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Bradley was thoroughly aroused, an oversize Kitty straddling him on the grass, their tongues playfully battling. The feeling of her lying on him, large breasts pressing into his chest as she held him pinned with her height advantage, made it hard to believe this was the same Kitty who'd been a little waify flat-chested tomboy her whole life. He reached a hand up, squeezing into her soft tit. They felt magical. The device he'd found was magical. It had made her into this gorgeous femanine perfection. He thought about how moments earlier she'd been so big he was actually riding in her shirt, his whole body pressed against the same tit. It was hard to believe. 

Then he remembered how they got there. His sister destroying the school, the police cars and firetrucks arriving. Suddenly he pushed at her, trying to end the kiss. "Stop, stop. We can't just lie here in a park. We have to do something." 

Kitty climbed off and sat next to him. "Well, it's not like you need to finish that history paper, with the state your sister left the school in." She pulled at her top, as if she could somehow get her little sports-bra and tank-top to contain breasts three sizes too large for them. "We could just turn ourselves in. We didn't do anything wrong. We stopped her." 

"Turn ourselves in! Then they'd have it!" They both looked at the device, sitting a foot away in the grass. "You saw what my sister did in a few minutes. You think you can turn that thing over to the government?" 

"No, you're right. Better to have some high-school kids watch over it. Or better yet, destroy it. Let's destroy it." Kitty snatched up the device, mocking an attempt to break it in half with her hands. 

"Wait! What are you dong. That's mine. Give it back!" He lunged for the device, but Kitty's size advantage allowed her to easily parry him with her longer arm. 

"Ohh, you want this? I think maybe I should hold onto it. All you did with it was give me bigger boobs and let your sister get big and rampage through the school. Not that I'm complaining about the boobs." Kitty cupped her new curve, still in a bit of disbelief that she had them. Bradley's eyes instantly fell on her chest, so she squeezed herself, enjoying the way he watched. "At least I finally know what all the fuss is about. These babies are like magnets." 

With some difficulty, Bradley tore his attention away from her touching herself. "This is not funny. They probably have my sister. They are going to arrest us. We need a plan.." 


Kaitlin's car pulled up at the half-demolished Hawthorn residence. "Holy crap," Steven marveled at the damage. "Those youtube videos are not a joke, Laura was huge. Look at what she did to their house." They both stepped out of the car, an odd looking couple. He was a little too big and buff for his high-school looks, and she was stacked like a pin-up model. They joined a growing crowd of people wandering around the lawn, checking out and taking photos of the damaged house. 

Kaitlin hooked the arm of her hunky boyfriend. "If I was huge, I could think of much more interesting things to do than ruin the school." Kaitlin tugged and pointed to a nearby lawn, "look at that section of debris over there. It's like it was just torn off and tossed." Then she spotted Ms. Hawthorn, sitting on her own steps, weeping. She dragged Steven through the crowd towards her. "Isn't that his mom?" 

"Ms. Hawthorn, are you all right?" Bradley asked, hoping she wouldn't notice is altered stature. She didn't look up, or acknowledge him in any way. He just stood there a minute, not sure what to say to her. He couldn't very well tell her the truth. Her son found an alien size-change device, and her daughter used it to destroy her house and the school. It was crazy. 

Just then, a man, and a hot woman in a dirty white skirt stepped between them and Ms Hawthorn. "Miss, you have to come with us. Miss, we have your daughter, she's okay. We're trying to find your son. Please, come with us." 

Steven knew when he wasn't needed, so he faded back into the crowd just as his phone rang. It was Bradley. "Steven! I need your help. Can you get some things and meet us at the old mill?" 

"Dude! What the hell is going on. Your sister grows huge and destroys the school, and all you have for me is you need help? Shit. I'm at your mom's house. There are some weird looking people here talking to your mom. They say they have your sister and they are looking for you. That can't be good." 

"It isn't. We don't know what to do, and we need some help figuring it out. Get my laptop from my dad's, some camping gear, some food and water, and meet us at the old mill. Ohh, and don't tell *anyone*, and turn off your cellphone as soon as you get off this call. They might be tracking you!"

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