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She peered over me, like a goddess, and waited for me to say something. She knew there was a problem with my clothes. “Hey, uh. Can you bring me back to normal size again? I’m not really a nudist myself.” She giggled, “Right, right. Almost forgot!” She lowered her hand and scooped up both me and my large clothes. “I’m sorry, you’re just so tiny I can’t really tell.” The nude giantess made her way with me down the stairs and into her living room. We continued and walked into the kitchen. Penelope set me down on the countertop and walked over to a cabinet. I noticed her bubble butt and was mesmerized.

“Okay. I got the growth pills right here.” She turned around and walked over to me. “These are bad-boys are illegal.”

“Illegal how?” I asked.

“It’s a law that no woman nor man is permitted to grow to reach a higher height. They have mandatory monthly checkups at the local clinics. If they noticed you grew a few feet, well they get suspicious. Unless you aren’t a kid or teenager. But as an adult, they check big time.”

“Why is it illegal to be taller? That seems a tad crazy.”

“Whoever is the tallest female, she is the one that is worshiped and is given control of being the minister. The title of ministry is taken very seriously.”

Something was bothering me. Something I knew but couldn’t remember regarding growth. “There's something I remember.. It’s growth related.. I just.. It’s..” I tried to get the words out, but couldn’t. “Wait! I read online that another way to grow is by.. Well.. An extreme orgasm. But only possible by women with a rare gene.”

I was expecting her to agree it was true, but instead she bursted out laughing. “An extreme orgasm?” She kept laughing. “Antonino, not everything you read on the internet is true.” She wiped a tear of laughter from her eye. I felt like an idiot, saying such a stupid thing. “Anyway,” she added, “This these things cost a lot, but are now so worth it. Here, I’ll give you half to grow back.”

She twisted the small bottle and picked out a pill, the size of my leg. She snapped it in half and discarded one of the halfs. She closed the lid and twisted it back on. “Same procedure with the shrinking one.” She lowered the pil and I grabbed it. It was too much to eat at once, so I broke it down and ate the pieces one at a time. By the time I was done eating, she put the pills away and waited in excitement.

Then it happened. Just as before my stomach grumbled but this time I grew. “Back to normal!” I cheered. My clothes were next to me and I started to put them on. When I was done, they felt tight. Did they shrink or something? “Oh, looks like you grew a bit much. How tall do you think you are now?”

“Maybe.. Maybe 6 foot? Geez, this is kinda tight. Uncomfortable.”

“Here,” she said. Her fingernails came at me and started to cut through my shirt. I fell back on my bottom in surprise and felt her fingers grab hold of my pants. Just as my shirt, she ripped it right off. The only thing left was my bare boxers. I saw her fingernails approaching and yelled out, “Wait! Stop!”

She stopped and looked at me. “Oh! My goodness. I’m sorry. I just thought it would be more comfortable for you.”

I got to my feet and walked back a bit. “No, no it’s good. I just wanna not stay nude. Okay?”

“That's fine.”

Phew. I was worried a bit now, as I was starting to feel a bit hungry. Should.. Should I ask her? Screw it. “Hey, Penelope, I was wondering. Do you have anything in the fridge I could eat?”

She smiled at me. “You aren’t getting any of that. Come here.” She grabbed me with both her hands and cradled me like a babe. I felt her soft breast brush against my face. I was carried back into the living room. The woman seated herself on her leather couch, and adjusted me for comfort. A massive female hand began rubbing her left boob, massaging and kneading the weighty fleshy globe. Fingertips tugged at her big nipples, drawing them out more and more. Penelope’s left arm tensed up, pulling my whole body into her boob, while her right hand guided the jutting nipple into my mouth. I made contact with her, and began almost involuntarily sucking I was so hungry.

As I gazed upward, I could see her gorgeous face was etched in an expression of enjoyment. Warm liquid began to spray into my mouth, until I felt full. I slapped her breast to signal I was done. She grabbed me with both hands and placed me right on her lap. I looked straight ahead and only saw her pubic hair. She peered down at me and began to talk, “That was the first time I ever did that. How was it?”

“It was good,” I commented.

