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There were a few seconds of silence on the part of Doctor Julius. He really needed to get the information that At-Lass had attained back but he couldn't ignore the danger that was taking place. The whole reason why he had given Sophie the suit was so that she could help people and now seemed to be the perfect opportunity. He gave a sigh as he had to admit that this was too important to pass up.

"Ok Sophie you can stop them but be careful," said Doctor Julius. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry," replied At-Lass with a smile on her face. "I know what I'm doing." She and Doctor Julius then quickly devised a plan of action that they hoped would work but it could easily go wrong.

At-Lass flew not too far away from the speeding car. For the moment the occupants inside didn't see her as they were focusing on shooting at the chasing police cars. At-Lass pressed the button at the centre of her the straps holding her to her jetpack. This caused her to fall towards the ground and as she fell she began to grow in size.

When At-Lass's feet hit the ground she was standing at eighty feet in height. She also ran and seemed to be going right alongside the car. This was when the occupants inside noticed her and went into a near state of panic. The felt her gigantic hand grab onto the car and they were lifted up into the air. She would have stopped dead in her tracks but she knew that if she did that the occupants inside might be killed.

The momentum of travelling at a high speed and then suddenly coming to a stop would be like if they had hit a brick wall. Instead she began to spin herself as she stopped running. This kept the momentum in the car going and slowly she stopped herself at a safe speed. It did make her a little dizzy but when she looked she could see that the occupants of the car were uninjured.

The man in the front passenger seat pointed his automatic rifle at At-Lass and began to fire. However the bullets harmlessly bounced off of her suit. If she had been her normal size they would have been a serious problem but at this size they were nothing more than a nuisance. She did use her free hand to grab the gun out of his hands.

"Hey you shouldn't play with guns," said At-Lass. Her voice was louder than she expected but she didn't really notice. "You could seriously hurt someone with this." She looked at the ground below her and she could see the police cars pulling up. "I think that there's some people who are here to see you."

Carefully At-Lass began to lower the car. However rather than placing it on its wheels she instead flipped it onto its roof. This was just so it couldn't be driven away and the chase having to start all over again. No sooner had she placed the car on the ground the cops began to swarm it and they pulled out the two occupants. They were quickly cuffed and taken into a police car.

One particular policewoman remained behind for the moment and looked up at At-Lass. She had heard of the superheroine but this was the first time that she had seen her in person. She was amazed that someone could grow as large as her. Even though At-Lass was still squatting down she still seemed gigantic.

"Thanks for the help," said the Police Woman. She was standing a short distance from the giant superheroine and she couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. "We were in a bit of a pickle there before you showed up."

"You're welcome," replied At-Lass. "I only help you guys out from time to time but you and your colleagues are the ones who put your lives on the line every day." She then stood up to her full height and the police woman could see just how tall she was. "Take care and stay safe."

At-Lass then turned and began to move away. She was jogging at a pace and she had to wait until she was far enough away from the scene in order to shrink herself. At her size it didn't take long before she was a good mile away. It was only then that Doctor Julius did shrink her back down to three inches again. The whole process did make her feel lightheaded but she was quickly getting used to it. Just a month ago such a sudden change from one extreme size to another would have knocked her out. However now it was just a bit of light headiness, this was a sign to her that she was adapting more to her abilities. She couldn't wait for the day that she had full control of her powers and she hoped that Doctor Julius would allow her to change size at will rather than going through him first.

No sooner had At-Lass shrunk in size she saw her jetpack landing right next to her. Without needing to be instructed she attached it to herself and she felt herself fly away into the air. She only needed to wait a couple of minutes before she landed back inside of the warehouse. As she took off her jetpack her height was increased back to normal and she lifted up her goggles since she didn't think that she needed them.

Doctor Julius quickly walked up to her as he was eager to get the pen drive. The information on there was essential for his research. He was also glad to see that At-Lass was unharmed and that the mission had been a success. Even the little side mission had been a success as well.

"Welcome back Sophie," said Doctor Julius as he approached her. He needed to look up to her because even at her normal size she was still taller than him. This was just something that he was used to. "Are you feeling any discomfort?"

