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Minutes past and fortunately, school was just a block away. For the first time in this dangerous new world, I was on my own. The whole thing was actually unsettling. My confidence growing, I continued on towards school, sticking to the sidewalk. Soon the front doors of my high school were in view. As I watched, a large group of women were travelling inside, chatting excitedly amongst themselves. I was surprised. They weren’t as tall as my mother, but were great in height. All of them must’ve been below 10 feet, seemingly somewhere between 8 and 9 feet. Even to my size, they were still taller as my eyes were up to their bellies and hips. I kept my cool and walked straight towards the school.

I could make out a few that would be my classmates, and marveled at how humongous they were. I had never thought of the girls in my class as particularly threatening. Even one of them was recognizable, a girl named Marybeth, who was the clumsiest girl I’ve ever met. If there was one girl I had to stay away from, it was her. I’d need to be careful, and the small voice in my head told me I would be wise to remain unseen.

There were two main doors, one was my size and other for the women, seemingly almost as big as my bedroom door. I walked towards the one designed for me and walked in. Swarms of people filled my view. Guys and girls. I watched as most guys stuck together and so did the girls. However there were a few girls walking with guys and even one guy, who was Philip, the tallest guy in the school, was just a mere foot in size difference from his redheaded girlfriend. However I noticed a large amount of the students here were girls, some I never knew. I started to walk down the hallway to where my locker would be and all around me, the chatter of high school girls filled my ears.

As I moved past through the crowds of high schoolers, I noticed that the hallway was only women. I started to panic as I was entering in the wrong territory and may even have some trouble. Startled, a hand grabbed my shoulder. A guy walked to my side and smiled. The short kid had brown hair, curly hair with his favorite band on his t-shirt. I knew who it was instantly. My best friend Wayne. “Where you going, dude? Guy’s lockers are in the opposite hall. Remember?”

I didn’t know this and tried acting as if I knew. “Oh yeah, I know.”

  We turned around and started to make our way towards the male dominated hallway. “What were you doin’ down that hall?” he questioned. I was caught off guard and made a quick lie. “Had to use the bathroom.” He gave me a weird look. “You’re lying. There’s only girl bathrooms down there. Unless.. What a girl wants you?” he said smiling.

My face turned red as he caught my lie, and again I lied, “Alright you caught me. Trying to see who looks good.” He only laughed.

“Are you gonna try to a girl out? Dude, did you forget that chick’s do the picking?”

“What?” I was dumbfounded. What did he mean choosing?

“Alright, stop trying to mess with me. Let’s get to our lockers.”

  Soon we took a left into a shrunken hallway fit for our size. The ceiling went from being 50 feet tall to almost 9. The hallway was filled with guys chattering. I knew and recognized every face and felt safe and comfortable in these halls. Down the hall I saw a girl ducking down walking through the hall. I moved to the side to let the gigantic girl past. Me and Wayne chatted for a bit until he made his way to his locker and we departed saying, “See ya later.” I made it down the hallway past an intersection and noticed that near my locker was the gigantic hallway. I went to mine and saw some familiar faces. “Welcome to hell again Anthony,” my friend joked. I looked to my side and saw Jeremy, who owned the locker next me. I laughed and greeted myself as I was opening my locker. Before I reached inside and grabbed my books, the floor started to tremble. What the hell is that?

The trembling continued and got stronger. “Brace yourselfs,” joked Jeremy. A few guys laughed meanwhile the rest looked out into the gigantic hallway to the left of me. A gigantic high-heel came down followed by another. I noticed that I was only up to her ankle. The titanic legs moved out of my view and down the hall. The trembles died out and curiosity got the better of me since I had no idea who that was. I turned the corner and watched the 50 foot giantess make her way almost touching the ceiling. She was wearing a grey suit and business-y skirt. It was principal O’Neill. Her long flowing orange hair and bright-orange heels caught my eye. She wasn’t old, and rumors were she was recently 50 years old. My heart started to race and I felt as if I was about to faint. Was this really happening?

I made my way back to my locker and started to grab my books. Jeremy closed his locker and towards to me to crack a joke, “Boy, I hate to be in detention with her.” I didn’t know that she watched over detentions. “Why?” I asked. “Well, the girls are only there for an hour. The guys? A day.” My eyes widened. “A day?” I questioned.

“Yup. Pretty much the whole day until school’s over. From there you’ll be sent home.

Safe,” he added.

“Do you stay in the room the whole time? What about food?”

Jeremy laughed. “No-no-no. You stay in school for about two hours then you head to her

place. Alone. I don’t know what she does to the guys but only a few have been with her. They never said anything about the experience so it can’t be good.”

“Do your parents know?”

“Definitely. She calls them ahead. It's either detention or being expelled. Most choose being expelled. Anyway, I gotta go. See ya around dude.”

