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I tried to struggle against her boob to grab her attention, much like I did with her asshole. But, I didn't want to let, afraid that her shirt might be tucked and I would just end up face-to-face with her pussy again. After Cailey pulled her car in, she quicklyto class. Her boobs bounced up and down with every step she took, and with her boobs, me. 

"Whew, made it" I heard her utter as she sighd in relief. Then, I hear a loud male voice say "Cailey, late again?" "But I'm 3 minutes early!" She shouts back. "Maybe its about time you change your clocks and remember that Daylight Savings was yesterday. Go change and meet the rest of the class in the gymnasium"

She stomps away, frustrated at her teacher."Did I hear him right?" I thought. "Go change? Gymnasium? Why does her first class have to be gym, of all things?" I hear her locker oopen and can now see a faint amount of light through her bra. I then see her hands reach up and take off her bra.

Now, most people in this situation would have let go and rest in her bra until she walks away, or try to scream to grab her attention. Me? I have acrophobia (fear of heights). Seeing her torso ad her legs stretch for miles, literately, gave me vertigo. Even though my head was spinning, I decided to hold on to her nipple as she slid on her sports bra on. I knew that I had to overcome my fear and find some way to get her attention.

The nightmare of gym class was longer than I could hope for. She had to run 2 laps around the track for being late, then went inside and did volleyball. One thing I did find out about her was that she was overly competitive in sports and, every so often, did a chest bump with one of her teammates. But, she was really good at volleyball. So, not only did I have to deal with her boobs constanly jiggling, but they would be pressed up against someone else's chest every 10 minutes. She was even called over by the teacher to tone it down a notch.

Class was finally over, and she headed back into the changing room. "Okay, I cannot miss this opportunity. If I don't do something soon, I will just end up a blood stain on her chest". Her bra comes off once again. I decided to take my chances and jump off when she sets her bra down. I ride inside her bra and she sets it down. I climb out onto a sorter frabric.

And, my opportunity at freedom was short lived as she picked up this black fabric and stuck her legs through the yoga pants I was lucky enough to land on the crease of.After realizing my mistake, I tried to leave, but her sweat had weighed me down too much to run. All I could do was watch helplessly as I, once again, was sent up against her ass.

Every minute spent in her yoga pants were drawn out. Every class felt like they went on for days, and lunch period wasn't any more pleasent. After lunch, she stepped into a hallway that was empty and quietly farted. Quiet for her, at least.. My entire body got a large portion of her fart over my body and down my lungs. Every second I was up against her butt, constantly being sat on, my thoughts plagued my mind on whether or not this is how I'm going to live the rest of my life, however short that may be.

After 6 hours of agonizing torture, I heard Cailey's engine turn over as she headed back home."So, you're parents are gone today on a business trip?" I heard a male voice say.

Oh, no...

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