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It was a hot summer day, sun beaming down on the fresh asphalt, as Allie turned into the parking lot of the new office complex.

"Wow, this is nicer than I imagined it would be, " she thought to herself as she climbed out of her shoddy Camry and double-checked the address on her phone.

As she walked into the office building she noticed the modest sign overhead reading "Tiny FilmsTM". She was greeted by a beautiful, red-haired receptionist, no more than 24 years old.

"Hi, may I help you with something?" the receptionist asked with a smile.

"Yes," Allie squeaked as she nervously fumbled with her phone trying to find the email she had received, "I have an appointment to meet with Mark Fogarty today"

"Oh wonderful, you must be Allie!" the receptionist replied, "Mark is the second door on the left."

"Yes that’s me, I'm a bit early though," Allie said feeling slightly less anxious.

"Nonsense! Mark is waiting for you, you can go right in," the receptionist interjected with a smile.

"O-okay," Allie stuttered as she made her way down the hallway towards the second door on the left. The office was surprisingly very clean and welcoming; it seemed to be a fairly new building.

She reached the second door on the left and noticed a gold plaque, with the name "Mark Fogarty" inscribed into it, bolted on the center of the door. She was nervous but so far everything had been very inviting. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come right in!" a voice bellowed from the other side of the door.

She entered the room and was greeted by a well-dressed man sitting behind an ornate wooden desk. In front of the desk was a black leather chair, which was facing in her direction. The chair seat was puffy and dimpled, containing five indentations arranged like the five-side of a die.

"So you must be Allie Bates," the man said as he stood to offer her a handshake, "I'm glad you decided to come in for an interview!"

Allie approached his desk timidly. As she got closer she noticed how muscular Mark was, his arms bulging in his tight fitting dress shirt. He was bald headed, with a five-o-clock shadow highlighting his strong jaw line.

"And you're Mark?" she asked as she shook his hand. Despite his physique, he was very gentle with her hand.

"That’s me," he chuckled, "Now if you'll have a seat we can go ahead with the interview."

Allie took her seat in the chair, her butt sinking into the plush leather. She was surprised by how comfortable the chair actually was, but was still wary of letting her guard down.

"Alright, so I'm just going to run through your application with you to make sure everything is accurate," Mark said as he pulled up Allie's application on his computer.

"Says here you're 5'2'', 115 pounds, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes," he said looking up to verify, "Looks about right."

Allie sat with her hands in her lap as she listened to Mark. Her eyes scanned the room until she came upon the security camera mounted above the desk.

Mark saw her staring at the security camera and commented, "Allie, you seem a bit nervous. I'm sure you think this will be like those casting couch videos but I assure you it's nothing like that. That camera is only there for security purposes, and at no point will my clothes come off during this interview."

"Oh, I-I'm sorry, I just didn't know what to expect" she stammered, her eyes snapping back to Mark.

"Relax, it's just an interview," Mark reassured her as he returned to her application information, "So it says here that your hobbies include jogging, hiking, and volleyball?"

Mark's reassurances had soothed her a bit as she replied, "Yea, I love running and I've been playing volleyball since junior high school."

"Very nice," Mark said "And you are 18, right?"

"Yea I turned 18 three months ago," she answered.

"Wonderful, have you ever starred in an adult film?" he asked.

"No, but I joined with a cam site when I turned 18." she replied.

"Oh really, what was the reason behind that?" he asked.

"Its just been an easy way to make some money while I'm in college." she said, starting to feel more comfortable.

"Ahh I see, that makes sense," Mark said as he turned away from the computer and took out a small notepad, "So how did you hear about us?"

"One of my regular customers from the cam site actually recommended you guys to me, and after looking into the company I was a bit interested," Allie said as she leaned back in the chair and put her arms on the armrest. The room was fairly warm, and the black leather was causing her to sweat a bit. She repositioned herself slightly, hoping that she wouldn't leave sweat stains in her white booty shorts.

"So what do you know about the Tiny-Adult Film industry?" Mark asked as he scribbled notes.

"Not much really, I saw in my research that you had worked out a deal with the government to take shrunken inmates and use them in videos but that’s about it," she replied.

"Yea that's right," Mark said, "Shrinking technology was discovered about two years ago and was originally intended for extremely sensitive medical procedures. We knew there was a market for Tiny-Adult videos and managed to work out a deal with the government because of the current overcrowding of the prison systems."

"So do you kill them?" Allie asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer.

"Not always actually, but in general kill videos do pay a lot more," Mark responded calmly, "So, I don't want to creep you out but I am going to have to see you naked to make sure you are the right fit for us."

"Uhhhmmm," Allie muttered, unsure of what to do.

"Don't worry, I won't even move from my chair. You can just stand up there and strip down," he reassured her as he watched intently.

Allie stood up from the chair, her legs peeling off the leather. She nonchalantly began unbuttoning her floral crop top, lifting it up and over her head. As she dropped it to the floor she snuck a glance at Mark, he was staring at her body, seemingly sizing her up. A small smile started to appear at her lips as she reached behind her back to unhook her lacey yellow bra. She let out a soft moan as her bra slid down her arms to the floor and her perky C-cup boobs swung free.

"Very nice," Mark said, feeling his member hardening at the sight of Allie's young, fit body.

