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Author's Chapter Notes:

I leave here a special thanks to Gianna, who helped me to improve the English version I made of my story. Gianna, you are a wonderful person, thanks for help

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Day 76 - Part 2


Less than three minutes after turning off the Whatsapp, Demi slowly opened the door to Rafael's room. She noticed a rubber sealing the bottom of the door, presumably to prevent any insect entered, or that one little man to leave. It was even more excited, as this was a sign that Rafael was there somewhere. She closed the door and stared at the desk.


- Hi Rafael, I came to visit, do not be shy. - She said whispering sympathetically.


From where Rafael was concealed he could see the black leather boots and fine heels. Her footsteps echoing against the wooden floor. When the sounds indicated that Demi was looking away, he risked a quick glance at the giantess teenager. Well designed legs filled the boots that went to a foot below the knee. There came a pair of jeans that fitted like a second skin to her body. The belly was naked showing a strip of golden sunkissed skin, then a short leather jacket ended before the navel. Her hair was dark blond, almost brown, long, looked a little messy from the run over there, but it was very good on her. Not wanting to risk too much and knowing that his hiding place was bad, Rafael decided to seek a better one.


Demi approached the enormous dollhouse on the table. It was all very unreal, but she knew what she had seen, and the more she thought about it, the more she liked it.

- Oh, what a cute house. This is where you live?

She said with a tone of voice that people use to talk to babies or small cute animals.

- I'm going to faint so much cuteness. Are you in there little Rafael?


Looking through the small windows Demi can see the details of each room with exquisite little furniture. She was delighted with every room, but saw no sign of her little man. She found a latch that opened the whole front of the house and after kifting every piece of furniture to make sure he was not there. She noticed the rope ladder at the corner of the desk.


- Fuck - Demi slammed her boot down hard. She was not really angry, but imagining that he could be on the ground, she thought she had made a good show for him.


- Come to Demi come Rafael. Do not be afraid - the voice was soft and slightly mocking.

Demi walked slowly to the middle of the room to look where he might be. one big bed, a chair, two night tables  and cupboard. Seeing the locked cabinet, she realised that there were not many good places to hide.


- I love your house, my tiny and handsome neighbor. Are you beneath a piece of furniture? Can you see my boot?


She put the the heel on the ankle of the other leg doing a pose.


- Should be a nice sight right? Did you know my passion for boots started with you? Really. When I was 11, I remember that you were talking to my mother and I, when your girlfriend arrived. She asked if you liked the boots she had bought, and you said "I cant resist a woman wearing boots."  She laughed. - Thinking now I know it was a comment in jest, no big deal, but for me, at that time, with my crush on you, it was. Even after I gave up of my silly passion and started going out with boys my age, I kept the taste for boots. I feel beautiful when I wear them, you think I'm beautiful little man?


Demi went to the curtains and looked back, looked under the chair.


- I love to play hide and seek, but it is not polite of you to let me talking to myself. You know I will find you. Let's make a deal. I know you must be as scared as I am curious. I will not hurt you, okay? I really want to understand and if what I saw is the case and, to take care of you. Tell you what, I promise that if you come out from where you are hiding in the next minute, I'll hold you carefully, just talk to you for 10 minutes and then put you in your little house and go to my house and not return for at least three days, what you think? I do not know why you're so concerned, you were always so positive, fun and confident. No wonder I had an infatuation for you. I think my sister still has hers - She laughed again


- You will be the brave little man of Demi? I'm counting the time if you do not come out after one minute, you'll be punished.


Demi grinned at the thought that she could actually punish an adult man.


Hiding under the bed, Rafael pondered his options. He had almost died of fright when she slammed her boot down hard. Her way of addressing him as if he were a helpless little animal also was not leaving him feeling at all confortable, but he had to agree it was understandable since at this size he really seemed helpless. He sighed. He knew he could not hide for long. The best way was to believe in her offer, so he walked slowly from under the bed.


Demi put her hand to her mouth, a startled reaction when she saw the little man out from under the bed. The hand covered her smile. Quickly she stepped forward and giant boots surrounded Rafael, who flinched at the approach being so fast and so close. Demi squatted and watched the little man between her boots with a huge smile on her face.


- Hi Demi - said Rafael trying not to show how nervous he was.

- Hi tiny. You look so fragile and cute there between my boots - Demi pushed him with the tip of his boot making Rafael lose balance and sit as she giggled.

