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At-Lass stood there with some confusion as she continued to look up and down the alleyway. There was definitely only one way in and out as it was a dead end, her goggles had even been set to night vision so that she could see down it better. She knew that Donald had gone somewhere but she didn't know where.

Carefully she began to walk down the alleyway and eventually she felt something underneath her large foot. When she looked down she could see a manhole cover and she bent down to pick it up. At her size it seemed a lot lighter than it had before as she placed it to one side. She took a moment to look down it and she was reluctant to go inside, she knew that Donald must have gone down there since there was no other way that he could have escaped her. However she could remember what happened the last time she went into the sewer and she would still have nightmares about it.

"Hey Doc I think our friend went down here," said At-Lass. He could see everything through her goggles on his computer screen.

"I believe so as well," replied Doctor Julius. "The only way we can find out is if you go down there."

"I don't know, I've had enough of sewers for one life time. I don't particularly want to go into another one." But she knew that she was going to have to. It was the only way to track down the drug dealer. "But I know that I'm going to have to anyway, you know what to do next Doc."

"Preparing to decrease your size. The process will take place in five... four... three... two... one." Just then At-Lass began to feel herself shrinking again. Within seconds she had shrank from a very impressive fifteen feet all the way down to six and a half feet. This still put her just over half a foot taller than normal but she was now small enough to go down the manhole. "Good luck down there."

"Hey wait a minute, last time you couldn't communicate with me when I was in the sewer. If I go down there I'll be on my own."

"Don't worry I've made some upgrades. We'll still be able to communicate with one another while you're down there and changing your size won't be affected either. I'll keep my eye on you, don't worry."

At-Lass could only sigh as her final excuse had just gone out of the door. Carefully she began to make her way down the ladder into the sewers below. It was dark but her goggles still allowed her to see clearly. The first thing that attacked her senses was the smell of the place. She had tried to forget the smell from the last time but now those memories were all coming back to her with a vengeance.

From what At-Lass could see there was only one way that Donald could have gone, it was a pathway just ahead of her and she began to walk down it. It was far from the most pleasant walk of her life and she just wanted to get this over and done with. One thing was for certain was that she was going to bathe when she returned home.

However she did eventually run into a problem when she saw that the path diverged. One went straight ahead while the other led down another path. Unfortunately she had no way of knowing which way Donald could have gone. She could be searching for hours and not find any trace of him at all.

"Doc a little help here?" asked At-Lass as she looked down both paths. "Any idea which way he could have gone?"

"No but I think that I know a way that you can," replied Doctor Julius. He then typed away at the console and At-Lass saw her goggles settings go from night vision to heat vision. "Ok now hopefully you should see some small heat signatures on the ground from where he stepped." She looked down and on the path to her right she could see very faint heat signatures on the ground.

"Yeah I see it." She marvelled at just what modern technology could do. It seemed more fantastical than the fact that she could change size.

"You better hurry, those heat signatures won't last for long."

At-Lass had no choice but to agree and carefully she began to follow the heat signatures. She hoped that it would lead her to Donald and that he had some answers about the insanity that was taking place. The sooner she got this drug off of the street the more lives that she would be able to save.

At one point At-Lass did see the heat signature of a rat that scurried right passed her. Thankfully she was much larger than the last time she had run into a rat so it was no threat to her. She was still unnerved by it but she carried on walking anyway, she could tell that the heat signatures in the footsteps were beginning to fade. If they faded away she would surely lose Donald.

Eventually At-Lass did reach what seemed to be an open area. For the moment she could hear people talking and after a quick instruction to Doctor Julius she found herself shrinking to around half of her normal height. This allowed her to eavesdrop much easier and her heat vision was deactivated.

The area was well lit and there seemed to be a few people down there who were working away. They were all working at tables which had a series of chemicals on them, these included many colours and At-Lass didn't want to think what these chemicals were. There was around eight of these people working away and she did notice Donald collecting some of the results of the work. This included a drug which was in a liquid form and he seemed to be happy with what he was seeing.