"No I'm fine," replied At-Lass as she picked up the seemingly tiny jetpack. She took the pen drive off of it and passed it to him. "And I'm guessing that this is what you want. I hope you find what you're looking for on there."

"So do I," replied Doctor Julius as he took the pen drive out of her hand. He was thankful for what she had done and he looked up at her once again. "Did you want to stay here and do some training or would you prefer to return home?"

"If you wouldn't mind I want to go home. I have school tomorrow and the last thing I need is to fall behind in my studies. Being a giant superheroine is fun but unfortunately it won't pay the bills in the future."

"I understand, rather letting you walk back I'll let you fly back. Just remember to re-attach the suit to the jetpack when you're done."

At-Lass nodded as she watched Doctor Julius walk back to the console. He typed away at it for a few moments and suddenly At-Lass felt herself shrinking again. She attached her jetpack onto herself and when she was finished she felt herself lift off into the air. She did wave goodbye to Doctor Julius before she flew out of the window.

Once again At-Lass only needed to wait a few minutes before she eventually arrived back at her home. She entered through the opened window in her room and she was increased back to her normal height. Her body alterations was also deactivated so she had the same build as she normally did. She did like having larger breasts but she was also happy to have her normal body back. She did wonder if she could still have larger natural breasts but she somewhat doubted it.

No sooner had Sophie taken off her suit she watched as it shrank in size. Within moments it looked like a doll's outfit to her and she did attach it to the jetpack. She watched as it lifted off and flew out of the window. She also decided that she had a little bit of time to study before she had to go back to bed.

However when Sophie checked her phone she saw that she had a couple of missed calls and some text messages from her friend Lizzie. When she looked at the message she could see that her friend was concerned about her. She had noticed that Sophie didn't seem to be entirely herself over the last month and it worried her. Lizzie also knew that Sophie wasn't far from getting kicked off of the basketball team.

Sophie did send her a message back stating that she was fine and that they would catch up at school the next morning. However after a short amount of time of studying fatigue began to get the better of her. She changed into her bed clothes and climbed into her bed, she remembered to grab onto Mr Sprinkles and quickly fell asleep. She didn't realise just how much her actions that night had tired her out.

Meanwhile at the warehouse Doctor Julius was working on the reports that Sophie had been able to bring him. Unlike her sleep was the last thing on his mind as he continued to examine the information. He could see everything that was in the man's system before he had died, it was confirmed that he did die of a heart attack.

However there seemed to be a chemical in the man's system which didn't register with any known chemicals in the world. The report stated that it was called Chemical X and that was purely because there was no other name for it.

There was a chemical formula for this chemical in the report and as Doctor Julius studied it he didn't think that it was possible. However whatever this chemical was it caused a seemingly normal man turn into a hulking monster. For the moment he had no idea what the chemical was but it would have been better if he were able to get a sample of it. However such an action was easier said than done.

The next day Sophie found herself once again sitting in a Geography class. The teacher was a relatively young man who had only been teaching for a short time. His lesson was somewhat boring as he was talking about volcanos. However one thing that did make the class worth it. Just across from her sat her crush Tyler, he was doing his work and she couldn't help but stare at him.

On more than one occasion she had fantasied being his girlfriend and even moving into their own white fence house to live happily ever after. She still didn't have the courage to really talk to him, one thing that she thought that he wouldn't like about her was the fact that she was around an inch taller than him. She knew how most boys didn't want to date a girl who was taller than them. To her it seemed like the infamous Bale tall gene was working against her for once.

Sitting next to her was Lizzie who was getting on with her work. However when she looked up she could see Sophie lovingly staring at Tyler. She had to clear her throat in order for Sophie to snap back to reality. This made Sophie get back to her work or else she would probably fail the class and her scholarship was as good as gone. It seemed like Lizzie had the difficult task of keeping her best friend focused on the work.

At the end of the class both girls walked down the corridor with their books in their hands. No one really paid much attention to them as they were walking from one class to another. Sophie was feeling hungry but after this class it would be lunch time and she would get some much needed food.

