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Story Notes:

I leave here a special thanks to Gianna, who helped me to improve the English version I made of my story. Gianna, you are a wonderful person, thanks for help

Author's Chapter Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.
This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

Day - 76


Boots, boots ever. Demi started wearing them when she was 11 and never stopped. 2 tennis, 1 scarpin  to go with her best dress, and all the rest of her shoes were boots. The reason for this lived in the house next door. She remembered clearly when Mr. Ferreira, or Rafael, as he insisted that everyone call him, moved into the house condominium which her mother owned.


Demi watched as the door of your neighbor's house opened. She felt twinge of disappointment and anger when a red-haired woman dressed as an executive came out saying something she could not hear due to the distance. It had been almost three months since she had seen her Brazilian neighbor.


Despite having had several boyfriends without even having reached 17 years, Demi was still interested in Rafael. The fact that he still treated her as if she were still a child of 11, meant the young girl's passion was transformed into a mixture of obsession and anger.


She entered the house slamming the front door, with her parents away travelling , the only other person in the house was her younger sister. Claire was shy, a computer nerd this, added to the fact that she was two years younger than Demi, caused her to avoid facing her sister. So Claire did not complain when Demi slammed the bedroom door with a force that shook her room.


Demi walked by the window and stopped, stepped back to adjust her angle and could see Raphael's bedroom window. For a long time the blinds had been constantly shut, but not today. Demi blinked and tilted her head slightly forward and saw a movement on the desk which was near the bedroom window of her neighbor. Running to her sister's room, she came back carrying a telescope and awkwardly tried putting this on her window ledge. After a moment she walked to the middle of the room, the heel of her boots clicking on the light wood floors, pressed her hand to her mouth, came back and looked again for about 5 minutes, then ran to her mother's room.


Rafael walked around the huge iphone 6 that was in a makeshift stand. For him the device looked like a huge TV, just one centimeter smaller than himself. Was it three months since the same device fit in his pocket?

"At least I have a big screen to watch the Flamengo's game in the Internet " - thought Rafael, clicking the bottom of the cellphone to select the right app, completely unaware that he was being watched.

He dropped into a puff chair, appropriate for its size, it had been designed to be his iphone support. Suddenly a through connection of Whatsapp filled the screen of your iPhone with the name "Demi".


- Rafael?

- Hi Demi, how is going?

- Your voice is so low. - Demi said between giggles.

- I'm just using the speakerphone - said Rafael as he tried to project his voice stronger while he wondered whether it was a good idea to answer the phone.

- Got it. Long time no see. Anything new with you?

- No, everything is good - lied Rafael talking about as casual as possible.

- I do not think so,  three months without seeing you, I bet something happened. Not even a  the tiniest thing?

Rafael began to feel unconfortable. He never talked much with his neighbor. He was nice with her, always greeting her, but not too many chats in recent years. He had noted that since she hit 14 she had begun to flirt with him. That was not enough to bother him, a funny thing, kid's stuff, but reducing the conversations with her had not been easy. However she having pronounced the word "tiniest" in a different way, left him awkwardly.

- Demi, it's time for my game. I will need to off the phone, we'll talk later, okay?

- Oh, do not turn off - Demi said with a pleading, silky voice - i know your soccer team will play only in 20 minutes from now.

- How do you know?

- I learned to like football with 11 years of football talk with you. I know a lot more than you think. For example I know that my mother got a spare key from you, for emergencies. Another thing I know is were she keeps this key, 'little' man.

Wide-eyed Rafael looked out the window and saw his gigantic neighbor wave to him with the raised hand, moving only her long fingers. Provocatively in the other hand swung a keychain. And then, amid giggles, she turned and disappeared quickly from the window.

- Shit, shit, shit ... - Rafael repeated as he ran to makeshift ladder that allowed him to climb and descend his desk.


Chapter End Notes:

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