We parted ways and in my head I swore to myself to stay quiet and out of trouble. Shortly I met up with Wayne and we made our way to our first class. Health. Hopefully I could get some answered of this new world without looking completely stupid. We entered the main gigantic hallway filled with Amazonian students. Carefully, cautiously, Wayne and I weaved through the crowds of women. Perfume filled our noses and I kept my eyes looking around the school and not the girls. Our height only reached their stomachs and because of that every girl’s breast were massive. I was slowly getting aroused by the tall women but kept my cool making small talk with Wayne.

Out of the blue I noticed Marybeth again walking in the same direction. Next to her were a group of guys. Suddenly the worse happened. She lost her balance in her left foot and started to timber. My heart sank. The group of boys were alerted and got out of the way but except one. The poor boy turned his head and saw the 9 foot amazon slowly turn towards him. He was only up to her waist and soon her body, especially her back, took up his whole view. He screamed in panic and felt the 400 pound amazon topple over him. He hit the ground on his back with a thud. Marybeth reacted quickly and only sat on the poor boy. However her gigantic ass crushed his lower body, from his waist to his knees. “Get.. off..” he muttered. The girls around them laughed. “Looks like Marybeth crushed another one!”

She laughed as well and started to grind on the helpless boy. “Ahh! Get off!” he screamed. The other guys yelled and demanded her to get up or they’ll report her to the teachers. The girls only laughed but situation quickly evaporated as Marybeth got up and walked away with her friends. The boys helped him to his feet and made their way to the nurse. “Holy shit,” I said under my breath. How often does this happen?!

Quickly we entered the hallways filled with classrooms and behemoth lockers. I lowered my voice and saw there were fewer people in the halls. “Hey, Wayne. Do you know what happens to guys in detention?”

He looked alarmed but similarly spoke in a quiet tone, “Yeah. Why? You in trouble?”

“Nah, nah. Jeremy Lorenzo was telling me that principal O’Neill takes guys back to her house for detention. Do you want exactly happens?”

“Alright, I heard stories that she uses them as slaves and even.. ‘Uses’ them..” I was shocked at hearing this. I knew in my past world she was the nicest lady that tried to get involved with everything. But now hearing about this? “Isn’t that illegal?”

“What? Illegal? No. It’s part of society you idiot. Happens all the time, nothing wrong with it. As long as you don’t get killed that is..”

I gulped. Women were now my biggest fear in this new life.

“Have.. Have you had weird experiences?” The sentence just blurted out of me. I didn’t even think to say it. I was so confused it just came out.

He seemed caught-off guard but answered, “That’s pretty personal, but.. Yeah.. All guys are when they hit puberty.”

I noticed me acting inconsiderate and tried asking for forgiveness. “I’m just confused. Sorry.” He nodded his head and we didn’t speak anymore.

Soon we reached the classroom. I walked up to the smaller door carved out of the colossus one. I entered and was stunned. There were two types of desks. The ones for the girls and ones for us. They were totally different, almost twice the size of the regular desk. The smaller ones were in front of them, as the should be. There were a lot more gigantic ones and every one was taken except one. We were the last two guys to enter. I walked in towards the empty desks and noticed in the front of the classroom was a whiteboard and to the side a huge teacher’s desk. Wait a second, I thought men weren’t that big? I started to question if this was even the right classroom.

As we were walking to our seats I watched as the guys talked to eachother and girls talk to the girls. Luckily no eyes were on me and Wayne and peacefully we made our way to our seats. The classroom was huge with it’s 50ft walls and felt more as an auditorium. I sat quietly next Wayne and a bunch of other guys. I kept my eyes forward at the front of the class trying my best not to look back at the towering girls.

Soon the voices died down as the door wiggled. Everyone sat correctly in their seats and waited for the teacher. The door opened and out came an unfamiliar teacher. She was gigantic, seemingly similar in size to Miss Penelope, my next door neighbor. She seemed to be of Indian descent and when he giantess made her way in and greeted the class, she spoke with an Indian accent. “Welcome to Health, senior year. Another year that hopefully won’t be awkward.”

A couple girls giggled meanwhile none of the boys made any sound, watching the teacher sit in her seat. “My name is Mrs. Khan as most of you know me. Now, I’ll take roll and try my best to say your names. Ashley Armstrong.” I looked back and saw people I didn’t even know, including Ashley. “Here!” she said. Soon she made her way with the names but stopped at somebody I definitely knew. Someone no guy in this school didn’t know. “Gwen Shell?” she called out. No answer. “Gwen? Is she here?” No one answered. “Okay, I guess she isn’t here then. Shame.”

I gulped just hearing that name. Gwen Shell was the tallest girl in school, standing at 6’6” and was on the men’s wrestling team. Now I wonder if there even is a men’s wrestling team. She was blonde and had a pretty and recognizable face and bust. I just imagined her in my head, thinking how tall she must be now. However I had little time to, as Mrs. Khan made her way to the boys and called my name out. I presented myself and only said one word the entire class.