Doctor Julius was seeing everything that At-Lass could see and he was very interested in what was happening. He could tell that it was some kind of drug lab that was being built below the surface. Through the sewers the dealers could get to and from with some ease and they wouldn't have to worry about running into police.

Just as At-Lass began to think that Donald was the ringleader of this operation she saw him beginning to talk to another man. This other man was tall and skinny, he wore what seemed to be fairly simple clothing and from the looks of it the man seemed to be just like anyone on the street. However as she heard them talking she could tell that this man was in charge of what was happening. He was a Caucasian man with thin brown hair and blue eyes, he also spoke with a New York accent with a slight lisp. It also sounded like he was slightly out of breath but she didn't think that he had been running.

"Another one happened," said Donald as he continued to talk to the man. At-Lass had been able to move in relatively close and she watched what was taking place. "This is getting very dangerous."

"Yes we haven't gotten the mixture quite right yet," replied the Man. "It's pointless creating a drug that kills the user after one dose. No chance for repeat customers, how much damage did the last user do?"

"A fair bit before he finally keeled over. At-Lass did show up on the scene just after he died."

"Bah that bitch might cause us some trouble. The last thing we want is her snooping around here." He coughed for a moment and it seemed to be a very deep cough. "We've worked too hard for this operation to go belly up."

The pair began to walk away and in order for At-Lass to continually hear what was being said she needed to follow them. She stayed behind a group of boxes that kept her out of sight, she knew that if she was caught she would be in a lot of trouble. Although the area was fairly open there wasn't enough room for her to get that big. Plus she was outnumbered and she thought that everyone down there would be heavily armed. Her suit might give her protection against small firearms but automatic rifles was another matter entirely.

In almost what seemed to be like a video game At-Lass followed the two men and from their conversation she could hear them talking about money. Each box that she hid behind seemed to be perfectly placed for her to quickly move to. Despite the fact that she was only half of her normal size she still needed to keep her head down. She wished that her goggles had x-ray vision but that was one thing that Doctor Julius had left out.

Eventually the two men stopped walking when they reached something that At-Lass had to see in order to believe. There was what looked to be a young woman inside of a pod filled with some kind of liquid. At first glance At-Lass thought that it had been water but as she was able to get a better look she could see that it was not merely that. It seemed to be some kind of strange chemical that she had no idea about. The young woman was floating in the pod and had a piece of equipment over her mouth so that she was able to breathe. She seemed to be asleep as well as her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving.

"It's amazing to think isn't it?" said the Man as both he and Donald looked at the young woman in the pod. "Without this miracle here none of this would even be possible. This equipment should keep her asleep for as long as we want."

"Who is she anyway?" replied Donald. This was one aspect of the operation that he had no idea about. His field of expertise was bringing the drug onto the streets but actually creating it was beyond him.

"That is none of your concern. All you need to know is that without her our new wonder drug wouldn't exist. We just haven't gotten the combination quite right yet but when we do we will have a drug more addictive than heroin."

At-Lass was so taken in from the conversation that she didn't see a worker approaching her. At first the worker didn't seem to notice her but when he was close enough he could see her clearly. Rather than raising the alarm just yet he rushed her from behind and tackled her to the ground.

At-Lass was completely taken by surprise and she hit the ground hard. She knew that it was going to leave a bruise but she was doing everything that she could to try and fight back. Unfortunately the altercation between them had brought the attention of everyone there included Donald and the man who was in charge.

Quickly the man ordered At-Lass to be killed but before the worker could do such a thing she quickly grew in size. Fairly quickly she grew from around three feet in height all the way up to eight. Her growth spurt had given her a definite size advantage as she grabbed onto the arm of the worker and threw him away. He went flying further than she had expected and he landed on a nearby table. It was enough to knock him out but there were still plenty of other workers there who were all ready to fight.

Many of the people there were armed and quickly they began to fire at At-Lass. Thankfully none of them were headshots but they were enough to knock her off her feet. Her suit protected her from the bullets and she was just thankful that they were all carrying handguns. She knew that after this her body would be riddled with bruises.

