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Cailey's car pulls into the driveway. Her and her boyfriend enter her house, with me still trapped between her underwear and pants. Since she was standing, I took what little chance I had to climb up her panties and get free of this prison. Before I knew it, I had reached the wasteband of her pants, surprisingly with ease, and climbed out. 
I then saw why it was so easy for me to get out. She was laying on her stomach and her boyfriend was gving her a back massage, her shirt completely off. His hands, however, got closer to me. I tried to at least get his attention, but he didn't see me. I began to think the shrink powder made me invisible, but that's farfetched. 
He kept on rubbing his hands down her back, toward her butt and stuffed me inside the back of her panties unknowingly, trying to get a peek at her ass. "Um, no. I'm not ready yet Mike", she said in a relaxed tone. "Baby," Mike replied "Would I do anything to hurt you? We've been together for a few months now, and you still don't trust me?" 
While they babbled on about whether or not if he was right to take her virginity, I was being swallowed up by her ass. I constantly tried to get a firm grip, but then I would continue to slide down. before I knew it, I slid past her asshole and could smell nothing except her vagina, getting more moist as they talked.
"I'll tell you what. I'll just lick it. And if you like it, we can see where it goes. Its not sex until I put it in" She rolls over so she is on her back, making me land on her pussy. "Well.. okay. But I'm not ready to put your dick in my mouth", she says as he takes off her pants.
Rather than taking off her panties and going to work, Mike was kissing every bit of flesh that was revealed as he slowly took off her panties and maintained eye contact. He pushed his lips against me, pushing me into her pussy, which caused her to moan. Then he started licking her pussy, and me. All I could do was scream helplessly as I was surrounded by his saliva and her wet pussy as he stroked his tongue up and down the inside of her vagina. All I could hear from her was her wincing from fear of pain and moaning at the same time. Then, he stopped licking her pussy and worked on her clit, leaving me in the sticky pussy.
"Do you want to keep going?" I hear Mike ask. After a breif pause, she says "Mhm"
Then, it got dark. Even though I was in here only once before, I can say it was never this dark. I worked my way to the enterance of her pussy, only to be stopped by something big. After 2 seconds of thinking, I quickly went back to screaming as Mike's penis made its way deeper into her vagina. I couldn't escape it, and it eventually started pushing me deeper. "Ow ow ow" turned into moans of pleasure before long. Once that happened, Mike started picking up speed and went faster and faster, with me riding the tip of his dick against my will. Before long, he moaned out "I'm gonna cum".
With me stuck to his dick, he pulled it out and she rolled over. The light was so blinding that I didn't get a chance to enjoy it before getting slammed into the darkness and flesh of her asshole. I was then shot into her ass by his cum. I had to swim my way out of his ejaculate to breathe. Once I was able to breathe, I felt the flow being pulled by gravity out of her ass. However, this was not my lucky break. The flow stopped and what was a sea of ejaculate became a sticky residue that stopped me from moving.

Morning comes before I realize it, and I'm still stuck in her ass. She was about to hop in the shower, but quickly turned it off. All I could hear was the trembling of her ass as she began to push her shit out of her ass, along with me. On top of being stuck in his semen, I was now trapped in her shit as it bobbed in the toilet water. I looked up to try one last time. Rather than getting noticed, i was covered in her urine. Then I saw a white cloud of toilet paper land on the water. 
She then got up and looked inisde the toilet and stared at the turd for a moment. She then giggled and said "Goodbye, Travis!" before the roar of the toilet being flushed drowned out my life.

Chapter End Notes:

This is the end of the story for now. I think this end everything pretty well, but I'm always open for critiscm guys. I'm new to this and would like to hear what you think.

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