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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story come from my mind and belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story is going to be a suggestion-driven, vore-focused story. In the story an entire family at a family reunion is shrunk and lands in a vast array of foods. The only person who is not shrunk is the very hungry girl named Zoey. She will unknowingly devour one family member after the next as she eats various foods. It is your job to suggest which foods and family members she will eat.




1. All suggestions must be made in the comment section of this story.


2. All suggestions must include a type of food, the relation of the shrunken family member to Zoey, and the age of that family member. You can also include a name for the shrunken person, or I will pick one myself.


3. Suggestions may include a choice of one of the following subgenres: foot content, butt/fart content, vagina content, or breast content. (Example: Zoey mixes up mashed potatoes with her foot and licks them off.)


4. All family members will be eaten in the end. They will be swallowed alive and not crushed by teeth.


5. The age of the shrunken family member must range from 5 to 50 years old.


6. Only 1 family member can be in each food item, unless they are a couple/family in which case I will allow more. (Aunt & Uncle, boyfriend & girlfriend, etc.)


7. Beverages are open for suggestions, but I will likely compile them all into one chapter.


8. Zoey's parents are not available for suggestions. They will come in for the final chapter when I decide to finish the story.


9. You can make multiple suggestions, but I will only do one first and focus on other users before I get to your other suggestions.


I will try to reply to every suggestion with a "yes" or with an explanation as to why I won't do it. I will also be posting other stories in between new chapters for this one, so the updates may be a little spaced out.




Zoey was having a great time at her family reunion on a bright summer day. The smell of cooked food blew through the air in the park her parents rented out for this occasion. The brown-haired teen was wearing a tank top with a loosely fitting purple shirt, denim short shorts, and flip flops. She couldn't wait until it was time to eat. She skipped breakfast just so she could have more room for all of the delicious food. Most teens her age weren't nearly as carefree as her, but she didn't care. She only cared about having fun.


Zoey ran around kicking a rubber ball until she felt something in her gut. She ran over to a nearby porta-potty and stepped inside to go to the bathroom. She sat down and cleared her system of its unneeded waste.


While Zoey was busy on the toilet, everybody else was ready to eat. They surrounded the long tables of food and were about to dig in. Suddenly a bright light flashed and blinded everyone. When their vision cleared, each person realized that they had shrunk to 1/4 inch tall and landed on the food table, most of them in the food.


After Zoey finished doing her business, she wiped and stepped outside. To her surprise, everybody was gone.


"Hey, where is everybody!?" she shouted, but there was no answer. Zoey was about to go get help when she noticed the unattended tables of food. With no one around she could easily get a taste of everything. Zoey was a skinny little girl, but she had a huge appetite.


Zoey walked over to the food and inhaled the aroma. She looked up and down the various trays, plates, and bowls of different foods. She licked her lips as she loved what she saw. The tiny people below her screamed for help and flailed their arms to try and get Zoey's attention. They were silenced when a monstrous growl of hunger came from the giantess's stomach.


"Okay, now which food should I eat first?"

Chapter End Notes:

There's the setup, now it's your turn!

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