Doctor Julius could see everything that was happening and he knew that At-Lass could very well be killed. He didn't want her death on his conscience and quickly he devised a plan for her to escape at least for a moment. Quickly he commanded her to take a deep breath which she did and then she closed her eyes as she felt her body shrinking. The sensation lasted longer than she had expected.

When At-Lass finally opened her eyes she seemed to be in a world that was alien to her. There were several bumps in the ground and she couldn't seem to be able to see very far. Everything seemed to be misty and when she looked down to her feet she could see what seemed splodge like creatures. At one point she tried to breathe in through her nose but she discovered that she couldn't. She had no idea where she was and she was beginning to worry, her increased heartrate was picked up by Doctor Julius who knew that he needed to do something in order to stop her from panicking.

"Sophie please remain calm," said Doctor Julius. "And don't speak, you're probably wondering what just happened. I had to shrink you down to microscopic size, at this moment in time you're too small to breathe. I'll return you to a larger size in a few moments, I'm sorry I had to do that but it was the only way to save you." At-Lass couldn't say anything and she was a little scared. This was smaller than she had ever been before and she felt like she could be crushed to death at any moment.

At-Lass had to hold her breath for around a minute before Doctor Julius finally increased her size. She grew quickly until she was up to three inches, the first thing that she did was to take in a much needed deep breath. There was some light-headedness that went along with it but she was fine.

One thing that At-Lass did notice was that the men who had been attacking her had for the moment dispersed. They had tried to crowd around her after she had been knocked off of her feet but they had been surprised to see that she had disappeared. They had assumed that she had somehow escaped and now they were searching the entire underground area for her. Their orders were to kill her on sight.

"Ok Sophie you need to get out of there as soon as possible," said Doctor Julius. "We'll contact the police and they can storm the place. Your work is done here, come back and rest up."

"No there's still one thing I need to do," replied At-Lass. From where she was standing she could see the pod that contained the young woman. "There's still someone down here who needs to be saved."

"You don't even know who that is. For all we know she could be in league with them." It helped that he could see everything that At-Lass was seeing. It meant that there was less explaining to do.

"There's no chance that someone would be willing to have that done to them. Besides they said that she was the source of the drug so without her there is no drug. No more people becoming monsters and then dying. I'm going to free her and then we're getting out of here together."

"I still think that it is a bad idea."

"Maybe but you know I'm right, when I give the signal I want you to increase my size. Make me as big as you can in this area."

"Fine but as soon as you're done you're coming back."

At-Lass agreed with him and quickly made her way towards the pod. She had to make sure not to be in the line of sight of any of the people looking for her. Even a normal bullet could kill her at this size. She still ached from where she was shot but she didn't allow this to slow her down.

At-Lass's current size certainly had its advantages and disadvantages. It made her harder to be seen by her seekers but it also made distances seem much greater. What would be a short walk for most people was instead a trek for her. She jogged at a steady pace towards the pod and she remembered to conserve her energy. Her basketball training seemed to come to mind as she remembered what she had been taught.

Just then a shadow appeared above At-Lass and she darted behind a box before she was seen. She looked up and saw the man in charge, he hadn't seen her but she could see that he was carrying an expensive looking handgun. His foot had been mere inches from crushing her and she felt lucky to be alive. One thing that she hoped was that he wasn't going to look down.

At-Lass waited for a few moments before the man finally moved away. She gave a small sigh of relief before moving along. As she came closer to the pod her jog turned into a run as she wanted to get there as soon as she could. She knew that her plan was risky and there was a good chance that it could get her killed. She could only hope that fate was smiling on her on this day.

After what seemed to be a few minutes At-Lass finally reached the pod which seemed to be gigantic in comparison to her. She took a look at the young woman inside and she could see felt sorry for her. She didn't think that anyone deserved a fate like this and she wished to free her.

"Ok Doc make me big," said At-Lass quietly. She then heard Doctor Julius begin the countdown and she was ready for whatever happened next.

The workers were still looking around for At-Lass but their search was soon over as they saw the once tiny superheroine grow into the tallest person that they had ever seen. She grew quickly and within seconds was up to fifteen feet in height. Her head was barely an inch away from the ceiling.

