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This is a shrinkng story, where the shrinkee Tim tries to do something a little 'perverted', but it all backfires on him when he mysteriously shrinks!

Just as a heads up before you begin reading: this is a primarilly feet centered story. If you like feet, then you're in luck. But if you don't really like it, then there won't be much more for you. Sorry!

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Shrink: Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
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Published: October 11 2016 Updated: January 28 2017
Story Notes:

Just as a heads up before you begin reading: this is a primarilly feet centered story. If you like feet, then you're in luck. But if you don't really like it, then there won't be much more for you. Sorry!

UPDATE 1/26/17: I'm going to start improving this story, working on the characters so their personalities are more well defined. And once I'm done with those, I'll start making new chapters for this one as well.

Story Info

The main character is Tim. He is a freshman general business major who is of an average build and height. He has made a few friends so far, but he is fairly quiet and shy in general. He also has always had a secret interest in things like giantess and shrinking stuff, although it always bummed him out that he could never really live those fantasies out. That interest ended up also creating other interests for Tim, ones that were a bit more realistic, but ones that he still didn’t want to really mess around with. The thing that interested Tim the most was the unaware aspect of the fetish that he had grown to like, and reading stories and watching videos of women stepping on things, like pens and sometimes the user’s hand/fingers, unknowingly really fascinated him. But he was content to just leave it as an interest that would never be actually experienced, beyond through stories and videos.

Other Information

This will be a shrinking story, but I wanted to change things up for me. I’ve seen plenty of shrinking games or stories where the shrinkee is seen as a ‘pervert’ and things like that, purely because he shrunk; regardless of whether he actually was or not. But then I thought, how would it change things if the main character actually tried to do things a little bit ‘perverted’, and therefore sort of deserved what would come to him in response. The actual ‘perverted’ thing won’t be crazy, but just enough that it would affect how the girls will treat Tim if they find him. The actual shrinking will be him shrinking to about ½ of an inch tall, and he will be more durable than normal as well. This is just so the story won’t just end right when it begins. It will have some aware and unaware stuff in it, depending on how the events go.

Story Format

The story currently has two main routes, an aware one and an unaware one. So each one will be identified with either Aware or Unaware. And so if the next chapter on the aware side focuses on Olivia, it'll be identified as Aware-Olivia1. That will be the current and future chapter identification system for this story.

This is basically an experiment for me in making a slightly different kind of story. So let me know how you think of it, and if the whole premise makes sense for you.

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