"Is everything alright with you Sophie?" asked Lizzie as both girls continued to walk. She had to look up to her taller best friend.

"Yeah I'm fine," replied Sophie. "I've just been doing a lot of stuff outside of school." She hoped that this would make Lizzie stop asking questions but if anything it only made her more curious.

"You got yourself a job?" This wasn't uncommon for someone of their age to have some kind of job outside of school. "Where are you working?"

"I-I'm helping some scientist with a few chores around his warehouse and in exchange he helps me with my studies."

"Sophie you're not..."

"Oh God no." It took her a moment to realise what her friend was talking about and she quickly rebuffed the comment. "You know that I wouldn't do something like that. What kind of person do you think I am?"

"Sorry but you know when anyone says anything like that the first thing that comes to mind is you know what."

Despite Sophie's answer Lizzie wasn't convinced that her friend was telling her the truth. She had known her for most of her life and she could always tell when she was hiding something from her. She thought that it could be something really bad, something that she couldn't say. She was determined to get to the bottom of it whether she wanted to see the results or not.

For the rest of the day Sophie seemed to be fine as she continued with her work. At lunch she did briefly see her brother as he was hanging out with his own friends. They were doing something on their phones that she didn't really understand. It was some kind of game that they were playing that she couldn't wrap her head around. She did hear them talking about At-Lass and much to her disgust her brother mentioned that he thought that she was pretty cute. She knew that he wouldn't say that if he realised that At-Lass was actually his older sister.

Even at her basketball practice Sophie's team could tell that she was more focused than the previous day. Seemingly every shot she made at the basket went in without much effort. She was by far the most impressive person on the court and even Emilia could see why she was keeping her on the team. They had another important game in a few days' time and if Sophie performed like this the Grendon Dreams were sure to cruise through the game.

There was one minor problem that Emilia did have with the team and that was their lack of height. In the league they had the lowest average height and because of this her team's tactics were more along the ground rather than those that were higher in the air. Sophie was the tallest member of the team and that wasn't all that impressive compared to other players in the league.

After the practice was completed the team showered before getting changed back into their normal clothing. Emilia congratulated the team on a decent practice and reminded them about the importance of the next game. If they lost they would have no chance of winning the championship that season. It was important for the school to win some kind of championship, it was some years since they won their last trophy.

If Sophie hadn't thought that the championship was important before she certainly did now. She just kept her thoughts to herself for the moment as she made her way back home. Her parents were already there and for the next couple of hours she went through things that a normal teenager would like studying and eating.

However this normality was soon shattered after she heard a familiar voice in her ear. It was that of Doctor Julius who was communicating to her once again. She gave a sigh as she knew that she was going to have to go through another night of being At-Lass. Despite her want for a break from the superhero antics she still couldn't ignore the call.

"Hey there Doc what's up?" asked Sophie in a relatively quiet voice so that her parents couldn't hear her.

"I need you to come to the warehouse as soon as possible," replied Doctor Julius. "We might have another busy night ahead of us."

"Did you find out what caused that guy to become a monster?"

"Not quite but I still need you to come to the warehouse as soon as you can. It is of great importance."

"This better not be another one of your drills because I swear I'm going to break down your warehouse." Both knew that she was only joking but she made her way out through the door. She told her parents that she was going to get some help with her studies as she made her way to the warehouse.

One thing that Sophie didn't notice was that Lizzie was walking down the street. Her friend had been walking down the street in order to see Sophie. However upon watching her step out of her house curiosity seemed to get the better of her. She knew that she shouldn't be following her but something inside of her told her to do it. For this reason she stayed quiet and followed from a distance. She knew that her best friend was hiding something and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

After several minutes of walking Sophie eventually reached the warehouse and went through the side door like normal. For Lizzie rather than following she went towards one of the nearby windows. She found a strong box nearby that she used as a booster in order to get a better view.

From what Lizzie could see she could see Sophie approaching Doctor Julius who was standing next to the console. She could see that they were talking but she couldn't hear what was being spoken. She began to fear that Sophie was in some kind of relationship with this older man. It would explain why she had been so distracted from school and her basketball practices.

