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Story Notes:

Just as a heads up before you begin reading: this is a primarilly feet centered story. If you like feet, then you're in luck. But if you don't really like it, then there won't be much more for you. Sorry!

UPDATE 1/26/17: I'm going to start improving this story, working on the characters so their personalities are more well defined. And once I'm done with those, I'll start making new chapters for this one as well.

Story Info

The main character is Tim. He is a freshman general business major who is of an average build and height. He has made a few friends so far, but he is fairly quiet and shy in general. He also has always had a secret interest in things like giantess and shrinking stuff, although it always bummed him out that he could never really live those fantasies out. That interest ended up also creating other interests for Tim, ones that were a bit more realistic, but ones that he still didn’t want to really mess around with. The thing that interested Tim the most was the unaware aspect of the fetish that he had grown to like, and reading stories and watching videos of women stepping on things, like pens and sometimes the user’s hand/fingers, unknowingly really fascinated him. But he was content to just leave it as an interest that would never be actually experienced, beyond through stories and videos.

Other Information

This will be a shrinking story, but I wanted to change things up for me. I’ve seen plenty of shrinking games or stories where the shrinkee is seen as a ‘pervert’ and things like that, purely because he shrunk; regardless of whether he actually was or not. But then I thought, how would it change things if the main character actually tried to do things a little bit ‘perverted’, and therefore sort of deserved what would come to him in response. The actual ‘perverted’ thing won’t be crazy, but just enough that it would affect how the girls will treat Tim if they find him. The actual shrinking will be him shrinking to about ½ of an inch tall, and he will be more durable than normal as well. This is just so the story won’t just end right when it begins. It will have some aware and unaware stuff in it, depending on how the events go.

Story Format

The story currently has two main routes, an aware one and an unaware one. So each one will be identified with either Aware or Unaware. And so if the next chapter on the aware side focuses on Olivia, it'll be identified as Aware-Olivia1. That will be the current and future chapter identification system for this story.

This is basically an experiment for me in making a slightly different kind of story. So let me know how you think of it, and if the whole premise makes sense for you.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Tim was on his way to the university’s library today, so he could get a few textbooks and do a bit of homework. Tim also happens to have a bit of a foot fetish. Something that he’s always been fascinated with were those stories people told online about getting women to step on a person’s fingers, without them noticing the person there and thinking they were just stepping on a pen or something else.

So when he got to the library, as he wanted to try it out for himself. He was worried, because it would be terrible if he was caught in the act and in the back of his mind, something was telling him to just let fantasies remain fantasies. But he was too tempted to resist. But he was feeling really weird about the whole thing, because it was frankly a very weird and rude thing to do to another person, even if he rationalized it by thinking that the person would never know.

The way the library is set up is that there are work stations that are connected to each other, but are separated by a wooden wall. This is to save space, and the desks still give enough room for both people to do work. There is a small opening under the desks where someone could reach the other side. During his first week at the university, and specifically at the library, he would notice that girls would frequently remove their shoes while they studied. He only noticed this because he always had a habit of looking at feet, since he was into them, and was a bit of a habit at this point. This was his ticket!

Tim planned on finding a desk that had only one person, so the connecting station was empty. He was also hoping for there to be not many people there, because he’d rather not have someone see him trying to do this. So he came earlier in the morning, when there would not be as many people in the library. He finally found a desk with only one person working, and no others around.

She was a medium height Indian girl, who stood at about 5’7”, who was wearing sweatpants, a red sweatshirt, and a pair of tan ugg boots. She had dark brown hair, brown eyes covered by thick rimmed glasses, and a brownish complexion. Her name was Kiara Parikh, although he didn’t know that at the time. He couldn’t tell if she was wearing socks or not, because her feet remained in her boots snuggly. She was a junior Design major. He moved to the desk that was connected to hers and he got down to the floor.

She was busy studying, so there was no way for her to notice him. He can see her rhythmically tapping her right foot, possibly to whatever she was listening to. Tim decided to go for it. He placed his hand under her boot, right around the toe area, while she was raising her foot. When she brought it back down, she felt something and pushed down a bit harder. Tim liked the feeling, but he also lost his nerve, because he was very nervous during this whole thing, and he pulled back his hand. She noticed something weird and she quickly looked under her chair. She saw him and had an expression that was a mixture of confusion and anger.

“Huh? What are you doing?!” she asked him with an annoyed tone. Tim stammered and said “Oh, sorry! I dropped my pen on accident.” She looked unconvinced and he high tailed it out of there, hoping that he would never see her again, because he felt immediately guilty for doing that to someone. He couldn’t believe how people could do that kind of stuff, and successfully record them as well, all without losing their cool like he did, and not feel bad in the process.