For a couple of moments there was an awe of wonder from the workers and it prevented them from doing what was needed. This gave At-Lass the time that she needed to punch the pod as hard as she could. With one mighty blow she was able to smash a large hole in the pod and the liquid inside began to pour out. At-Lass was safe from being cut thanks to her suit but it did sting for the moment.

With one quick command the man in charge ordered all of the workers to flee. They didn't waste any time in making themselves scarce which At-Lass was glad about. To her it seemed like her size had scared away the workers and it meant that she was able to focus on the young woman inside the pod.

Carefully At-Lass began to break away more of the glass until the liquid had completely drained. She knelt down and looked inside, the young woman still seemed to be asleep and At-Lass did check her pulse. She feared that the young woman was dead but she felt a strong pulse.

At-Lass's size was reduced to normal and she helped to take off the breathing apparatus on the young woman's face. She thought that she didn't need it anymore and slowly the young woman's eyes began to flicker open. She was wearing a one piece suit which covered her from the neck down much like At-Lass. However this suit didn't serve much of a purpose rather than clothing her.

"W-where am I?" asked the young woman with some confusion. She looked at At-Lass for a moment and she became scared. "W-who are you?"

"My name is At-Lass and I'm here to help you," replied At-Lass. She smiled at her to try and keep her calm. "What's your name?"


"Ok Lisa, I'm going to get you out of here and then I'm going to take you to get the help that you need. You've been used by a drug supplier, they have had you in this pod for a while I think."

"Are you my friend now?" There was still a confused look on Lisa's face and she had to move some of her brown hair from in front of her eye.

"I guess we are." At-Lass was beginning to see that there was something peculiar about Lisa. The way that she spoke seemed to be out of the norm. "Now do you want me to carry you over the broken glass?"

"No thanks." She closed her eyes and smiled. "I'll be fine." She then took one step out of the pod and suddenly At-Lass heard a loud cracking sound. When she looked down she could see that Lisa's foot had caused the ground below her to crack. This only worsen the situation when her other foot came into contact with the ground.

It was at this point where At-Lass could see Lisa's height which was barely above five feet. She seemed to have a pretty average build but it was obvious that he was much heavier than she looked. At that moment in time Doctor Julius was using the software in At-Lass's goggles to scan Lisa. What he was seeing was both amazing and somewhat terrifying, he couldn't even fully comprehend just what Lisa was. Almost instantly he knew that there was much more to her.

"Be careful Sophie she's more powerful than you realise," said Doctor Julius through the communicator.

Lisa took a few steps towards At-Lass and everything seemed to be fine. She actually seemed to be happy but after taking these few steps she began to suffer from a severe headache. Quickly she held onto her head and cried out in pain, instantly At-Lass became concerned and she thought that there was something seriously wrong. She didn't realise was that she should run.

"Lisa what's wrong?" asked At-Lass as she approached her. For a moment she thought that Lisa might actually be dying.

"She's coming," replied Lisa. She was only just able to get these words out between the screaming.

"Who's coming?" She didn't receive an answer as Lisa continued to scream out in pain. At-Lass felt helpless as Lisa's screams became more intense. Then almost as suddenly as it had begun the screaming stopped. Lisa stood still and didn't seem to move a single muscle. "Lisa are you alright?"

"Not Lisa, Jasmine."

Before At-Lass could fully comprehend what was being said she saw Lisa go to punch her. She didn't expect it to hurt that much but something inside of her told her to dodge. Despite her tall frame she was able to dodge but she was blown back by a force that she couldn't see. It was like she was struck by a hurricane as found herself pushed back, she went flying across the room and landed on the wall on the other side. The impact took her breath away and although her back was bruised she didn't suffer from any broken bones.

At-Lass looked over at Lisa and saw what seemed to be an evil expression. She thanked her for allowing her to escape before leaping up into the air. Lisa shot up like a bullet and burst through the ceiling with incredible ease. At-Lass could only look in amazement as she slowly rose back to her feet. She stepped towards the hole in the ceiling and she looked up towards it. Lisa had gone from being a sweet person to a cold and calculating monster it what seemed to be seconds.