"What do you mean Chemical X?" asked Sophie as she was trying to properly comprehend what was being said. Quite a lot of the time things that Doctor Julius told her would go over her head.

"That's just what I'm calling it for now," replied Doctor Julius. "Whatever it is the chemical caused that man to transform into the monster that you fought. I have no idea exactly what it is and that worries me."

"So what do you need me to do?"

"What would be nice is if you could take out whoever was supplying this chemical but without any real leads that would be impossible." Suddenly on the nearby radio they began to hear a police report. From the sounds of it there seemed to be another man rampaging just like the other night. "Guess that'll be a start, you better suit up and see if you can help the situation."

"Hopefully this time I'll be able to save him." She did really hope this even though it was unlikely. After what Doctor Julius had told her she didn't think that there was anything that she could have done to save him.

Sophie stepped away and returned a few moments later wearing her At-Lass suit. This was seen by Lizzie who gasped with surprise. She could definitely tell that it was Sophie thanks to the fact that she wasn't wearing her goggles. Never in a million years did she think that her best friend was actually a superheroine. She also watched as Sophie's proportions were changed which helped towards her secret identity.

Lizzie watched as Sophie put her goggles on and truly became At-Lass. Doctor Julius then typed away at the control panel and Lizzie watched as her best friend shrunk in size. It seemed like something from a science fiction film. She gasped once again and she almost blew her cover but she remained quiet and continued to watch.

"I am going to save him Doc," said At-Lass as she was putting on her nearby jetpack. It almost seemed routine to her now.

"Unfortunately I doubt that you will," replied Doctor Julius. He truly thought that whoever had become this hulking monster was beyond saving. "After they transform that's it for them, it's only a matter of time before their heart gives out."

"But that doesn't mean I won't try." Just then the jetpack activated and At-Lass flew out of a nearby window. Doctor Julius watched from the console and he hoped that she wouldn't get seriously hurt. He knew that these hulking monsters were much stronger than her at her peak size. All he thought that she could do was to make sure that no one was hurt.

Lizzie also saw At-Lass flying out through the window and she tried to follow her. At this point her sheer shock and curiosity was what kept her going and she couldn't really think about anything else. But unfortunately for her she couldn't keep up with the much faster jetpack and eventually she had to give up the chase. She could only watch as it flew away and all she could do was wait.

Unaware of her friend's presence At-Lass flew through the air towards the site of that had been reported. She could already hear the crashing sound of the destruction that was taking place. She just hoped that she would be able to get there in time to help, although Doctor Julius had told her that she couldn't save the rampaging man she still hoped that she could in some way.

Eventually she reached her destination and while she was hovering in the air she unstrapped herself from her jetpack at Doctor Julius's command. As she fell her body quickly expanded and by the time she reached the ground she was up to sixty feet in height.

"Ok you want to tussle with someone?" asked At-Lass just as she had stopped growing. She did feel light—headed but she was able to recover relatively fast. "Try tussling with me!" But as she looked down she could see the destruction that had taken place. Unlike last time she hadn't been able to get there quick enough but that wasn't the most shocking thing to her. What did upset her was the fact that the man responsible was already lying on the ground. He was an oriental looking man who seemed to be just as muscular as the man from a few nights previous. This time she hadn't even gotten there in time to try and save the man, his heart had given out before then.

Now all that At-Lass could do was try to see if there was anyone else who had been hurt. Much to her surprise most people had been able to get out of the area pretty quickly so there seemed to be no serious injuries. This was a relief for her but she was still disappointed that she wasn't able to save him.

There were a few people who were watching as the clean-up effort was taking place. A few buildings had been damaged during the rampage but it didn't seem like anything that an insurance company couldn't handle. At-Lass truly felt that her presence wasn't needed and if anything she was getting in the way.