After going far enough away, Tim tried to collect himself. He thought it would be a good idea if he found another desk (away from the first one!) and just try and do some homework. He also realized that he shouldn’t try something like this again, because it was a severe breach of privacy. He wound up staying at the library for a good few hours, and he was almost able to ignore what he did earlier. However, the girl who he bothered, whose name was Kiara, did not forget.

Kiara was also doing homework for a few hours and decided to tell her friend Olivia Shah, who was at her dorm at the time, about what happened. She was also a junior and was an Animation major. Olivia was a black haired Indian girl who was taller than Kiara was, standing at about 5’11”. She also had dark brown eyes and a lighter, but still tan, complexion. She was wearing a light blue blouse shirt, a pair of tight black leggings, and a pair of green flats without socks.

She had a very laid-back and silly personality, but was fiercely loyal to her friends, and would always stick up for them if they were in need. Olivia says “Oh, wow! That’s crazy. You’re gonna confront him, won’t ya. I know how well you can hold your grudges.” Then Kiara says “Well, yeah I’d like to, if only to give him a piece of my mind! But I mean, what’s the chance of running into him again?” Olivia just laughs, and says “True! But I’ll head over to the library anyway. I’m pretty bored, so seeing you rip into some dude’ll be fun!”

But Kiara says “Do I really seem like that? I don’t hate the guy, I just want to let him know that I don’t appreciate it. He did just touch my boot, and he looked like a deer in headlights when I caught him. I think he just needs a tough talking to!” Then Olivia says, mischievously, “Was he cute?” But Kiara says, angrily “What? That’s irrelevant! Ugh, just let me know when you get here. I’ll be at the front lounge.” Olivia says “Sure thing! Talk to ya soon!”

 Kiara sat down, and in a few minutes Olivia arrived and they hugged. But then Kiara saw, out of the corner of her eye, the person she was telling Olivia about. She says, while pointing in Tim’s direction, “Woah! There he is.” Olivia says, enthusiastically “That sure was lucky! Well, go nuts. I’ll stand behind you looking cool.” Kiara just says, in an annoyed tone “Stop making this a big deal. I’m just gonna talk to him, it’s not that serious.”

It was at this time that Tim noticed that woman, Kiara, standing in the lounging area. She looked like she was waiting for someone. Tim felt very uncomfortable and was worried about being seen. He tried to start gathering his belongings to try and leave the library, and put this whole thing behind him. While packing, Tim felt a little light headed, and he presumed that it was from his nerves right now.

Once he finished packing everything in his bag and put it on the chair, he felt the lightheadedness again, except it was stronger than before and came with a splitting headache. The next thing he knew, things went black! That was around the time that Kiara and Olivia were walking towards his desk, but when they saw that he was gone, Olivia says “Where’s the dude go? Woah, his bag is still here too!” Too bad they would never see him, unless they looked close to the ground. And this was because Tim had shrunk, and he was beginning to regain his senses, when he noticed two terrifyingly titanic people like things towering over him.

Kiara and Olivia were equally confused as to where the guy went to, but Olivia was hopeful, as always. She said “Hey, try looking under the desk! Maybe he’s hiding under there?” Kiara responded, and said “Why the heck would he hide? I’m not gonna beat him up or something!” Tim realized what they were doing, but he was relieved that she wasn’t as angered as he expected her to be. But he still didn’t want to be found by someone who already had a negative impression of him, so he ran against the wall, and tried to hug it to avoid being seen.

Olivia laughed as Kiara got flustered, and Kiara says “Just be quiet. I guess I’ll take a look, but it’s not like I’ll find anything. Olivia’s laugh shook Tim to his very core, and it really allowed his current size and position against these two giantesses to really sink in. Kiara lowered herself onto one knee, and checked under the desk. The ugg booted foot that acted as her support as Kiara kneeled landed right next to Tim, and the impact completely knocked him over.

He looked up from his position on the ground, and he realized that even such a regular thing like a person’s boot could tower over him so much that he couldn’t even comprehend its size. Tim really hoped wasn’t seen right now, because he was sure that they wouldn’t treat him kindly. But if he was, he’d probably beg these titanesses for their mercy. As Kiara scanned the ground, she didn’t really see anything, although she wasn’t sure what she expected to find if he wasn’t right in front of her. Now the question remains: was Tim discovered, or not?


1) Kiara sees something strange and tiny near her ugg boot, and checks it out (Go to Chapter Aware)

2) Tim avoids Kiara’s searching gaze, for the time being (Go to Chapter Unaware)

Chapter End Notes:

UPDATE 1/26/17: I decided to do a bit of cleaning and improving for this story as well, especially after how much I felt I improved my first story "Shrunk in College: The Library"

I made sure to really solidify and emphasize the personalities of Kiara and Olivia. And I decided to replace some of the narration with actual character dialogue, since that helps things a lot more.

I'll start actually making new chapters for this story soon, so keep hope if you enjoyed this one!

Take care!


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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