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Six in the morning. Nova wakes up with a subtle yawn, the light slowly peering through her window blinds. Nova grabs her tiny, still sleeping, companion from off of her body, gently laying River on the end table next to her bed. Nova walks to her closet and grabs out a tank top and short shorts. “Today should be so easy” She says to herself “But when things are easy, they are also generally boring. But not today”. A smile grows upon her face as she walks over to a black set of flip flops. Though she did not often wear them, today was a bit of a special occasion. She took the shoes and placed them near the base of the end table as she moved to her bathroom to finish freshening up.


As the door closes, River begins to awaken. She drags herself to her feet, looking around the room. River stares at the door, hearing the slight noises come from where she heard Nova. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Nova, it’s that this was insane. “I just want to cry…” She mutters before taking a few moments to calm herself. “No, you won’t cry. You’ll just get this over with and win. If winning means they all have to die, at least Zoey is gone. Hate looking at it that way, but have to find something to be positive about…” River comments. Liking to feel confident as opposed to helpless, she kept this mindset up until the second when Nova walked out of her bathroom. As River witnessed the giant sports star walk over to her, she shivered and cowered away.


Nova smiles as she sees her tiny little companion for the day. “Hey there River” She spoke softly “No need to be afraid. This likely won’t hurt at all”


“What do you mean likely?” River answered, not knowing if Nova could even hear her.


“That probably raised some concern, but trust me. You might be the little testing guinea pig, but think of it this way. I’m going to be easier on you for being so willing.” Nova replies “So, just stay a good little girl and you’ll already be one step closer to winning. I really love it when people trust me”


River is able to get out a nervous smile “That’s good to know”


“Now, how to hear you. I don’t know how I’m going to end up doing that.” Nova comments before getting a brilliant idea. She runs to one of her dressers and pulls out two walkie talkies. With a grin, she rushes over to the device that she had used last night. After a few minutes, Nova returns to River with a tiny walkie talkie. It is so small that it is small to even River. Nova smiles “Now, just press the button on there and speak whenever something is up. I have mine in my ear, it’s just that small. Test it out”


River activates the walkie talkie and speaks “Can you hear me?”


“Yes, I can indeed” Nova replies, holding her right hand out to River. “Now, climb on. We’re walking to school today. Not to far, just about a fifteen minute walk”


“How exactly am I going to walk there?” River asks, walking onto the palm of Nova.


“You’re not walking, but you’re joining me for the walk. Up close and personal.” Nova replies, lowering River right onto her right flip-flop towards the front near her toes. Nova then puts on the left flip flop. “Ready?”


River was at a loss for words, she wanted to scream, she wanted to protest, she wanted to be big again. Before she could try and beg, Nova’s foot fully encompassed and sandwiched her atop the flip-flop. Nova, being that she constantly conditioned due to her athletic nature was wearing a beautiful smelling lotion on her feet. That was what she did the day after any workout, and she had done much running last night. Now, at normal height, someone may have been able to smell the lotion if they for some reason got close to her feet, it wasn’t super strong. If you had told River that it wasn’t super strong, she would punch you. River was practically gagging over the smell of apples. Apples happened to be one of Nova’s favorite scents, and though River also enjoyed the smell of apple it was overpowering being right next to the smell at her tiny height. It didn’t help that the pressure was quite intense. The pressure did not hurt, but it truly felt that if Nova wanted to, she could snap all of River’s bones at a moment's notice.


Then came the first step, the movement of the shoe with Nova’s foot still encompassing her was rather disorienting despite her being sandwiched. As the foot came down the pressure was back but even more intense than it had first been. Slowly it eased away back to the normal levels of being sandwiched between Nova’s foot and the flip-flop, but that moment of intense pressure frightened River. It felt like everything in her body was breaking but without pain. A truly devious experience that made River wish to cry for mercy already. Though it felt like hours had already passed in this horrific experience, River knew what she had to endure. A whole day of school trapped under Nova’s foot.


“Mind giving me a kiss or struggling a bit to make sure I know you’re alive. I like it when my opponents fight back. It’s no fun without a little fight, even if you are willing” Nova comments, her grin staying on her face.