“Good. Okay, do you wish to stay on my lap or do you want to sit on the couch?”

“Couch, please.”

She quickly grabbed me and placed me down on the other side of the couch. “Now, since you did an amazing job, you deserve to hear this. It’s about your mother.”

I was curious. “She came to me the other day and asked if she would borrow one or two shrinking pills. She didn’t ask for growth. I don’t know what she plans to do with them, but remember. I have growth ones if something goes bad.”

I was a bit shocked to hear this. Was she going to shrink me like Penelope did? Wait, why would she need to shrink me?

“Also, another big thing. This is about your father. Take this with a grain of salt. I think he maybe owned by another woman. I don’t know who or where, but one of my good friends informed me that they saw him leaving another woman’s house.”

Stunned, I was almost speechless. “What?” I didn’t know what to make of it, as for some reason I felt little remorse. No pity. It felt as if he was barely part of my life. I can’t even remember his voice.

“Look. Don’t involve yourself or your mother. It’s something most families goes through.”

“You’re saying this is common?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. Look, if it cheers you up, you can always see him and stuff. He may just not be around..”

I couldn’t believe it. Perhaps this life isn’t so great. I felt devastated losing the privilege of having a father around. If he isn’t around anymore, that means..

“Now, I don’t have a son, but I hear it's not uncommon that your mother may.. You know.”

I gulped. “Yeah, yeah. I-I get what you’re saying.” Soon the feeling of anxiety kicked in, then unnerved.

“Listen, I’m always here for you. You are always welcomed here. If you run into any trouble, just tell me. Now, I would suggest you be leaving. Your mother will be home soon just as my daughters will be.”

I looked at her, feeling somewhat relieved. “Thanks Penelope. I enjoyed our time together.”

She smiled.

Soon I was out the door and back home, climbing up the stairs back into my room. I took a shower to completely remove any trace of smell. By the time I was done, my mother was back home. In my room, I tried on different pieces of clothing to see if they can still fit. Most felt tight and uncomfortable, but when I found a good size for my shorts, boxers and t-shirt, I was good to go. “Antonino! I’m home!” she called out.

I made my way downstairs, thinking if she would notice my new height. Probably not, due to her being more than triple the size of me. I was downstairs and saw no sight of her in the living room. Past that, I noticed her in the kitchen, grabbing a wine glass and some expensive-looking wine. I knew in my previous, normal life that she never drink anything alcoholic.

She walked away from the kitchen and into the looking room, noticing me standing just near the steps. “Sit down, sweetie,” she said pointing with her wine glass to the couch. I did as she suggested, and walked over, feeling the tremble of her footsteps as I got closer. She placed both the wine and glass down on the coffee table and waited for me to join her. She didn’t say a word, only patted the couch indicating me to sit down. I grabbed ahold of the edge of the couch and brought myself up, now standing on the comfy fabric.

Sitting down, I watched as she poured red wine into her glass and held her drink near her. I noticed her hands slightly shaking, as if she was nervous. She took a small sip and began to speak, “Your father.. Won’t be with us anymore..” A small tear snaked down her cheek. I already knew about this, but decided to act innocent and concerned. “What?” I questioned.

“He’s gone,” she sobbed. A few more tears moved down her face. I tried my best to seem as sad as her, but couldn’t bring myself to tears. I just felt no connection with my father. I decided to act dumb, “Is he.. Is he dead?”

“Oh no, no, no. He’s fine.. Just,” she cried. “Another woman has claimed him.” I didn’t know what she meant by ‘claimed him’, but I had a small guess it meant he’s her property. “Okay. Why don’t we just get him back?” I asked. “Isn’t there police or some authority that can help us out?” My mother took another sip of her wine, “No, we can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because, sweetie.. The woman is double my size, and the only way to win custody over him is by being taller.”

“That’s crazy,” I said, stunned by this fact. Men were just property.

“No, this is the law.” Francesca took a larger sip, finishing her wine. She decided to drink more, filling her glass to the brim. As she took a few more sips, I worried, “I think that’s a bit much, mom.”

“No, it’s not,” she said in a peeved tone. I was about to argue with her, but remembered. Her hand could crush my head.