The bell rang. After a short class of learning the basic human body, which I keep learning every year, I grabbed my books and made my way to the next class. I said my goodbyes to Wayne and made my way to Chemistry. Apparently my teacher was a male, but judging by my last class it might be a typo. I made my way through the hallway dodging the incoming mini-giantesses and got to the laboratory. I entered and saw the class dominated by men, but with a few girls here and there. I did a quick count and saw only 5 girls out of 30-something guys. “Finally,” I said under my breath. The lab stations were the same way as the desks. Fit for two sizes. However since there many boys, some stations were overcrowded.

I made my way to one with some guys I knew from the previous years. I introduced myself and felt comfortable as I should be with last class. I looked over and saw a desk fit for me and knew that our teacher was actually a male. Thank god. I looked at him and noticed she was a short, bald fellow dressed for success. I looked away and started to talk with some of the guys at my station and see how their first period went. Most said they weren’t bad, except one kid I didn’t know. “Mine was hell. They got some new bitch for World History, who loves dehumanizing men. To make it worse, only four dudes in that class besides me. Four!” He sighed, “If the roles were reversed, I would beat the shit out of her.”

One guy, Terry, asked, “What’s she look like? Young or some old cranky hag?”

“Fucking 40 feet tall. She’s only 26 years old too.”

“Holy shit. How big are her tits?”

“Probably the size of me, maybe smaller.”

“Man I want that class.”

“Course you do, you fuck-boy. All you care about is that shit.”

I gulped. I pulled out my list of classes and looked at World History. Miss April. Oh shit. Please don’t be her. I put the paper away and butted in, “What’s her name?”


My heart sank. How bad could it be though? Maybe it’ll be like this class, full of guys.

Soon the teacher got up from his desk and introduced us to Chemistry. From there I paid little attention for the rest of the class, until he started talking about male chemists. For some reason, this angered two girls who snickered at every male name they heard. Both rose from their stools and called out, “What about all the female chemists? Every fucking chemist by now is some female. Most jobs are held by females.”

He looked at the two freakishly tall girls and gave an annoyed look. “Yes, but I just want to tell the fellows that men can be just as good as women. Equality, if you will.” They both scoffed. “Just as good?” the taller one said. She and her lackey started moving up the aisle towards the teacher. The 5 foot man watched as the 9 foot amazon came into his full view. “How short are you, baldy?”

“Miss Kimberly, I demand that you and Miss Nicole take your seats.”

She didn’t listen. “What? Five and a couple of inches? Do you know how tall I am?”

“That is irrelevant. Take your seats. Now.”

“10 foot. Almost eleven. Your only up to my damn vagina.”

“That's it! Detention for the both of you!


The matters only got worse. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Is this the usual for male teachers? The teacher made his way to the phone on the wall near his desk, except Kimberly reacted quickly. She grabbed him and pushed him to the ground holding him still with her 700 pound body. He squirmed and tried to loosen himself, demanding her to get off of him. She only laughed as the teacher kept trying. “Hey! Knock it off you fucking assholes!” The guy from my table rose up. Nicole walked near our station and stood in front of him. He was 6 foot but only made it up to her upper stomach. “Shut it, tiny. You’re not even up to my chest. You think you can take on me?” The guy wasn’t much for words but grabbed her waist and dragged her to the ground with him. He slammed her against the ground and mounted her, punching her in the face. “Kick her ass!” some guys cheered. Soon they all got up, even the 3 other girls.

One girl rushed to her aid and picked him up, bringing him to the ground, holding him down. He squirmed just as the teacher did. Soon the two other girls surrounded him watching out for the 29 other guys. Nicole rose to her feet. “We can take on all of your tiny fucks. Try to save your friend or teacher, we dare you.” I moved back as the 8 and 9 foot titans looked threatening. I heard screaming from the teacher and watched as Kimberly stripped him of his pants and shirt, leaving him only in the nude. She got up and dragged him into the hallway. “Run to the principal,” she said laughing. The rest of the girls started to laugh and even did some of the guys. However it didn’t end there.

The girl sucker punched the guy in the face multiple times until finally the bell rang. Nicole and the girl on him stayed there as everyone, including myself and Kimberly, left the scene. What the hell. My heart started to race. I didn’t know if I should keep walking or just lay on the floor.

I kept walking and made my way through the crowds of amazons, steering clear of their long legs. Dodging everything in my path, I made it to World History and saw the class empty, with only three girls present. Was I early? I noticed them talking to each other, ignoring me. The classroom was cluttered with things from the Ancient Era with Rome to all the way to America’s Independence War. There was something interesting about some of them. The posters and pictures had men completely the same size as woman and noticed the iconic George Washington portrait. When did women get so big?



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