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Story Notes:

I'm back with another story for all GTS lovers out there! we are keeping our two protagonists but with the addition of a few more interesting characters. Also, each chapter of this story is going to be of a higher quality than in my last story. It is now May 19th, 2015 and I have uploaded the first chapter of "Shrunken With Annie" as promised (though just a tad late). I hope you enjoy this story even more than my last one. Get ready for a long one because I currently have 22 chapters written and the story is only half way there! So here it is, the sequel we've been waiting for:

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 1 is out:


Chapter End Notes:

Thank you to all my readers whether you have been following my stories since the beginning or not. I am truly excited to say that this story will be way better than the first one! Anyway, I do recommend reading the first story before reading anything further in this one. Be ready for chapter 2 though it may not be too soon...

P.S. The title of this story is not final. "Shrunken with Annie" may be renamed in the future to something else. If anyone has a suggestion for a better name feel free to leave it in a review. Thanks!

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