Nova’s playfulness brought a slight blush to River’s dark face. A thought crossed River’s mind about not giving Nova any sort of satisfaction, but it would be useless. She had to impress her gigantic captor, so she gave in. River did her best to struggle, though it was quite difficult to even try in her position due to how trapped she was. As River did this, she planted a kiss on Nova’s foot, even using her tongue a bit. It was gross, the slight taste of the apple lotion on her tongue disgusted her, but it was for survival. This memory would likely never escape her for the rest of her life, but if it meant living, it was worth it.


Nova smiled and began walking to school. Up and down went her foot constantly. The pressure seeming to grow lighter for a second before pressing back down like she was just a part of the flip-flop. Nova opens her door and closes it, walking gently down the stairs. She passes by her sister and exits through the back door. It is roughly six thirty in the morning as Nova walks outside. She takes in the fresh scent of a young winter day and begins walking down the sidewalk. As Nova walks, a running is heard from behind her until Skylar catches up with her.


“Hey Nova, how are you?” Skylar asks with an excited expression.


“Oh, I’m fantastic, trust me” Nova answers with a grin


“So, where is River? You were bringing her today, right?” Skylar continues to question


Nova answers by sliding off the flip-flop with River on it. She then pins River against the flip-flop with just her big toe, leaving only River’s tiny head exposed. “There she is” Nova answers, giggling lightly.


“Oh, my, my. This is what you classify as an easy first day?” Skylar replies


“Mhm. It’s going to get even worse from here. But don’t worry, I’m sure River will pass my little tests just fine” Nova replies, sliding the flip-flop back on. River tries to scream before Nova can do this, but with the walkie-talkie currently off, it is inaudible to the two girls.


“Mind sharing what you plan to do to the others?” Skylar replies


“Don’t worry about it. Just know that Zoey will get the absolute worst of it. I refuse to take her until friday, then I’ll have just so much fun with her” Nova answers with a devious smile. “Now, come on, I don’t want to be late for my first period class.”


Skylar nods and the two begin to walk “What’s your first period again?”


“Eh, just English. Nothing to major. I mean, it really won’t get fun until later in the day. I end the day with gym, remember?” Nova replies


“How could I forget, we’re quite lucky to have you in our class helping us out” Skylar replies


Nova chuckles “Yeah. Some find it weird, but I’ve always done just regular gym until my sport comes around.”


Roughly thirty more minutes pass before the two make it to the school. They go their separate ways and Nova heads to English class. Nova gets through the door and sits down at her desk. By this time, River is practically begging for a break. The little air that is given to her becomes to hard to breathe. From the combination of the apple scent to that of the slight sweating that Nova had done on the way made for an overpowering experience. “Please, let me out for now!” River pleaded, but it was far too muffled to even make it to the walkie-talkie.


So, Nova went through her English class, leaving River just trapped under her foot. The only relief was that there was no walking that Nova had to do. This relief was quickly stripped away as the period ended and River was subjected to more pressing from the gigantic foot. “Unf” She groaned lightly, unable to really do anything else. She had been utterly destroyed and defeated by just Nova’s feet. She worried for what would happen to the others, if this was just the first day of her torments. Nova made her way to her second class, Mathematics. Once more she sat herself down and went through class, a little more conscious of letting River breathe a bit. During Math class, she actually slid her flip flop off a bit just to let the poor girl relax.


River was filled with relief as she was given what were fifty minutes of heaven in foot hell. River much prefered the light gentle pressed of Nova’s toes on her lower body as opposed to Nova’s entire foot pressing her body. It was far more leisurely and less overwhelming. As a sort of thanks, River rubbed the side of Nova’s big toe for pretty much the entire period. As the period came to a close, River was once more subjected to the horrors of being back under Nova’s foot, the constant up and down movement feeling as though it could crush her at any moment. Though the feeling was odd, the rhythm of it began to stop bothering River. The continuous squeeze, now that she had gotten used to it, wasn’t quite so bad as when she first started. River still felt like the smell was overwhelming and slightly wanted to gag, but she restrained herself as they both arrived in fourth period, history.


River was once more left a little off the hook this time as Nova’s foot slid away from the flip-flop, though this time her big toe was a bit higher up. Nova’s big toe was able to smother River’s entire body, and Nova decided to keep River entirely under her big toe. River knew what Nova wanted, well at least she thought she did. Hesitantly, River locked her lips together and hugged the sides of the toe as best as she could to kiss it and show her submission. “Good, good…” Nova whispered to herself with a smirk as her tiny pet did this. Rewarding her, Nova slid her foot back like it was in math class. River sighed with relief.