"Doc I hope that you have answers for me," said At-Lass as she was trying to work out exactly what had just happened.

"I tried to warn you," replied Doctor Julius. "Lisa is not a normal person, her body is much more dense than that of the average person. From the scans I was able to take she seems to have superhuman strength."

"Well that's pretty obvious."

"No Sophie don't you get it. You think that you're strong at your peak size, that would be like comparing the flame of a match to the sun. You need to stop her, if she gets out in the open there's no telling just how much damage she could do. There is something else that I fear as well."

"What's that?"

"While she was being scanned her strength was increasing dramatically. I fear that very soon she might even become powerful enough to destroy the entire planet. You might think I'm exaggerating but believe me I'm not."

"Then what do you expect me to do? It's not like I can really beat her in an arm wrestle." She was still looking up through the hole, she could see all the concrete that Lisa was able to break through. It was several metres worth and was incredibly strong. However it had been nothing compared to Lisa's strength.

"For a moment you were able to talk to her, keep her calm. Maybe you can do that again, reason with her and maybe you can stop her."

"Something tells me that Lisa isn't there. Just before she tried to hit me she called herself Jasmine before she went to punch me."

"It doesn't really matter what she calls herself. Get yourself out there as soon as possible and stop her."

At-Lass did as she was told as she made her way to the nearest ladder. She did have to move a short distance before she could find a ladder, she wasted no time in climbing up it and heading to the surface. She would have loved to have stopped in the makeshift drug lab for a little longer and collect evidence but there was no time. Already she could hear the screams of terror and the crashing of what sounded like cars colliding with one another. She could only hope that she could stop Lisa in time.

When At-Lass finally did get herself out of the sewer she found herself in what was now an empty street. It was obvious that a few moments before there had been people walking and driving down it. However before she could take a good look she felt herself growing once again. The sensation lasted for a few seconds and by then she had become a colossal sixty feet in height.

With her increase in size her vantage point she tried to look around to see if she could spot Lisa. It didn't take her long to spot a car flying through the air just a few hundred feet away. At-Lass quickly walked to where all the commotion was taking place. On the way she walked passed a few people and they began to cheer for her. Whatever terror they were experiencing was seemingly being counteracted by At-Lass's sheer presence. In a way this made her feel like her efforts were having a positive effects on the citizens. Before she became At-Lass people didn't seem to have much hope for their city but now they felt that they could fight back against criminals.

A short walk later At-Lass finally came onto the street where she had seen the flying car. There she saw Lisa effortlessly picking up cars and throwing them around as if they didn't weigh an ounce. She even seemed to be laughing as she did this and on the ground her footprints could clearly be seen. At first she didn't notice At-Lass standing a short distance away from her.

"Lisa!" shouted At-Lass at the top of her lungs. This instantly got the attention of Lisa who threw the car that she was just holding to one side. She still looked to be a petite woman but her sheer strength was scary for all those watching. "Stop this madness right now!" Her words were stern and she hoped that it would be enough to make Lisa give up this path of destruction.

"You again," replied Lisa. Once again the tone of her voice didn't seem to be like the Lisa that At-Lass had spoken with earlier. It seemed more mature and it was obvious that Jasmine was in control. "Hmm you've seemed to have grown considerably since I last saw you, things have changed since I was put in that pitiful pod."

"Why are you doing this? These people have done nothing to you." She stood strong and she hoped that she was still an intimidating sight. If a fight broke out between the pair she knew that she didn't stand a chance.

"Because I've been cooped up in there for so long that I haven't had a chance to flex my muscles in a while. Besides going on a rampage like this is so much fun, you should consider doing one or two."

"Then you leave me no choice." Against her better judgement she readied herself for a fight. She didn't realise just how scared she was but for the sake of the city she was willing to put her life on the line.

"Ah it's a fight that you want." She then punched her fist into the palm of hand. It was enough to cause a small shockwave. She did chuckle for a moment as she looked up at At-Lass. "This is going to be fun."

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