She continued to drink wine, as she turned on the television and tried to clear her mind. I sat there, unsure of what to say or do. It was probably best just to sit and relax with her.

Francesca couldn’t make her mind up on what to watch, but found a soap opera. I found it boring, with the women characters complaining small things. Their husbands. Minutes past of this crap, and soon it was half an hour. I looked over at her, finished drinking her wine. Almost half the bottle was gone.

Soon, the silence was broken. She peered over at me, with a slight slur in her voice, “Sweetie. How was your day at school. I forgot to ask you.” I decided to actually tell her, instead of just saying it was ‘good’. I gave her the full story. “..and it was kind of frightening when I saw her size.”

“Do you know how tall Miss April actually is, sweetie?”

“I think almost 40 feet.”

She looked surprised. “Wow. My goodness. I wish that was me!” She laughed. “I’m curious Antonino. Did she take a liking to you?” The question felt a bit weird, but I need someone to talk about my troubles with. That meant I had to be specific and tell everything. “Yes. Stay after her class, she-”

“Played with you?” my mother interrupted. How did she know? “Most teachers do this with male students. You’re lucky, sweetie.”

“Lucky how?” I was curious.

“Usually a teacher’s pet is excused from all work, including classes. You could just spend your time with her the whole school year and pass. Plus, she doesn’t sound so bad.”

I was off-guard by the answer. I could be some toy for the whole year? I was conflicted on if it was good or bad. “I encourage you to please her anyway, sweetie. I mean it.”

The words came from her mouth sounded like gibberish. Does she know what she just said?

We kept talking and I told her about the rest of school. She began interested and offered me a glass of water. I felt a bit perched, and accept her offer. As I kept talking, she gave me the glass of water and advice on how to avoid any girls that gave him trouble. “..I was one of them!” she laughed. “That's how I met your father.”

The silence came back and we reverted to watching television once more. I looked down at my glass and noticed it was a bit bubbly. I didn’t second guess what kind of water it is or what was in it, so I happily finished the whole thing. The silence later it ended when night had fallen. My mother, a bit too drunk, said, “You will be sleeping with me tonight. I need some comfort.”

I gulped.

She moved and got herself up. Since she was drunk, she stumbled as she stood. “Bedtime, sweetie.” She bent down and picked me up, cradling me in her arms. I freaked out a bit, still trying to adjust to her carrying me. Nervous, I wondered how uncomfortable my sleeping was going to be.

I smelled the sweet fragrance of the wine, but it engulfed my nose. I didn’t know that how strong the scent of wine was. However, I noticed a red stain on her  , locating the strong smell. Soon we were in her room as she stumbled in the hallway. She gently placed me on her bed, telling me, “Let me get changed into something comfortable.” I watched as she went through her dresser, grabbing clothes and heading into the bathroom to change.

I moved myself over, laying down with my head on the gigantic pillow. I tried my best to lift the covers, but with my tiny arms I couldn’t. “Of course,” I said outloud. This giant world was annoying for someone’s size like mine. I squirmed my way into the covers and felt comfortable. I peered around the bed and noticed how much room there was. Then the bathroom door opened.

She came out stumbling, wearing her black silk nightgown, that had the transparents red roses. My mother looked down at me, smiling. “You are so cute, sweetie!” Francesca moved her way onto bed and laid close to me. Her massive weight caused the bed to sink, causing a bit of a problem for me. I gripped onto the pillow, holding on so I don’t slide down towards her. She pulled the covers over her, and turned to her side towards me. She noticed my situation. “Antonino, are you sure you want to sleep like that the whole night? Come here.”

She turned herself and laid staring up at the ceiling. My mother grabbed me with both hands and laid me down on her chest, using one of her breast as a pillow. I felt her soft nightgown made of silk and noticed an indent near my head, her nipple. I never knew how relaxing this seemed. Next she brought the covers up to my waist, and from there she moved her arms around my body, embracing me. I was trapped in her firm holding, but didn’t want to move. This felt like heaven.

“Better sweetie?” she asked. “Yes,” I said yawning. I soon closed both my eyes and drifted away into sleep.



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