Allie, growing more confident, used her left to massage her right tit as her right hand unbuttoned her shorts. She slowly unzippered her shorts while fondling her breast, soft moans escaping her lips. Her shorts fell to the ground, revealing her tight yellow thong. She used her foot to kick the shorts aside, twirling to face the door in the process. Her thumbs hooked the sides of her panties and began to pull them away from her intimate area. The sweat soaked gusset clung to her underside for as long as possible before peeling away. She bent further and further down as she lowered her panties to the ground, making sure to keep her legs straight and her ass in the air. Finally at the ground she gingerly stepped out of her panties, tossing the aside as she turned to face Mark again.

"Wow," Mark exclaimed as he watched her voluptuous ass spread wide then snap back together as she turned to face him, "You really do have an amazing figure"

"Thank you," she said with a cute smile.

"Do you mind spreading your legs so I can get a peek down below?" he asked carefully.

"Uhhmmm," she mumbled looking around the room, unsure of how best to show off her goods.

"Feel free to sit in the chair," he said quickly, "I'll have it cleaned after the interview."

Allie, feeling a bit frisky, repositioned the chair so that it was directly in front of the desk and sensually lowered her ass onto it. Normally she would be self-conscious about the sweat marks she was sure to leave on the leather but at the moment she was embracing her playful side. With her asshole resting right above the center dimple she leaned back in the chair and spread her legs. She sucked the pointer finger of her right hand before allowing it to gently probe her folds.

"Is this the right fit?" she asked confidently as she allowed her finger to slide into her tight cunt.

"It certainly is!" Mark said with a laugh as he opened a drawer and retrieved some paperwork from his desk. He had seen quite a few girls since he started this recruiting job but Allie was a teen-aged Goddess. Her body was amazingly toned, but curvy in the right places. Her ass was divine, a perfect example of a bubble-butt. And on top of all that she wore very little make-up, giving her an amateur look. She might actually be the most attractive girl he had cast so far.

"Well I am prepared to offer you a contract, there is a lot of legal jargon here but basically it requires you to do one video with us. After that we'll give you the option to resign if you liked the experience." Mark said while he reached to hand her a pen.

Coming back to reality Allie closed her legs and scooched closer to the desk. She started skimming the confusing text of the contract.

"I'm still not sure, what do I have to do for the video?" she asked, not wanting to tie herself up in something she wouldn't enjoy.

"Well since you've never done a scene before, and we only want to introduce you to the field, you're first video would be a solo masturbation scene," said Mark, "The tiny would be sewn into your panties and you'd be using a vibrator to pleasure yourself."

Allie fiddled with the pen in her hand while she thought it over. She wasn't sure how she would feel having a person inside her panties but a solo masturbation scene would be easy for her.

"Oh I forgot to mention," Mark interjected, "We'll pay 3k for the first video, and there will be a 1k signing bonus if you do choose to re-sign with us."

"Oh my god," Allie blurted out. There was no way she could turn down that kind of money. She firmly grasped the pen before signing on the bottom line of the contract.

"Awesome!" Mark exclaimed as he handed her a copy and filed away his own, "We're all set, I will be in touch to set up your shoot."

"Okay," Allie said with a smile as she stood up from the chair, her skin once again peeling away from the sticky leather. She glanced quickly at the seat and noticed the sweat imprint her ass had left. She hurriedly dressed herself and left the office, waving to the receptionist on her way out. She sat in her car and paused for a moment, unsure of the choice she had just made...


Mark waited until Allie had left before paging the receptionist.

“Tori, yea lock the front door and come here for a moment,” buzzed Mark through the speaker.

Tori entered his office moments later and walked up beside the black leather chair.

“So how was she?” Tori asked as she noticed the sweat stains on the seat of the chair.

“Absolutely phenomenal” Mark replied, eyes glued to his computer screen.

“And the tinies?” she asked excitedly.

“The two on the front dimples are dead, suffocated under her thighs,” claimed Mark, “but the one on the center dimple managed to get enough air to stay alive. And the footage is insanely good”

Tori crouched down low to look over the surface of the seat. She looked to the front right dimple first, but it wasn’t until she got very close that she noticed the limp body of a tiny man, no more than half a fingernail tall, tied to the button at the center of the dimple. On his head was what looked like a miniaturized GoPro rig for shooting from his point of view.

“Dipping them in black paint was a great idea, you can hardly see them” Tori said as she carefully untied the man. She then plopped the limp body in her mouth and swallowed him whole. She then did the same for the limp body on the front left dimple. On each of them she could taste the salty sweat Allie had left behind.

“May I finish the last one?”  Tori asked eagerly, her eyes fixed on the center dimple of the chair.

“Yeah sure, whatever” Mark mumbled as he watched the footage on his computer. He put it in slow-motion to watch Allie’s bare ass descend onto the man on the center dimple. He could see her puckered little asshole coming right for him. Then her ass connected with the chair, smushing down until her asshole was millimeters away from the helpless man. It was truly glorious.

Tori brought her face down close to the center dimple, brushing her nose up against the button. She inhaled deeply, filling her nose with the scent left behind by Allie’s taut little asshole. She loosened the string holding the tiny man in place, but did not pluck him up. Instead she left him there and watched him struggle to break free. She smiled devilishly, he was almost free of the string but it was a hopeless effort. Before the tiny man could make his escape she lowered her mouth to the button, allowing her lips to form a seal around it. She remained like this for almost a minute, relishing in the fact that the man was doomed. She then allowed her lips to slowly come together, gently sucking on the button and pulling away. Her lips met and she pulled away from the leather with a smooch. She looked back at the button to see the man wasn’t there before swallowing him alive.



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