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I sat up and peered up at the gigantic clock, which had the small hand on the number two. Shoot! It was my last period! Lunch! I quickly got myself up and dashed through the empty halls. It felt as they lasted for miles but soon I made my way towards the cafeteria, gazing at the size of it. You could easily notice the difference between the sizes of the tables. Also notice how fewer smaller ones there were. It was crowded and it seemed as if no one was getting their food. Hold on. I kept looking around and saw people throwing their trash away. Was lunch already over?

  I started to walk towards an empty table but stopped. The bell rang. Everyone got up and was starting to walk past me, towards the doors. I didn't move and watched the people walk by. Damn it. I missed half my day because of her. I felt my stomach grumble. Maybe I could still get lunch. I started to walk and saw the girls overhead coming. Then I felt a fierce fist to my chest. It was Wayne. "Where you goin?"

"Getting lunch. I missed it."

"Not now. Come on, get out of the hall."

"I'll be quick, they won't mind."

"Yeah, they won't. But do you think they will?" He said pointing at the giant girls. "You either walk to get lunch and trampled on, or get the hell out of here."

"Trampled on? I'm at their thighs, no way I'll get trampled."

  Wayne grabbed me and started to walk out of the cafeteria. "Listen. One kid had the same great idea as you, but when a pack of girls saw him coming their way, they knocked him down. Some of the girls didn't even know they were stepping on him."

As we kept walking, following the herd, "What happened to him?" I asked.


  From there we didn't say much and made our way out the school. Except, me being clueless, I forgot to get my backpack. I turned around but Wayne got me again. "There are more coming. Your best waiting about 20 minutes to make sure nothing bad happens." I sighed. Was is my life so difficult now? I said screw and parted ways with Wayne.  I began to look for my mother whom was to pick me up.  Quickly I spotted her car and dashed towards it.

The passenger side door flung open, with me seeing my giantess mother. "Hey Anthony! How was it?" I climbed in, literally, being careful I don't fall off onto the asphalt. I got to the floor and made my way up to the seat, squirming my way to the back of it. I sat down and started talking, "Well, I almost got trampled on today."

Francesa laughed as she reached over and closed my door. "Oh sweetie I'm so sorry to hear that. Did you try to stay away though?"

As I buckled myself in, I asked, "Away from what exactly?"

"The girls."

"Not really. Heck, even one of my teachers I can't stay away from."

"Whys that?"

I was about to tell her about the weird situation, but instead said, "She's gigantic. 40 feet tall."

"Oh wow. Not as big as the principal I hear."

"Yeah. It was okay today."

I lied to her and continued to for the rest of the ride. However, we were off to home. Sweet, sweet home.

I kicked off my shoes and sat on our giant couch, relaxing in the comfort. The today seemed long, and as my first day of my small life, it wasn't going so well. Soon my stomach grumbled, this time louder. So loud my mother even heard it. "Hungry sweetie?" she asked. I gulped. I do not want to go through that again. "Not really."

"You can't fool me. I heard your stomach roar from your tiny body. Sit up."

Without having a choice, my mother made her way in front of the couch. She stood over me, waiting for me to sit up. "Antonino, scoot over. You're in the middle again. I have to be careful."

I wanted to protest but thought of no way how to. I started to move a little but heard the phone ring. "Oh shoot. Who could be calling?" Francesa said. Luckily, I had a break. Maybe she would forget. She picked up the phone and talked while coming back to the couch. "No, no, its fine. If she can't do it, I'm fix it myself." I was still in the middle, hoping this would be some sort of protest. However, I was wrong.

She blindly made her way back to the couch without looking down where I was. "Yes, I know," she said, still on the phone. Francesa turned her body and in front of me was her round ass in jeans. What was she doing, I thought. Without noticing me, her bottom descended. I watched in horror as my mother was crashing down on me. In the span of a half-second, my life flashed before my eyes, and I realized the folly of my scheme. Because my mother had no idea that her tiny son was below her, there would be nothing that would stop the giant woman from crushing me under her as she carelessly sat down. Her heavy butt crashed down on me, splaying over my body. I threw my arms up and yelled, a pitiful attempt to protect myself. Then darkness took me.

I couldn't see a thing and felt tons of pressure on my body and the roughness of her jeans. I fell on my back and felt her. I tried moving but nothing happened. My lungs felt as if they were about to explode and quickly I had trouble breathing. In seconds I panicked, wondering if she even felt my presence.

Luckily, her bottom rose and I felt the weight off me. The shadow was gone and I could see the light of day again, and my giantess mother moving about. She turned around in shock, finding my helpless body lying on the couch. "Oh my goodness! Anthony!" she cried. My mother hung up the phone and swiftly grabbed me with both her hands. "I'm so-so sorry! I'm sorry I hurt you, sweetie. I didn't know!" Soon Francesa was cradling me like an infant, rocking me back and forth.

I felt better, being able to breathe again. I muttered out, "I'm fine.. Fine."

"I should be more careful. I keep forgetting about your size."

"Don't worry anymore, I'm okay. Can.. Can you put me down?"

Still cradling me, we  sat down on the couch as she looked down at me. "Now, I need to go to work and check on some things. However, I know you're hungry. Here."

She gently placed me on her lap, and didn't want to protest. Maybe I'll get used to it. I gazed up at her in awe, as she slipped off her top and undid her bra, exposing her massive bare bust to me. One pearly white breast lolled out towards me, bobbing slightly, and before I could react my mother’s massive hand clasped around my back and pulled me in close. My mother planted my face on her areola and giggled. "You are so cold," she commented. "I don't think you'll have to do anything to get me excited."

