway as she made it to the shallow end and walked out of the pool.

I assumed Stacy was making her way to a bathroom to retrieve me, and after a brief pause and a few uncertain steps she seemed to be walking with purpose, but after a couple of minutes she was once again ascending a staircase. Another ride? Really?

I felt her body dip as she sat down again, and then a sudden jolt as she seemed to start falling straight down. I felt like I was in a soft, tight, insane elevator as she presumably traveled down one of those almost vertical high speed slides. Things gradually became horizontal, and suddenly, with the sound of a distant crash a violent torrent of water entered Stacy's body, launching me deeper and wedging me between two walls of flesh somewhere deep inside her. Again, more weightless swimming as she emerged and left the pool, a brief pause and she was off walking again.

As Stacy walked I got my bearings, I was in another air pocket. I was facing downward but not hanging upside down. I felt around, feeling the soft walls of her pussy to my left, and a firmer yet smoother surface to my right. The only thing that could explain this orientation was that I was at the end of Stacy's pussy, wedged between her cervix and vaginal wall. I couldn't believe Stacy hadn't noticed where I was, but I had to get her to notice me. I turned to the wall at my left and gave it a bite. Her whole pussy squeezed tightly, and I could hear a deep moan off in the distance. The walking did not change direction.

A couple of minutes later my earpiece, which had amazingly survived up to this point, began to crackle. "Dad?! Dad are you okay??" Stacy urgently spoke into her mic. I could hear her muffled voice reverberating throughout her body.

"Stacy! Can you hear me? I-I don't know what happened exactly, but I'm um, uh-"

"Inside me, I know." Her walls gave another gentle squeeze as she said this. "Ah! And really far, too. Dad I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it sweetheart, it was an accident; I can breathe and I'm not hurt. Just uh, let's get me out, okay?"

"Yes, alright. Here let me find a stall and uh-What? My dad, why?" Stacy was talking to someone away from the receiver. "No no, wait!" A bunch of fumbling noises followed.

"Hello? Hellooo? Hi dad!" It was the voice of Sasha, Stacy's childhood friend that had lived down the street from us since they were both little. She was practically family, and had no idea the sort of moment she was interrupting.

"I uh-hi Sasha!" I said, trying to sound like everything was normal and I wasn't three feet away from her, an inch tall and lost somewhere inside her best friend.

"Are you feeling better? All Stacy would tell us is that you weren't up to coming out today, something about feeling a little low?" I facepalmed at this one, getting a slight twitch out of Stacy's vagina. She had used my own dad jokes against me.

"She's right Sasha, I'm feeling a little under the weather, I didn't want to risk getting you girls sick."

"I guess I get that, hope you feel better though! Stacy and I are going to ride a few more rides and then we'll bring her home, you should see how pink she's getting from all this sun!"

"Sounds good Sasha, we'll have to have you over for dinner sometime. Can you put Stacy back on, please?"

"Sure thing, ooh and make lasagna when you do! See you later dad!" Kinda wish she wouldn't call me dad right now. It's cute that she thinks of our family as her own, but something about hearing it from someone who isn't genetically family really drives home the point that your entire body is touching a place inside your daughter that you thought no part of you ever would.

More fumbling, then some stumbling as the body around me began moving, and then Stacy's voice picked back up. "H-hey dad, Sasha is dragging me back into the park, I guess we're going to leave the phone in her purse if you need to call back. Are um, are you in a good place right now? Do you need me to come home?" So clever, my girl. This entire situation was bizarre, but if it wasn't bothering her I wasn't going to let it ruin her day.

"I'm fine sweetheart, I think I'll be safe in here. Have a good time and I'll see you at home."

"Y-yeah, I'll see you at home dad. Bye!"

The headset clicked, and I was left in Stacy's warm, humid darkness, listening to her heart and other organs doing their jobs in the distance and thinking that if my air bubble were to run out right now, this wouldn't be such a bad way to go. For me, anyway. Obviously horrifying for Stacy, so I'm glad that it persisted.

We rode several more rides together, though they were a bit more gentle than the first two. On what I can only assume was the Splashdown roller coaster I bounced along with Stacy as the car went click click click up the first ramp and, overwhelmed by the heat and the pheromones and the slick walls around me I pulled out my dick and masturbated inside my daughter. Just as we began sliding down the slope for the big splash Stacy's cervix began twitching next to me, and soon after I came, shooting my load downward in her vagina. I wouldn't find out for sure until later, but she was having an orgasm of her own at that time. I fell asleep shortly after, and was later awakened by the crackle of my headset once again; I could only assume we'd made it home.

"Dad, hey.." Stacy whispered.

"Hey sweetie, are we home?"

"Yeah it's...well it's 7 PM right now."

Holy shit. I'd been inside my daughter for nearly six hours now. "What? How long have we been home?"

"Since about five I think. I tried waking you up, a couple of times, but you just made a bunch of mumbling noises so I let you sleep. I guess you were tired!" She giggled softly.

"I guess I was! Can we get me out now?"

I got nothing but silence for several seconds and then "Yeah, hang on a sec."

I felt the now familiar feeling of her body moving around me as she transported me to another room, and a dip from what I assume was her removing her pants. A faint light then emerged in the tunnel I'd been inhabiting for the last several hours and I could barely make out two fingers with bright yellow nails making their way in after me. It was quite a stretch, but they were barely able to flick me out from between her cervix and wall before catching me and pulling me back out again.

The light was brutal, and my eyes struggled to adjust after so many hours of darkness. The real world smelled so different, and I was brought up to Stacy's weakly smiling face.