One thing that At-Lass did notice that there was a lot of people who were taking pictures of her. Most were just random people who wanted to get a shot of the superheroine while a couple of them were for media reasons. One in particular was a photographer for the Grendon Star. Right by the photographer was a young Hispanic woman who journalist for the paper. She had wanted to get an interview with Grendon's only superheroine but each time At-Lass had been in an area she had left before the reporter could get there. Now she saw this as an opportunity to get the interview that would really jumpstart her career. She cautiously made her way towards At-Lass who was trying to remove some rubble to see if there was anyone trapped underneath.

"At-Lass a moment of your time please," said the Reporter. She was very well dressed and when At-Lass turned to look at her she could see that the Reporter was not just some random person coming to talk to her.

"If you don't mind I'm very busy right now," replied At-Lass. She felt that she didn't have time for an interview or anything like that. But at that time she had just moved the last piece of rubble and much to her delight there was no one there.

"My name is Andrea Garcia of the Grendon Star and I would like to ask you a few questions." She was known to going to almost extreme lengths in order to get her story. Interviewing At-Lass was going to be a tall order but nothing that she thought would be too much of a challenge. "Who are you really and how did you get your powers? How are you even able to survive being so large and is it true that you're supporting Daniel McCormick in the presidential election?"

"I'm busy right now so if you don't mind I still have work to do." She didn't have time to speak to the press as she wanted to continue looking for any more survivors. She thought that everyone was fine but she just didn't really want to talk to the press.

Just then At-Lass took a look of the crowd of people who had come to see what all the commotion was about. They were having to stand behind some police barriers and she could hear some of them beginning to cheer her. She didn't become a superheroine for the fame and recognition but she couldn't help but admit that it was a nice bonus.

However for Doctor Julius he took particular interest in the crowd. From his console at the warehouse he was able to see them through At-Lass's goggles. He had recently installed facial recognition to the goggles so that when the images came back to him he could see anyone of interest.

Doctor Julius had to zoom in on the crowd and one particular person came up as a person of interest. He was a tall man with short black hair and grey eyes, his clothing was quite expensive which showed that he likely had a lot of money. From the facial recognition system he knew that the man was called Donald Reverend and he had been arrested numerous times for drug dealing. He was no small fry either and there were reports that he would normally get new drugs into the city. Doctor Julius had a hunch that Donald had something to do with this, the first man to become this monster had been a known drug addict and he wouldn't be surprised if the second one was as well.

"Sophie do you hear me?" asked Doctor Julius. He needed to wait a few moments to get a response from the giant superheroine.

"Yeah Doc I can hear you," replied At-Lass. Her voice was relatively quiet so that she couldn't be heard. "What's up?"

"There's someone in that crowd over there that you need to find." I'm sending you his picture now." A few more keystrokes and At-Lass was able to see the picture in her goggles. From her vantage point she was able to see the man after taking a few steps towards the crowd. She completely ignored the reporter and just carried on. She saw Donald beginning to walk away from the crowd. "Follow him Sophie, I have my suspicions that he is somehow responsible."

"I don't know if I should, I don't think he's done anything wrong."

"Believe that guy isn't a saint. This seems to be a new drug that is causing these rampages and if Donald doesn't have some idea about it I would be very surprised."

"Ok if you think that it's for the best."

She still wasn't sure whether what she was doing was right but in situations like this Doctor Julius was normally right. She just continued to walk towards the crowd and she could still see that Donald was walking away. Carefully she stepped over the crowd and she could see that many of them were taking pictures as she stepped over them. She was glad that her suit wasn't a dress.

Quickly Donald seemed to turn down an alleyway and seconds later At-Lass reached it. Unfortunately for her she was too big to go down it so Doctor Julius reduced her size to fifteen feet. This allowed her to make her way down the alleyway, from what she could see it led to a dead end which meant there was nowhere for Donald to go. However when she was able to take a proper look the drug dealer didn't seem to be anywhere.

This confused At-Lass as there seemed to be no other way out of the alleyway and if he had tried to get passed her she would have seen him. She knew that people didn't just disappear but from first glance there didn't seem to be anywhere that he could have hid. Like the alleyway it seemed like At-Lass's investigation had come to a dead end.

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