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Author's Chapter Notes:

"How about she has a younger brother who is 11 that ends up shrunken in some spaghetti. When she eats it she twirls it up and he gets bound to the fork with the spaghetti tying him in place. I'm also partial to the idea of someone being sat on, but not sure if you wanna do that. Thanks"



Zoey finally decided that she would start with some spaghetti. She walked down the line of food and stopped at the tasty noodles. She leaned over to look at her first meal.


Timmy couldn't believe what happened. The little 11 year old was getting ready to dig into some delicious food when he was suddenly blinded. When his vision cleared, he saw a large red saucy landscape around him. Giant noodles as thick as himself intertwined throughout the marinara sauce. He tried to move, but a noodle held him down.


Timmy was still hungry, though, so he scooped his hand into the pasta sauce and ate some. He then felt vibrations and a booming noise that got continuously louder. The booming and shaking stopped and an object blocked out the sun. Timmy looked up to see the face of none other than his older sister Zoey. The tiny boy was excited. Surely his big sister would save him!


"Zoey, can you hear me? I'm stuck in the spaghetti! I need help!" Timmy shouted to his sister. He flailed his arms around to try and get her attention. Her large eyes darted around until she locked them on him. He instantly got excited until Zoey's tongue emerged from her mouth to lick her lips.


Timmy was hoisted into the air along with a large bundle of spaghetti as Zoey scooped it out with a large spoon. Then he was plopped down onto a paper plate. Zoey picked up the plate and moved over to a nearby picnic table.


Timmy was paralyzed by fear as two tree sized fingers reached down and grabbed a noodle. Zoey brought the noodle close to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Then she started sucking and slurped the noodle right up. Timmy watched the noodle slide past him and disappear through his sister's cute pink lips.


The experience occurred with 5 more noodles and Timmy was terrified of when Zoey would choose the one that trapped him. Zoey grabbed noodle number seven and Timmy's fears were realized. The noodle was like a rope and wrapped around his ankle. He was yanked up into the air and hung upside down by his foot. He tugged at the noodle to escape as he moved up toward Zoey's mouth. With not even a second to spare, he broke free and fell back down into the pasta. Zoey finished slurping the noodle that almost took her tiny brother along for the ride.


"I love the way noodles feel against my lips when I slurp them." Zoey said to herself as she commonly does. "I wonder if they would feel good anywhere else. Hmmm... oh, I know. These slippery, saucy noodles have to feel great against my butt."


Timmy did not like the sound of this. Zoey stood up and set the plate of spaghetti down on her seat. She looked around for any other people. When she saw that the coast was clear, she pulled down her shorts and underwear like she was going to use the toilet. A breeze chilled her as it blew against her bare butt cheeks. Some hot pasta should fix that problem.


Timmy didn't know what to think as he stared up at his big sister's massive smooth bottom. The titanic butt got bigger as it moved closer to the plate. Timmy screamed until he was silenced by Zoey's right butt cheek. She tingled at the feeling of slippery noodles and sauce against her cheeks. The she moved back and forth and left and right to rub the noodles all around. Timmy was tossed in every direction as his sister's mound of butt flesh rolled him around. As Zoey moved around, she had an idea.


"Hmmm... since it feels so good slurping noodles into my mouth, I wonder if the same feeling applies to the opposite end. I'll bet I could suck a noodle up with my butt hole if I really tried."


Timmy was grateful when Zoey butt lifted off of him. Once again his leg was trapped by a spaghetti noodle. He was about to try and break free when the noodle-snatching fingers returned. Zoey grabbed a noodle and stuck the tip of it into her anus. She squeezed her butt hole to keep it in and let go. The she tried to suck it up.


Zoey's sphincter opened and closed slightly as it began to eat the noodle. Unfortunately, this was the exact noodle that Timmy was attached to. He was yanked up once again by the noodle rope and dangled. He tried to break free but it was no use. Up above, the huge butt hole came increasingly closer as the noodle continued to be eaten by it.


"So this is how I die," Timmy thought. "Eaten alive by my big sister's butt hole."


However, luck was on Timmy's side... if you could call it luck. Zoey's anus enlarged and the noodle slipped through. Timmy fell down back into the spaghetti. He was unsure of what happened until a terrible smell assaulted his nose. He had actually been saved by a fart.


Zoey was upset. She almost got the noodle completely up her butt until she needed to pass gas. She grabbed the plate and put it back on the table.


"Well, I just farted on this plate and shoved one of the noodles up my butt hole, but I hate wasting food, so I guess I'll just deal with it."


Zoey grabbed a plastic fork and prepared to dig in. The prongs of the fork touched down right in front of Timmy. The enormous utensil twirled around like a tornado that pulled both the pasta and Timmy into it. The tiny boy became dizzy from all of the spinning. When his sight returned, he looked down to find that he was fully bonded to the fork by multiple strands of spaghetti. No matter how much he struggled, he didn't budge.


Zoey was now done twirling and ready to eat. She brought the fork up to her now open mouth. Strands of saliva cascaded down her teeth as her mouth watered with the anticipation of food. Timmy continued to struggle more and more as he desperately tried to escape being eaten. His attempts were in vain as he passed through Zoey's lips. The mouth closed and Zoey retracted the fork, leaving the pasta inside. She chewed up her food and Timmy was miraculously unscathed, only covered in sauce, spit, and noodle chunks. Then Zoey swallowed and sealed the fate of her first victim within the confines of her stomach.

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry for the late posting. I try to post every other day, but I was really busy this week. Anyway, thanks for all the comments! You guys have some great ideas and I can't wait for what else your minds come up with! Zoey is still very hungry and your suggestions are the fuel that both her and I need!

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