"Hey dad" She said awkwardly.

"Hey sweetheart"

"I made your famous lasagna, are you hungry?" She asked after several seconds of silence.

"Yeah, that sounds great, let's eat."

She carried me downstairs and pulled the lasagna out of the oven. She was in her pajamas by now. I stared after her as she bent over to do this, watching the body I had inhabited move around. It filled me with an emotion I couldn't explain.

We ate together in near silence, with only the minimum of small talk. I guess what happened was too strange. I had to clear the air with Stacy, I had to do it before I...well, you know.



"Look, about what happened today-"

"I liked it" She blurted. "I liked it a lot. Every second. It was weird at first but after I found out you were okay I had to have more. It's the reason I didn't try harder to get you out in the park, the reason I let you sleep after I got home. I've never felt anything like that and it was amazing having you so close to me. Ever since mom left I've watched you become more and more depressed and you don't deserve that and I know I can take that pain away if you just let me. Look, I know this is fucked up, and I know how I sound right now but I have to say it. I want it again dad, before you get big again I want your little body back inside me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry and this is really fucked up but I had to tell you." She finished looking apprehensive? Worried? Nervous? Some combination of the three.

She was right, this was so fucked up. But she enjoyed it, we both did. And that was probably fucked up too. It was what she wanted though, and I wasn't going to be around much longer anyway. I promised myself I would make our last time together as memorable as I could, and I doubted any other woman on the planet would have such a memory. I looked up at her still apprehensive face.

"I enjoyed it too Stacy. If that's really what you want then yes, I will go back inside you."

Her tense demeanor melted away and the weak smile returned. "I, wow, I expected you to yell at me, dad. Alright, yeah, let's do it." She put her hand on the table and I boarded it, and we left for my room.

She laid down on the bed and placed me on her stomach. I looked up at her and she smiled nervously at me. I smiled right back and began walking towards the waistband of her shorts.

"Here, let me help." She said, lifting the band of her shorts and her panties, allowing me to walk in.

She watched me walk into her shorts, and as I reached the cliff that would take me down between her legs she gently lowered her waistband, leaving me in dim light. I scrambled down to her opening and rubbed up against it. Her panties were pulled taut against me as she spread her legs wide, opening her pussy and allowing me to look inside. Her soft, velvety walls were already soaking wet, and were much more inviting now that it was my choice to enter them. Her hand joined me in her panties and spread her lips even wider, causing me to stumble and land just inside her with a plop, to which she giggled. I walked forward and as I got about half way in she released her lips, leaving me with only the little light that could get through her hole while her legs were spread. The path got narrower and I had to crawl, and eventually opened up again as I once more greeted her cervix. There was a steady stream of her nectar leaking from it and above me I could feel slight rhythmic vibrations that told me she was masturbating.

All of a sudden, Stacy flipped over to her belly, and I was tossed around. "Sorry dad!" In between gasps. I regained my bearings and scrambled up her cervix to the entrance of her womb. Cock in hand, I leaned in and pressed it inside of that opening, fucking away at her deepest recess. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" Just as I was getting close she flipped again and what little light was left disappeared as she slammed her legs shut and screamed. Her orgasm had me pinned under her cervix with it convulsing up and down on top of me, coaxing out my own orgasm and spilling my seed deep into her womb.

As our orgasms subsided and we began to calm down, and laying there on the floor of her vagina with her cervix hugging me like a lover all on its own I gave the first genuine smile I've had in weeks. Stacy's voice then came breathlessly through the headset.



"I don't know what this means, or how things are going to change after you get big again, but I just want you to know that I'll love you no matter what. I hope being around me won't be weird after this."

"I love you no matter what happens Stacy," I had forgotten how nice it felt for her to say that to me, and I began tearing up as I responded, thinking of the way my life and gone and what I was planning to do before this weekend. "I promise nothing will be weird."

"You're not just saying that because I've got you trapped inside me and can do whatever I want with you, right?" she chided playfully. I gave the cervix in front of me a bite, and was immediately squeezed. "All right all right, jeez. I believe you."

We lay there for a couple of minutes, and I could tell Stacy was drifting off to sleep. This weekend, crazy though it was, meant so much to me, and for the first time in a long time, I felt hope, like everything could be okay.


"Mmmyeah?" She said, slightly returning to consciousness.

"Don't take me in to grow back."

"Huh??" Much more awake this time.

"I've been depressed for months now, and this weekend for the first time I've felt happy. I don't want this feeling to go."

"But what about the house? Your life?"

"My job wasn't good Stace, I should have left years ago. And if we tell people I'm missing you'll eventually be willed the house, we can sell it to pay off your student loans."

"Dad...this is crazy...but I have missed you. We could live together this way...if you wanted. I'd be so good to you. Are you sure you want this?"

"If it's not weird for you it's not weird for me."

"Alright. I think we should take more time to consider it but...I'm definitely considering it."

"Okay. Goodnight Stacy."

"Goodnight, dad." We fell asleep with me inside her and I was retrieved the next morning. Ultimately Stacy came to agree with my idea, and I've been living with her as a tiny man for about a year now.

And that's the story of how my daughter saved my life. A little unorthodox, I know, but I've actually been happy ever since. We've had some interesting fun together; days in class and in public where I've been on or within her, evenings spent exploring her mouth and wrestling her tongue, even climbing up her ass a couple of times and exploring the deepest cave in her body, she probably looked ridiculous laying on her bed with a pen light up her ass and moaning! Stacy treats me more like a lover than a father now, and though I don't know where this relationship is headed or how long it will last overall things have been great, and I'm finally happy with my life.
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