Shortly, her nipple became erect and was the size of a basketball this time.  My mouth opened as the titanic woman expertly popped her oversize nipple in and began to hum softly. Just as before, I tasted her breast milk and was being fed. I kind of enjoy this, I thought. I can get use to this. I suckled and drank as best I could, the taste of the sweet creamy fluid bringing me a degree of comfort as it filled my stomach.

For some reason, the better got ahold of me. I slowly licked her erect nipple and heard soft moans coming from here. I tried to continue, but she pulled me away and placed me back on her lap. She looked down at me, still with her bare breast hanging out, smiling. "Anthony, are you trying to make me excited?" I felt a vibe of awkwardness and didn't even know what I just did. "Now, I have to go to work."

Francesa placed me on the couch beside her and dressed herself. As she got up, she was still adjusting her bra. "It'll be an hour or so, don't do anything to harm yourself sweetie." Then she walked out and closed the door behind her.

I sat there wondering what the promise was. Whatever it was, it sounded.. no.. that's just wrong. I started to ponder that she insisted on some sexual pleasure. I didn't know what it was, but it couldn't be good. Was this normal?

Without having anything to actually do, I decided to check our family computer. Do we still have one? It couldn't be huge, right?

I plopped myself down and started to walk on the carpet towards the dining room. I don't know why, but my father insisted we have the computer there. Except in this world, was it there? I kept walking and entered the dining room. The table and chairs were massive, fit for my mother's size. The wooden floor creaked with every step I took, looking for the computer. Then my eye caught it. Except, I found two. One fit for my size, and another perfect for the giantess. Luckily for me, they were right next to each other.

I made my way to the smaller one and booted it up. The first thing I did was to google things. I felt a bit hesitant to google such odd questions, but I did away. I looked up if it was normal for my mother to do these things. Through a bunch of websites, I found that it is very common. However, they start this 'relationship' when the son is around the age of 10. I also found that it's very common when their husbands left them or were deceased.

I looked around the internet some more, wondering why woman needed this sort of attention or pleasure. Suddenly, I found it. Apparently, women in their late teens start to show signs of lust, and must be quenched. These are usually weekly things, sometimes daily. As they grow, women in their 20s and early 30s crave be to pleasured. Most women require daily, to weekly, monthly and then annually. The pleasure could be in numerous ways, whatever suits them. Then from there, there is a drop in being lustful, and by the time a women is in her late 50s, she no longer feels it.

I also found that men are always the ones to please women. There aren't any dildos, and there is no such thing as being a lesbian. These were hard to wrap around in my head, but it seems the only thing men were good for, were to please their wives, or girlfriends. Or whomever needed it.

From there I kept reading, and found that if they don't get their thing on, over time they become restless and only think about sex. Some women would kill over it. "Yikes," I said. Just thinking about how crazy the girls must be at my school. I kept pondering on it, and remembered that my mother was affected by this. I felt my stomach turn thinking about this odd thought. She was 42 years old, so would she be yearly?

I kept looking at the website, and noticed an average. Most women who require sex weekly, are between the ages of 20-36. Daily was 16-22, meanwhile monthly ranged from 31-45, depending on the women. I gulped. Hopefully she was fine, but there was a problem if she wasn't. My guess was that my father was gone on international business, this usually took 6 to 12 days. Whatever. Don't worry about, I thought.

I stayed on the computer and learned about my new world. I found that history was pretty much the same, until in the late 5th century. Apparently, actual Amazons from Greece enslaved many nations along the Mediterranean Sea. Eventually they conquered the whole world and back then, the tallest woman was only 15 feet tall! Countries rose up and were ruled by only women, as they were the most dominant gender. Today, there are less than 1 billion humans in the world, 72% of them are female.

Also, the whole world is united under one flag, and it is called, The United Amazonian Earth. Their was the head of the government, the minister. I didn't care for her name, but found out she was 103 feet tall! The tallest woman recorded in history.

"Wow. This new life is insane." An hour passed of researching without me noticing it. I kept looking around and found a sketchy site that listed ways for women to grow without waiting. On the website, it stated that it is rare to find in women that they have a certain gene, where it allows a woman to grow if she achieved a great deal of pleasure, an extreme orgasm. However, their counterpart must have a certain gene, as well. This is even more rare, any there are reports of between ten and a hundred men who have this. The growth can occur more than once, and it is stated that on average they grow from 3 to 10 feet each time. "This must be why the minister is 100 feet tall!"

Before I knew it, the door sprung open. I made my way into the family room near the door and noticed my mother come in. She closed the door behind her and looked at me across the room.

"Sorry for coming home so late," she said walking towards me. Her massive size casted a shadow from the ceiling lamp. "I almost forgot to tuck you in." Tuck me in? Her giants hands grabbed my waist and cradled me like an infant. "But it's early, only 8:00." She didn't look down at me in her arms and made her way upstairs. "Yes, a bit early for bedtime, but you need to be well rested."

"Why can't I go upstairs and sleep by myself."

"Why, do you not enjoy it anymore?" I paused before saying another thing. I didn't want to upset her, as the giantess held me against her breast. "No, no. Just curious." She only smiled.

The great door swung open and soon a light flashed on from my ceiling fan. I never noticed it, but the light switch was perfect reach for my mother, 15 feet high. She walked over and bent down, laying me on my bed. She used her pointer and thumb to move the covers over me. She looked at me with a smile. "Good night."

I looked back at her, standing over my left side. "Night," I smiled. She turned around and switched the light off, closing the door behind her. It shut, and now I laid in a large room, filled with darkness. My day was crazy. I don't know if I could get used to this new life, but it seemed scary for someone like me. If my mother misstepped, or even sat down without looking, she may kill me. Miss April, on the other hand, could just press her hand down, squishing me. Fear coursed through me, but now I was safe in my bed. I soon closed my eyes and slowly drifted away into my sleep, hoping I may wake from this curse.



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