- Hey, that is not funny

- Sorry, could not resist. But I didn't hurt you, right?

- Only my pride - said Rafael getting up.

- Poor little thing.

- You can sit in the chair and I will go up on the table so we can talk.

- No need to tire yourself out climbing up there - slowly Demi's hand was descending toward Rafael.

- I'd rather you did not grab me,

- Imagine being able to hold you. I'll never let that opportunity pass by. I promised that after 10 minutes I will put you in your house and go to my house, and that promise I intend to fulfill.


Rafael felt a certain relief in those words, but long nails painted with dark green approaching left him apprehensive. He expected her to put her hand next to him, but the girl simply closed her hand around him, holding him over the arms and leaving just above the shoulders and part of the legs visible. Then the hand rose again, holding him fixed in front of her hazel eyes.


- Wow, you're so light. I'm loving the feeling of holding you - Demi whispered smiling gently. With the index finger she stroked his hair and patted him on the cheek - you are so so so cute, it's so perfect and small – she said more to herself than to him.

- You are holding my arms - said Rafael thrashing.

- I know, cool huh? You're so weak and helpless. I never have imagined you in my hands – she said winking.

- Now kiss my cheek to greet me right.


Rafael was moved to the giant cheek. Even this distance, her skin looked perfect and smooth, her perfume was strong for him, though pleasant. Rolling his eyes Rafael kissed her cheek and immediately heard giggles, then the giant eyes returned.


- How did you get so small?

- An accident at work. A meteor fell from the sky, and they brought it to me, but when I went to investigate it, it exploded and I shrunk. - It was all a big lie, but Rafael knew he refuses to tell was worse. She would become more curious, and he was prohibited by contract to tell her what really happened.

- I knew you were a kind of scientist. Curable?

- They're searching, perhaps. He shrugged.

- If it were up to me, you'd not grow again. You are so great this way - Demi smoothed his hair a little longer.

- I do not want to be this size - Rafael said indignantly.

- But you're so wonderfull this size, muaaack - Demi's kiss covered the entire face from the little man, leaving him for a second dizzy and breathless. But he could not deny that the soft lips against his face were a nice feeling.

- Demi, respect me, I'm twice your age.

- Nah. You're pretty boy, like a baby, in fact smaller and weak then a baby. At the moment I am more independent and mature than you. Cute little baby - the voice was one of sweetness and the tip of the giant nail did tickle under the chin. She thought was funny that the little man in her hand trying to get free. - Do not get all mad just because I teased you a little bit.

- Okay - said Rafael calming - but do you need hold me like that?

- I do not need, but I like to - said, giving a wink.

- Well, you promised you'd let me in my house on the table and go to your house if I went out and let you satisfy your curiosity. How about keeping your word?

- True, I said and I will keep my word - Demi walked to the table and let him go - now be a good little man and go to your little house.

- Why?

- Because I want to see you in it. It will be lovely to see you walk in there. If you do this I'll be gone, I said I'd like to see you go to your house before I leave. - She stopped and looked up with a naughty expression on her face. - But if I count to 10 and you have not been there, I'll be here playing with you for another hour.

- What's so funny? Want to make me run?

- You run if you want sweetheart. I will love spend more time here. One two…


Rafael began to run. Demi put her finger on the path like an obstacle course and when Rafael slammed his hand on her finger and jumped keep running, she make that little noise that girls do when they see a duckling running clumsy, something like "Oint". Rafael opened the door when she was telling between nine and ten and fell on the couch.


Through the window he could see the huge eye spying inside your home.


- Tired, pretty little thing?

- Just a little bit.

- Go upstairs and lie down on your bed so I can see?

- If I do that you go to your house?

- I will.

- Ok then - said Rafael up the stairs and throwing yourself in bed - satisfied?

- Yes, time to go home.


Rafael stared at the ceiling and sighed in relief. He considered that Demi might be a bigger problem than she was already. All he had to do was, after she went out, call the lab and explain what needed to be relocated. It was when he felt the house shake a little and then be raised. He staggered across the room to the nearest window.


- What are you doing? - He shouted at the giant who walked down the hall with the house in his arms.

- I said I'd put you in your house, and then go to mine, I just failed to say that my intention was to take this house with me when I left - said Demi finding it all very fun and exciting.


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