“I don’t know how much more I can handle” River commented “It’s not as bad now that I’m getting used to it, but still, this is basically hell. But, hey, maybe if I win and she returns me to normal size, maybe I can convince her to submit to me and make me feel like a goddess. That could be fun…” A slow smirk came across her face. “Yes, that is what I should do. Maybe enduring this won’t be so bad if I survive, after all, it has given me ideas for what to do afterwards.” She then giggles slightly afterwards. After history, it was a quick walk to Nova’s fifth period. It was simply science class, and there was nothing too exciting happening in that class. Lunch came and went, though River wasn’t quite appreciative that Nova’s feet were constantly stepping on her during that period. “Why can’t she just sit down and talk with friends like a normal girl that has a tiny cheerleader trapped under her foot!” River shouted to herself as Nova walked, though it was muffled and got quite nowhere other than a better whiff of the overpowering scent. Six period, Nova’s computer technology course was another easy breeze for River.


Of course, the difficulty truly came from when seventh period arrive. First, Nova walked into the girl’s locker room a bit early. She slid off the flip-flops, leaving River on them as she began to change. River looked up at the giantess, sort of mesmerized as Nova began to change. Nova took off her shirt, and her pants. River hadn’t quite realized before, but Nova’s body looked almost perfect. River was almost a bit jealous at how pretty Nova was. Nova then slid on a black gym shirt that was sleeveless as well as some black shorts. Then she pulled out some black socks and white tennis shoes.


Nova bends over and grabs River with a devious smile. She opens up her right sock and drops River inside. Nova then puts this sock on, and it’s somewhat of a tight fit. Nova can feel the slight struggles of River against the sole of her right foot. Nova just slides on the shoe and proceeds to put the other sock on her other foot. After finishing getting ready, and putting her stuff away, she walks out into the actual gym.


River, at this time, was practically dying from the overpowering scents. The fresh apple scent of Nova’s lotion couldn’t save River from the fact that these shoes were rather old and used. Being so tight to Nova’s foot didn’t help either. She wanted to gag, but knew doing so would only give herself more of an excuse to want to gag, so she did her best to keep herself in check. The feeling from inside the shoe was more rough, it felt like Nova was applying more pressure this way. Though, whenever Nova lifted her feet from the ground for a stretch, it wasn’t that bad.


“Alright ladies, three laps, ran fully. Go!” Said the coach as the girls took off running. This is when River’s ride went from slightly unpleasant ride to her bones seemingly cracking due to the pressure.


“Ah! Nova stop!” She screamed, trying to turn on the walkie talkie, but it was useless in trying. The motion made her want to throw up, but she couldn’t. The pressure felt like she was breaking at almost every second. River was certain this is where her demise would come, the pressure was too much. Certain she would be reduced to nothing but a bloodstain, River cried slightly. As the pressure seemed to grow worse and worse, River tried sending every message she could. She tried kissing, struggling, and tickling to the best of her ability, but nothing worked on the giantess. The sock pinning her against Nova’s luscious foot was certainly not helping. River soon passed out.


When River awoke, she was back in the locker room, laying on the bench. Nova was looking at her with concern. “Oh thank god you’re alive” Nova comments


“What the hell!? You almost killed me!” River shouts, using the walkie talkie.


Nova looks down “I didn’t know we were running today. I thought it’d just be stretches and not that bad. I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. I’m sorry”


“If you were really sorry, you’d turn me back to normal height and let me step on you a bunch” River replies


“I’ll consider it” Nova replies, she picks River up and drops her onto her other hand. She walks out from the school, the day being over and proceeds home. She doesn’t end up talking much to Skylar on the way home, just sort of dodging questions until she arrives at her room and locks the door. There, her other captives are fighting with one another.


“Alright, who’s going tomorrow?” Nova asks


All but River and Lindsay herself, point to Lindsay. “I guess it’s settled then” Nova replies, taking the cup and grabbing Lindsay from it. “Besides, I guess it’d be nice to have a tiny little homework buddy tonight” She says with a chuckle “And if you give me any wrong answers intentionally, you will pay”




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